Ellowyne’s on Ebay again….

The dress for Ellowyne that didn’t sell a few weeks ago is up again on Ebay. When I took those pictures of her with my phone the first time, I should have known not to use them in my listing. I hadn’t figured out the lighting in my sewing room and then using my new phone for the pictures was a mistake. They were too harsh and too dark looking.

I retook pictures of Ellowyne in the same dress, but with different lighting and I used my camera this time… Much better. I think you’ll agree…









Well, I think you get the idea… and I hope you can see the difference. Ellowyne is MUCH too pretty to mess up on her pictures! Here are just a couple more…




If you’d like to see her listing on Ebay, click HERE…or click on the picture at the right side bar.

I got the final coat of paint on my cutting table…finally… and I just waxed it. I’m hoping, hoping, hoping my hubby can put it up for me Saturday… BUT it’s Kristoffer’s birthday, so it might get put on the back burner. Anyway, it’s close! :o)

Well, that was my Friday. It’s supposed to get cold here tonight… 37 degrees… I hope it’s warmer where you are!

See you on Monday,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Super to have the before and after pictures. I liked the before ones — before I saw the after ones. A friend selling Lawton clothes on Ebay commented that she now has access to a better camera and light and her things are selling better. It really does matter.

    I just found something else that matters — I bought a sweater I really liked on Etsy. I like it now that I have it and it’s so nice for Josefina — it uses some natural wool — the color is a sort of gray tan and the buttons and beads are wood — and I’m too allergic to it to stay in the same room with it. My eyes are swelling shut even as I type this. Who would guess that a tiny defenseless sweater is not defenseless at all. Perhaps the seller will make another for me in a less suitable yarn, but one that lets me breathe while I look at it.

    I do hope you can get the cutting board up, but, as you say, Kristoffer’s birthday does come first. What kind of cake are you making? For my father’s 90th, my sister made two German’s chocolate cakes, which we took to a restaurant where we had a room reserved. We had two of my favorite photos of my dad duplicated for all the guests, and after dinner everyone, including the waitstaff, ate cake. Susan uses the original recipe, with the separated eggs, and it was fun to see the faces of those who had never tasted the original.

    Did the weather change so you could get the porch posts painted? When the cutting board is up, what outfit will have the honor of being first to be cut out on it? Have a lovely weekend, and we’ll see you Monday.

    • Hi Marilyn,
      I think a good camera and the right lighting are two musts when selling things on Ebay. It really does make a difference.
      Oh my goodness…that’s hard to believe that little sweater could cause so much discomfort. I do hope the seller can exchange it for something else…less toxic!
      Kristoffer and George went to lunch yesterday and he said he was going to come over here and make his cake. I don’t know what kind he has in mind… George’s favorite is German Chocolate. ..that would be yummy!
      I have been wondering the same thing…what will be the first outfit I cut out on my new cutting table? We’ll see….
      Thank you Marilyn,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  2. Linda Doyle says:

    I too, liked the before pictures, but now that I see the after ones, it does make a difference!Those colors look amazing on Ellowyne! Her hair is much softer brown in the newer pictures too. Good job, Jeanne!
    Yes, it is a bit cool today and the furnace is on, but I’m ready. We will be putting away the outdoor furniture soon and getting the flower beds ready for winter. The mums look so pretty with the colored leaves all around now. Pretty soon blowing and raking will be an everyday occurrence here!

    Happy birthday to Kristoffer, and enjoy your weekend with family!

    • HI Linda,
      Ellowyne certainly needed new pictures and I’m glad you can see the difference.
      We are having the same pretty day here too… a bit on the cool side, but it’s so pretty outside, you almost don’t notice it.
      Kristoffer is supposed to come over, but we haven’t seen him yet.
      I just found out my sister Deb and her hubby and my sister Cindy, and her hubby are coming this weekend…and for a few days next week. YAY!
      Thanks Linda,
      I know you’re outside working! :o)
      Blessings, Jeanne

  3. Happy Saturday to you, Jeanne and Happy Birthday to Kristoffer. What a blessing to have a child to celebrate. I know you will take full advantage of that opportunity.

    Ellowyne is so very lovely. Your more recent photos surely are winners…she’s such a beauty. I trust that her dress sells for you this time.

    I too hope that you can get your cutting table up. I’ve found that without one, my sewing just seems to be at a standstill. Yeah for yours and George’s work on your sewing room. I’m glad it’s there for you to head towards as you can.


    • Thank you Becky,
      Yes, Kristoffer is 29 today! I don’t know how he can be that old!!! I certainly don’t feel like I have a son who could be that old! But it’s true, he is!

      I’m hoping Ellowyne’s dress sells too… it just needs the right buyer to happen!

      My hubby has the piano hinge on the table and I’ve cleaned off the dresser top, so I think it’s going to happen. I can’t wait to see it work!
      Thanks Becky,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  4. In my humble opinion, I prefer the photos where the lace is sharp and not washed out. However, I like Ell’s face in the second. Maybe she needs to be plunked in a big city background? Just a thought. Do you belong to any of the Ellowyne groups? There are several that are quite active. They regularly post photos of their girls wearing many outfits. Also most have a special day where those that sew can post and sell. Most sellers are also on the bay or Etsy. You might find a market for items there. I am not active on the Imaging Ellowyne Yahoo group, but enjoy seeing the photos. The Ann Estelle group is a lot of fun for me and lots of photos. Again, there are those who sell there also. I believe there are American Girl groups too. Just an idea to get more business. You can subscribe in digest form so you wouldn’t be clogged with too many emails.

    • HI Joy,
      I like the sharp pictures too, where you can see the details, but that’s what close up pictures are for. I like seeing the soft side of Ellowyne, not the “dark side!” :o)

      I used to belong to the Ellowyne Ennui group, but I couldn’t keep up with all the emails and I felt overwhelmed at trying to post something each day. Some forums want you to participate and not just list things for sale… that’s what I had trouble with. I wasn’t a collector, so I wasn’t into the latest things for the dolls, or the conventions, or the new ones coming out… I just wanted to sew, show what I had made, and find a buyer for it… I finally stopped visiting the site…but I did enjoy it very much when I was on there.

      I am on the American Girl Playthings group too, but again, they want you to participate and comment on lots of other areas…not just the sewing part… but that’s where my interest lies, so I don’t comment very often. I also feel a bit weird too… example: I showed Willa’s latest dress and have a link to the auction on Ebay. I have had it on there for over 24 hours and there hasn’t been one comment left for it… I don’t think they like me very much on there… and maybe wish I would go away. That’s just what I think…but it might not be true…
      Oh, well, I better quit…
      Blessings, Jeanne

      • Have no idea how they could not like you! If I were on AG Playthings, I’d make a comment for you. The Imaging Ellowyne Yahoo group has lots of photos. Guess that is what I was thinking with backgrounds, scenes, props showing what others have made or purchased. Someone was offering five styles of pirate pants and jackets for Halloween. I don’t think most groups would mind a showing of your latest bay/Etsy sale offerings as long as a comment or two was made once in awhile. Like once a week, a word or two. Just a thought. 🙂

        • Hi Joy,
          Thanks for your vote of confidence. I’ll have to take a look at the Imaging Ellowyne group just to see what it’s like. I’ve never heard of it before.
          Thanks again,
          Blessings, Jeanne

  5. Jeanne you are listing her differently.. When you list her the pics aren’t below the main pic.. I don’t think others realize that you have lots of pics at the bottom of the page.. they only see the one.. I think that might be hurting your sale. Hope she sells fast.
    Hugs, Kath

    • HI Kath,
      I have Ellowyne listed the way I always list my things. I don’t use Ebay’s photo program…. I have my own, so the pictures don’t come up underneath my Gallery picture. I may try adding those small pictures, but there really isn’t any need for it. Once you open up my listing, you can see all my pictures in the bigger format… and you don’t have to click on them either.
      But thanks for suggesting it…
      Blessings, Jeanne

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