Thanksgiving #1 with our Columbian friends…

Well, I survived Day 1 of our Thanksgiving feasts… and what a feast we had! We decided to have Thanksgiving 2 days in a row… on Wednesday we had our kids and Edgar, Alba and Sara (from Columbia) for a Thanksgiving dinner. I was in the kitchen most of the day and took just a few shots of what I was doing… Here’s the Corn Casserole…

Alba got dibs on the leftovers… (she was quite thrilled!!!)

Next is the Sweet Potato Souffle…

Kristoffer said “his name” was on the leftovers of it…

I made about 5-6 dozen chocolate chip cookies…

I remembered to take a picture of my table while it was all pretty…not fancy, but pretty… I found my tablecloth at Bed Bath and Beyond back in the summer in the clearance tablecloths…it had been $29.99…and I snagged it for $4.99. It’s really nice! JEANNE SCORES BIG!!!

Kristoffer brought over a homemade Red Velvet cake for dessert and it was wonderful!

My hubby and Alba rinsed the dishes for me…

…so it wasn’t too much work to get finished. I guess we should have taken a group picture, but we were too busy visiting… we talked about everything from the difference between lima beans and butter beans, how pretty Rebecca’s red hair was, which led us to talking about how fast each of our hair grew in a month, then we discussed recipe differences between the US and Columbia, we talked about them going back for a visit to Columbia in a few weeks… (it’s been 3 years since they’ve seen their family) and then Edgar had a fun time taking selfies with Reuben… it was non stop chatter for several hours… and I enjoyed every minute of it!

We’ll have our friends, Jean and Bithar and their 4 kids from Haiti over Thursday…

I’m ready… for Thanksgiving Day #2…Can you believe it? Nothing got spilled on my new tablelcloth!!! :o)

A dear friend, Leann, brought me this sweet wall hanging a few weeks ago…

It really says it all. I am blessed by SO many friends…ones who share meals with me and ones who share “coffee” with me in the mornings! I am thankful for you all!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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~ Christmas Snowflakes ~ Excuses for not getting it finished…

You’ll probably look at this dress and think, “that’s all she has finished on it?” But I have an excuse, and a good one too… I was rescuing a guinea pig from a young girls science class so he didn’t have to spend Thanksgiving break all alone! Now, isn’t that about the best excuse you’ve ever heard… and it’s TRUE too! Peanut, the guinea pig at Sara’s (my little Columbian friend) school, needed to be taken home by some student so he could be cared for over break… well, guess who volunteered? Yep, Sara… She couldn’t bring him home on the bus because the cage was too big, so her mom called me and asked if I could pick Sara up and bring Peanut and her home. After all, it’s not every day you get to transport a guinea pig, is it? So that was my first excuse for not getting more sewing done…

My second excuse was I was helping my hubby with his sawzall… he was trying to replace the switch and needed another hand. Can you tell what this means?

Me neither… (that’s a diagram of all the wires he was replacing)… so I was mostly there for “moral support” and “holding the flashlight” which is a VERY important job! :o)

My third excuse was we decided this morning that it just wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without friends coming over, so Wednesday evening (because my kids were off then) we are having them and Edgar, Alba and Sara over for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner… I was in the kitchen most of the day and probably will be tomorrow too… We are having Jean and Bithar over on Thursday for a Thanksgiving Dinner. I was doing things in double batches today… I made 2 double batches of corn casserole, and 2 Sweet Potato Souffles, plus did some prepping for tomorrow. This is my menu… Turkey, Corn Casserole (their favorite!) Sweet Potato Souffle, Green Beans, Company potatoes, Salad, Rolls, Kristoffer is making a Red Velvet cake and I’m going to try and make some cookies (in my spare time)… :o)

My fourth excuse was I had a zillion dishes to do from all the cooking I did… that took me quite a while.

Well, I guess you’d probably like to see some pictures now, wouldn’t you? I have the basic part of the dress all finished, it’s hand hemmed, and the snaps and buttons are sewn on the back.

I received the sweetest , daintiest, most delicate and sheer piece of embroidered batiste, (that I think must have come off a child’s dress), from Kathie a while back. I have wanted to use it on something special and I think Lian’s dress might be “it.” I haven’t cut it the right length because I wanted to make sure I was going to use it… before cutting into such a special piece of fabric. I think I’m going to make a sweet little pinafore for Lian’s dress. Then I’m thinking of having a separate lace belt that can be worn if the pinafore isn’t worn… just a thought…

Here’s one last look… I’m loving this color on Lian. Marilyn said something in her comments about Cranberries and Snowflakes…and as soon as I saw that I liked it, but I wouldn’t have enough spaces in my title on Ebay to include “Christmas” and “Red” (which needs to be added when someone is searching), so I just changed the Cranberries to Christmas… I think it works…

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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My first Christmas dress of the season…

Well, sort of….it’s not entirely finished…actually, hardly started, but it’s going to be a sweet looking dress.

There were several things that kept me busy today, so sorry I never made it to your comments. It sounds like everyone is going to have a wonderful time whether they go anywhere or stay home. I love your traditions and the special things you all share with your families…thanks so much for sharing!

I guess you can see I got my computer fixed!!! I tried calling my satellite company and never could get through…so “who ya gonna call???” Kristoffer…that’s who!!! He helped me over the phone and I got back online!!! That son of ours is quite talented!!!

Would you like to see a few pictures of the first Christmas dress of the season? I asked who wanted the first Christmas dress and everyone shouted, “I do, I do,” but Lian just had a look on her face that won me over…it also helped that she looks so adorable in red!

I only have the dress cut out and the bodice and sleeves worked on. It’s pinned together but I hope you like it! I’ve had this snowflake fabric for a little while and think it’s so pretty. I was wondering who might end up with it… :o)

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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A few Thanksgiving questions…

Please note*****
Charlotte Trayer brought something to my attention and I wanted to make it clear on here. She was reading the printed out recipe for the Sweet Potato Souffle I showed a few days ago, and noticed the 2nd to last line said “mix until mealy.” Actually that means the pecan and brown sugar mixture. That line should have come right after it said “mix all topping ingredients until mealy, and then sprinkle over sweet potato mixture.
The topping is sprinkled just on top and not mixed in with the sweet potatoes… I’ve been making this for years and never noticed that line. Just follow my pictures…

Something happened to my satellite internet service Saturday morning and we haven’t been able to get connected. I’m writing this on my phone, but I’m not able to do anything else.
I’ll call Monday morning to see what is going on, and hopefully it will be a quick fix, but in the meantime I’m just going to have to ask you a few questions.

So everyone, fill us in if you want… here are a few questions to get you thinking…

Are you going somewhere for Thanksgiving?

Who thinks they are traveling the farthest?

Do you have any Thanksgiving traditions?

Do you watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade?

Who has their dolls dressed up in “Thanksgiving Attire?”

Can you recall a favorite Thanksgiving?

Well, that should be enough questions to keep you busy….
I hope things are back to normal on my end Tuesday morning…

See you then,
Blessings, Jeanne

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