An Easter Bonnet is born….

Last night we had that storm go through and it kept me awake up until the wee hours of the morning… and what do you think I was thinking about as I lay there in bed? Bonnets… yep, Easter bonnets. I had looked at a few before I went to bed and my mind just could not turn off so I must have visualized a hundred different bonnets in my head…
When I woke up this morning, I had an idea of how I was going to make mine… I used one of those “too-small-for-the-American-Girl-dolls-straw-hats” that my sister had sent me and I snipped off the back side of it. It made it fit more to the back of Eden’s head. I used a piece of sheer ribbon to bind the edge and then continued it on for the side ties.

I then stitched a piece of ruffled lace to the outside brim of the hat and glued a piece of pretty green velvet ribbon to the inside brim. I received the rick rack in the mail this week, tied around a gift, and it was just the thing I needed to dress up the inside brim. I also added a few flowers with pearls to glitz it up.

Then it was just a matter of hot gluing flowers here and there on top of a green vine trim I had. It was a pretty fun project to do and Eden was curiously watching the whole time.

I wish I had taken more pictures of her from the side…it’s so cute from the side, with the brim turned up, but my pictures aren’t really 3-D so they can’t capture how it really looks when you see it in person. Here are a few more I just took so you could see how it’s so pretty from the side.

Here is Eden in a full length shot and a half shot…

Okay, so do you want to see the listing on Ebay? You can click HERE or you can click on the picture at the top of the right side bar.

I hope you’ll check out Eden’s dress!

I also hope you’ll come back tomorrow…I have another doll to share with you and more… :o)

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Susette says:

    The little hat is pure genius. Not only is it beautiful, but you found a way to use the hats that would have been too small without your creative solution to the problem. You had me looking up the Goddess of Creativity before commenting, and there actually is one. She is Indian. I’ll leave it to those who are interested to Goggle the Goddess of Creativity. I’m realizing what a difference the headpieces make to balancing the whole look of an outfit. I learn something new with every post and decorated a hat myself to go with an outfit I’m finishing right now. Big difference. Thanks once again for your constant inspiration, even if it has to come in the middle of the night. Genius!

    • Jeanne W says:

      HI Susette,
      I’m glad you think the bonnet is a bit genius… it’s not really… just stuff I had around here and used up…something like maybe YOU would do! I think!
      I was originally planning to do a flat sort of lacy hat something like my Addy bonnets, but I saw so many little 50’s hats that had that turned up brim and I just had to go with it!
      The Goddess of Creativity? You crack me up, Susette! It appears there are several Goddesses of creativity… how about that one… Sisterhood of the Silver Branch? It looks like there is someone creative in every line through history!
      I’m glad you were inspired by my bonnet to make a hat for one of your girls! That’s what I’m here for…inspiration!
      Thanks Susette,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  2. Charlotte A. says:

    Your Easter bonnet is so perfect, I can’t even remember the outfit without it! Each little element blends together so well to make a perfect little work of art. The only problem I see with the whole outfit is that there are so many pretty parts, I don’t know where to look first! I agree with Susette regarding your creativity. I’m sorry you lost some sleep but the result was simply precious.
    It is a blustery day here. Hope you have a good day where you are.
    Take care.

    • Jeanne W says:

      HI Charlotte,
      You are too kind with your compliments on Eden’s dress set. I’m so happy you like it that much!
      I enjoyed looking at the bonnets so much, it was worth missing some sleep for it!
      Thank you again,
      We have a nice sunny day, a bit breezy, but it’s supposed to be ice and possibly snow on Saturday! :o( :o(
      Blessings, Jeanne

  3. Linda Doyle says:

    Trying again for the second time! I wrote my comment, then when trying to post it, I get a screen that says “This Page is Not Available”, then poof!, my comment is gone! So here we go again!

    I can’t believe it, but that darling little bonnet is almost like one I wore in the 40’s! It was a half bonnet too, but was natural straw colored, and had a navy ribbon with little strawberries and blossoms on a navy ribbon around the brim. I still remember wearing it, but not so fond of the elastic piece that went under my chin! But you did a wonderful job with that little hat, and it even was in the same pink family as the dress!! Bonnets, purses, slips, gloves!!! You do it all, Jeanne! I thought that maybe Susette was going to say that she found your name under Goddess of Creativity on Google!!!

    I love the way the whole outfit looks, so sweet, and ready for church! Any little girl would love that outfit for herself, made just like her dolly’s.

    Betsy’s dress has to wait a bit before getting finished. Too much going on today, but I am in total admiration of you, after trying to sew ONE dress, that isn’t even difficult! The things that happen!!! Plus, you do things at night too, and I was making more mistakes than anything due to it being night. I’m a morning person!!

    • Jeanne W says:

      HI Linda,
      I have been having trouble with my computer too… it just goes off right in the middle of whatever I’m writing. I hope it’s not getting ready to crash or something. So I’ve been pulling up a page to write on… in Notepad and typing it out here first..then if it goes off it’s at least saved as a draft. Then I copy and paste it to the comments section. It’s frustrating… I know!

      I remember those elastic cords under the chin too…ouch! I can’t believe cutting the back off the hat, opening it up and sort of spreading it out worked… I’m just glad it did!
      That was too funny when you said you thought when Susette looked up Goddess of Creativity she’d found my name there. Oh Linda… that really made me smile! I might not be the Goddess of Creativity, but my Goodness, I do have lots of Creativity in my fingers! I love to make things and I hope it shows!

      Thanks so much for all your sweet compliments Linda! It blesses my heart so much to know that people actually like to look at my things. I’m so happy that the Lord blessed me with the talent and gift of sewing and creating things…

      Blessings, Jeanne

  4. This outfit is stunning in every way, Jeanne. I have no doubt that you enjoyed dressing up your Rebecca when she was younger. Thanks for sharing these lovely steps and completion with us.


    • Jeanne W says:

      HI Becky,
      Oh, my goodness, gracious, yes, I had fun dressing up Rebecca when she was little. I sewed for her almost every day and I’m sure she had more dresses than any little girl in town. I just ran into a lady yesterday who recognized me from when I used to sell little girls dresses at my local Farmer’s Market. She told me she still had the dresses she bought for her little girl and just can’t get rid of them. That was over 11 years ago that I sold there!
      It is my pleasure to share what I do with everyone and I’m so happy that people even take a second glance at them…. What a wonderful gift it is to know how to sew…
      Thanks Becky,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  5. All ready to celebrate Easter. Love this.
    Just thinking, how’s Rebecca doing with the job?

    • Jeanne W says:

      HI Joy,
      Thanks for liking the dress. I don’t know who is next… something Eastery though.. I guess I should have squeezed in a St. Patrick’s day dress or two…
      Rebecca is doing well at her job. I think she likes it… she is tired when she comes home in the evenings. She goes to a Crossfit gym at 8:30 in the mornings and then goes to work from there, after taking a shower. She works at the hospital till 7:30 each night and gets 4 days off in a 14 day period…She’s making enough money that she wants to save up for a newer car…
      Thanks for asking, Joy,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  6. Eden looks absolutely beautiful in her Easter finery. That was an ingenious idea for the bonnet. It certainly has all the frills on it. It look super sweet from a side view. With her purse, bonnet, sock and gloves, Eden is perfectly outfitted for church and then Easter dinner with family. You are certainly making dresses at a fast clip this year. I believe Eden’s is number 7! I think the only era I haven’t seen in a while is Victorian/Edwardian and lovely Kirsten’s pioneer styles.

    • Jeanne W says:

      HI Laura,
      Thank you so much for your sweet thoughts on Eden’s new Easter dress. It would make the perfect little girls church dress, wouldn’t it? It brings back memories of my mom and us girls sewing “all night” long on our Easter dresses. I don’t know why we always did that, but we did!
      I do need to make a Victorian?Edwardian dress soon. I have some fun new laces from Cindy and they would be good to use. Kirsten too! Thanks Laura,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  7. Anne Johnson says:

    This is the most endearing little Easter bonnet ever, Jeanne! It completes Eden’s “Easter Charm” outfit perfectly. All the trimmings work together so well, and the embellishment inside the brim is such a sweet surprise, just the kind of extra special touch we’ve come to expect with a Jeanne Marie Original! This charming ensemble recalls the halcyon days of childhood and the pleasures of dressing for special occasions. Thank you for sharing your artistry with us, Jeanne, and thank you for the beautiful memories. I look forward to your next creation!

    • Jeanne W says:

      HI Anne,
      I’m so happy you like Eden’s Easter dress set. It really was a fun one to work on. I had a really great time making her bonnet, once I figured out what style I was going to make! Yes, I LOVE that velvet rick rack… it was the perfect touch and the perfect color too!
      The whole set does evoke a sort of bygone time from the past doesn’t it? I miss those days when little girls ALWAYS were dressed up like this for Easter!
      Thank you for always being so kind to me with your compliments!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  8. This has to be one of my very favorite dresses. Love roses, pink, and the hat just finishes it off perfectly! Is the fabric polished cotton? Your trims are perfect with the style .
    Is anything sweeter than a pretty Easter dress?
    Must be a hat kind of week. Be looking for a green treat this week🤔

    • Jeanne W says:

      Hi Kathie,
      I’m so glad you like the dress. I like pink very much too and when I figured out what kind of bonnet to make, Eden was over joyed!
      I received your box today…I loved everything in it and all the girls had a turn at trying on the hat! It was so much fun! One of them will be standing in the nude with the hat on on St. Patrick’s day.
      I tried on the socks and loved the little velvet flowers very much!I think the white trim will make nice straps!
      Thank you so much for sharing with me, Kathie,
      Blessings, Jeanne

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