A Look Back at the Doll Dresses from 2016…Day 1

I still don’t have my “picture issue” fixed on my website, but I emailed Sarah, my webmaster, and she’s working on trying to fix it. She’s in Kenya, Africa, so it’s wonderful the way technology works! Pray that it’s just a simple fix…

I’ve been sort of stewing all day on how I can make a blog post without any pictures… I had reduced my thinking to “Well, you’ll have to pretend this is radio and grab your readers attention some other way than with pictures.” That left stories…but even stories need a few pictures! As the day went on and still no fix, I decided I would go ahead and start my “showdown” of the dresses from 2016. I have pictures of them in my Media Library on my website…it’s just that I’ll have to go through my notebooks, find the dresses in the right order, look up what day they were listed on Ebay, go to the post for that day and find a picture of when I told you about it. I’m pretty sure I probably told you about every dress I listed on Ebay, so I should have all the pictures in my library.

NOW… Just for fun…let’s see if we can determine which dress was the favorite in 2016. I’ll show the dresses for the next few days and you can leave a comment or an email letting me know your favorite from the ones listed each day. When I finish showing you all the dresses, I’ll show you the 4 or 5 dresses in the running for the most favorite dress of the year and you can then vote on your favorite of the ones picked each day. We’ll just see what happens.

So, I hope this works… let’s get started…
The very first dress of 2016 was my Mid-Winter Dirndl for Kirsten…(Since I don’t have to upload any NEW pictures, I’ll show you more than one of the dress… if you don’t mind!)







My sweet Josefina was up next for a dress and hers was called “Apple Delight.” She was so pretty in this one…

CIMG6257 (2)

CIMG6264 (2)


The third dress I made in 2016 was for Kit. I called it “Peach of a Valentine” and she was a cutie in it.. I had just repainted her lips and patched her body so she was thinking she was P-R-E-T-T-Y cute!


After I made her hat, I decided to see if I had any ribbon for a bow…yep, I had the perfect match in my stash so I decided to go ahead and make a bow too!



Now what would Valentine’s Day be without some Valentine cards. I found a few old fashioned ones and shrunk them down and made her 5 sweet cards to give her friends at school. (I just LOVE a fun scissors and glue project!!! I always have!)





Next up in 2016 was Addy. She modeled this dress in early February so it had a bit of a Valentine theme to it. I called it “Blue Ribbon Valentine.” I hope you’ll enjoy her in this one…





Addy HAD to have a boned crinoline to hold her dress out, so I made a pretty white cotton one for her.



Here are the Fashion Plates that Addy got from Miss Ford…



…and one last picture of Addy… doesn’t she look happy?


The first dress for my Effner girls was modeled by Lian. It was called “Details Matter.” See if you can find all the details…there are a lot!





In the back, I sewed the pink buttons on with my “flower” method…it was a 2 hole button, so the flower is just on a stem with no leaves this time.


Underneath the dress is a sweet tulle slip with a stretch lace waistband.



I managed to get another dress for Valentine’s Day. This time it was for tiny little Ten Ping. She loved this set and we called it “Hip Hoppity Polka Dottie.” I could only find this one picture of it…


10″ Patsy Tonner gets a turn next. She’s going to show you her dress called “Easter Sweetness.”






The last dress for today is being modeled by Rebecca. I called this one “Coral Charm” and it was a beauty ON a beauty!









A bonnet was mentioned in the beginning when I first started this dress, but when I got the dress finished and stood back and looked at it, I didn’t think it needed a bonnet, but a hair bow. I used a delicate piece of the same lace as on the dress and a piece of coral silk ribbon. I tied one and then the other.




Whew! I did it! I’m so glad it worked out…thank goodness for my Media Library on my blog! I hope you enjoyed seeing these first 8 dresses of 2016. I’ll have more tomorrow so come back to see them. And don’t forget to pick your favorite from today’s dresses… then we’ll vote on a winner at the end of seeing them all!

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne


  1. That was fun. I remember all of them, but seeing the details again reminds me that I don’t have a photographic memory.

    Usually when I want one of your outfits and don’t get it, I think, “That’s ok. The next one will be just as pretty.” In a few cases, I regret not winning the auction forever. Addy’s dress is one of the ones I still regret. As I recall, the winner made one of your “career high” bids and deserves to have and enjoy it. I loved seeing it again. That headpiece is also one of my favorites.

    Lian’s dress is a seasonal opposite to Addy’s, but just as lovely. The embroidery is beautiful and the buttons are one of your trademark special touches. The winner of that one deserves it as a reward for her good taste.

    I’m going to check back in during the day to see what other people are choosing. The year’s best outfit is going to have to overcome some real competition.

  2. Well, now, THAT was a difficult choice – but, MY choice comes down to ‘techniques’ used to help me decide….. Addy’s Blue Ribbon Valentine gets my vote…. I lean towards Civil War designs for my girls, anyway – but the piping, sleeve ruffle and ribbon application is what inspires me about this dress. I tried making a dress with piping at Easter time this year – it was applied to the base of a scalloped bodice – and boy was it a bugger to do. I want to do more with piping, tho….I think it really adds a LOT to the dress features.

  3. They are all so beautiful it makes choosing one very hard. That being said, I would have to pick Lian’s spring dress. The intricate details are spectacular and makes it my overall favorite from today’s slide show.

  4. They’re all beautiful, but I vote for Addy’s dress.

  5. Linda Doyle says:

    Jeanne, I just can’t make one choice! My favorites are Addy’s, Kirsten’s and Lian”s, and not in that particular order either!!! I have a hard time picking a favorite of anything really, since there are so many things and components to think about. The dresses themselves are gorgeous, but you also add to them with little “extras” that make them so special.

    Looking at these dresses reminds me of why I love your blog, and the way you sew and display. You are an expert, Jeanne, just no way to get around that!!!

  6. All the dresses are lovely. My favorite is Patsy’s Easter dress. The whole creation is perfect for her. When I think of dresses for the 10ers, I always think of that one. Maybe you will make another similar one in 2017, in memory of the Tonner kids.

  7. Well. I love them all. Since I own three of them it is even more difficult to choose. I really love Kirsten’s but lost that one. I am voting for coral charm. Ever since I put it on my doll I have not been able to take if off. It really is so very beautiful. Thank you so very much.

  8. They are all just wonderful with the Jeanne Marie special details. If I had to choose just one to break a tie it would be Lian. I love the smocking and silk embroidery but all are so special. Love the little Valentines and song sheets and petticoats.

    What kind of fabric is the vest on Josefina made of. It almost looks like pierced leather or an imitation of it. Where in the world did you find the little metal piece (I think it’s called a concha?). I’m getting more interested in Josefina and may put her on my Wish List, although another doll is just what I need, right?

    • Susette,
      The red fabric that Josefina’s vest is made from was a pair of Candie’s red snake-like-skin jeans. I found them at the thrift shop and thought the fabric in them was worthy of something for my dolls. It certainly was and I have lots left over.
      I got the concha, concho from Hobby Lobby and I think they still carry them.
      Yep, Josefina… just what you need! :o)
      Blessings, Jeanne

  9. Kathie Welsh says:

    Hi Jeanne
    I think I love the pink and white floral with embroidery at the waist the best…although I do remember loving all the detail on Addy’s…and tiny TenPing’s well fitted dres and jacket
    This is going to be fun!

  10. Anne Johnson says:

    I read through your blog three different times, Jeanne, and I was so engrossed in the dolls and your dress details that I didn’t notice the typo until the third reading (“…these first 8 dresses of 1016”), and I don’t know why, but it made me smile! Just imagine if you were showing dolly dresses from the year 1016! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I have finally been following your blog long enough now to remember every one of these dresses, Jeanne, and I love them all just as much in this recap of 2016 as I did when you first showed them. It is a pleasure to admire them again! Your period dresses have such great appeal with your attention to historic detail; I’m invariably drawn to your delightful mix of fabrics in Kirsten’s darling dirndls; I’m always enchanted with the pint-sized charms of Ten Ping’s tiny creations; and everyone knows my fondness for sweet dresses made for pretty little Patsy. You do make it very hard to choose a favorite, Jeanne! As many of your readers have expressed, there is much to consider, and each design has its own special merits. Fabrics, techniques, components, details, trims, finishes, accessories (and those adorable slips)!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Perhaps because I’m so looking forward to the arrival of my first LD in the spring, I feel compelled this time to choose Lian’s lovely floral dress with the exquisitely embroidered smocking. Everything seems to come together perfectly for me in that one “darling” design. I hope I will be able to afford to dress MY new Little Darling as beautifully when she finally arrives! Thank you for the fashion show, Jeanne. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s selections from Jeanne Marie’s 2016 collection!

  11. Well, I am finally back on the computer. Mine died on the 23rd and I’m borrowing an old one of my mom’s until I can afford a laptop. I’m so glad you had a lovely Christmas and wow, a new doll. I take it she will just be just display.
    No dolls or doll clothes etc. for me. I have no family that would buy me doll things, other items, practical ones, ( clothes, kitchen, home, garden) yes, but not dolls or doll things.
    All the dresses are lovely and I recall them all clearly, but you know my favorites will be Addy’s ( one of my all time favorites), then Kirsten’s and then Rebecca’s. I’m looking forward to the next dress installment tomorrow.

  12. Hi everyone,
    I’m going to just make one post this evening because my sister brought my mom back this afternoon.
    I’m slowly glad everyone is enjoying looking at the dresses of 2016 again. I’m enjoying reading how you are picking your favorites. I’ll let you know from the comments and the emails I received which doll dress was the winner from day one!
    Thanks so much everyone,
    Blessings, Jeanne

  13. Charlotte Trayer says:

    I really debated, but decided that Ten Ping’s dress gets my vote this time. I’ve always loved pink and black together–such a striking combo!!–and her outfit has many good things going for it–the wonderful little jacket, the checked sash, etc.

    Hope things are going well for your mom.

  14. A day late on this one, but I just had to vote on Lian’s gorgeous smocked dress!! Looking forward to the ones that will be shown tomorrow!!

  15. After reading today’s post, I used the link to return to day one and add my vote for Addy’s Blue Ribbon Valentine dress. It it so nice on her and the fit is so perfect. I love the sleeve detail too!

  16. It’s been a busy week so I haven’t spent much time doing “fun” things, like vote for favorite dresses! So I’m gonna do it all now in one sitting. ๐Ÿ™‚ They are all wonderful, so really hard to choose, but I have to go with “Details Matter” on Lian. The smocking, the ribbon roses, they flower buttons, and Lian just always makes everything look adorable.

  17. Addy’s dress…hands down! There are so many details that make this dress so lovely, and the colors are just breathtaking!

  18. Lian’s dress “Details Matter” is my favorite.

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