A week of coats…

Hi everyone,
This has been ONE COLD WEEK for most everyone…except for a few of you out on the west coast… :o) We all might be just a little bit jealous of your weather… but just between you and me, I’ll trade cold air for earthquakes! :o/

This week, it’s all been about coats on here… I shared one for Nora and that was a winner for someone! Thank you very much! :o) Then I turned right around and started one for the Little Darlings. I managed to get the hat finished and the neckline is all nice and neat on the inside as well. I’m debating about putting a little detachable capelet on the coat. One came in the pattern and just holding the paper pattern up around Janie’s neck…it looks pretty sweet! I just might have to do it!

Here are a few pictures of it so far… again, my lighting isn’t the greatest…but maybe slightly better.

Janie looks pretty warm, don’t you think?

…and 2 more pictures… just because…

I also received a few pictures from Jane showing her Little Darling, named Cricket, with the coat and dress set she received from Lorna in a Snowy Day Swap on the Little Darlings forum. (It’s kind of like a Secret Santa Swap.) Isn’t this just the most adorable set? That blue baby wale corduroy is gorgeous and her white trim actually came off some Santa hats… The dress is just as beautiful! I bet Jane could hardly believe her eyes when she saw what she had received! Well done, Lorna!

Then I wanted to show the pictures that Jane sent to “her” swap partner…. She made a sweet red parka, and padded it too!

Also included were a pair of print overalls and a fun knitted sweater! Oh my, aren’t there some really well dressed dolly’s in the middle of all this snow we are having? Cute, cute, cute is all I can say… Thanks for sharing your pictures, Jane…

THANK YOU TO REBECCA for helping me get my last few pictures loaded…

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Dear Jeanne, don’t stress. I’ve sent the pics again. I think Lorna’s outfit deserves to be seen. Mine were just backup photos in case the package went astray.
    Janie’s coat and hat are great. Another way of dealing with fibres when working with fur is to trace around the pattern piece on the reverse side of the fabric and cut just through with a very sharp blade. I use a surgical scalpel blade. Real fur still seems to get everywhere though.
    Kudos to the bear makers, a little bit of fur work is enough for me.
    Hope you are all out of the storms path (eastern seaboard)

    • HI Jane,
      Thanks to Rebecca this morning, she was able to get my pictures retrieved and now they are loaded into todays post. The larger pictures really show off the workmanship of you and Lorna! What cute outfits!!!
      Thanks for sharing them.
      Blessings, Jeanne

  2. Oh my goodness, Janie looks just like she is in a Russian fairy tale, Jeanne! So adorable! I love the hat, looks warm and cozy, and yes, yes, yes, make a little capelet! You can’t go wrong with that! It will just up the cuteness of the outfit.
    Jane and Lorna, what kind of a fantastic swap is this? That is just a beautiful set! I can’t imagine making that and giving it away! Such a lovely shade of blue for the whole outfit! Beautiful coat, beautiful dress, just perfect!!
    Speaking of blue, I am feeling VERY blue, since I have learned that my AG store in St. Louis is closing. Now it’s KC, and 4 hours away for me, if I want to go. Not happy!

    • Oh, Jane, I am just now seeing the darling outfit you made! So cute!

    • Hi Linda,
      Rebecca found the missing pictures and I’ve added them to today’s post… Such a cute coat and my larger pictures make it really fun to scrutinize! I do plan on that little capelet…I think it will add a sweetness to the coat…
      I’m still feeling your pain about your American Girl store closing. I guess we won’t ever meet up there… boo hoo…
      Thanks Linda…
      Blessings, Jeanne

    • Charlotte Trayer says:

      Linda, the swap was from the ning Little Darlings group. Just go to ourlittledarlings@ning.com to join! I was in the swap and also made (and received) a jacket and hat. I also made mittens for part of the swap I sent. Talk about trial and error!! Four prototypes, but now I have a decent pattern!!

      I’m sorry to hear your AG store is closing–sad news, indeed!! My girlfriend and I love to go to ours (north of Seattle, literally minutes from my door!) and have lunch at the Bistro, as well as look around. Of Course we bring our AG dolls!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Thanks for all of the photos you were able to find/send today, Jeanne. It is a blessing to see such warm, pretty coats, dress and hat on such a cold day. It warms my heart.

    Stay warm wherever you are.


    • HI Becky,
      Just wanted to let you know… Rebecca helped me find the missing pictures and now they are in my post today. It’s much better with pictures than me just describing the outfits. What lovely sets these dolls were blessed with. I’m ready to make another coat for the Little Darlings… it’s a pretty fun pattern and there are so many possibilities!
      I’m trying to stay warm, but I have to take my mom to the doctor this afternoon, so I’ll have to brave the cold… :o)
      Thanks Becky,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  4. Sorry you’re fighting with the computer. When I get more added to mine, I’ll know who to call when something is lost, Kristoffer. No, ha ha, I mean you. So far, I’ve only taken a few off my camera card. And I’ve found that my old camera card will also not work on this one. So, I’m still sending them from the other computer to this one. They seem to magically go into month by month files which is not like my old computer at all, but is like the other computer. Except, where are the downloads? Humm. Too much to think about so early here.
    Jane’s little Cricket is adorable, as is the dress/coat by Lorna. Love the Santa hat trim. What a great idea.
    Janie’s Russian coat looks so warm and cozy. Love the hat. How will you pose her? Pulling a little sled? Snowy background? Can’t wait to see.
    Much warmer here as it is raining! And there was an earthquake yesterday. Only a 4. something. Didn’t even feel it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Joy,
      I was so frustrated last night… actually early this morning, (ugh) but Rebecca got up this morning and found the missing pictures for me. They are now in the post!!! :o) It sort of completes the post for today! Pictures are much better, especially these sweet outfits! :o)

      I don’t know why they have to make it so difficult when they upgrade a computer… why can’t they just tweak it a little bit but not change up the whole system. I never would have found them if it hadn’t been for Rebecca. I hope you have better success at getting your pictures all organized.

      We did get some snow overnight, and it would be fun to pose her in the snow, but I’m not sure I’m up to that… we’ll see… I like the idea of pulling a sled… I don’t think I have one.. I might have to look for one today…
      Thanks Joy,
      Blessings, Jeanne

      • I forgot to add, did you see the Pixie Faire pattern for today? An adorable cloak. One would be so cute for the big girls aka AG’s. Maybe the Ld’s too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. What adorable pictures of the LD girls. Love your coat Jeanne. Janie looks like a little girl ready to go out in the cold. The hat is perfect with her matching coat.

    Cricket’s blue coat, dress and the sweater and pants set is so cute. Such talent. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

    • Thank you so much Paula,
      I’m glad you like Janie’s coat and hat set so far… I’ve had a busy day with my mom, so I haven’t made it into my sewing room yet, but I’m planning on getting in there soon!
      I love sharing pictures of other little dollies in their outfits! I’m glad Jane sent them.
      Blessings, Jeanne

  6. Charlotte Trayer says:

    Oh, my, I just love that coat and hat set you made, Jeanne! Yes, a little capelet will really be the icing on the cake, so to speak!!

    I love Jane’s pictures, too! Cricket looks adorable in her new outfit, as well as in the things Jane made for her swap partner.

    I’m up early this morning as I had to register for our local sewing expo (sewexpo.com if you are interested in taking a look). I’m happy to say I got two of the three hands-on classes I wanted (they go first because they are limited to 25 per class), as well as all the lecture classes I wanted. I’ve already gotten my email confirmation, too!! Expo is the first weekend in March this year–can hardly wait!! (I always bring one of my dolls along, too, although she has to stay in my motel room or the trunk of my car while I’m in class. My friends always want to see who came with me this time (we all stay in the same motel). Such fun!!

    • Thank you Charlotte,
      I’m glad you like Janie’s coat and hat set so far… I’m hoping to get some work done on the cape part of it… I was busy with momma today…
      It sounds like you will have fun at the Sewing Expo… We have something similar at the Paducah, KY Quilt Show… It’s huge and they offer classes like what you mentioned… sewing workshops, lectures, etc… I never made it to any, but was more interested in the vendors booths! :o)
      Thanks Charlotte,
      blessings, Jeanne

      • Charlotte Trayer says:

        There are lots of vendors’ booths in Puyallup, too, Jeanne!! And one thing I like about ours is that it’s not just quilts. There are classes (and vendors) dealing with garment sewing, too, as well as things like knitting, crochet, and beading. Lots of fun! It’s called the biggest sewing party in the nation, and that’s the truth!!

  7. Dorothy in PA says:

    Jeanne, Janie looks adorable in that hat. I can see Hollywood in her future!

    Jane’s outfits (made and received) were lovely. Cricket is a real cutie.

    Our ning swap was so much fun!

    I know there was a post about having one here (that’s actually when I joined this group) but folks didn’t think it was a good idea. Maybe we can revisit that in the future. With ning we had two groups: Limited-$35 and Unlimited – any amount. I was in the Limited group. We posted photos of our items. There were wonderful gift boxes.

    Can you believe the first week in the new year is almost over?

    • HI Dorothy,
      Thanks for the compliments on our coats.. mine and Jane’s and Lorna’s! It’s a wonderful little pattern and I’m sure I’ll be making it again… probably sooner than I thought I would.

      I did the swap once but it was on a much smaller scale… I made a hat and some thigh highs and sent a bear… it was sort of a coordinated color thing… I think I still have pictures of it. We might do a swap one of these days… but I just picked a bad time when I mentioned it. I think we were moving my mom right when I suggested it… silly woman!
      I can’t believe the first week of January is almost over… I think I better get started on Valentine dresses or I’ll be behind before I know it!
      Thanks Dorothy,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  8. I’m almost afraid to contribute the weather here to the blog because it’s 72 and sunny. However we could use some of that rain here and snow in the mountains.

    I’m so glad when people share pictures and you post them. They are just darling. Your leopard outfit gets better and better. The blue outfit is adorable, especially with the fur. And the outfit Jane made: The red jacket is super and the pants and sweater, WOW! Lucky ladies to receive such wonderful gifts. Thanks for the reminder about Pixie Faire; I always forget.

    • Thanks so much Susette,
      It’s a treat for me to see what others are sewing too! I’m glad you enjoy it as well!
      We won’t even comment on your weather! *sigh* 72 sure would be nice about now! *sigh*

      The cape on Pixie Faire looks like a fairly simple pattern… with just a few pieces, it should go together pretty quickly!
      Thanks Susette,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  9. What adorable coats have been shown this week. We have had bitterly cold temperatures. The high today was 6 and we’re hitting negatives tonight. I plan to snuggle this evening with kitties and watch a movie.
    The Little Darling look darling in their outfits. How fun to receive a surprise outfit for your doll.
    I got the Pixie Faire pattern earlier today. I was SO excited!! The Kinsale cloak is a pattern I had been wanting, but hadn’t decided to spend the money on yet. Today is was free. I see at some point cloaks for MG and Caroline in colors to bring out their eyes.

  10. HI Laura,
    I’m glad you have enjoyed the coats this week.. it was a perfect week for them wasn’t it? I’m wondering what movie you might be watching with your kitties tonight! :o)

    I picked up the Pixie Faire pattern today too. I think it looks fairly simple and think the most important thing about making it look good is to choose the right fabric. It definitely needs to be something that drapes well.

    On another note, Laura, I have been thinking of getting another Samantha. Mine was not a very good one when I got her. Her shoulders were uneven and too wide and her eyes were a bit wonky. I knew you are a die hard PC Samantha fan, but I’ve been looking for maybe a month now, and have probably opened up and looked at 150-200 dolls. I want a pretty doll as they sell the clothes better, so I’ve looked at the PC dolls, the Mattel dolls, the transition Samantha’s and the Beforever dolls. I love the color in the Beforever dolls… (not ALL of them, but some of them) and I’m trying to decide what doll to get. I haven’t bought one yet, but I have my eye on a few different ones.. I should go with my gut and get the one that appeals to me the most I think.. I don’t think I ever bonded with my first Samantha… and I don’t want to do that again…
    Well, there, I’ve told you …
    Thanks Laura,
    Blessings, Jeanne

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