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I found a couple more pictures on my phone from our trip to Paducah, Kentucky, the other day. I wanted to share a store with you called “Creatures of Habit.” Back when I was in college in Apparel Design, in the Clothing and Textile Department, one of the girls in my class was named Natalya and she was from Russia. She was very good at coming up with creative and fun things to wear… really out of the ordinary things… things that none of us “normal” dress makers could ever think up in a million years. Well, Natalya went on to open a store in Paducah, like I said, called Creatures of Habit, which is filled with all kinds of costumes and authentic garments of all different time periods. When you walk into her shop, the mannequins are larger than life and it’s really more like a museum than a store. She has over 17,000 costumes that can be rented or bought and they are INCREDIBLE to see in person! Her store is bright and colorful and easy to spot on the block…

creatures of habit

I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to be snapping pictures in her store or not, so I didn’t take very many and I took them pretty quick so I hope they are worthy of showing to you…



There’s a gal in a Regency dress and bonnet and I was trying to get her in the picture, but so many mannequins were in front of her and there was no where for me to back up so this is all I could get…


…and this shot… not sure what caught my eye about it, but something did…must have been those miniature bathing beauties up on that shelf…


For Christmas last year I asked my hubby for a cabinet or chest with all kinds of drawers in it to use in my sewing room. He told me to keep an eye out for what I wanted and that he’d get it for me. Well, it’s been 4 months now since Christmas and I’m still dreaming of the day when I find my cabinet. I wanted something besides the cutting table with the zig zaggy black metal legs underneath. You can’t really store anything underneath it very well. I want a big substantial piece of furniture with lots of drawers in it so I can sort all my small groupings of things in. I’m either looking for a big dresser that’s high enough or a chest that’s not too high or a buffet, or an island or a flat file cabinet… If it’s not tall enough I’m sure my hubby can add something to it to make it work. I’ll probably pull it away from the wall and get a topper for it in laminate or formica or a piece of butcher block that a Do It Yourself home place here in town has. I’m not exactly sure what I want, but I’ll know it when I see it. I’ve seen a 2 on Craigslist but just missed one and one was too far away in St. Louis to go check out…

I’ve talked to them at Lowe’s, Home Depot, visited a few furniture shops, several antique stores, looked at plans for building lots of drawers in a cabinet myself, etc, and there is NOTHING out there with narrow drawers and lots of them stacked on top of each other. There is IKEA furniture and there is a little cabinet called the ALEX that is very popular with hobby people, but it’s not what I’m looking for.

I almost ordered a Martha Stewart Flat File Cabinet about a month ago. It was on sale half price and had free shipping. It came in green, blue, white, gray and sierra, a brown color… It has 4 skinny drawers with dividers in them and then 4 bigger drawers at the bottom. It’s a nice cabinet and it was tempting…

martha stewart flat file cabinet

brown martha stewart cainet

But I read the reviews and while some people said it was all wood, others said it was that MDF stuff and the bottoms of the drawers were flimsy. The reviews said it was a real bear to put together too. I’m not that worried about putting together… cause I’m married to “McGyver”… you know… but I don’t want to spend my money on a piece of particle board furniture… This will be a lifetime investment to me…

A few days ago I went to an antique shop in a neighboring town and saw these 2 cherry chests… they were pretty wide and the drawers just glided in and out like they were ball bearings on glass. They were a bit on the short side, so my hubby would have had to raise them up somehow… maybe on a couple of big drawers at the bottom. They had just sold them…


I also saw this dresser and it had lots of room in it but the drawers were hard to open and close and not very deep. Nope!


So my sister, Cindy, out in PA, sends me this picture the other day of a cabinet in an antique shop she’s in. I have to tell you my heart did a flip flop, then a cartwheel, and then a back flip! It was massive and it was gorgeous…


Just look at all those drawers…


I would love to have something like this. It’s already filled with dolly stuff so I could just imagine all “MY” stuff in those drawers…


It wasn’t for sale…so I just drooled and sent her back a *sigh!* a big one! I’m believing for something like this for me… just look at all those drawers. I might never come out of my sewing room if I find a piece like that. Oh well… I’ll just keep dreaming…

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Look at all those *glass fronted* drawers. What a beauty! It would cost a mint to ship it, so maybe it’s ok that that cabinet isn’t for sale. I suppose you’ve checked Ebay. Who knows — it you are lucky, someone reading your blog will see this and have an idea that might work for you.
    Great to see Natalya’s shop. It’s nice to see what classmates have done.
    You forgot to tell us how the bubble cake went over — do you have pictures?

    • HI Marilyn,
      Yes, I can’t imagine how much the piece would even cost…let alone ship it! Just dreaming… I’m sure there are others around… similar to it… I’ll find one…
      I guess I should have mentioned the cake in today’s post, but I just talked about it in my comments from yesterdays post… It was a hit and everyone took pictures of it before they let me cut into it. I was so busy I didn’t take any pictures of it myself… sorry…
      Thanks Marilyn,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  2. Linda Doyle says:

    What a fantastic store “Creatures of Habit” is, Jeanne! Wow, what a selection of costumes and yes, it DOES look like a museum! I wonder if she does internet sales, or who rents out these costumes, since Paducah isn’t a really large town, well, it is a good size, but those costumes look like they would belong on Broadway! I certainly did recognize the Sgt. Pepper costumes in one of the pictures! And the belly dancer! Really a treat to go in there for sure! Does Natayla recognize you when you come in?

    Good luck in finding a cabinet! I’m sure when it does come along, you will be thrilled. I have no leads for you, but if I ever see anything that might work, I’ll let you know. That last cabinet is what I think I need! I love all those little doll displays on the top!

    • Thanks Linda,
      Yes, Creatures of Habit is a really fun store to go in. It’s in an old building and has really high ceilings so it just feels larger than life when you are in there. I don’t have a clue who her customers are but if anyone needed a costume, I’m sure she has it. Her store just goes on and on once you are inside…
      Natalya has recognized me in the past, but she was busy this time and we didn’t speak to each other…

      I bet every one of my readers drooled over that last cabinet… all those drawers and those glass cabinets on top… how fun would that be to fill up!
      Thanks Linda,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  3. What fun to see your classmate’s shop in Paducah! It looks like she does a great business!

    A cabinet with glass fronts is a fantastic idea! You could see what you have, but then again, that might get embarrassing! I love the little dolls, too. I recognize a small Shirley Temple in the middle. I’ve been scouring eBay for a 12″ one with nice hair! Love the 15″ and 17″ ones too.

    Good luck with your continued search for the right cabinet. Don’t settle for something short of what you really want!

    • HI Karen,
      I think Natalya does a very good business because she’s been in business since 1987. She’s had quite a few Hollywood stars stop in and shop… I looked on her website and she had these people listed as recent clients…
      The History Channel / Monsterquest
      Bo Diddley
      My Morning Jacket
      The Four Tops
      The Temptations
      Reuben Studdard of American Idol fame
      Frankie Valli
      Loggins and Messina
      Bruce Willis
      Demi Moore
      Geena Davis
      Patricia Neal
      Cathy Rigby
      Nathan Brown
      Jerry Seinfeld

      I hope you find your dream Shirley Temple doll someday soon, Karen. Just like I hope I find my cabinet full of drawers soon!!!
      Thanks so much,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  4. Trusting that that special cabinet will come your way. Thanks for sharing more of your day in Paducah….what a lovely shop your former classmate has.

    Take care.

    • Thank you Becky,
      It must be fun to work in a setting like Natalya has built up, don’t you think?
      I thought everyone might like to see her shop…that’s why I shared it.
      Blessings, Jeanne

  5. Paula F. says:

    What a store – the costumes were exquisite and the mannequins are rather unique!! I wonder too if your former student recognized you. Paducah sure has interesting stores and events.
    Oh my, Jeanne. You and I have been doing the same type of searches for our specialty rooms. Yours being sewing, my being a doll room. While you are looking for a cabinet or dresser with several thinner drawers, I wasn’t sure what I needed to make my narrow doll room work. I’ve searched and drawn sketches to make my doll room work for the things I have.
    The last cabinet you showed, is similar to the doll cabinet my husband made me years ago (in the 70’s). My cabinet was wider verses taller like the one Cindy took the picture of and my lower part was 2 long shelves where I kept books and other nick knacks. The upper part of the cabinet displayed some of my dolls.
    Well, I sent my beloved doll cabinet on to other and better things. I decided it was too massive in my doll room. Any furniture my husband built for me or us or someone else, he’d put a metal or wooden plaque on the back with the year and to whom and signing his name- he made his furniture special and the doll cabinet was that to me. However, it is now residing in another area. It was melancholy giving it up.
    Anyway, trying to design a room to fit my needs for my doll collections and doll clothes and personal memorabilia is difficult in a skinny room. I decided to go with an Ikea table for a staging ( it is a very simple lightweight table) and a small single storage cabinet that will fit underneath another smaller table. I put them in an L shape on one wall. I have my two large storage closets and once I get a few other ideas for the other walls, I think it will be exactly what I want and need.
    It is interesting to see how other women display their dolls or hobbies or collections. I’ve been having fun, planning, sorting or passing things on to donate. I had too much and my doll room was getting out of control. So it’s a “freeing up” feeling for me.
    Now I can just enjoy my American Girls and a few other dolls I have had for awhile.
    I try to get my other household work done fast, so I can go back down into the “coal mine” (doll room) and continue my work.
    sorry for the long comments.

    • HI Paula,
      Thanks for your comments… Natalya was busy in the back with someone, so I never spoke with her this time, but she has recognized me before…
      It sounds like we are both on a mission to find and turn our rooms into the very best places we can… I am tired of all the rubbermaid containers showing all my stuff though them. I want to pull out a drawer and see what I’ve got instead of lifting this tub, and that tub to get to the one on the bottom. It sounds like you are trying to make your room more streamlined too… to better work for what you need.
      I’ve been trying to get my housework done quicker too so I can spend time in my sewing room…fixing things the way I want them…I love shopping for cabinets and tables and dressers and things for storage… No telling what I’d do if I ever visited The Container Store or an Ikea store…
      I hope we both succeed in making our rooms the best ever!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  6. I like the style of the MS cabinet but not the particle board. The clear front cabinet is a winner for sure. I think I would keep an eye out on store closings or for store fixtures on Craig’s List. It looks to me like that is from where it may have come. A couple of years back, I found a company who carries metal cabinets of different sizes and have a multitude of drawer options. I wanted extending drawers so things wouldn’t get pushed to the back and be lost in the depths. Anyway, didn’t buy it because it was very expensive. But, they do have a grand selection. I think your idea of lots of storage drawers is a great one!

    • Thank you Joy,
      I love the looks of the MS cabinet and would maybe like to have 2, but I think I’d rather wait and get a real wood one or like you say, a metal cabinet… It will be fun when I find “IT!”
      I would love to have a wall of nothing but drawers… wouldn’t that be fun???
      Thanks Joy,
      Blessings, Jeanne

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