All things “miniature!”

PLEASE ALLOW ME ONE SHAMELESS PLUG FOR MY NEWEST EASTER DRESS: It’s being modeled by Patsy and you can see it by clicking the picture at the right side bar or your can click HERE to be taken to Ebay.

I’ve always had a thing for smaller sized things… tiny tubes of toothpaste, sweet miniature books, itty bitty bottles of shampoo, tiny cans of corn, small bottles of perfume, little buttons, teeny jars of fingernail polish, and my list goes on and on. I’ve had a few tiny dolls, like 7 1/2″ Riley dolls, by Helen Kish, but nothing as small as Amelia or Izzy, who are about 4″ tall and the work of Robert Tonner. This is Cindy Rice holding her tiny Izzy doll… see what I mean by miniature?

blog cindy rice with izzy

Well, a few days ago, Susette was working on her patio and she sent me several pictures of her tiny little Fairy Garden houses and I thought you’d like to see them. She said she has 17 little houses…all within a 12′ by 24″ fenced in patio area. The houses shown here are from Ebay and they are made with Heather Goldminc ceramic. I don’t know anything about all that, but they sure caught my attention…because I love itty bitty sized things… :o)

If you click on the pictures, they will enlarge.

This next one was called the Restaurant…I’m sure they served mini croissants and tiny pats of butter and jelly in there…

How about a purple garden Castle…

…and a Cherry Pie Bakery! Do I hear a YUM?

Well, after I saw all of Susette’s pretty little houses, guess where I saw them again? At Joann Fabrics, when I was there a few days ago. I just had to stop and look and snap a few pictures. Hey look, everything’s 50% off! I looked for something I could use as a prop, but it’s all a smig too small for my dolls. I sure enjoyed looking at it all.

So those tiny little miniatures got me to thinking about dolls and tiny houses and I looked on Ebay at doll furniture and look what I found…tiny little rooms that you can put together yourself… they are pretty small…mostly under 15″ wide and about 12″ high. But that didn’t stop me from opening up a bunch and looking at them. They come in pieces and you have to put them together, gluing and cutting and assembling… they are right up my alley… but I just wish they were bigger. Wouldn’t it be fun to have some of these scenes to stand your dolls in? They come from China and I can look closely at things on them and see they aren’t a high quality item, but I like to look at them almost as much just to see how they have arranged their furniture. You have to admit they are pretty charming when you first see them.

Here is a link to this sellers tiny room kits…

Tiny rooms on Ebay

Here is another sellers room… It’s a sweet bedroom…

Here is link to this seller’s rooms…

Tiny bedroom

..and this was the first one I saw… I practically swooned over it…

Here is the listing for this one…

White room with piano

This was just 3 sellers selling them, so I’m sure there are more. I just typed in mini doll rooms on Ebay and lots of them popped up!

So anyway, I could get lost in a project like this. I used to love putting together model cars so I know I would really enjoy putting one of these together…I just need to find or build one in a bigger size… Just thought you’d enjoy seeing them…

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Linda Doyle says:

    Patsy’s dress is so sweet, Jeanne! I love the final version and it is perfect for the Easter season!
    Sorry about not commenting yesterday, but with the family in town, and all the comings and goings, I have been pretty occupied! Wish the rain would stop!

    Oh my, Susette’s fairy garden is just wonderful! What talent she must have, and it looks like she gives it expert care too! It certainly makes for a beautiful view outside!

    Oh yes, miniatures! I too, have a thing for them, as you well know! I love my two dollhouses! Gosh, those rooms are just adorable you found on Ebay! I don’t think I want to look too much, for fear I might get a couple, and then where do I put them? I would need a BIGGER house to put all those miniatures in!! But I loved looking through them and thank you for show casing them today! So fun!

    • Jeanne W says:

      Thank you for your sweet compliments on Patsy’s dress, Linda. I am so pleased at how she looks in it and how it all turned out!
      Yes, Susette has quite the green thumb, I’d say, and quite the creative mind to arrange them all on her patio like they are… :o)

      I think it would be fun to have a whole bunch of them on a shelf… but then there’d be all that dusting… nah… I guess I’ll pass… :o) But they are cute!
      Thanks Linda,
      blessings, Jeanne

  2. Charlotte A. says:

    Patsy’s dress it beautiful. I love all the tiny details that you do that make it so special. Thank you for sharing it with us.
    Susette’s fairy garden is delightful. What a a happy area.
    I love miniatures too. The doll rooms you posted look so fun. I’d never come across though before on Ebay.
    Hope you have a good day.
    Take care.

    • Jeanne W says:

      HI Charlotte,
      Thank you for your kind words about Patsy’s dress. She’s crazy about it…
      I bet if Susette is ever in a gloomy mood, she just goes on her back patio and instantly she’s perked up!
      I had never seen those rooms either and I sure enjoyed looking at all the little details on them.
      Thank you Charlotte,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  3. Love the minis. Have found that my Izzy has become best buddies with my LD Bessie.
    Suzette’s houses are so fun. Nothing like mini gardening.
    Your Joann’s has so much more than ours. Things are always sold out months before a season begins. Wish we had a larger store here.
    I wish the tiny things for the adorable rooms came in a size for LD’s or even the 10ers. Just too tiny. Perfect for Izzy though.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Jeanne W says:

      Hi Joy,
      I totally agree that it would be so much fun to have these rooms in the LD sizes… it would be hard to decide if they were bigger…good thing they are small!

      Our Joann’s almost went out of business a few years ago. I took our manager aside and told her a few things that, I, as a customer wanted in a store, and she said she’d share it with her manager… and I’m not sure what happened but they are still up and running. Joann’s corporate has some strange rules…just recently they weren’t allowed to have any music on in the store..and it was like a morgue… they said corporate didn’t want to have to buy air time with music…I said..”Get a boom box…it’s too quiet in here!!!”
      Silly rules make for empty stores!
      Thanks Joy,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  4. Patsy dress is so sweet and very springy. Your embroidery is the perfect touch and I like the eggs on her slip. So cute.
    Those little fairy houses of Suzette’s are cute. I also like the little scene rooms you found. Too bad they’re so small. I wish American Girl would make scenes again for the historical girls and even the modern girls. They have great back grounds in their catalogs – it would be so neat if they made them to sell. When ordering not so long ago from AMG, I asked the gal helping me, if she’d mention that to them and she said many people send in suggestions. Maybe some day.

    • Jeanne W says:

      HI Paula,
      Thank you for your comments on Patsy’s dress. I’m glad you like it….and her egg slip… :o)

      I have been looking at Caroline’s Parlor as a backdrop, but it’s terribly expensive. I like how it’s so 3-D and not just a flat picture. I saw one listed on Craigslist up by St. Louis for only $200 and debated about it, but it sold within a few days. It did get me to thinking about making some kind of a background like it though. I think if I had some boards already cut, I’d be gluing things together… seeing what I could come up with…

      Maybe you’re right and some day they’ll come up with background scenes… I had all the books at one time but have sold them … they were pretty nice but I really like the 3-D stuff…
      Thanks Paula,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  5. Anne Johnson says:

    Of course you may have one little mention of your newest Easter dress, Jeanne! Patsy’s periwinkle dress is simply adorable, and any little girl would love to have it for Easter! The front and back embroidery on the Swiss Batiste bodice make it very special, and just when I think you couldn’t possibly improve on your sweet little slips, you take them to a new level. This one with the “jelly beans” is so festive. And that is why you are an ARTIST!

    Susette’s Fairy Gardens are charming! I love that she has created something so whimsical in her small space, and she has inspired me to start small and try to create my own little magical world in an urn. Thank you, Susette! Your pictures are lovely, and your garden is a delight.

    Love the miniatures! I spent many happy hours as a child playing with doll houses of various types. No space for that now, but love to study them in detail. The William McKinley Presidential Library and Museum back home in Stark County, Ohio, had a wonderful exhibit of 22 dollhouses a few years ago in the Keller Gallery entitled “Life in Miniature.” It would be fun to see an exhibit like that again. Curator Kim Kenney also presented a program on dollhouses that featured an in-depth look at Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House. It was also included in the official “Downton Abbey” official travel tour of late. Your blog posts always have something interesting to share, Jeanne. Thanks you for a childhood relived today, as well as a final reveal of “Come On, Easter!”

    • Jeanne W says:

      HI Anne,
      Patsy is so happy to have her dress finished, she’s causing a stir in my sewing room. The other girls are jealous because she’s gotten her Easter basket already…They want one too!

      When you get your little “world” created in your urn, you’ll have to let us see what you did! Susette’s got the room for a bigger area, but if you just have a small area, just make it work!

      I’m glad you enjoyed the mini rooms… I thought they were fun to look at and see all the tiny little things in them. I used to have a Barbie house, and I remember putting together the cardboard furniture for it. Oh my, that was a long time ago. I’m glad to have stirred up some childhood memories in you today! Hope they were fun ones!
      Thank you Anne,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  6. Glad you liked the gardens. You’ll notice the fairies hadn’t come out yet. You inspired a quick run to Joann’s and I bought a little bench for them and they’ll alight later today. They are kind of delicate and only come out for visitors. The gardens are very easy to take care of except every few years when they need refurbishing. I’d love to see more pictures of your lovely yard, Jeanne, and other people’s too.

    I ordered one of those little houses a while ago, but when I saw how detailed it is, it is resting comfortably, awaiting a very rainy day. Every little thing is in that kit, though. I don’t know where Cindy Rice gets those tiniest of accessories, but I do know she knits the little rabbits the size of a thumbnail and snowmen the size of a pinkie nail! Love the details of Come on, Easter. I won’t ask where the Easter basket came from. Love reading about everything you share.

    • Jeanne W says:

      HI Susette,
      Thank YOU for sharing your pictures with me… I’m sure everyone looked at them and then looked at their yard or patio and wondered…hhmmmmm… I wonder if… who knows!

      I did the push mowing for our yard yesterday…first time this year… and then it rained last night so now we have all these wild onions sprouted up in clumps everywhere… maddening isn’t it?
      I’d tell you where the Easter basket came from, but I’m not sure… a friend gave it to me along with some other little trinkety things… I’m thinking probably Walmart, but I’m not sure… but it sure did pick up the colors in Patsy’s dress, so I decided I could part with this one figurine..
      Thanks Susette,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  7. Charlotte Trayer says:

    What a fun post!! I loved the little houses (the purple garden castle was my favorite!) and tiny rooms (that last one is just the best!).

    I haven’t posted much lately–there was a family emergency with one of the grands, and then yesterday I found out one of my dearest friends is in the hospital after suffering a serious stroke. I went to see her today, and so far she’s not responding to voices…. Our other friend and I are busy trying to contact friends from long ago–we were once all in a Young Adult group at my dad’s church….back in the early 1970s!! Some of us have stayed in touch thru the years, and come together for things (usually funerals–we’re at that age….).

    Best wishes with your auction–Patsy’s outfit turned out just darling!

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