A makeover for Rebecca’s dress…

Don’t you just LOVE a good makeover? You know the kind where they show some woman in the crowd with stringy hair and no makeup on and then they whisk her back to some secret place and when she walks out she’s got totally new hair, maybe even a different color, and everyone cheers and cries and hollers, “I can’t believe it’s you…you’re so beautiful!”
Well, we sort of had a makeover here today… not with a face, but with a dress.

Rebecca is going to a bridal shower on Saturday and wanted to know if a dress she wore to her cousin’s wedding, a few years ago, could be changed up a bit… S-U-R-E…. that’s what mom’s are for, right? Especially mom’s that sew!

When I made the dress for Molly’s wedding, Rebecca wanted it to have a criss cross ribbon look on the front and then have trim along the princess lines on just the bodice part. We looked everywhere for some trim to match the teal colored flowers to no avail…so we ended up painting her trim with fabric paint and then sewing it on. It was sort of stiff, but she said it didn’t matter… it matched…

This was her dress before…with Molly and Terrence…

mollys wedding my dress

…and this is her dress now…


She very carefully took all that trim off with my seam ripper and thought it looked better and more updated…sort of fresh looking!
She found a ribbon with white stitching along the edges that matched her dress perfectly and so we used it as a belt and then I added 3 little buttons on the front to give it a bit of interest.


This is what the painted lace looked like before. I have it just laying on the dress bodice here…


…and here is a close up…


I also added a 3″ extension of eyelet lace to the hem, stitching it on by hand up near the hem on the inside, so it looks like it’s behind the dress… not just stitched to the very bottom.


I got it all pressed and took it to her room while she was in the kitchen… and I found this necklace she was making to wear with it on her jewelry table… It’s made from a vintage necklace she took apart that was George’s mom’s. It’s very pretty and will look wonderful with her “new” dress.


I looked around in Rebecca’s room and saw these few things for the shower… her gift… matchy- matchy with the bridal colors…


She’s in charge of the games (courtesy of “me”) and here are her prizes…


She also is copying what I do for every party, count out the candies and put them in a jar, (again…her matchy-matchy candy) and the guests will have to guess how many candies are in it. Just for the record… I took a guess at this…and I was off by only 8 candies! (Counting candies in jars could be my sideline job!)


So it’s 10:30 now… the day is gone and I’m calling it quits. Molly will be up next and I need to make decision on what her dress will be made from. I got a piece of blue sheer fabric from MaryC, one of my readers, in the mail a few days ago and it’s so neat…I think she said it was from the 40’s or 50’s. She wanted to see “what I could do with it…”




I also brought back a piece of fabric… a piece of dimity, from when we went to visit my hubby’s brother and his wife. It’ the white and turquoise one in the middle.


Here is a closer shot of it… on the right…



Here is one of the flour sacks my sister sent me wrapped around Molly…


…and here is a lightweight navy and sort of khaki print that I bought with Molly in mind. I love the white dots in the background…



So, does anyone have a preference, or any suggestions for Molly? Do you want something brighter, something for school already, something for Fall, something more casual? I’ve got an inquiring mind that wants to know! :o)

Well, that’s it for me… Thank you all for your concern for my hubby. He truly appreciates all your prayers for him. (me too!)

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Anne Johnson says:

    Good morning, Jeanne! Having trouble with my posts. Hope you receive this one.

    I love the “make-over” for Rebecca! Her dress DOES look fresh and new. It is amazing how changing a little thing like trim can totally update a look, although I’m sure there was quite a bit of effort involved. Rebecca was very patient with the seam ripper! And how nice is it that she has updated her grandmother’s necklace as well? The three strands are very pretty and will look lovely with her dress. You will have to take pictures of Rebecca’s completed look for the bridal shower on Saturday and show us. She is a BEAUTIFUL girl, inside and out, and seems to be creative like her mama, too!

    I like the flour sack fabric for Molly, but the sheer polka dot is intriguing also. I think it’s a bit too soon for a “back-to-school” dress, but perhaps you could make Molly a dress for the state fair? I raised my children in a rural area, and school always started after Labor Day so the kids could participate in the county fair. As a former elementary school teacher, I was always anxious to meet my new students; but as a mama, I was determined to have as much summer fun with my own two children as I could before the very structured days of school began. Regardless of which fabric is chosen, I know you will delight us with your creation!

    I hope George”s condition has improved and he is feeling better. The yard sale postponement should allow you both to take a bit slower pace for awhile. Prayers continue for you both! Please keep us updated. Blessings–

    • Jeanne W says:

      HI Anne,
      I think I saw a comment from you late yesterday, but haven’t answered it yet.
      We really like the way Rebecca’s dress turned out too.. much better we think…
      I’m hoping she’ll let me take a picture of her in her dress with her hair all fixed too… :o)
      I’ll see what fabric the majority like and go from there, I guess.
      We have a fair close to us and it’s always fun to go to it. I loved seeing the sewing, knitting, smocking, doll outfits, etc at the grand stand… my hubby liked the livestock! :o)
      His leg was slightly less swollen today…
      Thank you so much Anne,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  2. What a treat to see Rebecca in the “first” dress and then the makeover of the “second” dress. I just think you two are the greatest in getting an ensemble together. I would never have thought of painting lace! Her necklace is beautiful. What pretty ladies you are.

    I would choose the fabric that Mary C sent you for Molly. Perhaps she could use it as an upcoming school dress as you suggested, ball in hand, ready to play with her friends, ribbons on her braids…. The fabrics are all pretty though.

    Trusting also that this extra time off from the yard sale will give George and you the rest needed. I’m trusting for a good outcome for George.

    Take care.

    • Jeanne W says:

      HI Becky,
      The before picture of Rebecca’s dress was the only one she could find. It was covered up by a little white sweater, but at least you could see the front and how it was originally. We do like it better this way…
      This was the 2nd time I had painted lace to get it the color needed. It actually works pretty well.
      Thanks for picking your favorite fabric Becky. We’ll see which one is most popular by the end of the day…
      Thanks for your sweet email… I haven’t answered you yet, but I will…
      Blessings, Jeanne

  3. Linda Doyle says:

    What a fun “makeover” with the beautiful Miss Rebecca! She is a beautiful girl, and oh yes, how new and fresh looking the dress looks now! I always thought simpler was better! What a touching tribute to her grandma in making that beautiful necklace to wear with the dress! She must have inherited your genes for being so artistic in everything she does! Even the candy “matches”!! Yes, I would like to see her all dressed up and ready to go to the shower too, is she doesn’t mind!

    Now for Molly! Well, I really like that first piece of material, the one Mary C. sent you. It just says Molly to me for some reason. I think polka dots are more Molly than flowers are. I can see that in a pretty pinafore type dress, something like her birthday dress, especially with the sheerness of the fabric. What I don’t know is how it feels, is it limp or stiff or in between? I mean, would the ruffles collapse? Maybe a dress with two tiers of ruffles at the bottom of the skirt or something? Of course, the bodice would have to be lined! Oh Jeanne, YOU decide after reading what everyone says, since you can decide best and you have to sew it!!
    I hope George is feeling better!

    • Jeanne W says:

      HI Linda,
      We really do think the dress was improved by taking off the heavy darker lace… it really does make it more simple and just plain sweet! Her necklace is really pretty in person… it’s some kind of iridescent glass beads that are just beautiful. I’ll see if I can’t snap a picture of her in the dress… all dolled up!
      Okay, so I have you down for Mary’s navy dotted dress. It’s really a fun print… and Rebecca was brainstorming with me about what could be used with it…
      It has a little bit of body in the fabric, but it’s not too stiff like organza…
      So, we’ll see what the verdict is at the end of the day…
      Blessings, Jeanne

  4. AH! I’ve been so *busy* I’d forgotten that I even sent that fabric! I just knew YOU could ‘do it justice’. 🙂 Will be fun to see what it ‘becomes’, eventually…

    • Jeanne W says:

      HI Mary,
      Well, if your fabric gets chosen, I will do my best to make you proud! Thank you again for sending it to me… it will be used up one of these days…if not tomorrow!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  5. So how’s the patient today? Hopefully, swelling is gone.
    Rebecca’s dress looks right in style now. The change up with the belt and buttons is perfect. I love the necklace. Gives me ideas of what to do with some of my grandmother’s old ones. Maybe for this dress, a bracelet might be in order? I guess I just like the plain look for hot summer weather.
    Choosing for Molly is going to be very difficult. I prefer the dots or the flower sack fabric for a back to school for Molly. I don’t think the white background piece would have lasted long with an active child in her time. She probably had to wear her dresses for school two days before washing, so the white would have been a no no.

    • Jeanne W says:

      HI Joy,
      Well, my hubby’s leg was slightly less swollen above the knee today than it was yesterday. He went on to work, but said he’d take it easy again… trouble is…the grass needs mowing…I told him to try and find someone else to do it.
      Somehow, and I don’t know why, but Rebecca’s dress just looks more comfortable too… and simple… simple is good sometimes!
      Okay, so it looks like the blue with the colored dots from Mary is in first place right now… I think it would make a fun dress for Molly since she really isn’t a frilly type girl. I will try to do it justice if it’s the winner…
      Thanks Joy,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  6. I read your post yesterday on my way out of the door, so no time to comment. I did pray for George and I’m glad he’s a little better today. Rebecca’s new dress look is very pretty, so summery and cool. Her necklace is lovely as well.
    For Molly, Mary’s fabric is sweet, I guess you would line it in a solid. I like the flour sack fabric and I really like the last one, it seems to set off her gray eyes well.

    • Jeanne W says:

      HI Laura,
      Thank you for praying… his leg is slightly less swollen… well, it was… he’s gone to work now, so I hope he doesn’t come home with it bigger again…
      Thank you for your compliments on Rebecca’s dress too. She likes it much better…

      I was thinking of a solid lining… but I’ve seen a sheer fabric done with a checked lining and it was really neat… I guess I need to go play with it…
      I like that last one too… I thought the exact thing…that it made her gray eyes sparkle! Maybe another time for it… She has on navy shoes right from her last modeling stint and that fabric looked pretty cute with her shoes. Although Mary’s fabric looks good with them too…
      Thank you Laura,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  7. Charlotte Trayer says:

    I love Rebeccah’s transformed dress! It really worked out great.

    As for Molly….I love the polka dot on her, and can see something with a floaty, gathered skirt and maybe puffed sleeves. However, I also like the dimity on her. Decisions, desicions…..

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