Did anyone get a new DOLL for Christmas?

First of all, thank you for the many Christmas wishes yesterday! I was flooded with them and it was so wonderful and welcoming! I appreciated all your kind notes and thoughts! May you have a terrific New Year in 2017!

Okay…now I wasn’t expecting this… but Kristoffer found a doll and thought she needed to come live at my house. She’ll be the only doll on the shelf in clothes! Her name is Yelena and Kristoffer said she was Russian. She is porcelain and has the sweetest face and a pretty velvet looking dress with a muff to keep her hands warm. Her face and arms are bisque but she has a soft body and bendable arms at the elbows. She comes with a stand and underneath her dress she has a on a pair of pretty pantalettes and some sweet Mary Jane shoes. It blessed me to think of Kristoffer walking in a store and seeing this doll and thinking she’d be better off living at my house! :o)

Rebecca repaired a necklace that I had in my jewelry box. I had made it a long time ago and it was kind of “kinky” in spots… I never really cared for the way it hung around my neck… I like them to be smooth and hang perfectly symmetrical. Well, she fixed it and I was surprised at this present too.

Well, this is NOT good… I had my post all written but when I got ready to add my pictures, they won’t load. I’ve been working for over an hour and a half and it keeps saying http error. Something happened between last night and tonight… bummer. Nothing like a blog post without pictures… and to think my “computer-fixing” son was here all afternoon… rats!

I’ll have to see what I can do about it tomorrow… but I don’t know what… I bet there won’t be a soul anywhere that can help me the day after Christmas… I’m so sorry…

So I’ll ask again… did anyone get a new doll for Christmas? If you can’t see mine, I might as well let you describe yours if you got one!

See you tomorrow, (hopefully with pictures)
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Linda Doyle says:

    How sweet of Kristoffer to get you a doll! He knows his mother very well, Jeanne! I can’t wait to see her and will patiently wait as long as it takes. No, I didn’t get a doll, oh gosh, where WOULD I put her? But I did get a bunch of AG things, Samantha’s Christmas dress, (plaid) with the tea set, VERY nice I might add, and Rebecca’s Tea Time Treasures, well, I am not getting the names right, but her candles, tea pot, etc., which was on sale on Cyber Monday, a new outfit for Ivy, a darling sweater, skirt and boots set, and a cute winter hat and slippers for her too. So really, I feel like I got a lot, although I picked it all out myself!!!
    So, 50 years ago today, Michael and I tied the knot, and we are celebrating by staying home and recovering from yesterday with the kiddos here! We will dine on leftovers and just do what we please, watch movies, I’ll fix my dolls, whatever we want. I’m too tired to go out to eat, which is what we originally planned! It’s not WHAT you do, but WHO you do it with!! I think you will agree with that!

    • HI Linda,
      Yes, Kristoffer knows me… a doll! I still can’t believe it. It’s driving me crazy not to be able to post pictures. I sent an email to Sarah (but she went home to Kenya for Christmas) and I’m hoping to hear from her as soon as possible.
      Oh, all your new goodies sound fun. I bet you’ve already gotten your girls changed! :o)

      Well, Happy Anniversary to you Linda, and your hubby! Wow… 50 years! That’s a wonderful testimony to the love and commitment between you! Huge congratulations to you!

      We are eating leftovers too… I had part of a piece of coconut cream pie… FOR BREAKFAST! Yikes, silly woman! but it sure was good!
      Thanks Linda,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  2. I hope you and George got to spend a nice day with the kids. I’ll be watching for pictures of your new doll. The only dolls I got for Christmas were two I bought for myself–the Little Darling UFDC factory face paints. I want to see if I can do just a little enhancement to the faces.
    We had a rather quiet Christmas with my mom and stepdad and a few neighbors. Kids and grandkids are all sick with the flu. ☹️ Hubby and I did go by last night to take some food and see what the kids got for Christmas. I feel so bad for them. No fun being sick on Christmas.

    • HI Carolyn,
      So we’ll just say you got 2 new dollies… how fun! I have done a little enhancing on Janie. She didn’t have enough eyelashes to suit me, so I sharpened a water color colored pencil and added some more. It was pretty easy and if I messed up, I knew I could just dampen a q-tip and wipe it off. It made a world of difference. You’ll have to show me how it turns out when you do it.
      Oh, how awful for the kiddies to get the flu… how awful. We’ve had some Christmas’s like that and it’s no fun! I hope they all get to feeling better soon and can open those presents!
      Thanks Carolyn,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  3. Well, I have a new ‘head’ for a doll! 🙂 does that count? her body is coming from France, so, may take a few more days…. She’s a ‘mini-bleuette’ – Carl Armstrong used his antique Bleuette doll to make a ‘smaller mold’ of the same doll – so, instead of being 10.5″, she’ll be 9.5″ – so, my bleuette’s will have a ‘little sister’ when she gets all put together. 😉 They got out their sewing machine and ironing board to make her something…. they didn’t want her to go toooo long without clothes. 😉 She has blue eyes… but, we need to get her ‘together’ before we decide on what hair color/style suits her.
    Our day was very quiet. We’d had a small family gathering on saturday nite with Freeman’s daughter/family…. we played Apples to Apples after our pizza party – and had a loud/hootin’ good time with that. The ‘big’ family gathering will happen Jan 2nd… I’m giving away a quilt as a ‘random drawing’ that day… it’s made with red/white/blue fabrics and will have all the family members’ military and civil service documented on the back of it. … a real ‘family’ quilt. 🙂 (My first free motion quilted quilt – so, I’m excited to show them!)

    • HI Mary,
      Congratulations on your new doll “head!” Yes, that counts! You’re going to have fun putting her together and won’t it be fun when you can start making her some new clothes.

      It sounds like your day was very fun and you’ll have to tell me how to play Apples to Apples. I’m not sure I know how to play that… Your quilt sounds wonderful and you must send me a picture too! How very generous of you to give it away…so it will go to somone in your family? That is so nice!
      Thanks Mary,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  4. My granddaughter’s Christmas AG is waiting here for their visit next month. She was too ill to make the trip from CA to GA. Santa brought her a Wellie Wisher to tide her over. I really hope she will love her AG so I can sew matching outfits. We had the whole house decorated and got an 8 foot tree from the tree farm. We have been asked to leave it all up until they come in late Jan. We had a quiet Christmas, but singing in the choir at the late service, welcoming the Christ Child in worship and song, always brings the real joy of Christmas to our hearts.

    • HI Sissy,
      Oh, too bad about your granddaughter being too sick to make it your place for Christmas…and especially with a new dolly waiting for her…OH, the agony of it all! :o(

      Oh, I bet your big Christmas tree was beautiful! It will be fun leaving it up for a longer time! You’ll just spread Christmas joy out a little longer.

      I’m so glad you had a wonderful Christmas…we did too!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  5. In a big mix-up on my part, I had a Mini Maru doll scheduled to be sent to WV as I was going to be visiting there for two weeks in early November and would bring it home with me. I had forgotten about it and didn’t realize it wouldn’t be sent until Dec 10th, so Riya got an extra Christmas present. I was going to use her as a model to make clothes for the Little Darling Magalie-painted doll I have on order as they are the same size.

    I did buy the same Samantha plaid dress and tea set and Rebecca’s Tea Time Treasures that Linda got. Thanks for letting me know about the sale, Linda and Marilyn. I had been refusing to even be tempted by opening the catalog. I used them on the tables for the AG girls’ Christmas party. A mint set from eBay of the Samantha Black Watch Plaid cape, gaiters, muff and hat arrived on Christmas Eve. But I was given a very special gift: The very first Chinese brush painting of bamboo by my grandson, James. He is every bit as talented as his mother who is an artist and had spent some time teaching him over the holiday. He and Kristoffer are very thoughtful gift-givers.

    My “hobby” before AG dolls was table settings and I have a collection of place settings and centerpiece decorations from different places I’ve lived over my lifetime, starting as a teenager when we lived in England for two years. I spent three days setting the table, cooking and having family visit for dinner, so now I’m recuperating. Glad you had such a lovely day with your family, too, Jeanne.

    • HI Susette,
      I was just looking at the Mini Maru dolls the other day…someone posted a picture of the LD’s and the Mini Maru dolls side by side…was that you? I have forgotten already…
      They really are close in size to each other…
      Oh, as nice as your dolly clothes were, the gift from your grandson sounds like it was a wonderful present! How much joy he must have had in his heart to make it and then give it to you! What a treasure!
      You’ll have to send me a picture of your table setting so I can see it. I just got an email back from Sarah in Kenya, and she’s working on it…so maybe she can get it all straightened out!
      Thanks for sharing Susette,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  6. New dolly for you. How fun.
    I received a grow your own Christmas tree kit. Interesting.
    Our 3 1/2 year old grand loved her new Wellie Camille.
    Heater still out here. In fact, our temperature here in CA is colder than yours. We’re learning to camp around the space heater.
    Today, leftovers lunch. Yum

    • HI Joy,
      A Grow your own Christmas tree kit? I’ve never heard of that… how big does it get?
      Your granddaughter loves her new Camille and Hannah’s in love with her new Saige. Cindy sent me the cutest picture but I wasn’t able to post it. Maybe Sarah can get my website fixed… Let’s hope so…
      Leftover’s here too! I second your YUM!
      Thanks Joy,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  7. I ordered myself a Gotz Happy Kidz Charlotte doll which arrived the week before Christmas. But with everything to do to get ready for the holidays, she has just been sitting on my sewing table, patiently waiting for things to slow down so that I can make her something new to wear! My husband and I have eight children, ranging in age from 28 down to seven. We have four in-law children, one grandson, and two more on the way. Christmas is pretty crazy around our place! But today looks to be nice and quiet, with no major commitments…just the way I like it. Oh, and one more dolly arrived at our house yesterday as a gift for my 7 year old daughter…a Paradise Galleries vinyl baby doll called “Mei”. She is just about the cutest thing ever. I so enjoy having a daughter that loves dolls as much as I do!

    • HI Angela,
      YAY! A new doll for Angela! I just looked her up and she’s cute! Poor thing…just waiting for you to find time to make her something! Do you have AG dolls too?
      I’ll have to look up Mei and see what I think. I’ve never done the baby doll route, but I have seen some adorable dolls before. I think some of them look like they would be so nice to just hold.
      Well, have a wonderful rest of your day…
      Blessings, Jeanne

      P.S. Oh Angela, I had to look up Mei and she is more than adorable. I bet your little girl is in heaven with her! She is so sweet!

      • I have ALL kinds of dolls! My first love is antiques, so I have many of the early papier maches, cloth, bisque, and composition dolls. But I also have vintage and modern ones. And yes, I have (at last count, I think) 13 American Girls, plus numerous other 18″ vinyl dolls. I have started to think about letting some of them go (for space reasons), but it’s just so hard! I read with great interest your post about putting up some of your dolls on the auction block…I’m sure it’s a little bit sad and yet very liberating at the same time. This doesn’t mean I won’t be buying more dolls though…right now I’m very interested in the Mini Maru dolls! I’ve always thought the full sized ones are gorgeous, but I’ve been able to restrain myself from that purchase. However, the minis…they don’t take up much room, do they??? Not to mention, they are sculpted by Diana Effner, and I’ve drooled over her Little Darling’s for ages! So maybe a Mini Maru doll would be a nice substitution. I am curious to know how the two compare in size…do you know? I keep trying to find an online review of somebody who may have bought one, but so far I’ve come up empty handed. Hmmm…maybe you should get one and do a comparison post for us?!?

  8. Anne Johnson says:

    What thoughtful and heartfelt gifts your children have given you, Jeanne! As a mom myself, I know they mean more to you than all the riches on earth. Every time you wear your necklace or see your new doll on the shelf, you will be reminded of how blessed you are to have two such special children as Kristoffer and Rebecca!

    I’m so happy you have your first “collectible” doll for your shelf! I have thought for a long time that you needed a doll just to love, and now you have dear Yelena. How does she compare size-wise with your other “girls?” I can’t wait to see pictures! Will you sew a wardrobe for her?

    Yes, I DID get a new doll for Christmas! When Joy sent you sweet Betsy McCall, it brought back such fond memories of childhood days playing paper dolls. I was inspired to research Betsy and family and eventually found a Tonner Linda McCall doll (Betsy’s cousin) inexpensively on eBay. I also ordered her “Birthday Party Dress” and “Bunny Slippers” outfits. I chose her because she is the same size as my Patsy and friends and can share clothes with them. I am especially happy to have her now that Tonner is moving in new directions. I will try to send you a picture of her soon. So thank you, Jeanne, and Joy, too, for my new doll!

    So glad you were able to enjoy a wonderful Christmas Day with your family, Jeanne. I know it meant more than words can say. May the blessings of Christmas continue to warm your heart throughout the new year.

    • Thank you Anne,
      Yes, a new “dressed” dolly on my shelf. The girls are all looking at her like, “What’s with the new girl in the velvet dress and hat?” They are SO jealous!

      My new necklace is sort of a cobalt blue. I think I tried my hand at jewelry making years and years ago and made one for myself, but I really should leave the necklace making to Rebecca. She fixed it, added some extra beads and now it’s wonderful. I need to find something new to wear with it. It’s a pretty cobalt blue color.

      OH how fun that you got a new Linda McCall doll for yourself. I am really surprised about the news from Tonner, especially discontinuing Ellowyne… she’s such a popular doll! It will be interesting to see what Robert decides to do with the company.
      Yes, do send a picture of Linda when you can…

      We really did have a nice, easy going Christmas day and it was very enjoyable. I hope yours was too. Thank you for your friendship and encouragment and blessings!
      Blessings, Jeanne

    • Anne, I have Linda McCall too. Congrats on getting one. She works so well with the 10ers. Ann Estelle, Patsy, and gang. Love this size.
      Hoping that Tonner, through his new “younger” suppliers/artists can produce some dolls in the 10″ size. Guess we’ll find out in the new year.

      • Anne Johnson says:

        Yes, I love 10ers, too; so manageable, and Linda is sweet. As much as I love dolls, I just can’t keep collecting much more at this point in life–no more room! All my 10-inch dolls can share a wardrobe, which saves considerably on space! Waiting for more Tonner news in 2017.

  9. Kathie Welsh says:

    Nothing wrong with a quiet Christmas🎄
    We have 2…aChristmas eve open to all relatives with dinner. My daughter and granddaughter always come and help set table and polish silver. Everyone brings and we do a fun gift exchange guys bring for guys and girls for girls….and take away gifts is legal
    Today was just our kids and grandkids.
    My don brought a couple big hunks of prime rib and it cooked while we opened gifts…the comments always make for teasing and fun. I made the kids a HUGE
    Saran wrap ball….ever done that game?
    It took a hour and half to wrap it. We had a small box for the center that had a lottery ticket in it…then you add “things” as the ball gets bigger….wrap and wrap..quarters….earrings..little soaps…lotion…decks of cards…candy bars…lip balm…socks…book marks..pocket knife….watch…gum
    There is a pair of dice too..the person with the dice is next to the person with the ball.
    The dice is rolled until the person gets doubles while the person is trying to unwrap the ball. Then the dice and and ball move and the game keeps going around the table till the center prize is unwrapped
    Didn’t mean to go on and on….but once I started it just happened

    • Hi Kathie,
      I’m known as “the Game Queen” at church so I’m all ears when it comes to a new game. So you start with the nicest prize wrapped in the middle and other things are wrapped in layers as the ball gets bigger?? And the person beside you rolls the dice until they get doubles while you are frantically trying to get to a prize in one of the layers? Never heard of this one before but you can bet I’m gonna try it…
      Thanks Kathie,
      Glad you had a nice Christmas

  10. Charlotte Trayer says:

    It’s been fun to read what everyone has done for Christmas, and about the dolls, too.

    We had two celebrations–at our son’s on Christmas Eve (when his two younger sons could be there) and Christmas day at my brother’s. Both nice gatherings, good times with family.

    As to dolls, no new one for this Christmas….BUT today when I opened my inbox, there was an email from Magalie Dawson! I’ve been on her waiting list, and she’s now starting to take orders again. So….by next year at this time I will have a new Little Darling!!

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