From Messy to Marvelous! Part 1

I LOVE for my sewing room to be organized… but whenever I find any free time, I spend it sewing, so I don’t often get around to getting things just the way I’d like. I had 2 areas that were bugging me… my fabrics and my trims. The fabrics were folded every which way to get them to fit on my bookshelf, and the trims… well… that’s another story…for tomorrow.

(Please note: this is just a SMALL sample of my fabrics…) My fabrics weren’t terrible, (well, yes they were…) but when I had a small amount of yardage or even a fat quarter or two, they somehow got stacked and smashed like a pancake, making it was hard to see the prints I owned. I wanted to be able to glance at my fabrics and know what I had.



I decided to make them more visible by taking each piece of fabric, laying it out flat and rolling it around a 3″ wide plastic long ruler. Your ruler needs to be at least as wide as your fabrics. Starting at one end of the fabric, roll it around the ruler, and keep going to the end of the fabric piece, keeping your edges lined up as best you can.



When you get to the end, slide the ruler out, then fold them in half.


It worked perfectly and now I can see the prints much better. I have itty bitty stacks of fabrics instead of the 8″ wide flat stacks. I like it much better. How do you organize your fabrics?



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  1. Your fabrics look lovely! Most of mine are small pieces, especially since I have been selling a lot of it and only keep 1/4 yard of some of it. I fold mine to a size that will stand up in my bins and stack them so that the folds show when I open the bin. All the large pieces are getting sold, I could never sew up all that I have!

  2. Jeanne W says:

    You have been tempting me TERRIBLY with all the fabrics you have been listing.. I think owning pretty fabrics is just in my blood! I LOVE seeing fabrics all stacked up neatly… however it’s done!
    Blessings to you, Sissy,

  3. Whenever I reorganize my fabrics, I am inspired to create something new….discovering fabrics I forgot I had leads to new ideas. Love seeing your fabric stash so neatly organized and the range of gorgeous colors…can’t wait to see what you create next and wonder if I will recognize the fabric from your organized shelves !!!

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