Another Dolly & Downton Abbey

A few ladies have received dolls lately and I just have to share them with you when they are shared with me. To doll lovers, it’s like a new child has come to live with you! Susette was thrilled to get her notice from Magalie and couldn’t wait for her doll to arrive.

When she arrived she took her own picture and sent it to me. I wanted to share her with you. Let me introduce Riya Ann… a look alike doll in honor of her wonderful granddaughter, Riya! Isn’t she just wonderful?

This is the picture Susette sent Magalie and told her to do her “wonders” with the paint and wig! I think it was a success, as Susette skyped with Riya and when she showed her the doll, Riya said, “She looks just like me!” *smile*

Susette was also fortunate enough to be able to attend a Downton Abbey costume exhibit and she shared these pictures with me. Even if you aren’t a Downton Abbey fan, the details on the clothing is nothing short of stunning and I thought you all might like to see…

This is the museum logo where the exhibit was held. Even the name of the museum is a work of art! M is copper, U is aluminum, Z is filled with succulent cacti, the E with stones, and the O is wood.

I just decided to use the captions for my pictures that Susette sent me, so I would make sure I got them correct. Here’s what she said…

I should have edited this to be closer. Maggie’s dress still has the Edwardian bustle while Cora’s is more “modern.”

Lord and Lady Grantham.

I was kind of morbidly happy to see that the linen couldn’t be ironed completely smooth. I can never get linen to behave. Love how cool it wears but always looks wrinkled.

Detail of the dress pictured below…

Detail of the furry coat…

This was one of Susette’s favorite exhibits…

The necklace is made of Bakelite plastic.

Detail of Edith’s dress.

Here are 2 more close ups…

Well, that’s it for today. I’m going to try my hand at making cupcakes for my little Columbian friend, Sara. Yes, she’s turning 12 and I asked her if she’d like to take some cupcakes to school? She said her school didn’t allow “homemade” treats anymore, but she’d still like some to share with a few friends she is inviting over on Friday. I asked her what kind of cupcakes she’d like and she said “puppy” ones! Oh dear… I’ll have to see if I can manage that… I could do flowers easily, but pups? Yikes! We’ll see…

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Linda Doyle says:

    Oh, wow, Susette, what a gorgeous doll you have! I mean TWO gorgeous dolls you have! Magalie did a wonderful job of matching Riya, and I love the darling little outfit she is wearing! Did you request that or was that extra?
    Those pictures of the Downton Abbey exhibit are just breathtaking! The close up shots are so sharp and clear, and I wonder just who the dressmakers were that fashioned those lovely creations! Thank you Jeanne and Susette for sharing them!
    I was also thinking, that the picture of Riya could have been taken at the turn of the century! It is so ageless and classic, and she is a beautiful little girl!

    Oh my, Jeanne, puppy cupcakes! I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us to see tomorrow! Be sure to take pictures, and to tell Sara “Happy Birthday”!

  2. Charlotte Trayer says:

    Congratulations, Susette, on your gorgeous new doll!! Riya Ann is just lovely–and looks very much like your granddaughter! (I’m “expecting” a doll from Magalie sometime this year, too!)

    Thanks for sharing the photos of the Downton Abbey exhibit; although I only saw an episode here and there, I did love the costumes!

    How did the cupcake baking go, Jeanne? Did you find some ideas online for puppy cupcakes?

  3. Theresa says:

    Magalie does beautiful work, doesn’t she? When she contacted me a few weeks ago to let me know she was getting close to starting on my doll, I asked if I could change from a #2 sculpt to a #1. She said I could, but she was out of #1s and waiting for a shipment, so it would put my order back a couple of months. Do you know how hard it was for me to say, “Okay, I can wait…” ? But I did, so I’m waiting. Patiently. 🙂

    Love the Downton Abbey costumes! I was a big fan of the show and always marveled at the gorgeous dresses, hats coats, even the nightclothes! Not to mention the shoes, jewelry and other accessories.

    Looking forward to pictures of the pupcakes, Jeanne!

    • I think waiting was a good idea. As I understand, the new shipment has the dolls with the older original arms. Can’t wait to see your girl when she comes.

  4. Charlotte A. says:

    Susette, you have a beautiful granddaughter and new doll. It must be so fun when she actually arrived after waiting for so long.
    Thank you so much for taking and Jeanne for posting the Downton Abbey exhibit photos. I heard about the costume display but it was never close enough to easily go see. As I looked at each picture, I was able to remember the exact scene. Each piece is a work of art. I may just have to re-watch the series.
    Good luck with the puppy cupcakes. I’m sure you will come up with something darling and much appreciated.
    Have a good day.
    Take care.

  5. Wow, thanks for sharing the photos today.
    Magalie’s RiyaAnn is one cute dolly as is the “real” Riya. Can’t wait to see what Susette makes for her to wear.
    The Downton fashions are quite amazing. I wonder who had to sew on all of those beads?
    Know you will come through on the pup cupcakes. Me, I’d be here at Nancy’s Fancy’s picking up some cake toppers. Not a creative cake bone in my body.

    • Jeanne W says:

      HI Joy,
      After being in the kitchen all day, I’m ready for Nancy’s Fancy’s myself… maybe next time!

  6. Suzette, your doll is beautiful. And so is your adorable granddaughter. Riya is a beautiful little girl. What two special dolls you have!
    Also, Jeanne and Suzette, thank you for sharing the Downton Abby outfits. They are truly masterpieces of art. I enjoyed that series as well but often wondered two things: As an actress, what must that have been like getting to wear those clothes and the second thought was, how much did they cost to make? It would be hard to turn the outfit back in to Wardrobe. ha ha.
    LD girls: I’ve joined the group of getting a LD myself. I’m at the stage of waiting for Magalie to order one for me!!
    I just realized in looking at Magalie’s name, how similar my AMG Cecile’s name is to Magalie’s first name; my Cecile had been re-named Mademoiselle Marjolie Duveau. And Marjolie just loves to share Jeanne Marie’s Civil War outfits with the other Civil War girls I have !! ; )

  7. Congratulations, Susette!! You LD is a perfect replica of Riya and she’s just beautiful, definitely worth the wait. I agree Riya’s outfit looks very old-fashioned because she’s wearing white. We got portraits done once in sepia tone and I loved that effect as well.
    Oh, the Downton Abbey clothing is just stunning and very timely for me. Since the first time around I had to wait for each season to be released on DVD and then wait for the library hold I just went through the entire series back to back and actually finished the last episode last night. Some of the flapper and 1920’s clothes I don’t care for, but I love the Titanic wear at the beginning as well as the cloche hats, gloves and parasol that are seen sprinkled throughout. I’m a little surprised with the following the show had that a bit of those fashions haven’t made a comeback. Edith’s teal cloche hat is one of my favorites and her wedding gown is very similar to the one my great aunt got married in.
    Puppy cupcakes are cute. You can make the ears out of rolled tootsie rolls. A site that has sweet ones is Hungry Happenings. She even offers wrappers to download. I found her by accident while looking for something a while back.

    • Jeanne W says:

      I looked at the website you mentioned… Hungry Happenings… now she knows what she’s doing…unlike “someone” I know!

  8. Thanks for the kind compliments on both of my dolls. I have made some outfits for Riya’s dolls. I discover something new I need to learn with every sewing post Jeanne does. Magalie’s talents are amazing both as a doll painter and as a seamstress. I had the little top off the doll and was inspecting the construction moments after receiving her. I’ve never seen such tiny stitches. I feel so fortunate to have found out about the dolls and been able to adopt one. Thanks to Jeanne and all the ladies who contribute to the blog. Congratulations to anyone who is “expecting” or already has one of the dolls.

    So glad Jeanne posted the pictures of the beautiful exhibit. I may have to go again. I think a lot of the beading came from France. They are truly works of art. I’ll pay better attention to the guide’s talk next time I go and report back.

    Can’t wait to see the cupcakes. I’ve enjoyed all of your baking posts, especially the one with the ducks in the pool. Have I got that right?

    • How funny Susette. I too had that top off of my LD right after she arrived to inspect the workmanship. 🙂

  9. The real Riya wins the cuteness contest, but the doll Riya comes in a close second. Susette will be happy forever that she did this for herself and Riya.

    The Downton clothes are completely lovely. I have heard that some are authentic. It must have been an honor to wear them. I love that Susette calls Cora, Cora, but Violet is Maggie — I think a lot of us do that. Maggie Smith has achieved a top level of fame. English actors (the male sort) must feel they’ve reached some level of achievement when they begin to feel at home in WWI uniforms — a confirmation by historical costume. I have heard rumors that there might be a Downton movie. Wouldn’t that be nice for their many, many fans — the story would continue. As long as Violet doesn’t die and she and Isobel keep their houses, I’ll be happy.

    Have you googled “puppy cupcakes”? There are lots of ideas. I was surprised. Don’t forget to take pictures.

    • Jeanne W says:

      HI Marilyn,
      Oh I took pictures alright… probably too many. But you’ll see them tomorrow…and YES, I did google puppy cupcakes and Pinterest too! Lots of talented people out there…

  10. Shara Smith says:

    Lovely photos of Magalie’s doll.. congratulations!!
    Love the DA photos… so stunning:)
    Jeanne, how does one post photos here?

    • Jeanne W says:

      Hi Shara,
      Actually I am the only one who can post pictures on my site, but you can send me a picture and I can post it…that’s how everyone gets pictures on here. If you know how, you can post a link on your comments… hope that helps…
      Blessings, Jeanne

  11. Anne Johnson says:

    Warmest congratulations to you, Susette, on your new Little Darling doll! With her beautiful dark hair and big brown eyes, she is a wonderful likeness of your granddaughter. How sweet that Riya recognizes her likeness! Riya is indeed a beauty, and your real, live Little Darling, I’m sure! I wonder if you will be sewing matching dresses for your two “little dolls?” Thanks to Jeanne’s blog ( ;o) ), I, too, succumbed to temptation and finally ordered my first LD doll. I recently received notice from Magalie that she would be painting her soon, and I expect to receive her by May.

    The Downton Abbey exhibit is fantastic, and reminds me a little bit of the clothing from the Titanic exhibit we attended here at COSI in Columbus a few years ago. I’ve always been fascinated with period clothing, and Susette’s pictures give me another chance to study them in detail. Brooks Brothers did a Great Gatsby line not long ago, and my son bought the most beautiful white linen suit. (Fortunately, the dry cleaner does the pressing!). There are other merchandisers that have Downton Abbey inspired clothing, including Macy’s. Like Jeanne’s clothing, it’s the details that make the garments so special. Thank you to Susette for sharing
    her pictures, and thanks to you, Jeanne, for posting them. You always give us something good and lovely on which to fix our thoughts each day!

    • Hi Anne,
      We also went to the Titanic exhibit at COSI. It was fascinating seeing the artifacts and the replicas of the staterooms and the Grand staircase. How I wish some of those elegant clothing styles would come back in vogue. I love period clothing as well.

    • Oh a May LD! How fun. Hope you share her picture when she arrives with Jeanne. So fun seeing the dollies.

    • Jeanne W says:

      HI Anne,
      I’m so glad you enjoyed the “exhibit” today! Thanks to Susette this time!
      I can’t wait for you to receive your little Darling…

  12. Linda Doyle says:

    Oh my goodness, they have a wonderful Titanic exhibit in Branson, Laura, with the ship and all. I’m sure Jeanne has seen it. I have never gone into the exhibit, I am not a fan of ships on water, and wonder if I will panic on it! LOL They do have a replica of the Grand Staircase and the people running it are dressed in period costumes, much like what you saw on Downton Abbey..

    • Oh, that’s neat, Linda. I do hope we can get to Branson sometime as there are obviously many, many things to see. I’m the opposite I love being near or on the water. We used to go most every year to Mackinac Island and you rode the ferry over. We have a reservoir about 20-25 minutes away complete with seagulls. It’s fun to picnic there and gives me my water “fix”.
      We also were gifted a trip on the Delta Queen back in 1988 and I loved being on that paddle wheeler and hearing the calliope play. It was like being on Show Boat. I would LOVE to work or volunteer someplace that would allow me to dress in period attire.

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