A little Pre-Thanksgiving post…some of my favorite oranges and greens

This has been a super busy week for me as our church is getting ready for a huge Thanksgiving Dinner Saturday evening. We belong to a student church that tries to be a “home away from home for the Internationals” and we always make a nice dinner for those students who aren’t able to go home and be with their families this time of year. I think we are planning on about 275 people and there has been LOTS to do in order for the evening to be a success. I was put on the decorating side of things and had 30 tables to make centerpieces for. I met with a friend this morning and we worked like little bees turning that fellowship hall into a pretty Fall area. A few other helpers showed up, and using pumpkins, candles, leaves, pine ones, corn, etc. we got them all done in a few hours… I took a few pictures with my iPod and they aren’t great, but hopefully you can see a little of how it looks…in person, it’s very beautiful and sort of homey looking.

Thanksgiving table decorations 001

Thanksgiving table decorations 008

Thanksgiving table decorations 007

Thanksgiving table decorations 003

Thanksgiving table decorations 005

As I was putting together pumpkins and Fall leaves, and candles and corn, I got to thinking about how I could tie this all in with my next blog post. When I got home and scrolled through my myriad of pictures, I decided I would show some of my favorite pictures featuring greens and reds and oranges…

I participated in a Fall Swap on the Little Darling Doll Forum and Isabelle and Janie are showing off what I received as my swap gift. Now don’t look too closely because neither doll has any britches on… I sew for dolls…but my dolls are usually naked.


Here is Wren Kish in a pretty reddish orange and green Christmas dress. She was a pretty doll and the more I see her in my pictures, the more I miss having her…


Millie, the skinniest little ball jointed doll I ever owned had fun with this little green frog. I made her a pair of orangish shortalls with a “frog pocket” in the front. She loved them.


A dear customer bought this darling sweater for her Millie but when she tried to find something to go with it, she was at a loss. She sent me the sweater and asked me to make something to go with it. I came up with theses two skirts, and the lacy blouse and tights…



Here is Millie again in a wild orange wig that I made for her. It was quite outlandish but she loved it! I made her fun little dress set and we had a great photo session that day!


This is the view outside my sewing room windows and there was just a touch of green as the gold and oranges were taking over…


…and my most precious red heads…love them dearly! (I included them because Rebecca’s blouse has green in it…) :o)


So those are just a few orangish/red and green favorites of mine… What’s your favorite in those colors?

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Jeannie B. in TX says:

    Jeanne, I love this blog! The table center pieces are very colorful and festive. The table team did a great job and I am sure your student guests will enjoy the food and atmosphere.
    Now the dolls…. the outfits are just so cute. I love your littlest doll with the crazy red hair. The wig is terrific and suits her perfectly.
    Lastly, but certainly not the least important are the two real live red heads. Your children {young adults} are beautiful and happy. You are truly blessed.

    • Thanks so much Jeannie,
      Yes, I am truly blessed… I’ve known it for a long time!
      Thanks for commenting on Millie’s wig.. I know it’s goofy looking, but it suited her personality perfectly!
      I’ve got corn casserole in the oven and as soon as it comes out, a huge 22 pound turkey is going in and one in a roaster as well. Another busy day, but I know I’ll sleep well tonight.
      Thanks Jeannie,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  2. Your kids look great. Both dolly and real. 🙂 Just wondering, I’ve been trying to find it, but can’t. What is the address for the Little Darling Doll forum? I have one on order and hoping to get a second one soon and would love to be a part of the forum. Thanks.

    • HI Christine,
      The doll forum used to be on Yahoo, but they have switched it to a new site that Dianna made for us. There are some ladies who still like the old Yahoo site better, so there has been some discussion about what to do… a poll was even taken to see what to do. So far I think the new site is winning out. The new site for the Little Darlings is.. http://www.ourlittledarlings.ning.com

      You’ll probably have to rejoin but it’s pretty simple to do.
      There is a link at the top of the site letting us know the progress from the few artists who paint the dolls…it gives you an idea of how much longer it might be till you receive your doll.
      Hope this helps Christine,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  3. Linda Doyle says:

    You are one busy lady!! I love the fact that you are such an unselfish person, always thinking of others—you are such a joy to know!

    Love the doll pictures too! You give the dolls personality in the layouts, while your own sweet personality shines through!

    Your backyard is so pretty and fall-like! Wish I had a gazebo like that!

    And those two children of yours, what a handsome and darling pair! So glad I could finally see them, how about a picture of you now?

    • Thank you Linda,
      I am very blessed to have such wonderful children and a fantastic hubby! I have very much to be thankful for….
      Both of my kids are photogenic, unlike their mom… who takes horrible pics… there was a pic of me on the Cabbage Patch post… years ago…
      Maybe soon… I just read a blog post about not being afraid to put a picture of yourself out there…your readers connect to you better if they see your face… so…maybe…
      blessings, Jeanne

  4. What beautiful center pieces for the Thanksgiving dinner. You are one busy girl – always helping others. It should be a nice dinner for all of you.
    The little girls are so cute in their colorful outfits. Love Millie day dreamin’ on her bed. Your props are so cute.
    What a lovely lovely park-like yard. It looks so peaceful and the gazebo is fabulous.
    And what nice looking children- a handsome young son and very pretty daughter. Now I can envision Rebecca making her beautiful jewelry. That is one precious photo.

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