~ Christmas Rose ~ American Girl Regency dress revealed…

PLEASE NOTE: Willa’s nightgown set ends this evening.
If you’d like to take a peek at it, click HERE or the picture at the right side bar.

The good news is… I finished Rebecca’s new Christmas Rose dress last night… the bad news… not in time to get it listed on Ebay. HOWEVER, it will go on this evening.

I am thrilled at how this turned out and just love seeing it on Rebecca. I personally think she is one of the prettiest dolls in the American Girl collection. She certainly didn’t disappoint me when we took the photo’s for it last night. So let’s get right to it.

First of all, I want to thank Marilyn again for thinking of the name for this one… I think “Christmas Rose” is an absolute perfect name for it! I could have thought all day and not come up with a better name… AND it’s versatile… it could easily work for Valentine’s Day too… there are no holly leaves or snowflakes or poinsettia’s on the fabric, so it works for just about any dress occasion your doll might have.

I’ll show some pictures but just enough to whet your appetite… when it goes on Ebay this evening, I’ll change the picture at the right side bar and all you need to do is click on it to get to the listing. Then I’ll add the link to it in Saturday’s post.

Okay…here she is…



Her reticule is made from a piece of silk dupioni that I decorated with the same glass seed beads as on her bodice. I made it a little bit different style too.



I used 2 lace collars to sort of form a rounded cap for her head… then I stitched some green velvet trim I had to hold it in place. I think it looks sweet and dainty. Since the dress had “so much going on” I decided to leave it on the plain side… I did the same with her pantalettes too…




Here is the necklace (my) Rebecca made for Rebecca… it’s very pretty!


The listing is on Ebay and you can see it HERE.

Well, another dress down… now who will be next???

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Linda Doyle says:

    Oh, so pretty, Jeanne! I was surprised to see that you had two sets of red and green bows, and that makes it so much more festive looking! The little cap is darling, just the needed touch too, along with the beautiful beaded necklace! I absolutely love the beaded reticule, so different!
    This set, could have been made for an older aged doll, but I like what you did for this. A lot of times the dresses are longer, the hair is upswept in a “glamorous” hairdo, and while they are beautiful, they really aren’t what a little girl of 10 or so would wear. This is more like it, with the pantalettes peeking out, and the little cap. It looks just like what a little girl would wear, and that’s what I like about it. It is such a cheerful, bright colored fabric, and brightens my mood when I look at it!

    • HI Linda,
      Oh good… my wish was to make this more of a little girls dress…not so much one of the elegant, sophisticated ones I usually make. I’m glad that vision came through.
      Thanks so much to telling me what you like about it… I love it when that’s done! :o)
      Blessings, Jeanne

  2. It’s beautiful Jeanne!! 😀

  3. Lovely lovely lovely! And the perfect lace cap.

    • Thank you so much Joy… yes, that little cap was a bit tricky when I first started it, but I love it too…
      Blessings, Jeanne

  4. Oh, Rebecca’s dress (and your Rebecca’s necklace) are just stunning. What a lovely, lovely ensemble, Jeanne. I really like how you somewhat mimicked the bodice in the reticule. It really makes an outstanding outfit on such a beautiful doll. Thank you once again for taking time to share the beauty you’ve created with us.


    • Thank you Becky,
      (thank you for the card too!)
      I’m so glad you like this one…it just seems so little girlish to me… I like it too!
      I had the reticule started and asked Rebecca if she had any red drop down beads (pendants) and she said she didn’t, so I had to go with plan B and did all those little seed beads… after the bag was made… it was a bit tricky.
      It was my pleasure to share this one with everyone…
      Blessings, Jeanne

  5. Great photos! You have made the pearls in Rebecca’s necklace gleam. That’s a wonderful purse, and you’ve made the embroidery shine. What did you use for the top of the purse? I love the beading, and I like that you’ve beaded it differently than the bodice. Even in the closeup, I can’t see the hem at all. The elaborate ribbon trim on the cap is a perfect detail. I love the way the shoes match the background of the fabric, and it probably won’t be too hard for the winner to find shoes of a similar color. I’m looking forward to seeing more pictures tonight.

    And yes, who’s next? I think it’s going to be an Effner.

    • HI Marilyn,
      The top of the reticule is just a little metal finding I had…it’s something used for jewelry. I’ll have to take a picture of one that is flat. I had 2 and took one and rolled it around something to get it rounded. I wanted it to sort of be like a pouch bag… it was kind of tedious… but I liked how it turned out in the end.
      There are lots more pictures in my listing… 24 I think!

      I think you might be right about who’s next…I’m itching to make a Little Darling dress…
      Blessings, Jeanne

  6. hi jeanne
    the dress is perfection! have a nice weekend

  7. Anne Johnson says:

    Simply enchanting! As the rose is a symbol of beauty, so Rebecca is a charming little beauty in your “Christmas Rose” creation, Jeanne. From her sweet Juliet cap to her pretty pearl necklace to her beautifully beaded reticule, she is the perfect vision of Regency loveliness. I’m scanning back up to enjoy the pix some more now. Brava, Jeanne!

    • Thank you Anne,
      Wow…you loaded me up with lots of compliments on this Regency dress. I’m glad you like it so much.
      I’m glad you called it a Juliet cap…that’s what I think of it too.
      Thank you so much,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  8. Finally had time to read the post today. Rebecca’s dress is just lovely. from the beaded bodice to the little trailing ribbons. The dainty cap is just perfect and she even has her hair in a darling French roll style. The reticule is the perfect accessory and the necklace Rebecca made add the final bit of charm to this beautiful dress. Rebecca will certainly be wonderfully attired for whatever occasion she might find herself invited to. If I had sewn this one I would find it impossible to let it go or be compelled to create a duplicate for my doll to wear.
    Can’t wait to see all the gorgeous Christmas dresses that are forthcoming.
    Yep, I bet an Effner is next also and then hopefully soon, very soon will come my favorite eras of Colonial and Civil War. You know, I wouldn’t mind in the least if you made two dresses in each era for us to drool over. * smiles and winks* 🙂

    • HI Laura,
      Thank you so much for your sweet comments on the newest dress for Rebecca. I really like it very much and it is a new favorite. I love it when everything comes together and works out perfectly!
      Yes, I’ve decided an Effner dress is next but I did see a fabric in my stash that has Civil War written all over it… so I think Addy might be next! * smiles and winks back at ya!*
      Blessings, Jeanne

  9. What a gorgeous dress! Regency is not usually my favorite style, but this one may be an exception. The beautiful rose fabric, vintage lace, and beaded embellishment make it stunning. I like all the extras too, especially that little lace cap. It’s perfect for any “dolly” occasion. I’ve been in Houston all day at the Quilt Festival and am pretty exhausted so it will be an early night for me.

    • Sorry about the typos–goes to show how tired I am.

      • HI Carolyn,
        I “fixed” your typo’s… just 2 I think… I know how being tired “causes” them!
        So you were at a Quilt Festival today… how fun that must have been! When you get rested up, in your comments next time tell us about it. We’d love to know!
        Thanks for your sweet compliments on my Regency dress.
        Blessings, Jeanne

  10. Charlotte Trayer says:

    The dress with its trims, the reticule, the hat and the necklace…they just “sing” together!!

    About the hat….I thought it was interesting how you got that shape (two lace collars). It’s quite similar to the shape of a traditional Swedish cap that goes with certain regional costumes, although it’s not made of lace, but rather fabric, often richly embroidered, and then just tied with plain ribbon. My parents used to have a book of various regional Swedish costumes, and I remember seeing those caps with some of the costumes. Wish I had been able to find that book when I was going thru their house after daddy died; I loved looking thru it!

    • HI Charlotte,
      Yes, I agree, I wish you could have found that book on Swedish costumes too. What a fun resource book to have in your possession.
      I’m glad that you like how the dress set all came together. It really was a fun one to make.
      Thank you Charlotte,
      Blessings, Jeanne

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