Woohoo…2 packages in the mail…

I’m sure I’m just like you when it comes to getting a package in the mail. You can hardly wait to get back into the house to rip open the package/box and see if what you ordered is as wonderful as it appeared on Ebay or wherever you got it from. Or sometimes you don’t even wait until you’re through the front door before it’s ripped open. I got 2 packages…What was the first one? Vintage Eyelet cotton lace from my sister in PA! 5 yards! It shows some stains on the outside parts, but the inside is nice and clean. I will definitely be using this!



What was in the second one? Ultrasuede. I know, I have that raspberry colored dress I found at the Thrift shop that I can cut up and I have some little pieces that Kathie sent me and I found a big piece at the church yard sale, that’s a sort of pale sea foam/gray green, but these were just such pretty colors and it had PINK in the lot! I HAD TO BUY IT! It was a very reasonable lot and I’m surprised I wasn’t outbid. Some of these pieces are large enough to make larger shoes, or vests or hats…that’s what I want to try after I get the shoes perfected…hats!



The long skinny pieces are the perfect width to use with the pattern I drafted for Ten Ping’s shoes.


This is what I’m talking about…


(You can see the post I did on making Ten Ping’s shoes HERE.)

I couldn’t resist pulling a few folds of fabric and matching them up with the ultrasuede. They are a perfect match in person. So I’ll add these fabric scraps to my already large fabric stash… Oooooo, this is going to be fun! Shoes, hats, vests, belts, purses…



See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Jane MIller says:

    The yellowing on the vintage lace might come out if you soak it in Efferdent denture tablets. We use them at our church for removing stains on our white linens. Just a thought.

    Love your blog!

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