Do you like puzzles?

My younger sister and her hubby are still here and tonight my brother and his wife and 3 little boys came in. It was Christmas all over again with them. We have such a good time when we are together, Bob playing the guitar, the boys playing, just talking…and this time doing puzzles. My mom bought this 1000 piece puzzle and we have been working on it for a few days. “Some” of us might be considered addicted to it… and since I haven’t been sewing for my dolls, but visiting with my family for a few more days, I thought I’d show you the puzzle we have been working on.

[I hope you’ll click on the pictures to see them enlarged.]

It’s called “Girls in the Band.”


It is a pretty hard puzzle as there are SO many different prints and colors in the puzzle that are similar…the diamond shaped wallpaper… but in two slightly different shades, the navy and white print dress that I have been working on is maddening! The print of the ladies dress playing the saxophone might make the average person crazy, and the wood floor and the green print chair has about done us in! We’ve saved the blue plaid skirt for last…it is almost impossible to figure out… we have the blue and slightly blue plaid pieces in a pile in the middle and nobody seems to want to work on them… *sigh*


My mom is hoping we get it done before everyone leaves, because she said she will still be working on it next Christmas if we don’t!


Today is also my mom’s 81st birthday and we will be spending the day with her too! I have a great momma and great sisters and brother!!! I am so thankful that I was born into this family!!!

Now, back to that puzzle… do you like them?

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Good morning, Jeanne,
    I love puzzles, but they ARE addicting and if I start one I would get nothing done either. We’ve been doing puzzles at Christmastime only, but didn’t get to one this year. It was nice seeing yours; I got my puzzle fix.
    Happy birthday to your mom! I’m sure she’ll have a great day with you all being together.

  2. I love to do puzzles in the winter. Last year I did a couple of 1000 ones. The one that I really liked was sailboats in rows in water. Once I get started I just don’t seem to get anything else done. My husband even has to say “are we going to eat dinner tonight???” The longest part was tHhe sky and masts. The other one was all doll faces. Won them at our Doll Show Club Christmas party last year. Yours looks harder than mine. Almost done my blue Christmas dress. Will be ready for next year.
    Hope everyone had a great Christmas!

  3. Growing up, our family had a puzzle going almost all the time! (good way to keep 6 kids ‘busy’!) Mom still likes working puzzles! I’m hoping to bring her home from the hospital today… hopefully, a puzzle will be in our near future, too! I’m glad this year is winding down and looking forward to a better 2016!!

  4. Marilyn Grotzky says:

    Happy Birthday to your mother! It’s so nice to have you all there celebrating with her.

    Next summer you’ll have to give us a picture of the fountain in action. Not everyone gets to have a fountain in her backyard. I vote for your keeping it.

    I am glad Kirsten is up next. You said several times that you regretted not having time to make her a Christmas dress. A nice midwinter dress will work for Christmas, midwinter, and Valentine’s Day. Lots of appeal for everyone.

    Many thanks for your prayers. It will be lovely to see clearly again, and after 45 minutes of arguing with the insurance company I got them to see that 2 eyes, 2 cataracts, 2 surgeries, and 2 prescriptions does not equal deciding that the second prescription was a refill and I couldn’t have it for two weeks.

  5. Linda Doyle says:

    Puzzles——well, if you have the time and nothing else to do, they are fine! I don’t do puzzles much, but when you have someone else doing them with you, it’s lots of fun and a great way to bond with them. Yours looks kind of hard, especially that plaid part, but doing it with someone else, like at a family gathering is way more enjoyable than doing it myself! I’m not even a fan of crossword puzzles, and don’t get me started on Suduko or however you spell it! I’m sure if you can finish them, you feel a sense of accomplishment, but I never get them done, so feel like I have wasted the time trying!

    A Happy Birthday to your dear mother, who has raised a wonderful family and should be so proud!!

  6. I love puzzles! I haven’t done one in a while. LOL Happy Birthday to your mom!! Hope she has a wonderful day. Spending time with family is always more important that sewing, especially if you don’t get to see them often. 🙂

  7. I’m so glad to hear Kirsten is up next as well. I think her winter skirt and blouse with her hand knit woolens is one of the prettiest outfits. Can’t wait to see what you make for her. She is my daughter’s special girl.
    Puzzles can be a lot of fun. This one reminds me of the second “Sarah Plain and Tall movie. It’s called “Skylark” and when she goes to visit her aunts in Maine , they play instruments.
    I wish your mother a very happy birthday!!! It’s wonderful that you can be there to celebrate with her. Enjoy your time with your family.

  8. Oh puzzles! For many years our whole family would get together for Thanksgiving and Christmas. My mother usually hosted Thanksgiving and my aunt Christmas. There was always a new puzzle out on the game table in the living room for those interested to work on. I have memories of my cousin, aunt, and grandmother working on the puzzle. Always completed before the day was over. In fact, just the other day, I found one in the closet at my parents old home.

  9. Jeannie Brandon says:

    I love puzzles too! I would say that I was raised on them. In the long cold winter in Minnesota we worked puzzles every night. My dad would set up the card table next to the fireplace, one of my older sisters would open the new puzzle and dump out the pieces. First task was to find the border and put that together. Then we would sort according to color. We also worked those very large size puzzles so it did take a long time. My mother rarely took part in this activity so I think she used the time to go off on her own to read a magazine or do some sewing. In the later years, as the older siblings moved away it was very common to receive a complicated puzzle in the mail as a gift to challenge us. These are such good memories.

  10. Marilyn Grotzky says:

    I am cataract free and home. I’ll start the year able to see, possibly better than I ever have.

    The puzzle showing the three women playing music together reminds me of a Judi Dench movie called The Blonde Bombshells, about a group of women who played jazz in England during WWII and decide to get together again. It features a lot of good people and a nice, if predictable, story.

    • Charlotte Trayer says:

      Hooray!! So glad to hear you are cataract free Marilyn!!

      As to puzzles, I LOVE them!! Haven’t done a real one in years (I mostly go to and for my “puzzle fix”), but the one you are working on looks to be right up my alley. The harder, the better!!

      Here’s to a happy and “bright” new year!

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