A furry leopard cape for a wintery Saturday…

YAY! I have something to show you! I was concerned that it was going to be non-productive day, but it wasn’t! I found time this evening to make the little capelet I was telling you about yesterday. I’m glad I made it as I think it adds an extra bit of charm to the coat.

The coat fastens in front with just one snap, but I might add another one to keep it centered. The hem is weightier and seems to hang sort of like a bell. I want it to stay in place, so an extra snap just might do the trick.

I stitched a bow made from some cording to the center of the coat, not to the capelet.

I left the cords from the bow long and may see if I can’t find some tassels or black pom poms… the ones I have are too large.

The capelet is detachable and just fastens with a snap added to an extension underneath.

The bow is just pulled forward to show on top of the capelet.

I wish you all could see this coat in person…it’s totally different than in my pictures. The black fur is that curly silky soft fur that is similar to minky dot… if you know what that is… and the coat doesn’t have that greenish cast that it seems to have in my pictures….and Janie looks so washed out in my pictures, but in person, she’s just as beautiful as ever!

There was so much fur up around the neckline on the front of the coat and on the capelet, so I reluctantly decided to pass on the muff which would have been another cord around her neck, and instead Janie found a friend in the toybox… I don’t know why but she named him Rory! ? Anyway, he’ll be included in the set.. I’ll do a muff next time.

Maybe it will snow before I get it finished and I can take some outside pictures of her in it… I can’t believe I’m saying that!

I hope you have a wonderfully, warm, worry-free, Saturday! I’m hoping to!

See you Monday,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Janie looks so adorable and warm in her new furry coat, Jeanne! The first couple of pictures didn’t show the capelet, so I was wondering what you were talking about! So you didn’t make a muff, but her hands look like they would be cold. Maybe you could make a sweet little pair of mittens, maybe felt, for her? I know those tiny things can and do get lost, but maybe a cord attaching them together and put through the coat might work. My AG dolls have those in a few of the coats I have, and they work out just great. It’s just a suggestion, so don’t take it too seriously! Also, a muff doesn’t necessarily have to hang around her neck, it could just be on one of her hands.
    So you are waiting for snow to take a picture outside? Do you know something I don’t? We are supposed to get snow, sleet, ice and rain tomorrow! So fun! Just kidding, about the “fun”, but that’s what is in the forecast. I don’t recall you ever taking pictures outside, so that might be a first!
    We will start taking down all the Christmas decorations today, the 12th day of Christmas, so it’s time, but I’m going to miss my cheery decorations. Have to do it sometime, so I might as well get with it. Seems like it was just yesterday that I put them up!

    • Thanks Linda,
      Maybe Rory wasn’t the best choice for Janie…I might have to reconsider that muff or some mittens instead.
      The sun is shining out today but the temp feels like -4… Too cold right now for me to go outside and take some pictures…it needs to be cloudy to get my pictures look their best. The sun wouldn’t make them very good to use in a listing…. Maybe I can create a little snow scene and stay out of the cold altogether.
      Thanks Linda,
      Have a wonderful Saturday!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  2. Charlotte Trayer says:

    Oh, my goodness, Jeanne! That outfit turned out just adorably!!! I think it may be one of the very best coats you’ve ever done!

  3. Linda is right that a lot of muffs don’t have cords and an independent, cordless muff would be cute. I think if she had skates, she’d need the cord attaching the muff, but since she has boots, no cord would be ok. I love the coat. I won’t make predictions, because my predictions about how well something will do are always wrong and I don’t want to jinx this darling outfit.
    On my computer, there is no greenish cast and Janie looks rosy and lovely.
    It seems to me that you’ve taken several pictures of your dolls modeling in your yard. That would be a nice set of pictures sometime. If you can’t get out for pictures, how would a branch of evergreen look with your rustic backdrop?
    For the new doll watchers, Rowan Hope (Jess) arrived yesterday. She has fabulous hair and looks cheerful and confident. I had expected her blouse to be embroidered, and it is, but hadn’t realized the detail in her sandals. Altogether she was an excellent choice for a good price. Now all she needs is a JeanneMarie special.

    • Hi Marilyn,
      Enough ladies have mentioned the muff and/or mittens so I may be changing things from Rory to something soft and black.
      I’m going to figure out some way to make this look more wintery than just using that gray background.
      Is it okay if I share pictures of your new Jess (Hope) sometime? I don’t know anyone on here who doesn’t enjoy seeing each other’s dolls…
      Thanks Marilyn,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  4. It’s a darling outfit. It was a good idea to put the cord on the coat instead of the cape as it serves to center the cape. I’ll go ahead and predict a real winner here. I’ll send along a picture of a coat style just like it for adults that popped up on my Facebook ads. I have that pattern and will be tempted to make a coat for my doll now. The muff really is large and I think the outfit is fine as it is. Good luck with this sweetie’s coat and the little dog.

    • Thanks Susette,
      Thanks for your thoughts on Janie’s coat…and I hope you’re right about this set being a real winner… That’s always fun to think about!!!
      Susette, you really should give this coat a try…I think it would come easy to you…. And you’d have a nice warm coat “to wear over some shorts!!!” Sorry, I had to be a little bit sarcastic… *sigh*
      Thanks so much…stay warm…oops…you already are! :o)
      Blessings, Jeanne

  5. Hi Jeanne
    Adorable – absolutely Adorable! I wouldn’t change a thing. I love the addition of the capelet and of course Rory.
    Wishing all a wonderful weekend (-9 here)

    • Hi Leigh,
      I’m glad you like Janie’s coat set…all the way down to Rory!
      Oh BRR?.. I hope it warms up some in the afternoon for you… We are supposed to get up to 22, but the winds are supposed to pick up so the wind chill will keep it pretty cold.
      Thanks Leigh,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  6. Dorothy in PA says:

    Dear Jeanne, Oh my goodness that is a darling outfit! The capelet just sets off the whole thing. Janie even looks happier, maybe it’s because she is holding Rory (smile). I kind of agree with the suggestion about adding gloves, especially if you pose her outside. But how divine altogether! The Little Darling Mamas are going to love this!

    • Thank you, Dorothy,
      I am very pleased with how this coat set is turning out… I think I better get started on some gloves… But maybe I’ll keep Rory in the mix anyway.
      I’m so glad you like it.
      Blessings, Jeanne

  7. Wow, such a great winter coat! Love it.
    Don’t know why, but the pup seems to distract from the lovely coat. It is very cute though. Maybe it could be posed in a wagon or something instead of just sitting there? And a little greenery in the background or “snow” should any appear, would be a fun idea. Oh, maybe she is getting ready for a walk in the winter wonderland and finds the pup in the snow? She wouldn’t need gloves then as she just found the pup.
    I’m sure whatever you do will be perfect. Looking forward to seeing the listing.
    Have a fun and warm weekend.

    • Thank you, Joy,
      I have a darling little kitty that is curled up and she goes perfectly with this coat, but I just can’t part with her. I don’t want to have her in the listing because I don’t want to take a chance on anyone thinking she’ll be included. Maybe I’ll just show her on my blog, so everyone can see her.
      You’ve given me some ideas…now to get going on them…
      Thanks Joy,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  8. The coat, capelet and hat are just so snug and snazzy on Little Janie, Jeanne. It’s wonderful to see your work and “hear” the fabrics “sing” under your skilled fingers/brain. Adorable.

    Blessings….last day of the super cold…CANNOT wait for it to be over

    • Hi Becky,
      Thanks for your kind compliments on this coat set. I’m glad to see that you like it. So the cold is going away for you too?? I’m all for that! I think it’s supposed to get up to 57 degrees on Thursday here…hope it’s true… Guess I better forget about real snow for this coat listing…unless it’s the man made kind…
      Thank you,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  9. Shara Smith says:

    So glad you decided to add the capelet.. it adds the perfect finishing touch:)! Looks wonderful!

    • Hi Shara,
      I’m glad I added the capelet too… I always have liked short capes on things…. I once made a royal blue cape for myself with a capelet on it too. It was serged with red thread along the edges. I LOVED that thing!
      Thanks Shara,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  10. Charlotte A. says:

    The coat is adorable! I love the additions you made. They give it a completely new identity and even more personality. It was very sweet before but it is so much prettier now.
    It’s still cold here but it is supposed to get back to normal cold tomorrow or Monday. Hope everyone stays warm and has a good weekend!
    Take care.

    • Hi Charlotte,
      Thanks for your sweet compliments on Janie’s coat set. I’m liking the capelet part very much too!!!
      I hope it does warm up for you too!!! We could all use a break!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  11. Sandra Lyons says:

    Love the addition of the caplet. In a gorgeous wool with the fur it would look very Victorian. My sister has a gorgeous red wool one in her collection of Victorian era clothing and it ties with the most gorgeous off white satin ribbon.

    Her outfit is perfect for a walk out in the snow though poor doggy would need a sweater.
    We are buried in 17″ of the beautiful white stuff and its minus 4 degrees not including the wind chill factor. Thankfully the only warm room is my studio so have been busy.

    • HI Sandra,
      I hope you are having fun sewing in that warm room of yours! I like the idea of a red wool coat with white fur. It sounds delicious!!
      Stay warm!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  12. Kathie Welsh says:

    Hi Jeanne,
    As I was looking at all the pictures I thought “ it needs something more on top”….then like magic the next picture had the cape…exactly what it needed.
    It is the perfect time to list that cute set. She is so cozy in it too!
    Enjoy your weekend!

    • Thank you Kathie,
      I like the addition of the cape part too! It was very much needed! I’m glad you like it too1
      It IS the perfect time to get it listed…now to get those mittens or muff made… I have been cleaning house, when I’d rather be sewing! *sigh*
      Thanks Kathie,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  13. Anne Johnson says:

    What a charming and stylish addition to your leopard coat and hat set, Jeanne, and it was very clever of you to make the capelet detachable. I think the option to wear the little capelet alone over a dress adds tremendous value to this set. Three different winning styles all in one is the trifecta of designer perfection. Congratulations, Jeanne!

    Rory is a sweetie pie, and I also noticed your rustic window pane screen in the pictures. I know you will use your creative genius to give that a wintery look that will showcase this adorable coat set perfectly, too! Evergreens? Frosty branches? Wintery window boxes? Storefront display? Can’t wait for the reveal!

    Loved the pictures of Jane’s darling new LD, Cricket and the lovely “Snowy Day” coat set she received from Lorna in the swap. That pale blue baby wale corduroy with the white fur trim is so sweet! Jane’s red parka, overalls and sweater were very festive, also. With so many of my dolls in storage now, I enjoy seeing everyone’s “little girls” and their latest wardrobe additions. Congratulations to Marilyn on her new adoption. I hope she will send some pictures soon of little Rowan Hope.

    Thanks for a wonderful week of wintery wraps, Jeanne! If nothing else, they warmed us on the inside. Here’s to a week of less frigid temperatures, everyone. Stay safe, warm, and cozy!

    • Hi Anne,
      Thank you for your wonderful compliments on Janie coat set. I actually had to look at the pattern instructions to see if the collar was actually supposed to be attached to the coat. (When I sew, I generally know how things go together so I don’t always follow the printed instructions.) Anyway, the cape was supposed to tacked at the back of the coat. I’m glad I made mine detachable, but I bet the winner will always wear the capelet on the coat.
      I’m trying to figure out just what I’m going to use when I list this cost set. You gave me lots of ideas…
      I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures from other sewers this week…I did too.
      Thanks Anne and I hope you have a wonderfully warm week too!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  14. Dear Jeanne, your coat/ hat/ cape set is wonderful. Thank you for showing it completed. Looking forward to seeing your eBay listing.
    Thank you too for showcasing the photos of Lorna’s wonderful outfit, and to a lesser degree the clothes I made. Lorna also made a skating outfit, and if there is ever an appropriate time I’ll send photos. I am in awe of the Lycra sewing, it even has attached briefs.
    More coats please….
    Stay warm and happy

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