Fun Finds for Friday…

If you noticed I didn’t answer any comments, it’s because my brother and sisters are here visiting… and when they come…they get all my attention! But your comments were fabulous! Thanks so much for sharing all your stories and memories and thoughts with everyone. If you didn’t know it…the questions were actually a stall tactic… I knew I’d be busy with family and hoped you would do like you’ve done before and interact with each others comments… Thank you for doing that… it helps me out when I don’t have time to sew or get a scheduled post written.

It seems we have several ladies on here who were engaged and even married on Valentine’s Day! It doesn’t get any more romantic than that in my book! Congratulations to all of you who were!
I remember those Valentine Boxes we decorated for school too. It was probably my FAVORITE activity of the whole year! I’m really into crafts, if you didn’t realize by now… whether it’s making little doll shoes, or sewing dolly purses, or making backdrops for my doll dresses to be sold on Ebay, or decorating little straw hats I’ve made, or cutting out and making tiny doll school supplies, I LOVED doing crafts when I was smaller and guess I still do! Don’t you all wish we had taken pictures of those things we made way back when? I sure do!

I can’t remember if I had a special dress that I wore on the days when we had Valentine parties. I may have, but can’t remember one, unlike a few of you who did remember!

I saw a few new websites that I’ve written down and will check out when I have the time… Thanks for those of you who added them… I’m always looking for new places to buy things from… unfortunately!

I had dolls before Barbie, but I think she pretty much started my “sewing career!” Well, maybe not my sewing career, but she put me on the path to sewing doll clothes. Even though there was a big gap from the time I sewed for her to when I started sewing for dolls at my local Farmer’s Market and finally on Ebay, I attribute it mostly to Barbie. I just stuck with it and now look at me… that’s what I do… I make and sell doll clothes. It’s much more fun than people clothes. Been there..done that!

Laura, I did see that 10″ Boneka doll named “Jeanne.” She was a little sweetie, but I’m holding out for a Tuesday’s Child. She was P-R-E-T-T-Y cute though!

…and last of all… sweet Anna… she knows what’s important… SHOES! What a pretty young girl she’s going to grow up to be!

My sister brought me a few gifts from PA and I wanted to show you… you gotta have Show and Tell every once in a while…

Remember her gifts she painted for her hubby’s Christmas party? (HERE) Well, I got my very own chalk painted log slice! I love it! She painted 67 of these for the company’s Christmas gifts! I am very honored to have one of my own now!

She also knows the way to my heart… trims…and she found 3 for me… I love the brown one with the beads sewn onto a brown velvet ribbon. I’ve never seen this one before, but will enjoy using it.

She also read my post the other day about my “homeless sweater” and decided to do something about it… look what she brought me..

It’s super soft and much too pretty to be a homeless sweater… maybe I’ll just call it my “home sweater!”

I can’t believe it, but I’m going to show you my old sweater… and it’s going in the trash! Thanks Cindy, for making me get rid of it…EEWWWW!

Unfortunately for you, my family will be for the next few days, so I’ll have to ask a few more questions for today’s post. I hope you won’t mind…and comment below or in an email if you like. You can just answer the questions you like or all of them! I will be back in my sewing room very soon…

If you could send every subscriber on this list something for their house, what would it be?

What is your Favorite stress relief activity?

What is your favorite doll outfit of the ones you’ve made?

If you don’t sew, what is your favorite doll outfit you have bought?

Okay… enough questions for today. I hope you all have a wonderful Friday… I certainly hope we do!

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne


  1. Linda Doyle says:

    Jeanne, what a wonderful surprise your sister brought to you! You are going from rags to riches with that beautiful new sweater! The trims are very nice, and I see some civil War dresses down the pipeline with them. The JOY plaque is wonderful! We all need a Cindy type of sister I think!!
    Your questions have me thinking and thinking, and I can’t think fast enough, since I have Willie here for babysitting today. I will comment later today after he goes home, and I can think better. I’m running around putting things away that he might get into, and need to get going! More later!!

    • Hi Linda,
      I certainly have gone from rags to riches with my new sweater. You are thinking as I was about that trim looking like it belonged on a civil war dress.
      We are busy sorting “and tossing” stuff at my mom’s that should have been tossed long ago.
      Thanks Linda,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  2. I couldn’t make yesterday’s blog come up, but it worked today, and there was our own baby Anna, shopping her mother’s closet. She can’t walk on her own quite yet — maybe next week — but standing is definitely her thing.

    If I could send everyone on the list one thing, you would all have jersey knit (like tee shirt fabric) sheets in your favorite color. I got some last year and found them soft, comforting, and warm — very nice if you live in a place that gets cold in winter. In December I got a set for a friend who finds that warmth helps with her back pain, and she reports that the knit sheets help her warm up faster, go to sleep faster, and stay warm and nearly pain free all night. They are available on line at The Company Store, as well as other places. Mine are organic cotton because I like the colors better.

    Favorite AG dresses — there’s a holiday outfit with a soft cream tulle skirt and a dark blue or green-blue top that’s embroidered with a tree or vine on the front — I love getting it out every year — and a midi-length black velvet jumper embroidered with snowflakes, it has a white blouse that goes with it. There are gold tights as well, but I prefer black ones. The black shoes that came with it may be the tightest shoes AG ever made. My favorite summer outfit is the denim shorts with the yellow plaid sleeveless top. All of the outfits seem to look great on any doll.

    Now I’m looking forward to what everyone else chooses.

    • Hi Marilyn,
      It was fun seeing Anna again…she is growing and they are in for a real treat having
      a little red head. Rebecca’s whole life she has gotten extra looks and compliments. I hope Anna gets the same.
      Those sheets must be wonderful but I think I might be too warm in them. I’m too hot natured.
      Thanks for sharing your favorites with us…
      Blessings, Jeanne

  3. Charlotte A. says:

    Your new sweater is beautiful and the trims are wonderful. I am fairly new to making doll clothes so I don’t have favorite outfits for them. I haven’t even made one outfit for each of my dolls yet! I have been sewing for many years though. Even though they are very simple, one of my favorite sewing projects is my kitchen curtains. They are blue and white gingham with white ruffles. I made them from a sheet I found at a thrift store. It was new and just what I was looking for fabric-wise. I mention the curtains because that is what I would send everyone. Kitchen curtains that make you smile inside every time you are in the kitchen.
    Take care.

    • Hi Charlotte,
      I do like my new sweater…and it makes the old one easier to throw away.
      Congrats on taking up sewing for your dolls. You’ll get faster and enjoy it even more!
      Your curtains sound pretty and I’m sure new curtains would be lovely for everyone!
      Thanks Charlotte,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  4. I’ll bet that brown sweater was beautiful when it was new.

    • Hi Marilyn,
      It was a Christopher and Banks swater and it was nice. Even as ratty as it is, it’s still really soft…
      Oh well, its gotta go..
      Blessings, Jeanne

  5. Thanks, Charlotte, for suggesting my Mary Hoyer doll is worth saving. I saw the post farther down from Kathie about repairing dolls. I’ll be sending pictures of my doll to Jeanne and perhaps she will have time next week to forward them to Kathie and I can arrange to have the doll reassembled. I think a new wig will be in order.

    What wonderful braids Cindy found. The painted logs pieces are wonderful, and I still can’t believe she made so many of them. I have a friend who makes mittens from old sweaters to sell at charity craft fairs. Her mittens always sells out. She does live in Northern Michigan, so that may be why. Brrrrrrr!!! A charity may consider an old sweater to be rags, but that’s a good use for them. I’ll send a picture of a pair she sent me and maybe someone will want to do that too. There are patterns for hats on the Internet made from old sweaters. I made a list, too, of suggested places and websites to buy supplies. Thanks for the suggestions. Good luck this weekend, Jeanne. Thinking of you.

    • Hi Susette,
      I received your pictures today of your Mary Hoyer doll and will definitely send them to Kathie for you.
      Thanks for your comments Susette…we did lots of cleaning today…
      Blessings, Jeanne

    • Charlotte Trayer says:

      You are so welcome, Susette! Usually dolls Are worth saving unless the actual material they are made from (composition, vinyl, porcelain, etc.) is so damaged it would have to be replaced. Stringing is one of the easiest fixes–I’ve had a couple of my dolls restrung, and it wasn’t terribly expensive, as I recall. Maybe you can send a picture to Jeanne when you get your doll back, and she’ll use it in a post some day.

      I never had a vintage Mary Hoyer, but I have several of the more modern ones that her granddaughter, Mary Lynne Saunders, produces/sells. They are lovely, too!

  6. I agree with Linda, the braiding, edging, not sure what it’s called but they would be perfect for Civil War outfits. Cindy’s log pieces are so cool. Such talent.
    I think I’d send everyone a little 1 inch pin designed as a feather quill to represent
    “writing friends on Jeanne’s post.” It’s more personal rather than for a home though.
    My favorite AMG clothes are all of the outfits made by Jeanne that I have. Absolutely no question there.

    Enjoy the time with your siblings, Jeanne.

    • Hi Paula,
      As soon as I saw the brown trim, I knew a Civil War dress was waiting for it…
      What a sweet little gift of a quill for your gift…I love that…
      Thanks Paula,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  7. Forgot: How sweet of Cindy to find a lovely home sweater for you. Yes, the brown one has seen better days. It deserves a salute to it’s constant comfort to you!

  8. Your sisters insightful gifts are wonderful. Such a thoughtful family you have.
    Am stumped for any stress relief, favorite dolly outfit, or item for the house, so I’ll just read all of the other posts which are great.
    Hope you and family have a successful weekend of decision making.

  9. Anne Johnson says:

    Hi Jeanne,

    Life events have kept me from commenting, but I have so enjoyed reading your blog! I love dotted swiss, and I LOVE everything about Molly’s pretty pink dress! I think the reason I love your “pretty little girl dresses” so much, Jeanne, is that they evoke so many fond memories of childhood. Marilyn’s little great-niece Anna is so sweet! She’s a little lady who seems to know that shoes can make the outfit! Somebody better keep an eye on her!

    As to yesterday’s Valentine questions, I will share one involved story. My maiden name is Valentine. Yes, just like the holiday! My father’s family (and surname) is of Scottish heritage, not Italian as one might assume, and Valentine is of the Gordon Clan. My father’s parents were first generation immigrants from Edinburgh, settling near Pittsburgh in 1912. I don’t really know if anyone ever took much notice of my father’s name during his youth, but when I was growing up, my mother belonged to our local Women’s Club, and she delighted in the decorating for the February luncheon. She also delighted in sharing this story with old friends and newcomers alike: HER mother’s maiden name was Pleasant, but when she married my grandfather, (her last name) became Moody! My mother’s maiden name was therefore Moody, and when she married my father, she obviously became Valentine. My mother’s sister was also Moody and married a Hartman, so the two Moody sisters became Valentine and Hartman. In addition, my mother’s first name was Anita, and she loved to send valentine cards signed simply, A. Valentine! As my first name is Anne, I followed suit and signed my valentine cards from A. Valentine. Although I married in 1981 and became a Johnson, to this day I continue to sign my valentine cards to those who knew me pre-marriage days as, A. Valentine. My second grade teacher was also a Mrs. Valentine, no relation. As you might imagine, as a child, I received a lot of attention (not all of it nice!) due to my last name, especially around Valentine’s Day. One year, when I was nine or ten, the newspaper came to our house to do a story and took my picture in my Valentine Day finery, holding many vintage Valentine cards. After that, the kids who had picked on me changed their tune a little bit, seeing me as a minor local celebrity. I still consider myself A. Valentine “at heart!”

    Glad to learn that you and George made it through Wednesday’s appointment in St. Louis in good spirits. Each passing day brings George closer to the end of treatment and the return to full health, and my fervent prayers and well wishes are with you both for the duration. Stay strong! My thoughts are with you and your siblings, also, as you work together in preparing your momma for the next season of life. I wish you laughter through the tears!

    Wishing everyone a blessed weekend!

    • Hi Anne,
      I have missed you Anne and hope things are better for you now. I’m glad you have been able to read and I’m glad you like Molly’s pink dress.I’ll get back to it soon.
      I love your whole story Anne! It’s wonderful and so interesting to read about all of the details of your life.
      We have gotten lots done today and are planning to go look at one of the assisted living places tomortow. We’ve already been there but she doesn’t remember it.
      Thanks Anne,
      Take care, and many blessings to you,

  10. Linda Doyle says:

    Oh, Anne, what a wonderful story! Well, it’s not really a story, but the truth! So you were a Valentine, I was a Christmas! Well, not really, but my last name was Christmann, and you can’t believe how many people read it as Christmas!

    I just wrote my comment, and the computer locked up on me, so am trying again on my hubby’s laptop.

    My gift to everyone would be a nice big Yankee Candle in the person’s choice of fragrance. I burn candles everyday, for awhile, and it fills the house with the most delicious aroma! I usually start one in the mornings, early, and let it burn a couple of hours. I had the spruce and cedar candle burning at Christmastime, and it made the house smell like I had a real Christmas tree, although it was actually artificial. Right now I have bayberry, and will go onto my favorite for spring, the lilac scented candle.

    My favorite doll dress I have made, well, that would have to be Felicity’s brown church dress. It wouldn’t pass muster with your outfits, Jeanne, but I did get it made and finished, and it looks pretty good on her.

    My favorite stress relief is dressing my dolls, although then I have to put what they were wearing previously, away! But I do love dressing the dolls and fixing their hair. It’s fun to decide what they will be doing and what they will wear, and finding accessories for them to hold or stand by.

    • Hi Linda,
      I see you made it through your day of babysitting and hope you had fun.
      So Anne was a Valentine and you were “close” to being a Christmas? That’s funny.
      I love Yankee candles and my favorite is Pumpkin or pumpkin spice. I’ve always liked that scent.
      So dressing your dolls is your relief to stress? Mine must be sewing…
      Thanks for your comments Linda…loved them.
      Blessings, Jeanne

    • Charlotte Trayer says:

      I’ll take an unscented candle, Linda–I have Such fragrance allergies, I can’t stand to walk by the Yankee Candle store in the mall. I always walk on the other side of the mall, as far from it as I can get and still walk that route!

      I do have a lilac candle from Bath and Body Works (I think) from a number of years ago; it’s a very light fragrance, and as long as I’m not in the middle of allergy season, it doesn’t seem to bother me if I only burn it for a little while. Lilacs are my favorite flower and fragrance, actually, but I’m really allergic to mums!

      • Linda Doyle says:

        Oh, sorry, Charlotte! I didn’t mean to aggravate your allergies! I do know some people can’t take too much scent, why, I don’t really care to go to Bath and body Works very much because that place is TOO scented!!

  11. I’m happy that you are having some family time with your siblings. That itself is a good stress reliever. My favorite thing to do when life gets stressful is to sew. I will often do what I call “mental health” sewing which is making four-patch or nine-patch quilt pieces. It doesn’t require much thought and is just mindless sewing. My job is pretty high pressure so I have boxes of those things. Any time I need a new quilt for a baby shower or bridal shower, I pull out a bunch of those patches and piece them together.
    I don’t know if I have a favorite doll outfit though. Probably something I’ve made for one of the AG’s.
    I like Linda’s Yankee Candle idea. Those are the best, and I burn them frequently.

    • Hi Carolyn,
      Oh…another one that sews to relieve stress…
      My stress will go down hopefully after this weekend…things are happening and things are being purged…
      Thanks Carolyn,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  12. Charlotte Trayer says:

    Your “homeless” sweater (which just looks well loved to me!) reminds me of my dad’s favorite sweater-vest, which was of a very fine wool. It was very thin in spots, and along the bottom it was just raggedy! After he died, my brother said something about throwing it away at last, and I suggested he might want to hang onto it for old time’s sake, maybe put it in a frame! Gave us a little laugh at a very sad time, as we had sometimes teased daddy about it, and his comeback was, he could never find one of a fine-enough wool to replace it, he liked it because it was both very light and very warm, and besides, he wore it under his suit jacket, and who would see it?! LOL

    Hm, if I could send every subscriber something….how about a doll? I’m sure I have plenty to spare!! LOL

    For stress relief, sewing, of course–something I’ve made multiple times and don’t have to think too hard about, like a t-shirt or pair of panties, either of which I could probably make in my sleep–I’ve made hundreds of t-shirts, and quite a lot of panties, too! Otherwise, reading a mystery or working a pencil puzzle or a jigsaw puzzle are good, too.

    Favorite outfit I’ve made for a doll….gosh, that’s a tough one, as I’ve sewn for so many of my dolls. But I think it would have to be something I made for a friend’s AG doll, a fully lined wool coat and beret with velveteen trim. It turned out really well, I thought. I couldn’t find a small enough checked/plaid wool in the fabric stores, so I went to the thrift store and bought a wool skirt in a small check in shades of brown–not my first choice in color, but it was the best one I could find, both for quality and condition. I bought it and took it apart, and hand washed all the parts. Did the roll-up-in-a-towel to remove excess moisture, and hung the pieces on a rack to dry. Then I cut out the pieces and made the coat and hat. I found a nice deep brown velveteen for the collar on the coat and trim on the hat. I think I used brown lining, too, but it’s been about 18-20 years since I made it, so I’m not positive about that.

    None of MY dolls has such an elegant coat! LOL I do have enough of that fabric left to make another, if I decide I want to do so.

    Have fun with your brother and sisters!

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