Felicity’s dress set is ALL done… I just have to get it listed…

I tried…really, I did, but it didn’t happen… I wasn’t able to get Felicity’s dress set listed on Ebay because my day didn’t go exactly as I had hoped. I’m sure you’ve had days like that! BUT… I do have everything all finished (except I was going to finish up the small pinner cap I started, and include it.) I love this set and hope whoever gets it does too. I won’t even tell you how much Felicity has enjoyed modeling this one. She didn’t even mind that it took me so long to get it finished. She got to spend quite a few days just standing on my cutting table with all the other girls looking on as we worked to get things “just right!” Let’s see if you think so too!

I decided to take apart the larger lace pinner cap and make the width of the lace just a bit smaller. I probably could have even made it smaller but I’m not taking it apart a third time, so it will have to do. The light in my sewing room at night, doesn’t make these pictures of the white cotton lace show up very well, but in person, it’s very elegant looking. I tied a burgundy bow in the back and there is a snap clip underneath to hold it in place.

I showed you this picture yesterday, but it’s the best one to show you the fabric used in the pinner cap…

Now it looks like this…

Next I worked on the velvet bonnet. I actually took it with me today and worked on it while my hubby was getting his treatment. I was a little disappointed that not a single person asked me what I was sewing on. :o( But that’s okay.. I got over it pretty quickly.

I added the green trim and made the loops to match the cape. I’m going to have to find more of that green loopy trim… I am almost out! I put some burgundy sheer ribbon ties at the side and like it best tied at the side, so it doesn’t get in the way of the bow on the cape. Here are some pictures of the bonnet and cape together…

It’s funny… I took the pictures of the pinner cap and Felicity’s skin was glowing and looked so pretty… I put on the cape and the bonnet…keeping her in the same spot, didn’t change my lighting and she looks like she has washed out skin in some of the pictures. I’m not a photographer so I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Maybe the burgundy is reflecting on her skin…?

Anyway, I hope you can get an idea of what this whole ensemble looks like now. Maybe I shouldn’t even tell you that I’m planning to get this listed on Ebay on Wednesday evening…that way, if I don’t make it, you won’t be disappointed… *but just between you and me, I’m hoping to!*

Any names floating around in anyone’s head for this dress set?

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. How many more treatments are there? How is George?

    I’m surprised that no one asked what you were making. You said once that the nurses were busy — I suppose that must be it. But most people are fascinated by handwork because they never see anyone doing it.

    The bonnet is darling. I love the addition of the lace. When I saw the 4th picture, I thought, “She’s put that pretty green trim on the pinner cap too. I hope there’s a picture.” And there was.

    Use the second to last picture as your first picture on Ebay, and call the outfit “Picture Perfect.” I suppose you’ve used that before. “Winter Garden”?

    • Hi Marilyn,
      George has another treatment next Tuesday, then we go to St Louis on Feb 1st to see his specialist there. They will do a cystsoscopy there and the dr will determine what will be done next…come back home to do 2 months of Chemo or if the cancer in his bladder hasn’t responded to the chemo he will be scheduled to have his bladder removed.
      He has been really sick to his stomach lately and very tired.
      I liked your title “Winter Garden” and used it in my listing. I managed to get it on Ebay and it will be available after 8:30 tonight.
      Thanks so much,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  2. Dorothy McKernan says:

    I think this outfit is one of the prettiest that you have made, and suits Felicity so much.
    Love it!!

  3. Linda Doyle says:

    I have no words, Jeanne, this is just the most beautiful ensemble I have ever seen on Felicity! Could you make about 50 of these so we can all buy one? Just kidding, but oh my goodness, you could sell so many of these!

    I love the newer pinner cap, and that beautiful satin ribbon in the back balances it off so well. I like the way the pinner looks with the dress, just enough without being too over powering. The cap—-well, just darling! I couldn’t imagine what else you would do for the cap, but you did it so well, with the lace ruffle and the trim!

    I do think the name Marilyn suggested, “Winter Garden”, might be a winner!

    • HI Linda,
      Thank you so much for your kind words about Felicity’s dress. If I made 50 of them, I’d have to keep one for myself. I DO like this one very much! Everything just turned out so nice for this set!
      I have it set to go on Ebay this evening and I DID use Marilyn’s title… Winter Garden. I HOPE it’s a winner!
      Thanks so much Linda,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  4. Charlotte A. says:

    It is an absolutely beautiful outfit. I like the name Winter Garden as well.

    • Thank you Charlotte,
      I’m so glad you like it and I’m so glad Marilyn thought of a name for it! That made it easier for me!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  5. Shara Smith says:

    So lovely…. someone is going to be very lucky to own this ensemble:)

  6. I was thinking yesterday that the bonnet could use some lace peeking out like another one you made and here it is today! How clever to use the pinner that way. Love the whole ensemble.

    Have you tried the tip about wrapping a coffee filter with a rubber band around the flash on your camera to eliminate the uneven shadows created by the brows and cheeks to make the light more even? Also even the slightest change in distance from the subject can alter the light more than one would think.

    About the lack of interest in what one is doing in an infusion center: It’s nothing personal, but the sound of someone chatting may be annoying to the other patients. I went with my friend for her cancer treatments twice and the last thing on anyone’s mind there was what anyone else was doing. Most people accompanying the patients are too concerned about their loved ones to pay attention to anyone else and you never know when someone may be in pain. It’s kind of a privacy issue as well as the patients’ chairs are so close together. The nurses may also be trained to discourage conversation. Again, nothing personal for sure.

    • HI Susette,
      I guess you and I were thinking alike when it came to the lace peeking out from under the brim of the bonnet. I’ve just about used up that lot of vintage lace and almost out of the green loopy trim. Thanks so much for your compliments on the dress set. It was very fun to make this one…
      I did read your email a while back about the coffee filter on the flash of your camera and gave it a try but it didn’t seem to work on mine. I don’t have a fancy camera with a stand up flash…my flash is built in on my camera so maybe that’s why it didn’t work. I think it has something to do with where my overhead lights are. I’ve tried taking pictures on a shelf behind me and they seem to have less glare from the lighting. I’m still trying to figure it all out.
      I wasn’t too concerned about the fact that no one asked me what I was doing. We were sort of in a cubby hole this time and not that many people passed by. One of the nurses was chatting with a guy about antique cars… and another nurse was talking about fitness stuff. I just kept sewing… and didn’t worry about it. But thanks for your thoughts… I’m sure if a seamstress had come along she would have chatted with me.
      Blessings to you Susette,
      ~ Jeanne

  7. The ensemble is outstanding, Jeanne.

  8. With all of the details on this one, it went surprisingly fast. It is just special.
    I’m sure whoever saw you working on your hand work was probably just intimidated that they couldn’t do it themselves. Or busy.
    Love the garden idea. Or how about off to market then to a poetry reading.
    Ice gone? Now we’re in for wind. Go figure.

    • HI Joy,
      You are TOO kind in your compliments on this one. I’ll have to keep your idea about the “off to market and then to a poetry reading” for another time. I decided to use Marilyn’s idea for Winter Garden this time. If I forget, remind me next time I do a dress and it fits! :o)
      Yes, our ice is all gone and we are expecting rain tomorrow. I was raking gumballs today from our Sweet Gum tree. There must be 2 million of those balls on the ground. I didn’t get finished but I got a nice head start. I have them in little piles and in rows. The raking was the easy part.. I hate the scooping them up and carrying them to the container at the back of our property.
      Thanks Joy,
      Blessings, Jeanne

      • I just had to look up Sweet Gum tree and found it is what we out here call Liquidambar! We have three at my parents house and what a big mess they create. They are by the street and the balls are actually dangerous if you step on them. I can just see your little piles and rows! I’m forever kicking them off the walk to the door. They do have lovely color in the late fall though.Maybe the only good thing. Except the middle one that remains green until new leaves form. They continuously shed leaves from fall until April. I just finished raking two days ago and the leaves are back everywhere. It’s January. Can’t they stop shedding! Liquidambar and Sycamore are the two trees most hated by the city here, and they have no problem if they are removed. They are also prone to get into sewer lines. I once pulled out a root from a drain line that was about 20 ft long. The other person here and I have been having a big fight about having them removed. I’m not winning. Sorry to rant! I wonder is there any thing those seeds are good for?

  9. This outfit is just stunning!! The bonnet and pinner turned out perfect. The whole set is gorgeous in color. This is a very special one.
    I like Marilyn’s Winter Garden too, but I also like Joy’s thought on the poetry reading.

    Hope George is recovering today after his schedule yesterday.

    • Thanks so much, Paula! I do like the word “Stunning!” One of my favorites! I’m glad you like it. I don’t think Felicity has ever looked so pretty in a dress I’ve made…
      I did use the name Winter Garden for my listing on Ebay. I told Joy I might use her idea of the poetry reading for another listing some time.
      Thanks so much Paula,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  10. Hope George is doing well and not having many side effects from his treatments. Yes, as Marilyn said, most people are fascinated to see handwork. Whenever I’ve brought crochet, counted cross-stitch etc places while waiting for an appointment or meeting someone always seems to ask.
    What a beautiful ensemble you have created for Felicity. I bet this one will be hard to let go.
    The bonnet is adorable and the lace peeking out is a sweet touch. I can picture Felicity wearing this to a special party. The winner will certainly be pleased.
    Well, 2017 dolly dressmaking is off to a stunning start. Can’t wait to see all the upcoming creations .

    • Hi Laura,
      My hubby has taken it pretty easy today. I raked the gumballs in the yard, while he slept. He was surprised to see what I had gotten accomplished. He’ll have to help me scoop them up maybe tomorrow. I have them in piles all over the yard. There are bazillions of those silly little spiky balls.
      I would like to see Felicity have a dress like this to wear all the time… She is very pretty in this one and even my pictures don’t do it justice. It’s much prettier in person than my pictures can capture.
      I hope to get started on another doll creation soon. I need to do a little catch up on some emails and get my sewing room back in order. It seems I have been too busy lately to keep up with keeping things in order in there.
      Thanks Laura,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  11. I’m glad you had enough of the green trim to finish everything. It makes all the pieces complement each other. I like the wide ribbon bow on the back of the pinner cap too. The name Winter Garden suggested by Marilyn would be a good one, if you didn’t already have something in mind.

    • Thank you Carolyn,
      I was glad I had enough of that green trim too…but it’s almost gone now… I’ll have to search for some more somewhere!
      I did use Marilyn’s name, Winter Garden…and hope it works to sell the dress set!
      Thanks so much!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  12. I’m so glad you liked Winter Garden for a name and I’m looking forward to seeing it on Ebay. I’ve been thinking about Joy’s idea and it seems inspiring for a Victorian outfit. There are a lot of those very little books and one would be nice to carry or fit into a bookbag — the outfit would be similar — something pretty with a jacket or cape — a pretty cap for inside and a nice but simple bonnet or hat to wear outside. Of course people always read poetry, but the Victorians seem especially associated with it. — Later — I looked on Amazon and didn’t do as well as I expected. You might have to make your own book. Or someone on the blog may know of one.

    • HI Marilyn,
      Thanks so much for thinking of a title and me not having to stew over what to call this one. I think it fits it just fine… I probably could have used Winter Garden as the print in her dress, but I chose a slightly different angle for my story line.
      I told Joy I’d keep her idea about the poetry for another time and told her not to let me forget.
      I was going to make out a “schedule” for the order of my dolls so I’d know who was coming up next. I may do that tonight…
      Thanks again for your idea on the name. I really liked it the moment I read it!
      Blessings, Jeanne

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