A few Thanksgiving questions…

Please note*****
Charlotte Trayer brought something to my attention and I wanted to make it clear on here. She was reading the printed out recipe for the Sweet Potato Souffle I showed a few days ago, and noticed the 2nd to last line said “mix until mealy.” Actually that means the pecan and brown sugar mixture. That line should have come right after it said “mix all topping ingredients until mealy, and then sprinkle over sweet potato mixture.
The topping is sprinkled just on top and not mixed in with the sweet potatoes… I’ve been making this for years and never noticed that line. Just follow my pictures…

Something happened to my satellite internet service Saturday morning and we haven’t been able to get connected. I’m writing this on my phone, but I’m not able to do anything else.
I’ll call Monday morning to see what is going on, and hopefully it will be a quick fix, but in the meantime I’m just going to have to ask you a few questions.

So everyone, fill us in if you want… here are a few questions to get you thinking…

Are you going somewhere for Thanksgiving?

Who thinks they are traveling the farthest?

Do you have any Thanksgiving traditions?

Do you watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade?

Who has their dolls dressed up in “Thanksgiving Attire?”

Can you recall a favorite Thanksgiving?

Well, that should be enough questions to keep you busy….
I hope things are back to normal on my end Tuesday morning…

See you then,
Blessings, Jeanne

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~ Sweet Potato Souffle ~ A recipe you NEED to have in your files…

Actually you need to TRY it, not just have it in your files… if I ever had a recipe that I put a “fantastic” guarantee on, it would probably be this one. It’s got to be one of my all time top 10 recipes… maybe even my top 5! Don’t let the name fool you…it’s not anything super fancy and hard to make… it really should just be called a Sweet Potato Casserole, but I guess that sounded too plain to the person who submitted it to the cookbook.

My day was super busy with “things” and I knew I would have to show you something I was doing instead of something I was sewing, so this ended up being today’s post. Depending on how “things” go tomorrow, there may or may not be a Saturday post. We are getting ready for our annual Thanksgiving Dinner for our church and I’m helping (or in charge) of the decorating. I’ll find out in the morning. I wanted to get some of my food prepared ahead of time because I’ll be cooking 2 turkeys on Saturday!!

Anyway, IF you need another side dish, this one will score you big points from your guests. I like it warm or cold..it doesn’t matter to me! When Thanksgiving is over, if you find me looking for leftovers…there is sure to be a heap of this on my plate… and then again for breakfast… until it’s all gone… :o(

It’s very simple to make and I’ve got pictures of all the steps… so I hope you’ll give it a try, if not now, just sometime… :o)

Here is a picture of the recipe straight from my little paperback cookbook… See that scribble up in the top right hand corner? That’s supposed to be a star helping me remember this is THAT recipe that I love! I don’t need to be reminded anymore!

You’ll need 3 cups of cooked sweet potatoes… my neighbor always gives me these great big things and I peel them with a vegetable peeler and then slice them in big chunks… put them in a pan and cover them with water… and cook till tender…

When you stick a knife in them and it easily goes in, they are done…

Mash them with a potato masher or whisk…

Measure out 3 cups and plop them in a mixing bowl…

Add 1 cup of sugar and mix well…

Add 2 beaten eggs… (oops, I forgot to beat mine… but it’s okay) Mix well…

Add 1 TBSP of Vanilla…and mix well…

Then add 1/2 cup (or 1 stick) of melted butter… and mix well…

Use a casserole dish or a foil pan, (like mine since I’m taking it to a dinner at church) and butter the bottom and sides…

Pour your sweet potato mixture into your dish… and smooth out…

Now for the TOPPING! It’s so good!

Mix together in a bowl: I generally use a fork but you can use your fingers if you like… (then you get to lick them!)

1 cup brown sugar
1 cup chopped pecans
1/3 cup of flour
1/3 cup melted butter

It should look like this…

Sprinkle the topping over the sweet potato mixture using your fingers…

It should look like this…

Bake in a 350 degree oven for 30 minutes.

The ONLY thing better than a big pan of Sweet Potato Souffle….

…is TWO pans of Sweet Potato Souffle… (I made a double batch!)

I hope you’ll give this a try sometime… I haven’t been eating sugar, but I plan on having a helping of this! (she gives a REALLY BIG SMILE!)

I’m baking mine on Saturday, so it’s in the frig and ready to go, but here is a picture of it baked, from last year’s Thanksgiving dinner at our house…it’s the dish in the bottom left corner… YUMMY!! (and don’t forget Linda’s pickles!) (HERE)


See you (maybe, tomorrow…)
Blessings, Jeanne

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To make up for NOT getting Felicity’s dress listed on Ebay, I’m… I’m …I’m…

…I’m having a GIVEAWAY!!! How long has it been since we had one? I can’t remember the last one… so I thought it was time. I didn’t have time to get Felicity’s dress listed on Ebay, so I had to do something that would make you happy! I think this will.

I’ve never had a GIVEAWAY for a pair of THIGH HIGHS before… that I can remember… so I thought I’d give them a try. They fit the American Girl dolls and just slide up your dolls legs. The nice thing about thigh highs is they don’t have that bulk at the waist like tights do…

Here is a picture of them…

They can be snagged if you have rough hands, so I’ll show you how I put them on… slip them over her foot and using your hand, sort of wiggle them around as you slide them up your doll’s legs… like this…


Now, I’m feeling extra thankful this GIVEAWAY, so I’m adding a second pair. Yep, I’m giving away 2 pairs of thigh highs… here’s the second pair…

Now, how do you get in the drawing for them? You have to leave a comment below or send me an email (use the Contact Me tab under the header) telling me WHAT YOUR FAVORITE THANKSGIVING SIDE dish is…besides the turkey. Is it the mashed potatoes, the green bean casserole, the cranberry relish, the rolls, the dressing, etc? Whatever it is, let me know and that will register you for the drawing. I’ll randomly pick out 2 names and announce the winners of the thigh highs on my blog Tuesday. YOu have until midnight Central Standard Time Monday night…

Thanks so much everyone!

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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~ Taste of America ~ Hayride pictures

Every year our church has a hayride, mostly for the International students! There is nothing quite so fun as seeing someone’s eyes as they taste S’Mores for the first time, or roast marshmallows on a stick or square dance when they have no idea what the caller is telling them to do.
Our annual hayride was Saturday night and we estimated about 150 people came. The weather cooperated and we only had a misting for just a short time. It was about 65 degrees so there was no need for coats this year. Our church is a student church that reaches out to the students at Southern Illinois University and our goal is to provide “a home away from home” for them. At one point in the evening we went through the alphabet and asked the different students to yell out their nations… I remembered a few of them…but I’m sure there were more.

A ~ Angola
B ~ Bangladesh or Barbados (I can’t remember)
C ~ China, Congo, Columbia
D ~
E ~ England
F ~
G ~ Ghana
H ~ Haiti, Honduras
I ~ India
J ~ Japan
K ~ Kenya
L ~
M ~ Malaysia
N ~ Nigeria
O ~
P ~ Poland
Q ~
R ~ Russia
S ~ Singapore, Saudia Arabia
T ~
U ~ United States
V ~
W ~
X ~
Y ~
Z ~ Zimbabwe

I took a few pictures of things before it got dark because I knew my pictures would be hard to see any details…

Some friends of ours let us have the hayride at their house and welcomes everyone so graciously! Here is the front of their house, decorated with triangle banners strung up and hay bales and lots of pumpkins…

Here are some of the chairs set up for lots of engaging conversations!!!

Some food tents…

We borrowed a big copper kettle and put apple cider and tons of cut up apples in it. It had to cook a really long time for the apples to get soft; then we served it with vanilla ice cream… can I hear a “DELISH?”

There was a photo booth set up so people could take pictures…

Here are a couple of helpers “just checking it out to see if it worked!” It did! Thanks Ariel and Fabi!

Just as you went in the barn, we set up this display welcoming everyone…

There was lots of visiting and eating…

We had a “Best Dressed Cowgirl and Cowboy” contest…The young girl 3rd from the left won! Way to go, Megan!

One thing they were judged on was their “Cowboy stance!”

What would a hayride be without a huge bonfire? I mean a HUGE bonfire. They had a little trouble getting it to “explode” so after 15 or 20 attempts of shooting a fire thingy into the gasoline soaked pile of branches, they finally poured the gasoline from the heap and made a trail along the ground… then they lit it at a safe distance and we all watched it burn on the ground till it reached the pile… then BOOM!!! You know it’s coming but you still jump when it bursts into flames…

The square dancing is a big favorite among the International students. Many of them have no idea what is going on but they still give it a try anyway. It is really fun to watch them… I only took still shots, but you’ll have to imagine the music and the hand clapping and boots stomping and all the laughter. It was fun to watch, but I didn’t join in… I’m the photographer… *smile*

Oh, I can’t forget to show the hay wagon… It was pretty dark and even with my flash on, my camera could just barely capture the fun on those bales…

Okay, Okay… Alba took a picture of me and George in the photo booth… (Susette did a little photo editing and sent me a better picture than the washed out one I posted originally. Thanks Susette!)

It was a really fun evening and I hope you enjoyed “being there too!”

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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