~ A Vision in Velvet ~ Black & Silver American Girl Regency Dress Revealed

If you read yesterday’s post (here), you’ll remember I was working on a black and silvery velvet like Regency dress for the American Girl dolls. It turned out to be somewhat difficult fabric to work with, which slowed me down and I didn’t get it finished. I was determined to get it done today and listed on Ebay….AND I DID!!

I left you with an unfinished, undecorated dress and had lots of questions as to the direction I wanted to go to finish it. Bows or belts or ribbons or buttons or brooches??? Well, I plunged ahead and this is how I solved those questions.

I decided to use the black trim just below the shirred bodice. It had to be hand sewn on as I wanted it tucked up next to the bodice.


Rebecca’s work never disappoints me and she made a beautiful necklace to go with this dress. IT IS stunning with this fabric.


I added a button at the front, but wasn’t sure if it was “too much” with the necklace…


Another look and I decided, yes, it was too much…


So I took it off and worked on another area…


I rippled the wired ribbon and added it to the back. It’s pre-tied, so the owner doesn’t have to worry about tying it into the perfect bow each time. Just snap it in place and it’s done.


I decided a pair of black stretch fingerless gloves would go nicely with this beauty of a dress. It’s very dressy and the gloves add an extra special touch.


I worked on Eden’s hair, braiding it and pulling it back, but finally decided to just finger curl it and leave it long. A headband was decorated with the button I was going to use on the front and then I added some long tube like beads in a loop.


Here’s another shot… doesn’t Eden look all grown up? No ten year old here!


…and here are 2 final shots of the finished dress… It was more work than I anticipated, but I think now that it’s finished, I am pleased.
Okay, now who wants to start the bidding on Ebay? You can find the dress by clicking on the right sidebar picture of it.



Thanks for taking a peek.

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Your dress looks perfect for a fancy holiday party or ball. Congrats on finishing it in 2 days! I think I spend more time figuring out what works and doesn’t work than in the actual construction. Sometimes when I can’t figure it out I just have to “sleep on it”. Do you find that too?

  2. HI Cindy,
    Thanks for the kind words about Eden’s new dress. Yes, sometimes I’m like you spending time figuring out what works, and what doesn’t, ripping out the parts that didn’t work, etc. Seriously, I’m sure sometimes I do spend more time figuring it out, than actual sewing. I’m just like you! Sometimes I ask my daughter what she thinks and sometimes I even ask my hubby… he doesn’t know a lot about fashion, but occasionally he’ll give me a good place to start when I’m at a standstill.
    Thanks Cindy,
    Blessings, Jeanne

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