A Valentine Wish from Samantha…

I did get Molly’s slip made, but it’s 10 minutes until midnight and I need to go to bed… however Samantha stepped in and said she’d be glad to model the slip for me…What a sweetheart!

I used 2 layers of white dotted netting and 2 layers of pale pink netting for a sweet slip…sort of drop waisted…

It will hold out the regular skirts and do a fabulous job on the drop waisted dresses!

Linda also sent some pictures of her girls dressed up in their Valentine finery… You’ll enjoy looking at her pictures.

Here’s Betsy McCall and Ivy…and aren’t they sweet?

This is Susan(?) Ruthie and Molly… beautiful girls, Linda!

…and here are some more of her girls… don’t you love her little scenes she creates?

I also found some old Valentine pictures of my first Samantha doll in a dress that had a silly title… “Samantha in Hot Pink dress with 2 ribbons!” Kind of a goofy name but I guess it worked…it sold… I hope you enjoy these pictures… on my “broad shouldered” Samantha…

Oh…and have a VERY Happy Valentine’s Day today!

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne


  1. Charlotte A. says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day to all!
    Have a great day!
    Take care —

  2. The slip is just beautiful, Jeanne, and will be so sweet with the dress to hold it out so nicely! That is a great design, thtn can be pulled up or down for different lengths, and not so full right at the waistline. Can’t wait to see the whole outfit together!
    As if everybody isn’t tired of seeing my dolls, thank you for showing them! Yes, that’s Susan with the blonde hair, who is Molly’s friend. I enjoy dressing them!
    Wow, that dress you made for Samantha is just beautiful! I love that lace, and all those buttons, you are so precise in sewing them perfectly aligned! That would do me in, for sure!
    I wish you a happy Valentine’s Day, Jeanne, and hope you can spend some special time with your”sweetie” without dust, wires and tools!!! Happy Valentine’s Day too, to all you wonderful ladies who are a part of our little blog family!

    • HI Linda,
      Thanks for the compliments on Samantha’s dress. I just checked and it was made back in 2008…10 years ago. I really got the mileage out of that fabric… I bet I’ve made 6-8 dresses from it. But it’s all gone now… boo hoo…
      Thanks too, for sharing your girls with us. I don’t think anyone ever gets tired of seeing your set ups! :o)
      I did spend the day with my sweetie… not too typical of a Valentine day, but we had fun nonetheless! I might even show what I got! :o) it’s not typical Valentine fare either, but I love it!
      Happy Valentine’s Day just to you!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  3. Dorothy in PA says:

    Dear Jeanne, what a pretty slip! I love the touch of the tiny pink bow.
    The dolls are having a nice tea. I am taking tea with friends at my favorite tearoom today, so I will be joining them (smile).
    I love Linda’s Alexander dolls. I have a small collection.
    Happy Valentine’s Day to you Jeanne and to all of your dear readers.

    • HI Dorothy,
      I hope you had a wonderful time at your tea party today! Did you have some Valentine cookies with that tea?
      Happy Valentine’s Day!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  4. Valentine greetings to all.

    Thank you Jeanne and Linda for your pretty photos. I’m so grateful for colors and it’s pure treasure to see such pretty clothes full of colors on the lovely dolls shown us today.

    Beyond mid-winter blessings.

    • Thanks Becky,
      It’s pretty drab outside today so the bright pinks and reds perked me up… hope they did the same for you!
      Happy Valentine’s Day, Becky,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  5. What a nice Valentine’s surprise. Molly will be very happy with that slip. Linda’s right — it will be useful with several different styles. Her pictures/scenes are always delightful as well.

    You saved the best of all these good things for last. I love Samantha’s dress. That is truly splendid eyelet. What a great find that was, and what a great use. Love the buttons — if you had a dime for every button you’ve sewed on, you and George could go on a great vacation. I especially like the buttons on the sash.

    I know the kitchen is a mess and you should stay away from the dust, but it too is a labor of love and I hope that you’ll soon be on the fun part. Every time you see it, you’ll remember your accomplishment. I do think a couple of pictures in nice inexpensive frames would be appropriate. If people who use it are reminded of the work that went into it, it will be easier to want to keep it clean. What color paint do you think would be most attractive with your nice cabinets and new counter-tops?

    Happy Valentine’s to all.

    • Hi Marilyn,
      I forgot to comment to you the other day on “A Little Princess” book. I received a hardcover edition of that book the Christmas I was seven and still have it. I loved that book and also “The Secret Garden”. Have you seen the movies for either? The version of “A Little Princess” I prefer is the mini series from 1986 with Amelia Shankley as Sara. As for “The Secret Garden”, the one with Margaret O’Brien. I like her in a number of movies.

      Have a lovely evening,

    • Hi Marilyn,
      Molly HAS that slip on now and she loves it! It really holds her dress out very well…maybe a little TOO well for the 40’s!
      That eyelet on Samantha’s dress was a vintage piece I had and it WAS lovely! You are probably right about all the buttons I’ve sewn on… a very nice vacation indeed! :o)

      We were on a mission today to get some samples of things we needed for the kitchen… so we picked up 2 pieces of the flooring we used for our house to show…and see what one is decided upon. The paint is going to be pretty neutral… It’s called Edgecomb Gray and I’m pretty sure it’s the same color I’m going to paint my cabinets. It’s a cross between gray and beige and looks wonderful with the brick board we have and the granite. We are going to finish up the holes in the floor and do some spackling tomorrow. Then I think the brick board might go up! Yay… finally something pretty in there!
      Thanks Marilyn and I hope YOU had a lovely Valentine’s Day!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  6. Kathie Welsh says:

    Happy Valentines Day everyone! Made Valentines sugar cookies for all of you…so I guess they are the calorie free kind😄💓
    That dropped waist dress is my favorite pattern….seems it looks good on any era doll. The eyelet is awesome and all those buttons…oh my!
    The cutest dress I made my oldest daughter when she was three was that pattern. Wish I had kept it *sigh*
    Have fun sharing Love with all your family and friends today.

    • HI Kathie,
      Thanks for the compliments on the Valentine dress Samantha is wearing! AND thanks for the cookies too! I loved them!
      I shared the love with my hubby today… not a typical Valentine’s Day, but I still had fun!
      Happy Valentine’s Day to you, Kathie,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  7. Well, little “old” Samantha was very cute in her pink. Love the two bow waist choices.
    Linda’s dolly photos are adorable. Such cute Valentine props too. The girls look lovely in their red dresses. So much fun. The tea scene is special. I only wish for some empty horizontal space around here as I would love to display a few girls too. Thanks to Linda and Jeanne for sharing.
    Enjoy the day everyone.

    • Thanks Joy,
      I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures today… of old and new girls in their red and pink dresses!
      Happy Valentine’s Day, Joy,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  8. The net slip will do the job for sure on Molly’s pretty dress. I always liked those netted slips when I was a little girl. Even your slips are beautiful.
    And the older Samantha in her pretty pink dress…how becoming. Her dress is quite elaborate. I do have to say the new Samantha is far prettier than the older Samantha in her facial coloring. That’s why I don’t mind getting the newer dolls sometimes compared to the older dolls of the same character.
    Love Linda’s girls in their Valentine outfits. So cute and love the way she set them up in scenes.
    Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!

    • HI Paula,
      Molly has the slip on and she loves it… it really does work well with this dress! :o)
      I used to love to twirl around in those full slips too! Yes, I have to agree with you on the “prettiness” of my new Samantha compared to my older one… She is just lovely!
      Linda does have a way with her set ups doesn’t she? I love them too!
      Blessings and Happy Valentine’s Day to you Paula,
      ~ Jeanne

  9. What a lovely slip Samantha is modeling. It will work perfectly for Molly’s new dress.
    Aww, Linda, You girls look so sweet dressed up for Valentine’s day. I DO love seeing the scenes you create. Your 1940’s girls look so pretty in their red dresses, they must be going to a party. I how Felicity and Cecile enjoyed a lovely tea. I like your sweet dolls in the background. Are they Storybook dolls? My mom had a couple (bride and Little Bo Peep) and my daughter found a “Party doll” at the antique store still NIB one year for $1.25, can you believe it?
    Jeanne, Samantha looks pretty in her bright pink dress with the lace bretelles.
    HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY to everyone.

    • Hi Laura,
      Thanks for the compliments on all the girls who were modeling today! They said thank you!
      I looked in my original listing and I mentioned the “bretelles” and then said, “we’d just call them ruffles today!” But not you… :o) You knew what they were!
      Thanks Laura and Happy Valentine’s Day,
      Blessings, Jeanne

    • Hi, Laura,
      Those dolls in the background are Madame Alexander Story Book Dolls. They are not from my childhood, but I did also have Little Bo Peep as a child, like your mother did.

  10. Just to chime in, but I think it is called greige. Very popular now.

    • Hi Joy,
      I couldn’t remember if this color was a Greige or just a neutral…so I just said neutral. I read Pinterest too!! :o)

  11. Happy Belated Valentine’s Day. Hope your and your hubby had a great day.

    The outfits are gorgeous, as always. Love the fabric and those gorgeous laces.

    The slip, is to die for, and perfect for this kind of dress.

    I have a question about the slip, if you don’t mind. Those of us that sew do like to have a few secrets up our sleeves. lol. Did you make the waist of the slip with lace or that great lace that stretches, so you can just pull it on. I read though the comments quickly and might have missed that if is was asked.

    Thanks so much for sharing.

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