A few Odds and Ends today…

I mended some jeans for my hubby today, fixed a pair of jeans for Rebecca, made some new offering bags out of a burgundy crushed velvet for my church and worked on my cutting board some. There wasn’t much time for sewing besides those jobs I mentioned. I did get my new camera battery and am thrilled to report that the battery definitely was the problem and it’s working perfectly now. YAY!

I just wanted to show you a few odds and ends today…

Linda asked if the green and red Christmas dress I made for Willa would fit the Effner Little Darling 13″ dolls. I’ve seen some listings on Ebay saying their dresses will fit both dolls… Well, mine certainly won’t. It may look okay on Isabelle from a distance, but it swallows her if you look close. I would never say a dress fits a doll unless I know for a fact that it fits them well… this one is too big in the bodice, too big around and the sleeve cuffs are way too big.

I only turned on one of my lights so my pictures aren’t the greatest…it’s my lighting, not my camera… :o)


The slip is almost a fit on Isabelle but it slides down too easily and would peek out from under any dress. The hair bow is WAY too big around… and the shoes just fall off her feet when I pick her up. So this set wouldn’t work for the Little Darlings.



When I was trying out my first pattern for Willa’s shoes, I used a brown wool felt and they turned out pretty cute. I’m debating about using them with her next dress.



I think they’re pretty cute on her…I just have to show you this sweet little body again.


I was looking through my brown fabrics and came up with this sweet print… it might be Willa’s next dress.




…and remember those straw hats I mentioned a few days ago… the ones my sister sent me in all different colors but they didn’t fit any “heads” on my dolly shelf?
Well, look who they fit now! Isn’t Willa sweet showing it to you? She’s set for Easter already!


Well, this will have to be it today… a little alterations, a little sewing, a little painting, and a little playing! :o)

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Linda Doyle says:

    Oh yes, Jeanne, I do see how that outfit is too big on Isabelle. Thank you for trying it though, but I will say, at first glance, it looks pretty good on her! I can see how some people on Ebay selling doll clothes can make a pretty broad statement about what fits, and photography can also help them out, but you are one who doesn’t do that, and when you say it fits—it really does! I can see how a little girl could easily lose the shoes, hairband and even slip while playing, or at least have to keep putting things back on!

    Oh, that brown material looks like it could be a sweet little school dress! I can see a white yolk and Peter Pan collar, and little brown buttons lined up on it! Would be perfect with the shoes! Lucky you to find someone to use the hats for! I too, see an Easter dress coming for Willa—-but not TOO soon!!!

    I bought a Lea AG doll yesterday for my granddaughter when I went to Kohl’s. She’s been wanting her, and since the doll is from St. Louis, I thought it would be special for her. She is 11 now, and so this will probably be her last doll. So sad for me!

    Oh, I did get the pink pj Wellie Wisher set for Betsy McCall and it fits perfectly! It even has little fuzzy slippers that are just adorable! I’m not convinced the other outfits will fit Betsy, but pj’s don’t have to be really snug. Betsy is 14 inches, so they probably would fit her better than the LD dolls.

    • HI Linda,
      I think with some tweaking and possibly a belt or sash that tied in the back, might make the dress fit and if I did just a hair bow, that might work, but I don’t think the shoes will ever work for both dolls.
      I have started on the brown dress, but haven’t gotten to “decorating” it yet… and no, there are NO Easter plans as of yet! It’s nice to know I have some hats for her though.

      Oh, I’m sorry your granddaughter is “growing” out of the dolly days… that is sad!

      I saw the pink PJ’s at Kohl’s too and they are adorable… Every doll needs some jammies!
      Thanks Linda,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  2. What a super productive day! You got a lot done and all of it will make a difference in the future. I’m so glad the camera battery worked.
    It’s true that Willa’s green dress isn’t perfect on Isabelle, but I kept thinking, really, this is not that bad — until I came to her little clown feet — those shoes will not fit Isabelle, no matter how cute they are. She must have been very happy to take them off. I’ll bet they didn’t fall off, I think she kicked them off.
    I love those brown shoes — the braid is very nice on them. As for the dress fabric, Thanksgiving is coming and this will be perfect. A pinafore dress might be nice. There are several colors in the fabric that could be brought out nicely with a pinafore — or piping, or a collar, or — I’ll bet you’ve found something already. You usually don’t do two dresses in a row for the same doll, but you are inspired right now, so why not?

    • HI Marilyn,
      I’m thrilled that the camera battery was the problem too… if it had been something else, I would have croaked… a new camera isn’t in the budget.
      Like I told Linda, I might be able to get the dresses to work for both dolls with a little work, but not the shoes… they’ll never work for both dolls.
      I like the idea of this dress being used as a Thanksgiving dress…hmmm… I may have to go with that… You’ve given me some ideas… thanks…
      I don’t usually do two dolls in a row, but I was wanting to tweak my pattern and not forget what I had done the first time…
      Thanks Marilyn,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  3. Thank you for the LD/Wellie comparison. Amazing isn’t it how many different sizes and shapes on dolls in general. And don’t get me going on shoe sizing. I don’t think any of my girls wear the same size.
    Little Willa looks lovely lounging with the brown. Great shoes too. Ok, when are you going to experiment with her tails? Have you taken them out yet to try another style?

    • HI Joy,
      I know what you mean about the dolly shoes… that’s why I have a whole big drawer devoted to the AG shoes and 2 little drawers to everyone else… :o/

      I haven’t taken down Willa’s hair yet, but it’s coming… I can feel it… I’d like to try some french braids on her…
      Thanks Joy,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  4. Great odds and ends….we definitely need some of those days. Willa surely is a cutie, isn’t she?


    • HI Becky,
      Yes, Willa certainly is a cutie pie and now that I have my camera back up and running, I’m hoping to get some better shots of her…
      Thanks so much for even enjoying the trivial things I talk about! :o)
      Blessings, Jeanne

  5. I loved the Civil War book from yesterday. Addy’s many tier dress was lovely as was the yellow.
    I can see that Isabelle literally floats in that dress. I think most doll dresses are like people ones and must be tailored to fit. Since I didn’t buy anything from Samantha BF collection I can’t guarantee it, but I heard the BF clothes doesn’t fit the PC girls well ( too tight) and my PC German Samantha is quite plump from too many petit fours. The little brown shoes are too cute and that brown fabric works well with her coloring. Willa is a cutie and I can see that you are enjoying her. Like many of the AG dolls, once you get them out of the collection AG creates they become something totally different.
    It’s great you now have a doll that can wear the hats your sister gave to you.
    Not to ask you about something negative, but I’m just curious. i saw that the lovely dress you made for Ellowyne didn’t sell. What do you do with a dress that doesn’t sell? I don’t know that I’ve seen one of yours that didn’t. Such a shame.

    • Thanks so much Laura,
      I’m glad you enjoyed the book review from yesterday. It does have some wonderful illustrations in it. I bet you could spend days looking at it! :o)
      I’ve heard the same thing…that the newer BF line of clothes is a lot smaller and won’t fit some of the older PC dolls.
      I AM enjoying Willa. She is a very nice size to sew for… and I’ve come along on her brown dress pretty well…
      Ah… Ellowyne… Well, the plan was to retake some pictures of her using my camera now that it’s working okay and relist the dress. I never got to that today, so I guess I’ll save that for another time. That’s the problem with dolls I don’t sew for that often… my customer base gets used to me NOT sewing for them and when I do, they don’t realize I have something listed so it goes unnoticed. You are right… it doesn’t happen often to me that something doesn’t sell. I could name on one hand the dresses that haven’t sold. There has only been ONE dress that I relisted and it didn’t sell even the second time. That was one for Kit.
      Oh well, Willa is keeping me occupied for now, so I’ll worry about Ellowyne later I guess.
      Thanks Laura,
      Blessings, Jeanne

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