Addy’s Civil War dress up close…

I’m having troubles with my computer so I’m only going to be able to do something very simple like just posting a few pictures…and hope that works! The screen is jumping all around and flashing these bright lights… (please don’t be crashing on me!!!)


I had so many comments and emails about the aqua/greenish and khaki Civil War dress, I thought I would show it to you with a few more up close shots. It seems you all may have liked it as much as I did. It was one of those dresses that turned out just the way I was hoping it would.
My sister sent me the trim on the bodice from a shop in Gettysburg, PA… so it’s pretty authentic for the era.



Didn’t Addy look pretty for this photo shoot?












(I’m trying to get a doll dress figured out this evening, so hopefully…very soon… there’ll be something to show!)

I will hopefully see you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Linda Doyle says:

    Oh, you too have those days with the computer, Jeanne! So sorry to hear that, but it seems like that is getting to be a fact of life now!

    Yes, I absolutely love that dress! Did you make just one of those? Everything about it is just so fitting for the times it represents and Addy looks adorable in it!

    • Jeanne W says:

      Morning Linda,
      Well, my computer seems to be okay for now… let’s hope it stays that way…

      Yes, I only made one of these dresses… a few years ago. I have a little bit of the fabric left, but not much. So glad you liked it…

      Well, I’m off to figure out what’s up for my day…
      Blessings, Jeanne

  2. Jeannie B. in TX says:

    I love the dress in many ways. First thing that hits me is the color. My favorite of all time is a light aqua/green. Then the tones of beige in the braid trim and Addy’s neck bow. Everything just ties together so well. Because of your previous post on making hoop slips with boning I now see how perfectly her skirt falls and stays full.
    By the way; our master bedroom is done in the colors of the fabric in Addy’s dress. I really do love those colors!!!

    • Jeanne W says:

      HI Jeannie,
      As I look at this dress, it brings back memories of the day we did the photo shoot for it. Addy was ALL smiles that day!
      Thanks so much for your sweet comments. Dresses, bedrooms, this color combination is unbeatable!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  3. Oh, gosh, Jeanne, I hope your computer is okay. I cannot believe how we need these things to stay in touch with the world.
    Your Civil War dresses are so pretty. Addy is a beautiful model. I love her sculpt. Thank you for sharing your little secret this weekend about how they stand out so nicely.
    Have a great day!

  4. Jeanne W says:

    HI Cindy,
    My computer seems to be okay now… maybe it was a fluke thing or maybe the weather was messing it up…
    As I look at Addy in these pictures, I wonder whatever possessed me to sell her…. she does look quite content in them doesn’t she?
    Thanks so much Cindy,
    Blessings, Jeanne

  5. Kathie Welsh says:

    Addy’s dress is just beautiful! Love the color combo, the print, the style, the trim , the’s a complete knockout!
    Hope your computer stays “well” 🙂

    • Jeanne W says:

      HI Kathie,
      Thanks for the compliments on Addy’s dress. I’m sure you know that feeling of when everything turns out just like you had hoped!
      So far the computer is okay…
      Blessings, Jeanne

  6. I agree with everyone- the dress is beautiful; the color and trim is perfect. Addy looks so pretty in it. Addy IS a beautiful doll. I have Cecile, who is just as pretty but I don’t have many clothes for her. She would have been beautiful in Addy’s dress as would the Caroline doll.
    Hope the weather is getting a bit warmer for you.
    Have a great day!

    • Jeanne W says:

      HI Paula,
      Thank you so much for you kind words about Addy’s dress. I had Cecile too, but I never really bonded with her. I think mine had funny looking eyes…
      PS. I got your things mailed off yesterday!!!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  7. Marilyn Grotzky says:

    I’m agreeing with the color and fabric comments. but I think a big selling point is the shape of the sleeves, which are lovely and romantic, and the beautiful, neat shape of the collar. I have a couple of your Civil War dresses, and my girls, who are all 20th century, look fine in them, especially when I add one of the around-the-head braids from AG. I had to enlarge them because the ones I was sent were just a little too small. Then some of the fabric shows, but with a coordinating ribbon, they seem to work reasonably well.

  8. Carolyn says:

    That is a pretty dress and the trim really makes it special. I love the hat too! I have an Addy doll and her coloring makes her look good in so many colors. I hope your computer is going to be okay–I get annoyed when things don’t work the way They should.

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