Fall Leaves on a few of my girls…

Well, it’s official… the leaves are falling around here. The temps have cooled down and leaves are everywhere in our yard. When Reuben goes outside he is like a Velcro magnet… all the crackly leaves stick to his legs and he brings them in the house…for me to sweep up!

I like fabrics that have leaves in the design and wondered just how many doll dresses I have made that had leaf printed designs… So I searched for as many as I could find and thought I’d share them with you. It’s sure to put you in an Autumn Mood!

[If you click on any of the pictures, they will enlarge…]

This is Katie Effanbee in her leaf print dress…



Bitty Bethany wears “Bunny in my Pocket” which has leaves all over the print. I love this fabric!



American Girl Cecile looked so pretty in this brown leaf print dress.



…and a Holly Leaf is considered a leaf isn’t it? This is Wren, by Helen Kish in her Christmas Holly Leaf jumper…



Nyssa, by Kaye Wiggs, is showing off her leaf print dress, along with a pumpkin she’s holding.



Addy wears a pretty red and black leaf print Civil War dress. I can’t remember the name I gave to this dress, but I do remember I called the dog Chester…



Here’s Janie, my 13″ Dianna Effner, Little Darling, showing you her version of the green fabric with the leaves on it. I changed her wig to a red headed long set of braids. She was adorable in this photo shoot.



American Girl Nellie is wearing a pretty aqua blue 1900’s bathing suit made from a leaf print…



Addy is modeling another Civil War dress with Oak leaves and acorns printed on the fabric. This was one of my favorite fabrics.



And up last, you’ll see Nyssa, by Kaye Wiggs showing off her school dress made from that same green fabric with Fall leaves and a few crows thrown in the mix. I certainly got a lot of mileage out of this green Fall print fabric, didn’t I?



Okay, now who’s ready to go rake the leaves?

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Linda Doyle says:

    I’m not ready, but it’s coming! Most trees around my house were planted around 40 years ago, when the subdivision was new, so when they come down, they are all over the place! So far, the trees in our yard haven’t had the big let down, but the neighbor’s trees are ! I don’t have any pin oak trees in my yard, but I sure do have a lot of their leaves!

    I love all the dresses with leaves! Most of the time, we think flowers are the thing to have on a dress, but your leaf dresses are beautiful!

    Oh, how do you photograph Cecile and Addy to look like they do in real life? My photos don’t do the darker skinned dolls justice!

    • Hi Linda, we certainly have tje leaves on pur yard!
      We are on our way to Branson to see The Dixie Stampede!
      Thanks for your sweet comments Linda,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  2. Marilyn Grotzky says:

    My feeling is that Cecile would look stunning in anything, and I’ve always thought that the dresses Addy models for you are completely wonderful. I liked the sleeves on Addy’s red dress. I made similar ones for my sister’s mini-skirted wedding dress in the 60s.
    I checked out the books you recommended yesterday on Amazon, and some of the used copies are quite cheap. You do have to look at all of the listings — I found one of the books, the one on children’s fashions, with prices of below $5 to above $200. It’s good to have the Amazon prices when you go looking on Ebay so that you know what to expect and can compare. Another excellent source for books is abe.com. I’ve found books there for a tenth of what I’ve found in other places. I’ve also found that it pays to look again later if the book you want is too expensive. In a week or two, there will sometimes be a less expensive copy, and sometimes it’s a better one.

    • Hi Marilyn,
      You are so right about Cecile looking pretty in most things. I’m anxious to see what the new African american Girl doll will look like.
      Another great book site is fetchbook.info
      Its the one I use the most often.
      We ate heading to branson Missouri for our girls day outin,g at The Dixie Stampede!!!
      Thanks Marilyn,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  3. Jeannie Brandon says:

    Autumn is my favorite season of the year. The weather is usually grand at this time in north Texas but this year we are still quite warm. The trees have still not turned but I think it will be soon as we woke up today with cooler temps. I’m happy that I will not be the one to rake leaves. We now have a lawn man who comes each week. They use a blower to push all the fallen leaves into a pile then they scoop them up into a hopper for mulching.
    In the past, when the Grands were all young, we would have a Saturday morning for raking and a leaf jumping party. Oh, so much fun !!! Such wonderful memories……

    • Hi Jeannie, we are on our way down to Branson, MO and the trees are so pretty as we’re driving past them. I love Fall too!
      Thanks. Jeannie,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  4. I love the green fall print. Have you ever been in a sewing slump? If so, how did you get out of it. I have been in one for a bit now, and just can’t seem to get back in. I don’t know if it’s because my Etsy shop has not had a sale and I’m getting discouraged, as I absolutely love sewing for dolls. All your dresses are just lovely, and the fabrics are gorgeous. 🙂

    • Hi Christine,
      Thank you for your kind words about my doll dresses.
      As far as a sewing slump goes, yes, I have been in one before…actually many times. I just have to step back, or make some fun simple things, make quick things, that you can sell at a little bit lower price, so they move quickly, make something new that you’ve never tried before….
      Hope that helps…I hope your slump doesn’t last too long.
      Blessings, Jeanne

  5. To find a blue outfit among the fall colors was a surprize.

  6. We are finally having fall weather here in North Georgia. The leaves are starting to fall and the temp is 50 degrees this morning. I love Nyssa’s leaf dress with her holding the pumpkin!

    • Thank you Regina,
      It is definitely Fall weather here today in Springfield, Missouri… 49 degrees this morning!
      Thanks Regina,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  7. I agree about the blue denim. Love how it always goes with everything! The others are also quite spectacular.

  8. Kathie Welsh says:

    They are all cute as ever. Love Katie’s dress with her black hair…love Bethany too..So much detail on her tiny little self! :0)
    Hope you are having a good time this week!

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