An American Girl Doll FOR Someone Special… FROM Someone Special…

A few days ago I got a big box in the mail. It wasn’t for me. It was for Sara, my little 10 year old sewing friend from Columbia, South America. Someone whom we all know had sent it to me and asked me to give it to Sara. Let me tease you just a bit… this woman makes the most glorious outfits for dolls you’ve ever seen, embellishing them like no one else…with beads and french knots and yards and yards of pleats… know who I mean yet? She lives in Vermont and sells patterns for many of her designs… know who I mean? Well, enough teasing… it’s Magalie of MHD Designs. You can go to her website HERE. (But don’t miss the story…)

She wanted to send something to Sara…and asked if I could give it to her. I could hardly stand the wait until the next day when I would be seeing Sara. She had no idea when I brought in the box, that it was for her. When I told her, she grabbed a pair of scissors and began opening the box.

[If you click on any picture, it will enlarge.]



She was polite and read the card first… Her English is pretty good so she understood most of Magalie’s note…


Her mom couldn’t believe it and had to read it herself…


Then she wanted to see what was in the box… Well, guess what was on top?


Can you see the bond of love already?



In the box there were about 6 new outfits for the doll, about 4 pairs of shoes, and much more. I was snapping pictures as fast as I could, because I knew I wanted to share this moment with you, but my pictures aren’t the greatest…

Underneath the doll things, there was so much sewing stuff, you can’t believe it. Fabrics folded up so pretty, ribbons, embroidery floss, laces, threads, snaps, doll patterns, etc. It was very exciting to see it all… and it just kept coming out of the box. I thought Sara would cry but she was too happy I think. She just kept saying, “Oh…Oh…” Her mom was very touched by Magalie’s generosity.


It was quite a wonderful gift for Sara and she decided to name her doll Maggie…after Magalie! Magalie told me she has a friend that volunteers at the MCM Benefit American Girl Doll Sale and she has sent her dolls over the years in exchange for services and patterns and such. The doll has the little x on the bum to show it came from the sale. Magalie has given American Girl dolls to all the little girls in her community and I just think it’s the most wonderful and generous gesture to a child.

I was meeting with her mom, as I do each week, and Sara dressed Maggie in every outfit that Magalie sent…from the bikini and cover up to her favorite one…the jeans and the polar bear sweater…


The next day Sara and her mom and dad came over to our house… my daughter, Rebecca, made Maggie her own personalized necklace… isn’t it cute?



Oh, I almost forgot… Magalie sent something in the box for me too… She said in a note that she had started this set for Cecile a few years ago and lost interest in it, and thought maybe I could do something to finish it… Uhhh… Yes!!! Thanks Magalie!


When I was just about ready to leave, Sara’s mom said, “Oh, show her your knitting…” She told me Sara wanted to learn how to knit and found a kit at Dollar General for $4.00. Her dad bought it for her and told her if she could make the purse on the front, she wouldn’t have to pay him back the $4.00! :o) Well… this child…this genius of a child, who didn’t know any English 12 months ago, took those directions and tried to figure them out… but she said they didn’t make any sense the way they said to do it, so she got online and looked up how to knit tutorials and look what she’s done…taught herself to knit! She’s an absolutely amazing little girl…




Oh, and yes, I got a big start on the Effner’s Back to School dress set… I hope you like it. It’s coming soon…

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Linda Doyle says:

    Oh, Jeanne, what a FUN and touching blog you have today! I just couldn’t stop wanting to see what the next picture would show! Oh yes, I do know who Magalie is, she sews amazing doll outfits! It’s so nice to know that she is as nice as she is an excellent seamstress! That doll looks so much like Sarah. all she needs now is a pair of glasses!

    Oh my, I would have been in HEAVEN if I was Sarah when I was a little girl. Actually, I would have been in heaven if it was now!! LOL It’s so nice to hear about good things happening, instead of all the bad things in the news nowadays. Hurrah for Magalie!!

    • Hi Linda, I am so everyone loved today’s story. It was just too precious not to share. In the doll world, unless you live under a rock, I think you know who Magalie is… Well that is, if you look on the Internet.
      Yes, hurrah for Magalie!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  2. Oh my, my eyes were welling with tears reading this, so touching. Thank you both Magalie and Jeanne for your generosity (time & materials). And Sarah, love your curiosity in tackling and learning new things, very admiring traits that will serve you well.

    • Hi Pansies (if that is your real name… I love it)
      I thought everyone would enjoy this story! It will be interesting to see how much Sara will have learned by the time she goes back to Columbia… I can’t even think about them leaving though….
      Thanks for your comments.
      Blessings, Jeanne

  3. I have to comment on this one, even though I am in the middle of attending a big family reunion. I am so happy to know this about Magalie. I have realized, over the years, that she is a very special person. How wonderful of you to have started all this though your blog and your love for this little girl! I will look forward to more stories about Sara!

    • Thanks for taking time away from your family reunion to post your sweet comments. I hope you are having fun. I do believe Magalie is just as sweet as her dresses are beautiful…
      I am so glad that we picked up Sara and her family last year. Students and families are arriving in 2 weeks to go to the University here, so it’s a good chance that some other family will be blessed by someone else this year! We will help others but our time is pretty well taken with Sara’s family…and we love it!
      Thanks Sissy,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  4. Sara is such a special little girl and Magalie is such a wonderful lady! What an awesome gift to her. I bet Sara will be in heaven for a long time with her new girl Maggie! 🙂

  5. Wow, I cried all the way through this one. How incredibly special and generous of Magalie and how beautiful this child, Sara. I just know that God brought her into your life for this reason….she has important work to do for Him and you are guiding her in His footsteps. No telling how many lives this little angel will touch because she met you, Jeanne. Maggie is wonderful, looks just like Sara and your daughter’s personalized necklace just sealed the deal. We are all so blessed to get these little glimpses into your life. I can’t wait to see what Sara makes for Maggie and I fully expect to be buying from her one day…her knitting just blew me away. God bless you richly, Jeanne, for all you do!

    • Hi Bobi,
      Thanks so much for your very sweet comments on today’s post. Your words touched my heart!
      I was going to help Sara with the pattern…but I don’t think I need to…. She is one smart little girl.
      I can’t wait to see what she makes first either… You can be sure I will post it here.
      Thanks so much Bobi,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  6. Jane Miller says:

    Bless both of you amazing women for being so generous of spirit. Sara is so precious and so very fortunate to have you in her life. I feel like the little girl will go far with her talents!

    Loved the story!

    • Hi Jane, I believe you are right about Sara…. She will definitely do great things with her life.
      Blessings, Jeanne

  7. Oh my goodness Jeanne…..what a touching story. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. Sara is an adorable girl and you are an amazing woman. You have done so much to help Sara and her family and Magalie’s gift is amazing. Brought tears to my eyes!
    God Bless

    • Thanks Marsha,
      I was only the giver of the box…it was all Magalie’s idea for the doll. I never in my wildest dreams expected this…you should have seen me bolt out of bed as I was reading from my iPad. I raced to tell my hubby what she was going to do. It was very exciting for me and I could hardly wait to see which doll Magalie had picked out for Sara!
      Thanks Marsha,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  8. I am speechless, Jeanne! So much love…I don’t know where to start. I think this post of your has touched me more than any other. Thank you for sharing this moment with us and thank you to Magalie for her generosity to Sara. What a beautiful start to this new day!

    • Hi Cindy,
      I am so glad you enjoyed today’s post! It was like being a reporter and telling a wonderful human interest story! I love happy endings too. A very big thank you to Magalie!!!!!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  9. Linda Marie says:

    I have enjoyed watching Sara’s progress. I agree with you, she is quite a wonderful little girl. I am including the link below because KnitPicks has wonderful free patterns available. May I suggest the dishcloth/washcloth patterns? They are small projects with a good ply yarn for a beginner if she choses the patterns with worsted yarn and she can start with the easy patterns and work her way to more complicated ones. There are many patterns to choose from, too. The KnitPicks staff is very helpful and there are many tutorials on the website. I agree with Cindy, above. Your email today was very inspiring!

    • Thank you Linda Marie,
      I will most definitely share the link to the patterns with Sara! She will be thrilled! I have some duplicate yarns from my Skinny Scarves and I will give her some. I’m sure the yarn in the kit wasn’t that great.
      Thank you for the suggestions….
      Blessings, Jeanne

  10. Oh my… today’s blog is amazing to read. I have many heartfelt thoughts about your article. I am so happy for Sara and it’s such a blessing that you and Magalie have made such thoughtful and kind gestures to her.
    Your blogs are always so inspiring.
    I have never heard of Magalie till today. She sounds like a great person.

    • Hi Paula,
      Thanks for your kind comments on today’s post. It was all about Magalie today… I was just the Messenger of the box! But I sure did enjoy snapping those pictures of Sara opening her box.
      You should go to Magalie’s website and look at her gallery of past outfits she has made… Allow at least an hour or so for this!!!!!!
      Thanks Paula
      Blessings, Jeanne

  11. Kathleen Ivy says:

    This is wonderful!!! I am so happy for Sara and that Magalie did this for her. this really makes my day. I have a pair of AG glasses I could send for Sara if you want to email me with an address to send them to. I may even have white ones, I’m not sure.

    I like cotton yarn for knitting dish cloths. I can send a ball of that as well so Sara can see if she likes it. I wish every little girl had an angel in her life like you Jeanne. I believe that these experiences will be memories that she will treasure all her life. Thank you so much for posting this story.

    • Hi Kathleen,
      A pair of glasses would be so cute on her Maggie! Before Sara came to the United States, she got 2 new pairs of glasses…a white pair and a pink pair!
      I will send you my address in a separate email, Kathleen,
      Thanks so much!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  12. What a wonderful thing for Magalie to do for Sara. This post really makes my day! Thank you for sharing this with all of us!

    • Hi Regina,
      Well it looks like you aren’t the only one touched by Magalie’s generosity… What a great feeling Magalie has given us all today!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  13. What an incredibly sweet thing for Magalie to give Sara a doll. I find her creation fascinating. Over on AGPT I’ve gone back through everything she has made and they are just gorgeous. Now Sara will certainly be inspired to sew!!! She reminds me of myself at that age. I loved all handicrafts and my grandmother taught me filet crochet ( the kind you do with crochet thread), sewing, embroidery, quilting etc. Thank you for sharing the story. It was a great start to the day.

    • Hi Laura, yes, I was blown away when I got her first email letting me know she wanted to do this! I know what you mean by going back and looking at Magalie’s creations…I’ve done the same thing myself. When I gave Sara her the doll box, I got online and showed her the latest thing that Magalie had made…the one where she collaborated with Joyce Mathews in making a Little Darling outfit… I think the doll and outfit sold for $3130.00 or something close to that. Sara’s eyes popped out of her head almost…
      Sara wants to learn it all. I gave her a crochet hook the other day…
      Blessings, Jeanne

  14. Oh, forgot to say that I hope to see whatever you create to finish Cecile’s outfit. I LOVE all the ruffles.

    • Hi Laura, I feel a little intimidated at putting my style on a Magalie piece but I will try my best!
      Nobles sings, Jeanne

  15. Jeannie B. in TX says:

    WOW, where to begin on this one !!! I am so touched by the generosity of Magalie that I have a lump in my throat just like Bobi Florida. Such a blessed little girl to received such a gift though I know she totally appreciate all of it.
    I was also delighted to see the pics as she opened the box. I’ll bet she thought she was in Heaven. There is just something so beautiful about the story of this little Sara finding this place on earth where all of this falls together to develop her talents. Oh, how God works in His own way !! And so much for the rest of us to learn from this.
    Magalie is special, we all know this. A rose among the rest of the thorns of this world. In that box were the joys of her world being passed to a little girl to share in the future in who knows what way…………………….. ?????? and so it goes on……………….
    I am also excited to see what you do with the unfinished skirt and pantalets. What is your next project anyway ????????????????????? hint, hint !!

    • Jeanne W says:

      Hi Jeannie,
      Yes, I believe Sara is quite a special little girl! She has a curiosity about her that is uncanny…she wants to do and try everything and she probably will…eventually.
      I will have to study and plan what to do to finish Magalie’s outfit thT has been started… Yikes… That’s a tall order to finish!
      The Effner sisters won the vote for the Back to School outfit, so I am hoping to get it finished today… Molly came in second place, so she will be next.
      Thanks Jeannie,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  16. So wonderful to see that kindness to others still exists.
    Am amazed that Sara has picked up knitting so quickly. Way to go Sara.

    • Jeanne W says:

      Thanks Joy,
      It truly is fun to see what someone can do to make others happy, isn’t it? I am so grateful to Magalie for her generosity toward Sara!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  17. Judi Owen says:

    I love this post, Jeanne, It almost made me cry…
    Magalie was so kind to send her all of this and the doll. I know Sara will be busy for some time to come. Sara, knitting is wonderful, and the taught herself. What an amazing child, and story. Thank you for sharing with us.

    • Jeanne W says:

      Hi Judi, I wanted to cry when I was taking the pictures, but I knew I couldn’t see if I did, so I resisted. Yes, I would say that Magalie has a very big heart and I pray the Lord will bless her in ways she can’t even fathom!
      It was my pleasure to share the kindness she showered on Sara with you all!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  18. An inspirng post today. So glad you took and showed us the photos.

    • Jeanne W says:

      Hi Jan,
      Oh, I just had to share this one with everyone! I’m so glad you loved it!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  19. Kathie Welsh says:

    OMGosh! That was a wonderful story! Magalie is so generous and that sweet little Sara is so amazing! Taught herself to knit? Unbelieveable! That picture of Sara hugging Maggie is just too cute for words!
    I had sent your blog about MaryEllen to my Granddaughter who LOVES her AG doll and she loved it so I’ll have to send her this one too!

    • Jeanne W says:

      Hi Kathie, I’m so glad I shared this post with everyone. I think Magalie has touched all of our hearts today. Thanks for your sweet comments.
      blessings, Jeanne

  20. Sally Kriebel says:

    Hi Jeanne! I was with Kathy K. today and bless her heart, she showed me how to get to this spot from your blog to make comments as well as read them. Glory Hallelujah, right? About time, I say. So I am grateful to her, we chatted a lot about you, and dolls, dolls, dolls.
    How lovely to read this story about Sarah and Magalie’s largesse. Most touching, but not surprising. Magalie strikes me as being as fine a lady as you, though my dealings have been very limited with her. Lucky Sarah; there could not be a more worthy recipient, for sure! And Rebecca’s necklace was the frosting in the cake. Bravo to all of you, and congrats to Miss Sarah for teaching herself how to knit. What a fireball!
    Sending hugs to you,

    • Jeanne W says:

      Hello Miss Sally K!
      Welcome to my official Website page! So glad Kathy showed you how to do it… It will be nice having comments from you! Thanks Kathy!
      Yes, I’m sure Magalie must be as nice as can be… she has a very sweet spirit!
      Sara is most definitely one blessed little girl… and one talented little girl too!!!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  21. What an awesome story–and what an awesome gift for a little girl. I just felt good after I read it. Thanks so much for sharing the story and the pictures with us!

    • Jeanne W says:

      hi Carolyn, I think we all felt better after we read this story today. I think Magalie deserves a great big round of applause from all of us for this gift that she gave to Sara.
      Blessings, Jeanne

  22. What a wonderful story! You have made a beautiful little girl so happy and an inspiration for us all.
    Magalie is such an artist. I go to her site and drool over her patterns and outfits. Hope to be able to sew well enough to get one of her patterns and make something someday. You also do wonderful work as you are the other one that I look up to. This story brought Happy tears to my eyes this morning. I’m sure that Sara will grow up to be just like You, Magalie and Rebecca.

    • Jeanne W says:

      HI Sylvia,
      Thanks so very much for all your sweet words about today’s post. Yes, Magalie is truly an artist at what she does and she has a heart of gold to go with that talent! She makes beautiful things and her patterns are very nice too. I don’t have any for the American Girl dolls, but they look lovely.
      I’m glad you were blessed by today’s story.
      blessings, Jeanne

  23. Debbie B says:

    Best. Post. Ever!!

    • Jeanne W says:

      Thanks Deb,
      It was just too sweet of a story not to share. So glad you enjoyed it!
      Can’t wait to see you!
      Love you, Jeanne

  24. Oh wow!
    Such a precious story. Generosity all around!

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