“Autumn Leaves” for Patsy Tonner is coming along…

Well, I managed to get the dress taken apart, corrected and put back together…You should see Patsy smiling NOW!

The sleeves were shortened and the cuff was made smaller and the skirt was definitely shortened. I added the lace and even did a little embellishment on the lace at the waist, but I’m not thrilled with it so I’m going to redo it. It looks a little too fancy with the gold seed beads for a “leaves” kind of dress. I think I want something more simple.

So here’s what it looks like now…with plenty still left to do to finish this set.

I don’t have it straight on Patsy’s shoulders so it looks a little bit crooked.

Patsy is wondering what else is going to come with this set… hmmmm…. I guess she’ll find out pretty soon… :o)

Well this was short and sweet…

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne


  1. You’ve probably made the changes and I can’t see this in real life like you can, but I like the embellishment. It makes the dress look more Thanksgiving-y than fall-casual, and you may like it better when you see it Tuesday morning. It will be interesting to see how other people think, and it will be interesting to see your plans for a revision.

    Today we may see sunshine after 3 days of rain and low temperatures. The leaves should begin turning any minute now to match Patsy’s dress.

    • Hi Marilyn,
      I have already made the changes and still kept the same colors but just removed some of the gold beads. Seriously, in person they were just too flashy for the dress.
      I just finished Patsy’s hat and would love to get this listed tonight! We’ll see…
      Thanks Marilyn,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  2. Jeanne, I’m not sure what the colors are of the beads around the orange ones, but on my monitor, they look green, a soft, light green. It looks very pretty, but if you say that are gold, maybe that would be too jarring with the dress. Do you mean a metallic gold? Maybe if you tried green beads, it would look better in person, but from what I see, it looks very pretty. I just don’t see any gold beads.

    Oh now I see four green beads at the corners, so maybe that wouldn’t work. Maybe a softer gold bead, not a metallic one, would work. Boy, I’m no help to you! You WILL get it right, I’m sure!

    Hey, Marilyn, send us some cooler temps and RAIN!

    • Hi Linda,
      The seed beads were a shiny glass gold but they were just too bright in person. It looked like a gold button on her dress instead of the look I was hoping for. So I just took some of them off, redid the green leaves and made it a little more subtle. I think it looks much better now. I hope everyone thinks so too.
      Actually the green part, the leaves was done in embroidery floss.
      I’m for some cooler weather too! Can you Fed Ex us some, Marilyn?
      Thanks Linda,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  3. Charlotte A. says:

    I like the beads too but understand that seeing it in person is different than seeing it on a monitor. But can we talk about puffy little sleeves? You do the prettiest puffy little sleeves. They have the perfect about of poof.
    Marilyn, we would like cooler temps and rain too! Record setting heat and humidity here in Michigan.
    Hope you have a good day.
    Take care.

    • Thank you for the compliments on my poofy sleeves, Charlotte. They are so tiny, sometimes it’s hard to get them even on both sides.
      They just barely fit around the top of my thumb.
      Thank you Charlotte,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  4. I love the embellishments on the waist band. You could make it more simple as you said but it’s also what makes your outfits so special – that extra design or idea – like the icing on the cake.
    Whatever you decide, I know it will be perfect. This dress is just beautiful.

    • Hi Paula,
      I just took off some of the gold beads and made the green a little bit more full with the embroidery floss so it’s almost the same but not quite so flashy.
      Thank you for your sweet compliments on the dress set. It’s almost done and I’m hoping to get it listed tonight.
      Thanks Paula,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  5. Dress is coming along, and Patsy looks quite pleased. Just to throw another monkey into the works, I’m not a fan of orange. So, I’d probably remove the orange large bead and go with some more greens, maybe some pearl, brown, and use a more golden solid color bead instead of the current ones. I can see in one enlarged photo that they appear to be clear gold beads with a metallic center? If you go with orange for an accent, perhaps just a tiny sized bead. However you decide to change the trim shouldn’t really matter as this dress is lovely, and I’m sure it will be a great seller.
    Since Patsy is going for a walk through the leaves, maybe just a simple ribbon in her hair and a basket for picking up some fallen leaves for decorating a wreath at home.
    Thought about your mom last night. How’s everything going?

    • Hi Joy,
      Actually that bead that’s in the center is a darkish red that Rebecca found for me from her stash and it goes really well with the fabric in person. So if it looked orange on your monitor, it really isn’t orange.
      Oh, no hair ribbon for this set…Patsy got a new straw hat…a two tone one, no less!!!

      My mom is doing okay, still living at her house, and we are just waiting for her to decide on some things. She was sorting through some things yesterday so that might be a good start!
      Thanks for,asking…
      Blessings, Jeanne

  6. The lace is darling with that print and just the right size too! Charlotte said what I was thinking …those puffy sleeves are just perfect! Patsy is so freaky cute, nice size and good expression. I was just working on the crazing on an original compo Patsy this week and she always just seems happy! She seemed even happier when her crazing disappeared :0)
    Looking forward to seeing this one “all finished”

    • HI Kathie,
      I just scheduled Patsy’s dress to go on Ebay tonight and as I was looking at my pictures, I realized on several pictures, one sleeve was puffed up and one was out flat… *sigh* It’s too late to fix now, but I should have caught that in my pictures… Oh well… thanks for your sweet compliments.
      When you get your Compo Patsy fixed, send me a picture and I’ll share it with everyone.. I know there are still ladies who don’t know you repair them…
      Thanks Kathie,
      Blessings, Jeanne

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