Company’s coming…so I played and cleaned…

I have company coming on Wednesday and as much as I would have liked to sit down at my sewing machine with a new doll dress to sew, I desperately had to clean house. I hadn’t really caught up since we finished the floors and then things got busy after that. (I still haven’t gotten my post written about my floors like I told the man from Karpet Korner I would.) EEK!

I’ve come to the conclusion that I just don’t have the same genes as my sisters do when it comes to decorating. It’s just plain ole hard to me… I just don’t get it and don’t know what to put where. Cindy has told me before to look at images on Google or pictures on Pinterest for ideas of what I liked and I did. I just didn’t know what to do with them. I could see for decorating a mantle, you generally needed a large clock or an old paned window without glass that needed painting, or a mirror (already have one next to my mantle), or a big decorative architectural piece, or a stack of old classic books, or tall candlesticks, or a large tray, or some tiny topiaries, or a lantern or some kind of glass piece, etc. I am sorely lacking in those things… I’ll just tell you right now… see that grouping on top of my mantle… that was ALL Cindy…I sent her pictures of what I had and she told me how to arrange the things. It took some time and quite a few pics going back and forth… “like this?” “move the picture over to the left,” “thin out your flower arrangement,” “stagger your flowers a bit,” “less is more” etc… Anyway, a big thank you to Cindy…It’s not like what she might have in her house, but it was new and different for me and I liked it.

So after I did the mantle, I moved on to my wooden table to the left of the fireplace. I wanted to use the planer that George found at an antique store recently. He fixed it up and I had no idea what to do with it, so I just set it on the table. I found the wreath upstairs and added the “Fall” block in the middle of it. I guess it works…

George’s hand carved bluebird was put in an arrangement on top of my blue cabinet…

I have a short chest just outside my sewing room door and I put my Luminary candle on top with a ring of fall foliage around it. A Colonial chair sits beside it.

The buffet got a new arrangement too… I have this very old antique picture called “The Farmer’s Friends” and I put it on a stand and did a little more decorating around it.

So those were my spots I concentrated on. You might be thinking, “My goodness, she has a lot of junk…” and I might be thinking that too… in a day or two. It does seem like there are lots of knicky knacky stuff sitting around. I took these pictures at 10:30 tonight, and had to use a flash; because it was so dark…they look a little harsh to me. I was still working in things when the sun went down. When I do my floor post, I’ll try to get some better daylight shots.

I wasn’t the only one who did a little decorating today. I thought I’d send you the pictures Gloria sent me of her “almost finished” bathroom. She is very happy with how it has turned out… Because she took out the jacuzzi, the floor has to be fixed. She told me she called the man today.

Well, again sorry for those of you who ONLY want sewing or dolly posts… My life is sometimes about other things than sewing… this week was and happens to be starting out that way…

Tomorrow my hubby has a very important Cystoscopy and I would ask for your prayers.

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Prayers for George, who deserves the best. We can do that. From what I’ve read on your blog, I think some of your online friends have that for a special talent.

    I guess everyone has different talents. Do you know other couples that fix their own floors and put down a beautiful new floor covering and then take off to remodel a bathroom 4 hours away? Who just made a ruined doll new again? Can your sisters sew like you can? I notice that you are the one (the only one) making party dresses and wedding dresses and making everything that doesn’t fit, fit. Your house is looking lovely — if some of that is Cindy, that’s fine. Being able to spot talent and accept advice are both talents in themselves, and you have them.

    I went to my nephew’s housewarming on Sunday. His floors look very similar to yours. I commented and he said they really liked them. I don’t know if they are like yours, but they do look like it and they felt very comfortable.

    I hope everything goes very smoothly tomorrow and all the news is good.

  2. Like Marilyn says, we each have our own talents, and for sure, so do you, Jeanne! There is no lack of talent in how you sew, how well you can bake and fix things up, and most importantly, how you can bring sunshine into a cloudy day with your delightful blog!

    I love the way the fireplace is decorated! The white of the brick shows off the arrangement on the mantel so well. Painting brick white is a “thing” on HGTV now, so you are ahead of the curve! When I look around at your treasures, I see that they mean something to you, they just aren’t “things” , but they are near and dear to your heart. That’s what a home is for!

    I’m still waiting to hear about that pretty chandelier you have hanging between the living room and sewing room. Did you forget that?

    Gloria’s bathroom is so pretty and fresh looking now! Love the green!

    Prayers for you and George tomorrow, we all know how important they are, and they DO help!

  3. Your home is lovely and it’s neat to view your decorations. You have such good taste, Jeanne. I just love your blue cabinet and the items place in it. Sometimes our decorations have a story and they become nice conversational pieces.
    Your family, including you, have such talent! And all in different ways. That probably balances itself out among all of you. On top of that, you are loving and supportive of one another. It’s always fun reading about your projects whether it’s sewing or house work or renovations.

    You and George are in my prayers. Blessings.

  4. Your home looks so warm and inviting. Your guests will feel so loved. I don’t know where to begin. The decorating talent whether yours in combination with your sister’s help is quite amazing. All the interesting little things you have included make for a fall feast for the eyes. From the wreath on your mirror to the decorative piece added to the wood stove, the decorations are fabulous and so perfect for Fall and into the holiday season. I especially like how you have incorporated that small chair into the eye candy. Love that. The only thing I might change (bad me) is to let George’s little bird fly on down and perch by the cage on the hearth. The room is absolutely striking now.
    Gloria’s new shower and paint remind me of all of the work I’ve done lately. It looks so fresh and clean. To make it look worthy of Pinterest, the products on the counter and toilet back would disappear as well as the faithful toilet brush. But, they are part of life and used so often I’m sure. I love the lace curtain. It just adds so much charm as well as the snappy paint color. Tell Gloria that her painting is beyond professional. Not a messy drop on that lovely wood anywhere.
    I have a feeling that your guests are going to stick around for awhile since your home now says come on in and stay awhile. 🙂

  5. Everyone said it so well above and I certainly second every word regarding your lovely home and your willingness to help others. Your living room looks wonderful with all of the interesting and lovely “things” you’ve collected that have memories attached. I don’t recall seeing the beautiful green cabinet in the dining room with the cute little rag rug runner. Of course I love the touches of live green plants around the rooms and Kristoffer’s drawing of George’s Scruffy. Thanks for sharing this great post with us.

  6. Your house looks just fine, Jeanne. I know one rule of decorating is to put things in groups of threes. Everyone does have there own talents/ gifts. you should put out things the matter to you and make you think of something when you see them. I think we are each drawn to different things. Your house looks all ready to celebrate fall. Brick painted white is the thing now. I’ve seen it in magazines. Years ago, we painted the dining room sage green and the family room a rich eggnog color and lo, and behold, those turned out to be the colors of the year.
    Love the color Gloria painted her bathroom. It looks similar to the color that my grandparent had in their bedroom called “Mint Frost”. I loved it as a child.
    Prayers for George’s appointment tomorrow. Hope all the news is perfect. God bless.

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