How about some Little Girls enjoying their new dollies….

I downloaded a LOT of pictures this morning from many of my readers and want to share them with all of you. I was trying to figure out a “theme” for them and decided today’s theme will be “Little girls enjoying their new dolls.” You’re going to love these smiling faces.

Here is Hannah, my nieces little girl, (well, not so little anymore! Hannah, slow down on the growing up!)
My sister bought Saige from me and she couldn’t have gone to a better “mommy” than Hannah. She loves her and Saige is very happy to be living there.

I “appears” that Hannah should have asked Santa for her “two front teeth!”

Cindy sent me this adorable picture of them, all laid out on the floor, waiting to “ring in the New Year!” Obviously, they didn’t last till midnight! As I looked closer at the picture, I can see that Saige has moved into the number one spot next to Hannah. I see Hannah has changed her into some pajamas as I see her dress and boots and the other clothes on the other side of their pillows… “Jeanne Marie” is in the second spot and Butterfly is on the end.

…and one last picture of Hannah, with a “real life doll”…her new baby cousin…Jack!


Joy sent me this picture of her granddaughter, Landry, with her new Camille doll, an American Girl Wellie Wisher doll. Isn’t this the most adorable picture ever?
How much do you want to bet that Grandma Joy made Camille that Snowman dress she’s wearing… :o)


Marilyn sent me a picture, not of little girls loving on their dolls, but just real life little dolls… Red headed Anna is in the front and Marilyn said she was probably singing. In the email to me, Marilyn called it “Here come the Lambs!” I think they were in a Christmas pageant. Isn’t this sweet? (You’ll have to remind me again, Marilyn, how Anna is related to you???)


Here’s another doll… Linda… and her granddaughters… sorry Linda, I had to! :o) What a sweet picture!


I hope he doesn’t mind, but I’m putting Susette’s grandson, Krish, in with the girls… because he’s a REAL LIVE BOY and he looks like he’s loving what he’s doing, riding that horse. He was at an Indian wedding and decided he wanted to give that horse a try! :o)

Okay, that’s it for some fun pictures…from my readers and I hope you enjoyed them. If you haven’t guessed, I’m stalling just a few more days until I can have something sewn and ready to show you! I’m getting things ready in my Sewing Studio to start 2017 off with a bang! Thanks for being patient!

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Linda Doyle says:

    Oh Jeanne, the pictures of Hannah and her dolls are just the cutest things! I love the way she set up the sleeping area, just adorable! How old is she, because one of my grandson’s also is missing his two front teeth and is 7. Is Jack the baby of your niece that you helped out with the flower girl dresses? How precious he is!
    Oh my, Joy, your granddaughter is a little doll herself! In fact, Camille looks just like her new mommy! I can see that the Wellie Wishers are the perfect size for the smaller girls. What a cute little dress for Camille!
    Marilyn, Anna looks like a little cherub! That pretty red hair and that chubby little face steal the show! Isn’t Anna your grand-niece? So cute in the wagon!
    Ummm, the next picture——well, the two girls, Annie and Maggie are just darling! I’m flattered to be in a blog entitled “Little Girls”, but I have to tell you I’m a very BIG girl now!! My jaw dropped when this picture turned up!!!
    Susette has the most interesting pictures! Little Krish looks adorable, like a handsome prince from a fairy tale galloping in on his horse to save the world!

    • HI Linda,
      I’m not exactly certain of Hannah’s age…but I’m guessing 7. Jack is the baby of Hannah’s uncle. Hannah’s mom’s brother’s baby… :o)
      The Wellie Wishers ARE wonderful for little hands. I love their size.

      I hope it was okay to use your picture… you have nothing to worry about… you beautiful thing, you!
      I’m so glad you sent me some pictures… you just might see more tomorrow! :o)
      Blessings, Jeanne

      • Linda Doyle says:

        No problem using my pictures, Jeanne! I like to share them and it helps us all know each other better when we read each other’s comments. I wish others would send in their picture so we can get to know them better than just a name. This is a special group you have, for sure!

  2. Oh, my goodness! Linda said it all but I’ll say it again. The pictures are just darling, every one of them. Hannah is a beautiful doll herself and takes such good care of her dolls. I’m betting she’s seven and, like my granddaughter, it never stopped her from a great big smile. Good for Hannah! She looks so proud of Jack.

    Yes, that IS the most adorable picture of Joy’s granddaughter. Wellie Wishers are just the right size for her. She looks just like the doll, beautiful. Marilyn’s Anna is so cute and right into the singing. What a darling thing to do for a pageant. I love the picture of Linda and her granddaughters. It’s a great heritage to know you’ll look as lovely as your grandmother when you grow up. What a surprise to see Krish! He’s a brave little boy. Riya got Lea and a Mini Maru doll. I’ll send along a picture if you run out of topics. Maybe more readers will send pictures (hope, hope). Love seeing real dolls with the dolls. Thanks for posting them, Jeanne.

    • HI Susette,
      Thanks for your pictures… there are MORE to come… just wait…
      I’m glad you enjoyed seeing them. I love to share when I have the time… and I certainly have time now as I’m not sewing quite yet…
      Thanks Susette,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  3. What a great picture collection. Anna is the granddaughter of my sister Janeane (pronounced like Janine). She’s the only grandchild so far and is loved enough for 10. We get weekly pictures so that we can watch her grow. In the lamb picture, she’s in a church pageant, and I think it’s wonderful that no one is crying. Anna likes to sing, and she’s said her first word, “Up.” I think she’s going to be a real “take charge” person.

    Joy, how old is your niece? I sent my 4 year old great-niece Madison a Camille too. Both of the real girls have such beautiful smiles. I have to say I love the snowflake decorations on the tree.

    Madison is learning to ice skate from her hockey playing dad, and her pink jacket should go well with the ice-skating outfit for the Wellie Wishers. Like your own darling Hannah, she has her own real live doll, her new sister Stella, who is about Jack’s age. It’s hard to believe in how short a time it will be before Jack wants a horse like Krish’s. Good luck, I think the decorated ones are pretty rare.

    Speaking of dolls, is anyone getting Gabriela, or do we all have too many already? And Jeanne, where are you finding pictures of the new Felicity?

    • Hi Marilyn,
      I’ll jump in here and give you the heads up on Felicity and Tenney if you care to see her as well. I’ll be passing on both. I don’t care for Tenney, too modern and I already have a gorgeous PC 1991 Felicity and the new one doesn’t appeal to me. Anyway, I ‘m guessing you aren’t on AGPT so if you go to Poppets and Posies which is a blog run run by one of the members and scroll back a number of pages you will see Felicity as well as her new underpinnings and her meet gown if leaked photos prove to be true.
      Do you already have a Lissie, Marilyn?

    • HI Marilyn,
      Thanks for filling in all the details about Anna. She’s a little cutie, and I’m a little partial to red heads! :o)
      It’s fun seeing everyone’s little ones with babies and dollies. LIFE… it gets busy and they grow up so quickly.
      I’m not getting Gabby… I just eliminated 5 and have 4 more I considering. I want this year to be a productive year with fewer dolls looking me in the face…
      Thanks Marilyn,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  4. I just love all the photos of these sweet girls and handsome little boy! All their smiles just light up each photo! Thanks to your readers for sharing their Christmas photos! And Linda, you are very beautiful with a beautiful home. I love the painting of the amaryllis!

  5. Hannah with Saige and missing her two front teeth is a classic! Adorable.
    Amazing little lambs. Sweet.
    So happy to see the real “Linda” and granddaughter dolls. Love the painting too. Wonderful.
    Krish is a real trooper and does not look frightened at all. Amazing.
    Camille’s mommy, Landry is 3 1/2. And her grandmother did make the snowman dress. 🙂
    Looking forward to the next Jeanne Marie creation.

    • Hi Joy,
      Thanks for your sweet comments on everyone’s pictures. I enjoy seeing them as much as you do…look out tomorrow!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  6. How wonderful to see all of the family pictures of our “blog family and families.” The children are just to precious. They are our future. It is so cute how the little girls love their dollies.
    Marilyn’s picture of Anna is adorable…I hope she is singing. She looks like a very happy little girl.
    Hannah seems very proud to be holding Baby Jack. Cute cute picture. Loved the picture of her and the dollies waiting for the New Year!! Sleeping Hannah and her sleeping girls. And Krish, what a fun thing to be able to do, sitting high on such a magnificent horse.

    Linda, what a lovely picture of you and your granddaughters!! How nice to see you in real life. And Joy, Camille is so cute and she looks very proud of her new dollie.

    I wish everyone a wonderful blessed New Year.
    And…anxious to see what Jeanne Marie is planning to do in her sewing studio!!

    • Hi Paula,
      It is fun to see all the kiddirs, isn’t it? There is nothing quite so sweet as little girls loving their dolls is there?
      I’m glad you enjoyed seeing them Paula and I guess I better get busy deciding who is going to be the first to model this year!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  7. Hannah looks so sweet and happy with her new Saige doll. I’m sure she will be well loved and dressed in her new home.
    Joy, your granddaughter is so cute and the dress Camille is wearing is wonderful.
    Marilyn your little Anna is just adorable. She does look like she’s singing. Love the lamb ears.
    Oh, Linda you are so pretty and so are your granddaughters. It’s so nice to put a face with a name. I love your amaryllis painting as well.
    Susette, I love the picture of your grandson on the horse. He looks delighted to be up so high
    Jeanne, I figured you are busy with sewing plans. My guess is on Felicity, hope I’m right. 🙂

    • Hi Laura,
      You are determined for Felicity to be next, aren’t you? I like to be nudged!!! :o)
      Thanks for your thoughts Laura,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  8. Anne Johnson says:

    I love ALL the adorable pix of the little girls enjoying their new dollies, as well as the pic of the little prince charming on his white horse! How sweet are they?! In this era of a hurried childhood, I am so encouraged when I see little girls enjoying the pleasures of playing with their dolls and practicing their mothering skills. May their love of dolls (and beautiful doll clothes 😉 ) never wane!

    Like Paula, I, too, find it fun and interesting to see pix of Jeanne Marie’s blog followers and their families. It’s so nice to be able to put faces with the names and stories shared by readers, and I think it helps to knit Jeanne’s doll circle of friendship even tighter. Thanks to everyone who shared their charming photos. Wishing you and all the little girls in your lives a lifetime of dolly fun!

    • Thanks Anne,
      I love having faces with names too. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of seeing pictures of like girls and their dolls.
      Thanks for your kind thoughts Anne,

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