How about some more American Girl Doll Coats…

First of all, I just wanted to check and see that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day… We sure did!! Our new friends from Columbia, South America came over to enjoy their first Thanksgiving Dinner…American Style. Before we got started, my hubby asked us to go around the table and name something we were thankful for… Edgar said, “This first experience…” It was fun explaining what foods were traditionally Thanksgiving ones and watching them taste them for the very first time. They enjoyed themselves so much and we loaded up a bunch of leftovers for them to have tomorrow. They said they will have Thanksgiving again tomorrow!! My hubby has already been in the leftovers, but not me… I think I’m good for about 2 days!!!

Second of all, I have a new dress for the Effner 13″ Little Darlings listed on Ebay. You can click on the ebay icon at the right sidebar or click on the picture of Isabelle in her green and red Christmas dress.

Third of all, I mentioned a contest a while back… I haven’t forgotten about it. I just am trying to figure out how to have you all vote and need to work out some details… but it’s coming…

Okay, now to today’s post:


Don’t worry, this isn’t snow from today…it’s an old picture; I think from 2009, but it’s just to get you in the mood for some more coats! This is what I see when I look outside from my sewing room. It’s a nice view…except when it’s all snowy like this… I much prefer this…


I have a few more doll coats to show you, but I thought I’d wait until it was good and cold…which is right about….NOW!! These are some novelty coats I made for the American Girl dolls in some fun fleecy prints. The “dalmation” coat was my biggest seller back a few years ago. The one pictured on my daughter’s doll was one of the first ones I ever made.


They are fun, lightweight and easy for little girls to dress their dolls in. Here are a few more recent ones that I made…

leopard 4 molly 18





Now, don’t you already feel warmer?

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Your AG coats are very cute. I love Isabelle’s Christmas dress she looks so pretty.

    • Thanks so much Regina,
      I think I’d like a fleece coat like the girls have… They are so lightweight and comfy.
      Thanks for your compliment on Isabelle’s dress too. She does look pretty, doesn’t she?
      blessings, Jeanne

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