I’ve changed my mind…

This morning when I woke up, it was a bit chilly and it’s supposed to get even “chillier” as the week goes on. I hadn’t changed out my summer clothes in my closet yet, and decided this morning would be a good time to switch out those tee shirts for sweaters. I got all my Fall things out of the tubs I store them in and had a royal mess in my bedroom. I had my shirts, sweaters and jackets in stacks all over my bed. Most of my pants are year round things so they were already in my closet.

I was just getting in a rhythm when my mom called and said something was wrong with her microwave and it wouldn’t stop running. She said she also needed a haircut… SO… I left that mess and went to see what was the problem. Well, the microwave issue got solved… but she wanted to go to the grocery store. Then I’d cut her hair when we got back. Fast forward to a few hours later… I was back in my bedroom and attacking it again. But then it was dinner time… anyway, I got most of my things put away… but that left no time for sewing, so I’ve been forced to come up with something besides sewing for the post today.

Remember the other day when I mentioned something about possibly having us exchange gifts for a “Secret Sister” kind of thing? I got all kinds of comments and emails and even though I got a lot of positive feedback from you all, I have decided to nix that idea… I really hadn’t thought it through anyway. With the holidays being extra busy for everyone, it makes sense to do something else…and something EVERYONE can participate in. I hadn’t really given it much thought about the people who read my blog in New Zealand, or Singapore or France, etc. Several had even bowed out before it began because of the postage and customs issue. 😮 Several of you volunteered to pay extra postage just so someone could participate… (SEE… I really do have the best readers!!!)

So I thought long and hard and took a few suggestions from some of my readers. I think we are going to have a Christmas Fashion Show and your dolls get to be the stars. Everyone can participate this way and it won’t cost you a dime. It seems you all love slide shows very much and this will be something fun for everyone. I’m going to go ahead and start a draft for a post on it. What I’d love for you to do is send me your favorite Christmas dresses on any TWO dolls you wish. If you have Samantha and you have a particularly pretty Christmas dress, send me a picture. If you have some antique doll that gets all gussied up for Christmas, send me a picture of her. If you want… tell me what you love of about the dresses or if you made it, or if someone gave it to you. Maybe it’s something from your grandma… I’ll add your story of it to the post. I’m hoping we’ll get lots of pictures of dolls in their best Christmas dresses! We’ll have the best Fashion Show ever!

I’m thinking maybe I’ll post them on Friday, December 15th. That gives you about 5 weeks in case you want to make something special. You can start sending your pictures anytime and I’ll add your name and your “bio” about the dress and go ahead and get your dolls picture posted.. if it’s spread out, I won’t be overwhelmed with pictures.

You can get your pictures to me by hitting the “Contact Me” tab just under the header, or my email address is jeannewiedlocher@gmail.com

I hope you aren’t too disappointed if you had your heart set on the gift exchange. I’m going to do something with Christmas recipes in the future, so if you have one you use every year, dig it out and have it ready for when we do that!

Now, to get things started for “Jeanne Marie’s Christmas Fashion Show” (or whatever we decide to call it), I wanted to show you a couple Christmas dolls of mine all dressed up…

Ha! I fooled you, didn’t I? :o)

If you click the picture, you can see my kiddo’s up close. Kristoffer was 14 months old in 1988. Rebecca was 14 months old in 1991. I made everything we are wearing!

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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2 more pieces for Felicity’s Fall Fancy…

I may have had a busy day, but I still managed to find time to make a lacy mob cap and a ruffled petticoat for Felicity. She was beginning to wonder if I was ever going to get back to working on her dress. (She wasn’t the only one!)

I cut out a circle of some dainty lace I had and added an edging of vintage lace to it. Then I stitched a row of 1/8″ elastic about 2″ from the edge. I made it loose enough that it just sort of grips Felicity’s head but still has some “puff” to it. She likes it! :o)

I like how you can still see most of her red hair instead of it being all covered up with a round eared cap…

Here is her petticoat… lots and lots of ruffles. I decided, even though it wasn’t authentic to the 1700’s, to make it with a stretchy lace waistband to accommodate those differences in the waistlines on the dolls.

You can see how easily the skirt ties over the lace waistband…without adding any extra bulk…

…AND, it’s pretty easy to recognize that Colonial “bump.” The nice thing is, the petticoat doesn’t require a bum roll… the ruffle around her hips does it perfectly!

I needed to wait until I got the petticoat finished before I hemmed it.. Now that can come next!

Here’s another shot of Felicity…

I hope you enjoyed these 2 new pieces… slowly but surely this dress is getting finished!

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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~ Taste of America ~ Hayride pictures

Every year our church has a hayride, mostly for the International students! There is nothing quite so fun as seeing someone’s eyes as they taste S’Mores for the first time, or roast marshmallows on a stick or square dance when they have no idea what the caller is telling them to do.
Our annual hayride was Saturday night and we estimated about 150 people came. The weather cooperated and we only had a misting for just a short time. It was about 65 degrees so there was no need for coats this year. Our church is a student church that reaches out to the students at Southern Illinois University and our goal is to provide “a home away from home” for them. At one point in the evening we went through the alphabet and asked the different students to yell out their nations… I remembered a few of them…but I’m sure there were more.

A ~ Angola
B ~ Bangladesh or Barbados (I can’t remember)
C ~ China, Congo, Columbia
D ~
E ~ England
F ~
G ~ Ghana
H ~ Haiti, Honduras
I ~ India
J ~ Japan
K ~ Kenya
L ~
M ~ Malaysia
N ~ Nigeria
O ~
P ~ Poland
Q ~
R ~ Russia
S ~ Singapore, Saudia Arabia
T ~
U ~ United States
V ~
W ~
X ~
Y ~
Z ~ Zimbabwe

I took a few pictures of things before it got dark because I knew my pictures would be hard to see any details…

Some friends of ours let us have the hayride at their house and welcomes everyone so graciously! Here is the front of their house, decorated with triangle banners strung up and hay bales and lots of pumpkins…

Here are some of the chairs set up for lots of engaging conversations!!!

Some food tents…

We borrowed a big copper kettle and put apple cider and tons of cut up apples in it. It had to cook a really long time for the apples to get soft; then we served it with vanilla ice cream… can I hear a “DELISH?”

There was a photo booth set up so people could take pictures…

Here are a couple of helpers “just checking it out to see if it worked!” It did! Thanks Ariel and Fabi!

Just as you went in the barn, we set up this display welcoming everyone…

There was lots of visiting and eating…

We had a “Best Dressed Cowgirl and Cowboy” contest…The young girl 3rd from the left won! Way to go, Megan!

One thing they were judged on was their “Cowboy stance!”

What would a hayride be without a huge bonfire? I mean a HUGE bonfire. They had a little trouble getting it to “explode” so after 15 or 20 attempts of shooting a fire thingy into the gasoline soaked pile of branches, they finally poured the gasoline from the heap and made a trail along the ground… then they lit it at a safe distance and we all watched it burn on the ground till it reached the pile… then BOOM!!! You know it’s coming but you still jump when it bursts into flames…

The square dancing is a big favorite among the International students. Many of them have no idea what is going on but they still give it a try anyway. It is really fun to watch them… I only took still shots, but you’ll have to imagine the music and the hand clapping and boots stomping and all the laughter. It was fun to watch, but I didn’t join in… I’m the photographer… *smile*

Oh, I can’t forget to show the hay wagon… It was pretty dark and even with my flash on, my camera could just barely capture the fun on those bales…

Okay, Okay… Alba took a picture of me and George in the photo booth… (Susette did a little photo editing and sent me a better picture than the washed out one I posted originally. Thanks Susette!)

It was a really fun evening and I hope you enjoyed “being there too!”

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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Would you like to participate in a “Secret Sister” gift exchange?

Did you ever work some place or belong to a forum, perhaps a dolly group, where they had something called a “Secret Sister” or “Secret Pal” or “Secret Santa” gift exchange? It was something you could participate in and each person was given the name of someone else to send a gift to. I was wondering if maybe anyone on here would like to do that? When you all wrote those wonderful bio’s I got to thinking about it. We have some wonderful ladies on here and sometimes it feels like we are all best friends with each other…

I’m not exactly sure if I remember how they work (if anyone has participated in one that worked well, let me know!) but I was just thinking if anyone wanted to send a small $5.00 Christmas gift to someone else, I could collect the names of those who wanted to be in on it and give them someone else’s name. I could check with each person who wanted to participate and if they had written up about themselves in the recent post I called “Let’s all introduce ourselves”, I could forward that to the people too, to give them some ideas about the person they got.

It sounds like I’m talking in circles when I read this back. It’s just a fun way to receive and give a gift to someone you know but you keep it a surprise from them until they open your gift. I guess I should have done a little research on this before I brought it up… You could make something for $5.00… candy, a candy bar, cookies, something for the size dolls they collect, something you’ve made, an ornament, etc… and include a little note to wish them a Merry Christmas…

Maybe we can discuss it in the comments???

I’m sorry I didn’t get anything else done on Felicity’s dress… this is a busy week with our annual church’s hayride for the Internationals… We call it Taste of America… I’m helping with the decorations and I can’t even begin to tell you all of my hubby’s responsibilities… It’s Saturday night, so there will probably be no sewing till Monday for me… :o( (don’t cry…)

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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