Blue Regency dresses and a blue bathing suit…What?

(I’m writing this Friday afternoon in a spare moment I found.) I wanted to remind you that Elizabeth’s “Blissful in Blue” Regency dress ends Saturday evening. I will be gone most of the day for an all day wedding and reception…actually 2 receptions.. (700 people are coming!!), so I probably won’t get to comment again on Saturday. Anyway, here is the listing on Ebay if you happened to have missed it. (I will have my phone with me so I’ll be able to see who wins it!) That’s my favorite part! :o)

~ Blissful in Blue ~

I wondered just how many pretty blue Regency dresses I have made in the past and as I’m typing this, I don’t have a clue. I’ll be back in a minute after I check and see. (sing the music from Jeopardy as I search my archives… duh duh duh duh, duh duh duh…. ) I thought I’d show you a few of the brighter ones and see if you have a favorite… maybe it’s Blissful in Blue or maybe it’s one of the other ones…

I’ll show you the other blue ones another time…

Ready? Let’s see some other Blue Regency Dresses…

This first one was called, “Caroline, For Your Eyes Only!” I made it September, 2012.

This next blue dress was made in March of 2013, but I didn’t see a name for it…

This lighter blue dress with tiny white birds on it was called, “Simply Blue” and was made in July, 2014.

This one was made in November 2015, and was called “Bluebell.”

..and then of course, the one ending tonight… Blissful in Blue…

Anyone have a favorite?

Now, I mentioned a blue bathing suit….well, it’s got some red in it, but I had to play up the blue to make it work for my post today! Joy sent me this picture of a sweet bathing suit she made for Libby, her Little Darling. She used a Jen Wren pattern and isn’t it adorable? The sweet dress on Julie was made by a friend. Who’s ready for the beach?

See you Monday,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Linda D. says:

    That must really be some wedding, Jeanne, I can’t even imagine 700 people!! Well, if anyone knows how to pull it off, you can! At least the weather looks decent if anything is outside.

    Oh, that second “nameless” dress takes the cake for me! That is just gorgeous, with the scalloped lace down the front, the gorgeous necklace and the way her hair was fixed! Everything about it is perfectly matched to Elizabeth’s eyes, and I’m not sure which is more striking, her eyes or the outfit!

    Oh Joy, that bathing suit is just adorable! You did a wonderful job, and here to think I bought a Wellie Wisher bathing suit for my Betsy! This one is every bit as cute, if not more! Where did you get those darling shoes on your LD? They are just what I need! Don’t tell me you made those too!

    • The pattern from Jen Wren was designed for a Wellie. I resized it. You should make one. The shoes are borrowed from one of my Tonner Ann Estelle group. Came with another outfit. But, I don’t think they would be hard to make. Thanks.

  2. Sounds like this will be an amazing wedding. Hope there is a pic of the cake or some of the decorations. Always love seeing them.
    The dresses are all so blue. 🙂 Lovely. Each has some special and interesting detail. Quite amazing really. You have such a great eye for those things.
    Thanks for sharing Libby’s new swimsuit. The pattern was for a Wellie, but I shrunk it a bit. Now, of course, little Julie (Boneka) wants one too. Well, maybe.
    Hope the weather is lovely and the wedding grand.

  3. Marilyn says:

    Sometime next week you’ll have to do a set of non-blue Regency dresses.
    I always loved the lace on Linda’s favorite and on the Bluebell dress, but the simplicity of the sky blue dress, Simply Blue, has always appealed to me.
    There’s a blue and turquoise dress you made for Josefina, who wears it very nicely with its vest and boots, but with flats and no vest, it turned out to be a lovely dance dress for Nell, who looks entirely different in it than Josefina does. That gives you yet another Regency blue dress.
    Joy, that swim suit is wonderful. I’d like to see it from the sides and back as well. The design is great but the fabric choices make such a difference. I can’t see how that design could be interpreted better. Libby’s dog is also really cute. That’s an especially cute Libby besides. I’m sure Jeanne told us who painted her. I’ll go back and look. A winner all the way. Congratulations!

    • Thanks Marilyn. Libby is by Joyce Matthews. Little Timber is the latest McDonalds toy. Lots of pets to choose from. 🙂

  4. I should have said something about the necklaces, which are exceptionally beautiful, and Caroline’s hair. You have created the loveliest hairstyles.
    The longer I look, the more fond I become of the very first blue Regency. The lace at the neckline and the soft bodice pleats are very becoming. Maybe the waistline could be a little higher. This is one of the many dresses I wouldn’t mind seeing you duplicate, maybe as a walking dress or maybe just in another color.

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