Ahhhh… time in my sewing room!

My hubby helped someone put in a gas fireplace today so I stayed home and sewed! YAY! I got some done, but it’s kind of like the electrical work my hubby was doing down in the basement a few days ago. His work won’t be seen, but it’s necessary for things to be right upstairs. I did all the handsewing, the snaps were sewn on, the buttons were decorated, the hem was handstitched, and everything inside was tacked down. It’s all the stuff that doesn’t show but is necessary for my dresses to suit me! :o)

I tried to make the dress sleeveless, but the pattern I used had too big of an armhole opening, so I ended up putting a little short puffed sleeve in.

I had decided to make the jacket separate, as many of you suggested, but now the jacket won’t work very well, with the puffed sleeve, so I’m going to give a lacey vest a try.

Somehow I lost my full length picture of the dress, so the half pictures will have to do. The skirt is nice and full and I added a piece of the vintage eyelet lace I was blessed with a little while back.

The back of the dress has pink buttons and they are sewn on using my “flower” way… I love it when I can add these on a dress. Snaps are hidden underneath.

Yay! I’m going to have a dress ready for Easter fairly soon! I can hardly believe it! Still lots to do, but I’m getting there!

Have a wonderful weekend,
See you Monday,
Blessings, Jeanne


  1. This is so fresh and pretty that it makes me feel good. That’s especially nice because outside it looks like the moon is shining brightly, and what it’s shining on is — fresh snow. It’s very pretty and badly needed, so few people will be complaining. It looks like a good day to make chili, and I have the ingredients for a simple version my college roommate used to make. It’s going to be a nice day here.
    Back to Molly’s dress — I like the puffed sleeves and I think I’ll like the vest maybe more than I would have liked the jacket. With the vest separate, you got to do the flower buttons — something all of us like, and they are ideal for this dress. I really like the way the collar sets around Molly’s neck. You are making wonderful progress.
    Are you going to be a Saturday seamstress or will you be back being George’s assistant? How is your cough? I’ll be checking back in later to see if you have time to give us a health bulletin and to see if Susette does the same. I was glad she gave us all the warning about the way the flu could develop — this is a time for all of us to take the flu and health seriously. Get well or stay well, everyone!

    • Hi Marilyn,
      I like how you built up to the fact that the moon was shining on new fallen snow…we might get freezing rain tonight…makes me wish for snow. :o) …and chili too!

      I was a Saturday seamstress today…and finished Molly’s dress and vest!!! Good things happen in my sewing room…especially when I’m in there!!!
      Today has been my least coughing day, so I’m hoping it’s on its way out!!!
      Thanks Marilyn,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  2. Love it so far, Jeanne! I see you are making progress on turning this out to be a really sweet dress for Molly! I think the little bolero/vest might be just the thing! The puffed sleeves are really cute, and so 40’s, for sure. I remember having puffed sleeves on my dresses and I was so concerned because my arms didn’t fill them out like everyone else’s, or so it seemed to me. I was kind of on the “skinny side”, although I can’ quite say that now!
    I love the lace detail around the hem and pretty embellished buttons too! Where did you ever get the inspiration for those? I hope you can do what you like to do best today, and I think I know what that is!!
    I hope you are getting better by the day, and can sleep better at night now. It’s going to be a “stay inside” kind of weekend, I’m afraid.

    • Hi Linda,
      I just finished Molly’s dress and vest and it looks very 40’s to me. Hope it passes your approval! :o)
      I saw some buttons done like that years and years ago and just loved them.
      The weather doesn’t sound too inviting for us, does it? I liked Marilyn’s idea of chili…
      Thanks Linda,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  3. I agree with Marilyn. This is a feel good kind of dress. Just adorable and perfect for so many occasions. Rabbits, picnics and events in between.
    Hope you are continuing on getting well mode. Has Rebecca gotten the flu? Because you would think working in a hospital, she would be exposed to lots of bugs.
    And wishing Susette wellness also.
    Hope your weekend brings lots of sewing time and maybe a bit of construction too. So looking forward to the after photos of the church kitchen. And then yours soon too.

    • Hi Joy,
      I am in “get well mode” and actually worked in my sewing room all afternoon….and got Molly’s dress and vest finished!

      Rebecca was probably the one who gave this to me…she had it 2 weeks ago and had to miss 2 days of work.

      I let George do his thing at church all by himself today. I wanted and needed to sew and not breathe in that dust anymore than necessary. He’s still gone so maybe he’s trying to get all the electrical stuff done…
      Thanks Joy,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  4. Molly’s dress is so sweet. The color and pattern is so complimentary to her complexion. As always, I love the flower design on your buttons. Can’t wait to see all your other details on the finished outfit.
    Glad to hear you are feeling better and getting some sewing time. I also enjoy seeing pics of the church and your kitchen projects. I always took pics of our remodeling projects, especially the electrical & plumbing as a few years later they can be helpful when something pops up – and it always does! Our house started out as a lake cottage probably in the 40’s or 50’s and has seen many transformations and there were many times we wished we had some photos. Good thing we were always up for an adventure and had family that were willing to help.
    Have a great weekend.

    • Thank you, Leigh,
      I’m glad you are liking Molly’s dress so far…it’s finished now, but I have to find out what’s going to go with this one…
      My hubby accuses me of taking WAY too many pictures when we’re doing a project.
      Thanks Leigh,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  5. Glad you found time to be in your sewing room! More than that, glad you are feeling up to it.
    Molly’s dress is as sweet as can be. I just love the material print. It would be a favorite to wear if I had lived in the 40’s but it’d do in the 50″s too when I was a child. Can’t wait to see more next week.
    As someone mentioned…your kitchen will hopefully be soon…that will be wonderful to see all of that put together too.
    Susette: hoping you’re feeling better and on the mend.

    • Hi Paula,
      It felt wonderful and normal to be in my sewing room 2 days in a row! I made lots of progress and now just have to figure out the accessories for it.
      I’m a bit anxious to get my kitchen started too, although Cindy says I have no idea how much of a mess it will be till it’s finished. Oh well, I’m up for it…I think!
      Thanks Paula,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  6. Dorothy in PA says:

    Dear Jeanne, I love the dress. It is coming along nicely. I really like the flower buttons. They are adorable.

    • Thanks Dorothy,
      Those flower buttons are now covered up by the vest, but the winner can see them if they take off the vest…
      Glad you like them.
      Blessings, Jeanne

  7. SOOOOOO pretty, Jeanne. I think it will be a stunning outfit.


    • Thank you Becky…
      It definitely looks like a 40’s dress to me… Molly likes it too! I’m glad you do too!
      Thanks so much,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  8. Anne Johnson says:

    Everything nice, that’s what little girls are made of! Molly’s dress is so sweet that it reminds me of that old nursery rhyme. It’s perfect in every way–a perfect little girl’s dress, perfect for the 1940s, perfect for Molly, perfect for Easter and other occasions, as Joy mentioned. Your design and construction skills are perfect, too, Jeanne. I always notice how perfectly centered your bodices are and how nicely matched the patterns, as well as how straight the hems. Love the vintage eyelet trim you chose, and your signature flower buttons compliment the rose trellis pattern so well. Like the buttons, little details such as the printed collar add such a special touch. I love that the Peter Pan collar is a bit deeper than most, and like Marilyn I like the flattering way it lays around Molly’s neck. The addition of the sleeves is so typically ’40s, and they are so nicely puffed, Jeanne. Did you use headers? All in all, you’ve made excellent progress on Molly’s Easter dress. Looking forward to the finishing details, as always. Know you will surprise us with a lace overlay of some kind. Wishing you a wonderful weekend of continued recovery involving dolly design, light kitchen remodel assisting, and maybe a delicious home-cooked dinner from Kristoffer! Blessings, Jeanne!

    • Anne, your compliments are over the top for Molly’s new Easter dress. It’s all done and she’s standing on my cutting table waiting for some socks and whatever else I put with it.

      I decided to play hooky from the church kitchen today and stay in my sewing room. It was a good decision.

      No cooking from Kristoffer tonight but that’s okay. I had it under control…burritos!
      Thanks so much Anne,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  9. That dress is so yummy! The collar just lays so nicely and I’m in love with that fabric…do you think it is still available somewhere? A lace vest will be cute with it too, the lace looks nice peeking out under the skirt. So will there be an Easter Bonnet?
    Hope your cough is getting better. Be good to yourself this weekend

    • Hi Kathie,
      Thanks for the compliments on Molly’s dress.
      Yes, that fabric is still available on Etsy. I’ve seen it from several sellers. I’ll try and send you few sellers names. It did take a while to get here.
      I’m not sure what’s going to be added for this set, but I’ll figure it out.
      Thanks so much,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  10. What an incredibly sweet dress you are making. Love the flower button technique. My mom and I used to team make dresses for my daughter. She would sew the pattern I asked for with the fabric of my choice and then I would embellish the collar with ribbon embroidery. Like most of us, she looks and some of the pictures and says. “Good grief, why did you dress me in that!?” Score one for dolls, they never complain.
    Molly is going to look so pretty with that eyelet peeking out from beneath the hem and the classic peter pan collar. Can’t wait to see what else you add to this.

    Hope you’re on the mend, Susette. So sorry that you aren’t feeling well.

    • Hi Laura,
      Well, you just might be surprised the next time you see it! :o) I’m not hearing any complaints from Molly!
      Thanks so much for your kind words!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  11. How do I thank your lovely readers for inquiring about how I was doing? A change in antibiotics today and five hours later I was finally doing much better. So glad you’re on the mend, Jeanne. Thanks again, Lovely Ladies.

    I love Molly’s dress. It’s just like I wore in the 50s, puffy sleeves and full skirts, made by my mother. No fancy flowers on the buttons, though. A strictly Jeanne Marie designer touch. Can’t wait to see the final reveal. Thanks again for your wonderful blog and the long distance friendships, Jeanne Marie.

    • Hi Susette,
      I am so glad you are feeling better!! Me too and it feels wonderful!
      I think Molly’s dress could be for the 40’s or the 50’s…Molly’s skirt actually wouldn’t have been so full but I don’t like them skimpy so they tend to be a little fuller.
      Blessings, Jeanne

  12. Charlotte Trayer says:

    The dress is beautiful, Jeanne, and looks somewhat 1950s to me, too. I remember wearing dresses with puffed sleeves like that!

    I’m glad you had a chance to sew, and are feeling better! I sewed today, too–well, a little! I hemmed Pearl’s (LD) dress and got the trim glue-basted in place along the stitching line for the hem. After that’s sewn on, it’s just snaps and some other handwork!

    • Thanks Charlotte,
      Molly’s dress could work for the 40’s or the 50’s I think. I’m working on a little bon net right now.
      I hope you get Pearls dress done soon and can share a picture with us…
      Thanks so much,
      Blessings, Jeanne

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