Did I miss the memo about it being Christmas????

(This post was written Monday night.)

I received a box today. Another box. From another one of my dear readers. Surely it must be Christmas and I forgot to turn my calendar page over! The mailman pulled up in my driveway today and had a pretty good size box to hand me. I thought for sure it was something for Kristoffer or Rebecca again. But I saw my name on the box in big letters before the mailman ever handed it to me… Oh my goodness…what is this and what’s going on? I am the most blessed blogger on the planet… I’m sure of it! Even if I’m not, I sure do feel like it. Thank you so much _______!!!

Well, I know you’re just as anxious as I was to see what was inside… so let’s take a peek…

The box was packed to the top…

First we have to read the card… okay, now everybody say Awwwww…. :o)

Some fabric and the prettiest organdy pastel embroidery…

How about this furry poodle… I think she’s right about the American Girl dolls getting this one…

Here is another vintage lace to add to my stash.

She even sent some Mixed Berry Jams for my hubby… let’s hear that Awwwww again… :o)

Here is a little blow up flamingo for my Effner Little Darlings. I’ve seen these on Ebay but had no idea they were so cute in person. She said to punch two holes in the middle plastic part for their legs to go through… isn’t this sweet… Joy, I might have to get some “swimsuit sewing advice” from you!

This is a whole roll of sweet soft lace that will make pretty slips! I love the scalloped edge…

Now you probably could have guessed it, but my favorite thing is this lacy collar…it’s definitely vintage…all cotton and so beautiful!!! I think my heart may have skipped a beat when I saw it! My hubby even said, “Oh wow!” when he saw it! It will be hard to cut into it, but I’m sure I will… it will make a wonderful bodice on some very blessed dolls dress! Just look at this… I took several pictures!!!

There were lots of little flowers and laces and bows and trims and velvet flowers for my doll hats… Oh my, be still my heart!

She even included something for my little Columbian sewing friend, Sara!

Here’s a picture of it all together. I’m sure I missed the memo about it being Christmas…

Thank you SO much, ________! What a wonderful box of goodies you blessed me with! I am so humbled by your kindness and I TRULY was surprised!

Everyone start thinking about who you want to see up next…

I’ll see you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Linda D. says:

    Wow, Jeanne, I’m speechless! What fun it must have been to take out each little treasure! Whoever this special “angel” is, must be the most generous person on the planet, and very sweet indeed! The laces…………………..gorgeous! All the little flowers and bows, material and the darling poodle and flamingo! You have a little of something for just about every one of your dolls! And jam for your “great BIG doll too!

  2. Awwww, what a wonderful surprise! 😀

  3. Marilyn says:

    What a really splendid cheerful gift right when it was especially nice to receive one. I think the rose fabric would be lovely on Felicity. And some of the lace collar lace for Rebecca or Samantha? I really like that square lace. And the lace with the rose ribbon though it. Everything is lovely — all those useful flowers. You have so much inspiration in that box.
    I loved the card — made on a computer? Even her handwriting is pretty. You do attract really splendid gifts. The embroidered organdy — that’s going to make a beautiful outfit.
    And an angel for Sara. What could be better? You could add a loop so she could hang it on her Christmas tree.

  4. This is indeed such a thoughtful and carefully given gift to you, Jeanne and George. Just the thought is a boon to one’s being.


  5. Charlotte A. says:

    What a wonderful surprise! So many beautiful and thoughtful gifts. The little flamingo made me laugh out loud.
    Hope you have a good day.
    Take care.

  6. Wowser! What a haul. Such a thoughtful friend. Everything is so perfect. I do think my Libby could use a flamingo. Have to look for one. And that collar is an amazing piece. I would cringe if you cut it up, as I believe it would serve so much better as a framed piece. Maybe in a shadow box along with something else like vintage flowers. Bet your sis would have some ideas. I know, you can wear it. Maybe over one of your favorite sweaters as an accent piece. Would be lovely.
    Really enjoyed seeing all of your gifts. A big thank you to the gift giver.
    Hoping for the best on your trip, looking forward to your return and the next creation.

  7. Jeanne W says:

    Hi everyone,
    I have just a few minutes before my hubby gets back from the lumber yard and the hardware store. There are fence posts to be put in, a ceiling fan to take down and see if we…rather…”he” can figure out what’s wrong with it, a new towel bar to put up, a kitchen light to figure out why it won’t work, a closet light fixed, and a few other things I have forgotten. We are just trying to be helpful and take care of some little things.

    Thanks for all the really great looking salad recipes yesterday!! I am going to try them all this summer! You all are the greatest… Since I’m away from my laptop at home, tomorrow’s post might just be a question…
    Gotta run for now… Glad you enjoyed my new box… Joy…maybe I will put that lace collar in a shadow box….it is awfully pretty!
    See you, Jeanne

  8. Diana Jenness says:

    Jeanne you have some generous friends. I love the lace collar. I’m sure a thousand ideas are going through your mind!
    I saw an episode from Antiques Roadshow (in England). A lady brought an antique dress to be appraised. It was from about 1770, made of silk with painted flowers 🌺, and in great condition. It had a length fabric down the back to form a train. There was embroidery on the front and sleeve cuffs. Anyway, I wish you could have seen it. It was appraised at over 40,000 Pounds 💷.

    • Charlotte Trayer says:

      I remember that episode, Diana! That dress–well, really, I think it could be termed a “gown”–was fantastic!!

  9. Anne Johnson says:

    Oh Jeanne, Christmas in June, what a wonderful surprise at a perfect time! Such a unique and personal card created especially for you, and what a thoughtful and generous box of delights! There does indeed seem to be something special for each of your dolls, and I’m sure your head is spinning with creative ideas that will surely inspire your Jeanne Marie Originals for months to come. The organdy is exquisite, the lace collar is stunning, and the flamingo is adorable! I look forward to seeing how you will surprise us with the bountiful fabric, lace and trims in your box. Blessings upon your kind reader for her big-heartedness, and thank you so much for sharing your Christmas joy with us! Like a ripple in a pond, spreading kindness to George’s brother and many others in your world, you are a shining example of the concept “blessed to be a blessing.” May all go well with you, Jeanne.

  10. Busy week and only a moment to comment. What a wonderful box of surprises. I see a poodle skirt set sometime. I wouldn’t cut up that lace collar either. It would make a pretty display piece for your sewing room. The flamingo is too funny. An LD swimsuit and cover up will be perfect for it.
    As to whose next, I’ll cast my vote again for Felicity to get a summer outfit. Apparently, she will get some sort of collection in the August release, but I’m not too excited. Her new meet dress is too short and I can imagine an new accessory will probably be plastic. After all, Samantha got a plastic lemonade set this time around and it wasn’t even invented yet.

  11. Charlotte Trayer says:

    What a wonderful goody box you got–Christmas in June, indeed!!

    I think you’re right–that little poodle probably is from the 1950s. It looks very much like something we could have bought back then. Today’s poodle appliques are much “glitzier”, if there is such a word!

    I also vote for framing that lace collar, it’s just too special to cut!

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