Butterflies and Birds for my Beauties…

I think I about grossed some of you out the other day when I did my post on the Dragonfly (HERE), and since I’m not totally finished with my sewing room makeover, I thought I would bless you with something PRETTY today… butterflies and birdies…Ahhh… much better, don’t you think?

I wasn’t sure how many pictures I could actually find in my archives with my dolls holding butterflies, and when it seemed like it might be on the skimpy side, I decided to let birds count too!

This first dress, on my 16″ Kish doll doesn’t have her holding a butterfly, but there are some butterflies in this picture…see if you can find them…




Bitty Bethany found a little red bird…mama won’t be too happy, but Bitty Bethany certainly was…




Song isn’t holding a butterfly, but there are gold ones on her fabric… I loved this fabric…




Kirsten has another blue butterfly… (Hobby Lobby must have had a special on Blue Butterflies…)




…and Elizabeth caught her own blue butterfly…




Isabelle found a caterpillar instead of a butterfly…but he’s a friendly little thing…




Janie found a red bird to match her dress set…




Isabelle again… and you guessed it…another blue butterfly for her dress…




From long, long ago, here’s Molly with a birdsnest she found… she carried it all the way home…

green birdnest full 2

green birdnest half 1

Finally, many, many years before Molly found her birdsnest, Felicity found one too…

white ruffles half 1

white ruffles full 1

Well, I hope you enjoyed these butterflies and birdies and one caterpillar pictures…

Have a wonderful Saturday. You know what I’LL be doing… :o)

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Enjoy your day arranging, tidying up, organizing and enjoying your “new” room. It will be wonderful, I’m sure.

    The attached photos are so charming, Jeanne. I am continually amazed at your creativity and gift of putting fabrics and ideas together to make such pleasing outfits. I surely enjoy your work.


    • HI Becky,
      I think I’m on the home stretch now… finally… my hubby went to Lowe’s to find another sheet of paneling to cover up the other window hole, I have to fix a couple of floor tiles that have started chipping, get a new ironing board cover, straighten some fabrics, and put a few finishing touches on things… whew… almost done… I can hardly believe it!
      Thanks so much for your kind compliments Becky,
      I hope you have a wonderful Saturday!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  2. I can’t believe you are still finding pictures I haven’t seen before. I especially like Song and Isabelle, but they are all so darling. Thanks for keeping us constantly amused and admiring your creativity.

    • HI Susette,
      Oh good, new pictures for you… It seems like I’ve seen them all so many times, surely everyone must be sick of them… but maybe not?
      Thanks for your sweet comments, Susette,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  3. Hope your picnic goes well. What did you decide to bring?
    I’m sure the room will emerge from it’s chrysalis and be charming.
    P.S. I don’t mind ladybugs at all. My only dislikes are yellow jackets!

    • HI Joy,
      There is some discussion about cancelling the picnic this afternoon as there is a 90% chance of rain and it’s so much work to get it all put together…it might just be better to postpone it for another day… the food will keep and the tents will be dry if we wait…

      Oooo…I’m not a fan of ladybugs either…
      Thanks Joy,
      blessings, Jeanne

  4. Shara Smith says:

    Delightful pictures!!

  5. Linda Doyle says:

    So many sweet pictures, Jeanne! I don’t believe I have ever seen Song, but I may be wrong. Did you sell her? I think Hobby Lobby did have a sale on butterflies, because I too, have some just like that from, you guessed it—Hobby Lobby!

    I love the sweet bonnet you made for Kirsten! And all the red, white and blue outfits, just adorable! Molly looks so cute in that green and white dress, just perfect for the first day of school I think!

    Oh, rain for you? Not again! Well, it certainly has cooled off for us, and we are getting a really nice day here. I think we are too far north for rain, but it does cloud up a bit. I sure hope you are able to get this picnic in this weekend, after all the hard work and preparations.

    I can’t wait to see your sewing room transformation!!

    • HI Linda,
      It says we have a 90% chance of rain, but so far, the picnic is still a go! I just made some pink lemonade cookies…and now I’m making some turkey noodle “something…”
      Thanks for your compliments on my girls and their “pets!” I have a few pics with frogs but I better keep them to myself! :o/

      I can’t wait to show off my room… I was hoping my hubby would have been back by now with a piece of paneling, but since the picnic is in full swing, I bet he’s going crazy with set ups and all kinds of “picnic” stuff… maybe on Monday I can show it! It’s wonderful Linda…I’ve never had so much room before… I don’t know how that’s possible but it is!
      Thanks so much… enjoy your day!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  6. Anne Johnson says:

    Butterflies, birds, and beauties, oh my! Another wonderful fashion show for our Saturday viewing pleasure. I love when you pull pictures from your archives, Jeanne, because there are invariably some I haven’t seen from before I became a follower, and from your pre-blog days, too. I also love taking my time and admiring each outfit — how you’ve combined fabrics, how you’ve trimmed them out, how you’ve embellished them — and as always, how you’ve displayed them. It’s been said many times, but it’s worth repeating, you are a master of detail. Your fashion shows aren’t just pretty displays, they are studies in the talents of a seamstress, and your pictures are full of story-telling details. Blue-eyed Elizabeth is a vision in the blue floral with her lovely lace fichu, Felicity charms in her summery white ruffles, and Molly is pure sweetness in her tiny, spring green print. Another one of my favorites again is Janie’s patriotic outfit. The red check, the red polka dot, the white-on-white, and the charming star-print shrug are a real eye-pleasing winner. I also noticed that in addition to the pretty gold butterflies on Song’s outfit, there are also some beautiful DRAGONFLIES! Don’t be sorry about telling your Dragonfly Lady story, Jeanne. It provided a little bit more dimension to Jeanne Marie’s personality, and I for one loved it (even if it was gross)! Not to worry, your character is safe with us!

    Best wishes as you complete the finishing details of your new sewing room, Jeanne. All of your efforts are finally coming to fruition, though I know your sister will have some final tips for you when she comes to visit. I hope your welcome picnic will be well-attended, too. Rain or shine, I know the newcomers will be appreciative for the delightful (and delicious!) meet and greet. Please let us know what kinds of food were brought to the event. Perhaps there will be another recipe to share? Enjoy your weekend Jeanne.

    • Thank you Anne,
      You are always so kind and so observant… no one was supposed to see that dragonfly on Song’s tunic… :o/
      I don’t consider myself a master at anything…unless of course, it’s making messes… but I do appreciate the thought none the less! …and thank you for noticing all the tiniest details. I used to work at a very expensive ladies clothing store and there was a co worker who always got her outfits “just right”…not too much, not to little… I always think of her when I’m making something… now would Char add buttons and a bow or just lace and an applique?
      I am almost finished Anne and I can’t believe it’s my room. I hope I can make my pictures do it justice… I need Kristoffer’s panoramic view on his camera. I may have to ask him to come over and do a photo shoot of my new room. It’s so much more open now, I can’t stand it.
      Well, I’ve got to finish my cooking for the picnic… Thanks so much for your sweet compliments Anne,…
      Blessings, Jeanne

  7. Joy Kramer says:

    You are a beautiful seamstress. I loved Janie’s and Isabelle’s faces. (A bit off track of sewing there.) You obviously work hard and deserve to have all these lovely dolls, but I do envy you some of them. I enjoy so much seeing what you make. Thank you. Oh, the dragonfly story didn’t bother me, although I like dragonflies and probably wouldn’t want to eat one. It could have been worse–it could have been a cockroach–then maybe you wouldn’t have eaten it. I’ve had kids who put all kinds of things in their mouths.

    • HI Joy,
      Now, I’m not sure I could have eaten a cockroach… it doesn’t sound as pretty either… the Dragonfly Lady…or The Cockroach Lady…NAH!!!

      Thanks so much for your very kind compliments on my work, Joy. I appreciate them very much and what keeps me sewing. I love to sew…that’s a given, but when others enjoy my work, it makes it doubly as fun for me!
      Thanks again,
      Blessings, Jeanne

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