Corolle doll for sale… (Chloe has been adopted!)

If you hadn’t seen her, Noel is making her modeling debut on Ebay, showing off her new blue dress set. You can see the listing by clicking HERE, or click on her picture at the right side bar.

AND… my Civil War dress..the lavender one called Springtime in the South, ends Sunday evening. I may post a reminder on my blog on Sunday…

I finally got around to making something for the Corolle doll I showed you here while back. If you remember I found her and she had had a few snips of hair cut from the first 2 rows of her hair and so I figured out a way to salvage it by braiding it and pulling it over to the side and securing it with a permanent hairbow. It is nice and secure as I glued the braid down very carefully.

Well, I have been scouring Ebay for information on these dolls and found out she is Chloe…and was at one time a ballerina. She is from the Corolle company and the Les Cheries line. She is 13″ tall and made from a very nice vinyl. She has nice tight limbs and stands easily on her own . She may be able to share clothes with other similar sized dolls.

She smells wonderful as the Corolle dolls are scented with a vanilla smell. She really does smell lovely and fresh! I made a pair of white lace panties for her since she was nude when I bought her.

She has blue open and close eyes and her right eyelashes have been bent, but it’s not very noticeable when they are open.

She has one tiny pin dot mark on her tummy and one tiny red spot on her right shoulder. All of her fingers and toes are perfect.

Her auburn colored hair is layered and has not been cut. It is soft to the touch and can be left down or pulled up if you like.

I found a sweet aqua floral print fabric in my stash and made her a pretty Springy dress. It has a pretty piece of white cluny lace around the waist and I’ve added some glass beads as accents. White eyelet lace trims the bottom of the dress. I figured little hands might be playing with this doll, so I used a soft and flexible Velcro to close the back of the dress.

She will have to come to your house bare foot. I didn’t get any shoes made for her…

If you haven’t guessed, I’m putting this doll up for adoption for my blog readers first. If anyone on here is interested in her, I’m selling her for $24.00, including shipping. Maybe you have a granddaughter who might like her. Maybe you need her as a model for your sewing… or maybe you just need another doll… and WHO DOESN’T?

I’ll just keep a look out on the comments or on my email and whoever claims her first gets her. I’ll send you an invoice through Paypal to pay for her.

If she doesn’t sell in 2 days, I’ll put her on Ebay…

Thanks so much,
Have a wonderful Saturday,

See you on Monday,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Charlotte A. says:

    Chloe is a sweet little doll. You did wonders with her hair. It looks so much better with the little braid. You made the prettiest panties and her springy dress is just lovely. She isn’t for me however. I just adopted two new girls in the last week. Have a good weekend.
    Take care.

    • Thanks Charlotte,
      Cloe feels much prettier now with her new dress and panties….
      Okay…so which 2 dollies did you adopt? Inquiring minds want to know… :o)
      Blessings, Jeanne

      • Charlotte A. says:

        I picked up a new (to me) American Girl. She is one that I wanted a while ago but never picked up. Then she wasn’t being produced anymore. I believe you have one — #41? Your little one, Eden (light skin, dark hair, green eyes). Then I also bought a Matilda of the A Girl for All Time line.
        I’m very happy to see that Chloe has a new home. It’s fun that she is within the group.
        Hope your weekend is going well. I’m enjoying the unusually warm weather.
        Take care.

        • Hi Charlotte,
          Oh congratulations on your new girls. I’m sure you will love them both. I think Eden is a very versatile…you’ll find that’s true with your #41 too.
          Thanks for telling me. Wow…we both got new dolls this week!
          Blessings, Jeanne

  2. I’m waiting on a new Effner dolly right now that should be ready soon, but hoping one of your other readers might be interested. I am in the market for a Monique Dani 7/8 wig in golden auburn/golden strawberry. Monique doesn’t seem to have it anymore. 🙁
    More rain here in CA. Things are trying to bloom and being treated rather poorly.

    • Hi Joy,
      I’m waiting on my Effner doll from Lana….it’s been 34 months since I ordered her. It was supposed to be about an 11 month wait…ugh!
      Maybe someone on here will see the Dani wig you are looking for…have you tried Facets and Audley doll shop?
      Blessings, Jeanne

      • Know Lana’s wait time can be long, but 34 months? I’m sure you have been in contact with her though.
        I was lucky to receive my little Bessie from Magalie in good time. My second from her will be here maybe at Christmas. My Dianna dolly was ordered in late July and should be done soon hopefully. So hard to wait isn’t it? 🙂

        • Hi Joy,
          Yes, I’ve talked to Lana 3 times…seems my name keeps getting looked over. I’m supposed to be one of the next ones…
          It IS very hard to wait…

          • Hi, Joy, This eBay seller seems to have a lot of Monique wigs: jujus5gkids. Good luck finding one for your doll.

  3. Anne Johnson says:

    Good Saturday morning, Jeanne!

    Chloe looks adorable, Jeanne, and you are like the fairy godmother in “Cinderella!” What a remarkable transformation. How nice of you to “foster” Chloe for awhile and work your charms on her. I was immediately taken with her springy dress with the lovely lace and beading. The fabric looks so familiar, and I think it may be the same fabric as in the Trixie Tonner dress I won last year?? She will make a sweet little friend for small hands or a delightful addition to any grown-up girl’s doll collection. I, too, am waiting on my first LD doll to arrive, or I would be tempted to adopt her myself. Bless you for giving Chloe a new life!

    Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

    • Good morning to you, too, Anne,
      I hope your Saturday is going well! We have rain but yesterday was a glorious day!
      Wow…I’ve never been compared to Cinderella’s fairy godmother before…how sweet!
      I didn’t realuze it, but I believe that is the fabric in your Trixie’s dress!
      Chloe loves her new dress and feels very pretty in it. She’ll find a home…no worries…
      Have a great weekend,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  4. Chloe looks so nice with the care you’ve given her. And her dress is so sweet and springy.

    It is fun to find a doll who needs a little TLC, and then she ends up being much prettier and appreciated and wanted by someone.
    Little Noel’s dress is also so sweet and she looks adorable in it. You said Noel was 10″ tall. When you showed us the picture of Noel standing next to one of your other LD dolls, I didn’t realize your other LD dolls were as tall as they were. What height are they?
    By the way, concerning the Little Darlings, I don’t know how a person gets on the list for one. I was told they aren’t taking orders for awhile. I’d love to get one. Do you just keep continuing to send emails to Dianna? Thanks.

    • Hi Paula,
      I do enjoy finding a doll and seeing how I can make them a little better. Chloe will find a nice little girl to love her.
      The Little Darlings are 13″ tall.. there are other artists who paint the dolls using Dianna’s eye painting techniques. The wait for any of the artists is about a year…some a bit more. The lady who is painting my doll got behind because the lady who was taking her doll orders overbooked her and had her painting 50+ dolls a month for a few months before Lana realized it. She is still trying to catch up. I can give you information if you’d like…
      Thanks Paula,
      Blessings, Jeanne

    • Hi Paula
      Magalie Dawson is taking orders for little darlings … I know you will love her work she’s truly a talented artist. I’m not very computer savvy so I couldn’t figure out how to share her web site, but if you look her up her business is called MHD designs. You’ll find patterns and pages with dolls she has painted and sold. Her work is lovely.
      Good luck

      • Hi Ingrid,
        Oh I would second you on Magalies work too. She does a lovely job on painting the Little Darlings. When she first announced she would be painting the dolls she was booked for a year in 2 days!
        Thanks for thinking of her.
        Blessings, Jeanne

  5. Linda Doyle says:

    So Jeanne, you are now a fairy god-mother! I thought that was a cute–and very fitting– comparison! You did wonders for little Chloe, and I am sure she will find a nice home soon, but it won’t be at my house! I have plenty of dolls, and am in the middle of trying to change them all out of their Valentine’s outfits. What a production!
    That is a darling little dress you made for Chloe and like others have said, you did wonders on her hair.
    So, you had rain? We had sprinkles, that’s all, but it is kind of gloomy out. Yesterday was one for the books!

    • Hi Linda,
      I guess I’m an honorary fairy godmother!
      What are you changing your dolls into now? Spring things or still winters things?
      I’m sure you must have gotten the rain today, right? It’s been a really gloomy day today but they say tomorrow is supposed to be wonderful! 70 and sunny!
      Blessings, Jeanne

      • Linda Doyle says:

        They are getting changed into “fancy” ice skating outfits, not the play ones, but more like if they were in a show like my daughter had at the end of her skating lessons. We live close to an indoor rink, and both my kids skated there. The final “show” of the year to show their skills (?), was a huge production, with music and pretty, sparkly costumes, and kind of funny too, considering the kids ranged in age from 3 to 12 or 13.

  6. What a transformation. You did a wonderful job with her hair and the dress and panties are really cute. It’s a better doll for a five- or six-year-old girl than a standard AG doll. They really get played with at that age. I’m glad I started collecting the older dolls before they made the transition to putting permanent panties on them. The dolls are hard to dress for young girls and maybe the moms don’t like to have them lying around naked. That’s the only reason I can think of for the change.

    My neighborhood didn’t get as much rain in a short time as it did last week when the streets did flood up to the level of the garage floor with about 15″ of flowing water in the street. In 1993 I stepped out into 6″ of water in the middle of the garage. It would have taken another foot to get into the house. It is luck of the draw here on how much rain any one place gets. It’s interesting to watch the radar on the weather sites now and hope for the best.

    • Hi Susette,
      Chloe is pretty happy with her new look. We both are. Your reason is about as good as anything I’ve read. I think permanent panties is a crazy idea. I think American Girl needs to be very careful with the direction they are going. I don’t think they realize just HOW BIG the market is for ladies who collect the dolls. It’s not just about little girls.

      I hope all you ladies in California are safe and maybe the rain will slow down some.
      Thank you Susette,

  7. Hi Jeanne,
    Happy Saturday!
    I’d love to buy Chloe if she’s still available.
    Hope you are enjoying your weekend

    • Hi Ingrid,
      YAY… We have a winner! Chloe is still available and she would love to come live with you!
      I’m glad she will have a new mommy that we all know.
      So far my weekend has been fine…hope your weekend is going well too. I’ll email you to get your PayPal address so I can send you an invoice.
      Thank you Ingrid,

  8. Charlotte Trayer says:

    Chloe looks wonderful in her new dress! I’m sure it won’t take too long before she has a new mommy.

    I had one of these dolls for a few years, and had bought some of the clothes. Then a year or so ago, I put her back in her box, wrapped it up, wrapped up all the clothes and things I had bought for her, and sent her to our granddaughter for Christmas. She was 8-1/2 at the time, and just LOVED her!!

    So, if anyone has a daughter or granddaughter, ages 6-10 would be a good age range for this doll. (Or for anyone over, say, 30 or so….LOL)

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