Answers to your questions and comments…

A few days I was out of town and didn’t get your comments answered… I can’t always get to them, but wanted to on this day because there was some discussion about things I wanted to answer… The post was this one… It’s Time to Play Catch Up… I decided some answers were needed…

Charlotte ~ I’d like to see the bobbin lace making in person and I bet I’d be awestruck… that is unbelievable how she can remember which thread goes where… I was totally impressed.

Marilyn ~ It’s funny, but Little Bit IS and ALWAYS WAS the loudest chirper in the whole bunch!

Linda ~ We found 4 baby chicks in a big galvanized tub at our local farm store. The guy in charge had no idea what breed the chicks were but for, (I think) $2.69 apiece, my hubby decided to take a chance. They may have just been all the odd balls left and thrown in one tub…

Susette ~ About Max… it’s a good thing to have a dog that doesn’t have bad breath! I remember when you told me about Max chewing off Ten Pings arm… I’m like you; if Max is a Mini Golden Doodle, I can’t imagine a full sized Golden Doodle!!!
A larger yard means more work than a smaller one like you have… or maybe not! You can create works of art in yours!!! :o) We can just have shorter grass!

Charlotte A ~ We’ve had tomato plants that were as tall or taller than my 6’4″ hubby before! :o)

Joy ~ The hens will start laying eggs at about 5-6 months, so we have a few months to go. I did take some pictures at the Antique Mall we stopped at and will share them soon.

Paula ~ We hope the chicks are all hens…but a few roosters may be in the mix… we should know soon. Too bad for them… :o(
While we were gone, Rebecca said she saw a hummingbird out in my flowers, so I hurried and hung my feeder up for them. I did see one hummingbird at the feeder, but just one. I may take it down and change the water in it… maybe it tastes funny or something. They should have flocked to it by now…

Anne ~ We have 11 big hens in one pen and 12 smaller hens in the back of the shed with a separate pen. George says it’s just about time to thin them out so he’ll be picking his favorites and selling the rest at a swap meet.
Our “Botanical Gardens” needs to be mowed very badly! We have lots of white clover flowers everywhere!

Kathie ~ No, we didn’t order the chicks from a hatchery this year like we usually do… they came from a local farm store. The first 4 we knew what they were, but the rest were anybody’s guess. As far as that mulberry tree goes… I seriously think every year he’s cut it back too far, but it still manages to leaf out like it did this year and proved me wrong again.

Laura ~ Oh, your poor, poor Yorkies… being dressed up and having to prance around for you and your sister…where are the video cameras when we need one? Little Bit IS the smallest Banty hen my hubby says he’s ever seen. They tend to run on the small side, but not usually this small.

Ingrid ~ Thank you for your sweet words about tears and laughter. We did have both on this trip and some since we’ve been home.

Linda ~ I’m having all kinds of fireworks out my window tonight. I bet you are too! Our tomatoes were Early Girl, Big Boy and a bush one that I can’t remember the name of, and then the cherry tomato plant. I guess you DO love tomatoes!!! That’s the way George is…he could eat them at every meal!

Marilyn ~ One of Larry’s sons put together a slide show of his dad, with 2 of his favorite songs, and it was shown at the service. When we all got back to Gloria’s house, everyone wanted to watch it again. This time Zach was there at the computer and could stop and start it at the click of a button. We could watch a picture or two and then stop it so Gloria could tell us where it was taken and what they were doing. It was hard to watch again, but we all sat there glued to the TV.

Anne ~ I don’t take the wigs off of my shorter haired dolls, like Lian and Ten Ping, but I do change my wigs often on Janie. When she is getting a new dress made, I try on the wig to make sure it’s the one I want to use with the outfit, but then I take it off during the trying on period. When I get closer to it being done, I put it back on.
You can sort of part the hair down the back and move it out of the way to snap or button the dress. I’ve never made or bought anything for my girls that went over their heads. You can also leave the wig on but turn the dolls head to the side or all the way around so the hair is hanging down her chest area. This way it’s out of your way for snapping or buttoning your dress.

I also use Nexcare (I think that’s the name of it…) tape…sort of a flesh colored, stick to itself adhesive tape that I wrap around Nyssa’s head to help hold on her wigs. Just wrap it above her forehead and above her ears. It helps keep a wig in place. I like Monique Gold wigs too… actually any synthetic mohair wig is my favorite. I’ve bought from Monique, Kemper, and Jpop. I do have a lot of wigs, but the synthetic mohair ones feel the nicest and have the best look to me.

Another site I use for wigs is Audrey’s doll gallery. Here is a link to her business… Audrey’s She offers wigs from Monique, including the Gold Collection and she offers Kemper wigs… I’ve bought both. I like to find a wig and then search for it on the doll I’m thinking about getting it for. I’ve had pretty good success with just finding no-name wigs on Ebay and restyling them. I know everyone doesn’t feel comfortable doing that, but I’ve gotten some cute wigs that way for really low prices.

I haven’t checked out the boneka shoes site yet, but I have a couple of boneka shoes and they ARE really nice.

Okay, I don’t like to do a post without a picture, so I went outside and took a few pictures of my dinner plate hibiscus.. it just began blooming and looks so pretty, and YES, those flowers are as big as my dinner plates…

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Linda D. says:

    So nice to catch up on things, isn’t it Jeanne? I bet you had lots to do, both you and George when you got back home. And unpacking———-ugh! I do appreciate you taking the time out to answer us, with all the other things you have in store this week.

    I too, have a family video that my sister put together from various home movies that my father took of all of us through the years, and it’s so good to watch that every now and then and to see once again all the people in the family who are no longer with us. It seems like I spent time with them while watching, and brings them back.

    Gosh, those hibiscus flowers are really something! Right now I have lots of lilies all over in my yard, and maybe I will send a few pictures of them. They keep me busy picking off the previous day’s flowers, but I enjoy being out there with them!! It’s nice just getting outside and “talking” to the flowers!!

    • Jeanne W says:

      HI Linda,
      Yes, it is nice to be caught up… well, almost… I have a few emails that I need to catch up on, and then I’ll be done… for now, at least.
      I have a million things to do this week, and what did I do? I went to town, looking for more things for the baby shower… and then I went to the old Thrift store here in town… it was fun to just “shop” and not “have” to do anything… George is in working at the church, so I decided to take the morning off and do something fun for me. :o)

      I got your lily pictures and will probably share them.. they are just too pretty not to!
      I need to go dead head my hibiscus too… I should have done that before I took that picture of them. Did you get the nice rain that we got this afternoon? I got caught in it in town, but it was okay… I didn’t mind…
      Thanks Linda,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  2. Charlotte A. says:

    You have such a pretty yard! The hibiscus are just beautiful! I’ve never seen such large ones before. They’re just amazing. You must tend your plants very well to have such beautiful and large ones.
    Hope you have a good day.
    Take care.

    • Jeanne W says:

      HI Charlotte,
      I love the hibiscus flowers too but I actually don’t do anything to them. Each year they come up like they did the year before and each year they look the same… I love the color of them.
      We got a nice long rain shower this morning so things will grow like crazy in the next day or two. Right now everything looks so green!
      My day has been good so far… hope yours has been too!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  3. Just the other day, my husband and I were talking about being a good listener. You, Jeanne, surely carry that trait. How very thoughtful of you to answer the questions and comments of those who left them for you while you were away. Thanks for being our friend with that wonderful trait.


    • Jeanne W says:

      HI Becky,
      Awww…what a nice thing to say… I love a good listener and glad you think I’m one of them! I’m not a big talker most of the time, but if you get me started on dolls or fabrics or something related to that, I might talk a bit too much! I have to reign in it a bit sometimes, or I’d bore some people to pieces…
      I’m glad to be your friend and glad you’re in my friendship circle too!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  4. I second what Becky said. You are such a good friend to all of us girls. That was sweet of you to answer our questions.
    Your chicken’s are just so interesting. I’m guessing when the roosters are discovered in the group, they pack their bags and head on down the road.
    In mentioning doll wigs, what few I have used in customizing, I’m not gluing them on. It’s so hard for me to take the original wigs off, that I don’t want to glue on the new wigs. The new wigs stay on pretty well.
    I have several pictures to send because I want you to see the doll I just changed wigs on and pictures of my doll room as it is pretty much finished. Have a great day!

    • Jeanne W says:

      HI Paula,
      Yep, you’ve got the rooster thing right… pack their bags and head off to someone else’s place… it’s been done before and we’ll maybe have to do it again…
      I can’t wait to see your new wigs on the dolls you’ve changed out… I’ve never done that, but might like to give it a try. We want to see pictures of your doll room too!!!!

      I keep hoping to find an old beat up American Girl doll somewhere like a yard sale or thrift shop and I’d like to try an eye swap… have you ever done that?

      Well, I better get on with my day… lots to do…
      Thanks for your thoughts Paula,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  5. All I can say is “WOW! Those dinner plate hibiscus are simply amazing. Your last photo is magazine worthy.

    • Jeanne W says:

      HI Joy,
      I don’t know how old the hibiscus plant is… it was here when we moved in 13 years ago and has come up every year since… It truly is a pretty sight to see in person… and it’s amazing just how big those blossoms are!
      Thanks so much for your nice compliments …”on something I have nothing to do with!”
      Blessings, Jeanne

  6. Anne Johnson says:

    It’s so like you to take the time to answer all our questions and comments, Jeanne. Robert Frost said, “Be the friend you want to have,” and you certainly are a good one! Thank you for your replies, and thank you to all the ladies who responded about the doll wigs. I appreciate all the information and have written everything down for future reference. As a new LD mommy, I’m glad to have help with the details!

    Your “Dinner Plate” hibiscus blooms are stunning, Jeanne, and a fitting symbol of the way you grow God’s love in your life. Just beautiful! Blessings for Wednesday.

    • Jeanne W says:

      HI Anne,
      The way I see it, if YOU ALL take time to write to me, I should certainly take time to at least acknowledge your comments. I love the friendships I have made on here… it makes each day a little brighter when I hear from everyone!
      I just love that hibiscus and would cry if for some reason it didn’t come up one year. I wish it lasted longer than it does, but I certainly enjoy it while it’s colorful…
      Happy Wednesday to you too, Anne,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  7. It is so sweet of you to answer comments that you missed even while you were away. Such dedication to all the friends here. The Yorkies really enjoyed it. They are dogs that thrive on attention. Just to clarify, it was the Yorkies that belonged to my daughter and me. I am an only child and sadly my daughter is also. I think pets took the place of siblings when we were children and didn’t have a playmate over on a given day. Our beautiful Collie/Samoyed/ Keeshond mix also enjoyed participating in my daughter’s play. She just got to avoid wearing clothing other than hair bows and necklaces.
    Your hibiscus is just beautiful. What a lovely yard you have. I bet you use your gazebo all summer long and into the fall. My grandmother raised dahlias that grew as big as dinner plates as well. Both she and my grandfather had the greenest thumbs. They could grow anything inside or out and it thrived.

    • Jeanne W says:

      HI Laura,
      Oops, I almost went back to see if it was for sure your sister, but didn’t… I guess I should have. You and your daugther’s Yorkies…got it now! My brother had 2 Yorkies… Lucy and Tinker and he LOVED those dogs! You are so right about them loving attention. Tinker loved to be brushed and would just melt into a puddle when you brushed him.

      We were told the property that our house is on, used to be an orchard… years and years and years ago, and I think it must have good soil everywhere, because we don’t have much trouble growing things here. I can’t say I have the green thumb but my hubby certainly knows his way around the yard plants very well.
      Thanks Laura,
      Blessings, Jeanne

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