From P. T. (Patsy Tonner) to T. P. (Ten Ping)…

If you haven’t already seen it, I did get the listing for 10″ Patsy Tonner listed on Ebay this evening. Actually, it turned out to be Patsy AND Trixie…(after Patsy fell asleep…) I’m still trying to figure out the lighting in my sewing room… I took the pictures of Patsy and they were clear, but not outstanding… and then right after I finished with her, I changed the clothes and put them on Trixie…never changed the lighting, used the same camera, didn’t open up any other windows or add any other light, and the difference is just unbelievable. Trixie’s pictures are so clear and crisp, it’s crazy. Patsy’s pictures make her face seem sort of fuzzy like and her eyes, what I’d call blurry like. But then you see the pictures of Trixie and you can count each of her lower eyelashes. I don’t get it but I’m trying to figure it out. Maybe it has something to do with their skin tones…do you think? Any photographers out there who can give me some tips?

Okay, enough on that…want to see a few pictures of the girls? I’ll put a link to the Ebay listing at the bottom.

[If you click on any picture, it will enlarge, or you can just wait and see the bigger pictures when you check out the auction link.]








Well, if 10″ Patsy Tonner wasn’t small enough for you, how about tiny 8″ Ten Ping?

Marilyn sent me an email and actually guessed who was next… Ten Ping… the tiniest gal in my house, and I was having troubles with her pictures too. Part of it is, I picked a piece of cherry red Ultrasuede for her jacket. Since it’s soft, I didn’t think it would glare… wrong. It’s awful. When I use a flash it makes her dark hair sparkle, but it shows up the features on her face better. I took a few different shots in different lighting, I held her up, laid her down, put a piece of pink Ultrasuede behind her and still wasn’t too thrilled with the results. I went ahead and cut out her dress from a sweet black and pink tiny print that I actually used to have a dress made from. It was one of my favorite prints. I hope you’ll like it too…







I’m going to go ahead and work on her dress, and if I have to, maybe take her pictures outside.

Okay, here’s that link to Patsy (and Trixie’s) dress set on Ebay…

Just in Time for Fall

Thanks for reading today…
Have a wonderful Friday,

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Isn’t that print adorable. Love the black/pink/red on TP. Ten Ping’s little sis Yu Ping is on her way to our house. Know TP will be happy when she arrives. She’s pretty small. 5 and a half inches, I believe. Is that the wig your TP arrived in? If not, any idea of maker/style. So cute.
    I’m having trouble with my camera’s focus. Maybe it is catching? Haven’t had time to try any fixes yet and there are lots according to Google. Still wondering, have you always used the Ott lights in the past? If so, then it isn’t them. Just trying to narrow down the changes.

    • Charlotte Trayer says:

      Ooh, I didn’t know that Ten Ping had a little sis! Might have to check that out!! I do have Gigi, Ten Ping’s friend, though, so was happy to see that Jeanne had chosen her for a dress next! I love that fabric, too–I seem to remember it from a few years back. (You never know, there might still be a piece of it in My stash, too!)

      Which reminds me…..Gigi has been hinting strongly that I’ve had her for a Long Time and haven’t made anything for her yet!! LOL

  2. Lovely photos and lovely beginnings of the dress for Ten Ping. It’s always a pleasure to see your work.


  3. I’ve noticed a distinct silence from your follower so far on the subject of photography! I’ve always admired your photos and couldn’t believe it when you said you were using a fairly basic camera when I inquired about it. I’ll email a few tips for you to try and you can incorporate them in your posts if they turn out to be helpful.

    When I looked at Ten Ping very closely this morning, I noticed that even the slightest difference in angle when looking at her face, both in daylight and artificial light, changed the color in her cheeks dramatically. Bouncing light off a panel of fabric or foil instead of direct lighting might be helpful in eliminating the shine on the “skin” surface of the dolls’ faces and limbs, and using a tripod to steady the camera would help the focus. Otherwise, I’ll defer to Cindy as the person who could best help out as she has mentioned getting a new camera fairly recently for photographing her dolls and close-ups of flowers. I’m sure other followers will have good tips also.

  4. Linda Doyle says:

    I love the tiny print, Jeanne! It seems made for Ten Ping, and you actually had a dress made of the same thing? About the photography, I do see what you are talking about, but I would be no help. I notice when I send pictures to anyone, and I look at what I have sent, they are nowhere as clear as they are on my monitor, and are kind of fuzzy. It’s one of the mysteries of the universe, I think! I like the pink ultrasuede much better than the rose colored one, although again, it could be my monitor. If you are going to try to take pictures outside, good luck with that! It has been pouring here almost all day!

    I had babysitting today, so didn’t get the chance to write earlier. After a morning of Thomas the Train, I’m ready to talk dolls!

  5. Outdoor pictures sounds like such a good idea. The yard is beautiful and the fabric should be lovely against green. I liked Ten Ping best against the gray, which surprised me, but I liked the dress fabric best with the pink background. I think outside might work better than either. How nice that you were able to find such a tiny print.
    I want to see Joy’s Yu Ping. You usually recommend RoseRed Galleria, I think. I’m going to try that.

    • Marilyn, I purchased Yu Ping direct from Ruby Red Galleria. I believe she has also been available at dealers, but was sold out when I tried. They are a cute group of dolls. I also like their Gigi, but have to wait awhile. Know Yu Ping is on her way from Hong Kong, but not her arrival date.

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