A few of my favorite dolls with braided hair…

I just love dolls that have hair long enough so you can braid it in a lot of different styles. Sometimes the braids make the dolls look little girlish and other times the braided hair is about as elegant as you can imagine. Riley, my little 7 1/2″ imp has the shortest braids of the bunch…only about 1″ long. It was no fun when they got messed up and had to be re-braided; especially since her hair was mohair. One of the hardest things about Riley’s hair was “tying the ribbons in her hair”… not fun!
Elizabeth is my 70’s girl, my Colonial stand in and my favorite Regency model. Her hair is nice and thick and has the most versatile styles of the whole bunch. Whether it’s long braids imitating Julie’s or all piled up in a fancy style for a Regency dress, Elizabeth’s hair never lets me down.
Josefina is a natural for braids and probably my favorite picture of the whole group is the one with her in the sea foam green and black set with the shiny black straw hat. I remember when I did that photo shoot with her and had a hard time narrowing down which pictures to use because she was so photogenic in all of them.
So without further ado… here are my girls…





















Okay, ladies, shall we decide favorites again like you always do?

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Jeanne, is number three doll, Janie??
    She sure does look different in her long braids??

  2. I agree with you Jeanne, Josefina is so pretty in this photo. I also love Riley’s pink ensemble.

    • Hi Regina,
      Riley’s little pink dress set was always a favorite of mine. That little set came out just the way I hoped it would… It’s such bright colors and I thought she looked adorable in it.
      Blessings, Jeanne

  3. Josefina in the green and black is stunning, but the portrait of Elizabeth in the bluish-purple print dress with the purple flowered head band is breathtaking. It is so vivid in color. She wins with me.
    Standing in my closet, looking over my array of blouses, I realized there are very few printed tops – most of them are a solid color. (b o r i n g) The material prints and colors and diversity of colors you use for your dresses are just beautiful and so vivid and refreshing. The outfits your girls are wearing are like looking at art !! *Love the kitty curled up on the green bench. You miss no detail.

    • Thanks Paula,
      Elizabeth in that Regency dress was a real winner when it was listed on Ebay. Elizabeth is a very photogenic doll and this color seemed to be a very good one for her.
      You noticed the kitty… see I’m still “accessorizing” my dolls to this day. I started with my Barbie and will probably “accessorize” till the day I stop sewing… which I hope is…..NEVER!
      Blessings and thank you Paula,
      ~ Jeanne

  4. Love the Kish, don’t know many doll’s names, in the pale yellow and blue print! I think she’s breathtaking.

    • HI Jan,
      That girl in the yellow wool felt hat is Helen Kish’s 14″ Chrysalis doll, Wren. She is a beautiful doll. She was my first articulated doll and she posed wonderfully well. I sold her last year to concentrate on other dolls, but she was a definite favorite and sometimes I wonder if I did the right thing by selling her. Oh well…
      Blessings, Jeanne

  5. Linda Doyle says:

    Oh, that beautiful picture of Elizabeth with the crown of braids!!! And to think my mother braided my hair like that too! Of course, I was a little German girl, so what other hairstyle would do? I never looked as elegant as Elizabeth, though.

    And that gorgeous picture of Josefina in the seafoam green and black! Oh, I wanted that oufit so badly, but it went right over my head, well, I mean over my budget! But it is just wonderful and I surely don’t know how you part with these gorgeous outfits! I guess the money helps!! 😉

    • HI Linda,
      Thanks for the compliments… I appreciate them. Yes, Elizabeth was a beauty that day… she still is to me.
      And Josefina’s outfit.. sorry you lost out on it. I just thought it was perfect for her that day.
      How do I sell my outfits… I guess for me the fun is in seeing who gets them and of course, the money does help out somewhat. I LOVE to watch the end of my auctions to see what happens. That’s sometimes the biggest thrill of the whole creation for me.
      Blessings, Jeanne

  6. Lynne Hull says:

    Jeanne I love all your pictures. The one that caught me the most, an gave me that wonderful feeling is the next last one the blue Regency Just perfect hair style to go with the gown

    • HI Lynne,
      Yes, I loved that dress. It was just a shorter Regency gown with pantalettes underneath, but I loved the neckline on it very much! Elizabeth’s hair cooperated too and made the whole look come together perfectly!
      Thanks Lynne,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  7. Loved all the braid configurations…Maybe the Kish blonde in the yellow and blue dress is my fav…but the Elizabeth AG is fantastic too! Is the Kish doll Spring from the Seasons series? There is just something about braids and little girls

    I had a 18 inch Ann Estelle that my Granddaughter Cassidy absolutely fell in love with…and she called her Elsa ( before I knew about, or had seen Frozen) She wanted to take her home so bad…I had set sites on dressing AE and selling her since she was a pricey one…but when Cassidy’s little face saw her she just melted…so Ann Estelle got an Elsa hairdo( I had to go on U tube to figure out how to do the braid) and a turquoise dress and was her birthday gift…she hasn’t been out of her arms since.

    • HI Kathie,
      I just saw the pictures you sent me! How adorable and the look on your Granddaughter’s face is priceless! I think it was meant to be… hers, I mean! Very sweet!
      Blessings, Jeanne

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