Help me decide the fabric for American Girl Kirsten’s next dress…

Okay, does everyone know who this is?


Yes, it’s Kirsten…

Second question… does everyone know WHY she’s naked?

Because she can’t decide what fabrics she wants me to make her next dress out of. One of my very favorite things to do is to look through my fabrics and see what combinations would make a pretty dirndl for her. Kirsten is of Swedish heritage and loves to wear colorful things… or maybe I just LOVE to make her colorful things.

I’ve laid out 4 different fabric groupings for her and need your help choosing your favorite. If you want you can just leave a comment or an email telling me which one you’d like to see on Kirsten next… this will help me tremendously! The white embroidered cotton at the top is what her blouse will be made out of. Of course there will be ribbons and trims and buttons and who knows what else to “embellish” her dirndl with… just so you know! :o)

Here’s #1…



Here’s #2…



Here’s #3…



…and #4…



I got out all my vintage hankies and tried to make some kind of combination work with the fabrics I had chosen, but nothing seemed to fit together to me… maybe next time…


I’ll be checking my computer off and on today to see which fabrics are “in the lead!”

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Set #2

  2. Marilyn says:

    Yay for Judy! She chose the set I liked best too. There is something really Kirsten about that print.

  3. Linda Doyle says:

    Oh dear, I’m first again, and don’t really know what I like best! My first choice is #2, and I still like that best, but then #1 is a close second. I like the pretty summery colors best, and know Kirsten will look adorable no matter what is chosen! I especially love to see what you make for Kirsten, even though i don’t have her!

  4. I like #1… just something about that combo makes me think of a spring after a long hard winter.

  5. Linda Marie says:

    #1! Did not have to look at the others but did just to be sure.

  6. Sylvia Dockx says:

    I would like to see what you would do with one of the hankies .

  7. I like the #2 combo… but #1 and #3 also have aspects I love, too! If #4 had more ‘contrast’ , it might be in the lead for me… I do love aqua!

  8. Diana Jenness says:

    My favorite is number two. I like the spring like variety of the fabrics. I also have some pink gingham and have been deciding just what to do with it. I know, whatever you choose, it will be just right for Kirsten.
    Happy sewing!
    Diana J.

  9. two favorites- #1 and # 2.

  10. Susette says:

    #2 with the lavender handkerchief on the top of the pile for the dirndl. The flowers in the fabric match the ones on the handkerchief.

  11. I’m going with #3. Because, I just can’t see Kirsten wearing so many brights. I don’t think they had neon in her day. I’m sure any of the combinations will come out well with your touch.

  12. I like the #3 set…folky looking with nice highlights.

    No matter which you choose, I can’t wait to see it. You make such nice dirndls…I’m hoping someday in the future that I can snag one for myself. Your work is beautiful. How kind of you to ask our opinions.

    Take care.

  13. I love them all!! Kirsten is my favorite AG doll that I have, from Germany! I like # 3, I think this looks more like her!!! Thanks!

  14. Anne Johnson says:

    Good morning, Jeanne!

    Although my daughter had (and still has) a Kirsten doll, I am more familiar with the German dirndl. When I was young, my father’s job in automotive air brakes frequently required him to travel abroad, where he made friends among his many contacts. One of those friends, a German man, subsequently moved with his family to the U.S., and our families became the best of friends, celebrating many holidays and other special occasions together. We learned much about the German culture, and “Tante” (aunt) made me some German dirndls, which always had the white embroidered blouse, a dark skirt, red accents, and the prettiest of trims. The apron was often white and was usually heavily embroidered with flowers. Just as the colors in the flags of different countries often represent values or ideals, so too did the traditional dress. Unfortunately, I did not have a dirndl from Sweden, as Daddy brought me Dala horses and other playthings, but I always admired The Pleasant Company’s authenticity and attention to detail in their outfits for Kirsten and the other AG dolls.

    So here is my choice, which I think will not be popular, and that is the blues and white in grouping #4 because they reflect the color of Sweden’s flag, and because blue and white is classic for summer and I think it makes a light, fresh, cool and breezy color combination as the first day of summer is rapidly approaching. Also, even though there is less contrast in this grouping, I know from your designs that it is often what you do with the fabrics, how you combine them and how you embellish them that makes your outfits so charming. I’m sure you can find one of your vintage hankies to use with this group. A close second choice is grouping #1, as I agree with Linda Marie, April and Linda Doyle that they are light, pretty, summery colors and would look great on Kirsten with her blue eyes and blond hair. I am especially fond of the sheer floral fabric in that grouping, as it just looks so airy.

    All that said, I know that you have studied all about the historical roots of textiles, and beyond that you have a very keen eye for color construction. Looking at your past designs for Kirsten, it is easy to see why choosing color combinations for her is one of your favorite things to do, so I am confident that whatever grouping you choose will make a lovely little dirndl that will look perfect on Kirsten and enchant us all! All of the color groupings are very pretty, and I can’t wait to be surprised with the end result!

    Love your blog, whether it is about sewing, dolls or life.Thanks for sharing yourself with us!

    Happy sewing,


  15. Cindy Parkhill says:

    I like #1

  16. Very late to comment after a long day out. My favorite is #3. I’m sure whatever is chosen will be very pretty.

  17. How funny, my pretty blue quilt square is gone and the purple one is back

  18. Ingrid B says:

    Hi Jeanne,
    #3 but they all have merit. Love the way you combine your colors and fabric patterns

  19. Joy does have a point about #3. I’m still really fond of the print in the #2 set. Life is hard.

  20. Charlotte Trayer says:

    Well, I like certain fabrics better than others, of course, and not necessarily all in the same grouping! LOL

    I think the one fabric I would avoid is that lime green–it is really (to my eyes, anyway) quite garish, and not at all “Swedish” looking to me, even though it does pick up the green in some of the prints.

    So…..I love the dimity in #1 and would pair it with the blue and the white. In combo #2, I would do the floral focus fabric with the white and the gingham check. Combo #3 is probably my least favorite–too dull, IMO.

    I think the blues (#4) are, as a group, my favorite, and I’d combine the focus print with the blue dotted swiss and the white–and maybe add a bit of bright yellow rickrack or ribbon trim. After all, the Swedish flag is blue and yellow!

    By the way, I’m 100% Swedish (although 3rd generation American born)….and my maiden name was….LARSON!! Yup. Same as Kirsten!

    • Charlotte Trayer says:

      Should have added….yes, I do own Kirsten! Also her trunk and bed, and a few of her clothes.

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