A few Navigation Tips for my blog posts… and my GIVEAWAY instructions…

Just a quick plug…I listed Ten Ping’s dress on Ebay last night and you can see it by clicking HERE if you like. You can also click on the picture at the right side bar and it will take you directly to the auction. Here is just one picture for your viewing pleasure…


A year ago, when I started my blog/website, I didn’t have a clue what I was doing (and I still have a long way to go), but I’ve learned a lot this year and thought maybe I’d give a few pointers about how to navigate on my site. There may be questions you’ve had and didn’t know who or even what to ask. I’m going to have some Giveaways next week, beginning on Monday and thought maybe some of these tips might help.

Let’s just start at the beginning…
If you are reading this page, I can assume you’ve already found me, but now what do you do? There is a place at the right side bar that will ask you if you’d like to subscribe to my daily blog posts and be notified when I list new things for sale. It looks like this…It’s a 2 step process. You fill out the information and then I believe you have to confirm it in your email…


I generally try to stick with dolly and sewing posts, but sometimes when my life gets busy I throw in a post about family, something going on in my life, a decorating project, a recipe, etc. If you hang on, it always gets back to dolls and sewing.

You can read the daily blog posts 2 different ways…one, where it looks like this, which is my actual website page:


or two, where it comes in your email and looks like this, with the title of the post in blue letters:


[Sometimes my “email” version (with the blue title) has shown my pictures REALLY LARGE. If that drives you crazy, just click on the blue title and it will take you to my website…]

You can read it just like any other email you get but some things on this page aren’t the same as they are on my actual website page.
Reading this way, occasionally you might see the word “HERE” highlighted in blue… and if you click on that, it will take you to another
post I have written. If you do click on it, just hit the back button and it will return you to the blog.


Down at the very bottom there are the last 5 posts and any of them may be opened by clicking on them.


As I mentioned above, if you’d like to go to the actual website/blog post, click on the blue title… like this…


…and the page will change to this: Most people like the website version best.


Sometimes I refer to things on the “right side bar” and that’s not visible on the email version with the blue letters.

When you receive my posts, they are what I call stacked on top of one another…I mean yesterday’s post is below today’s post and day before
yesterday’s post is below that one. See, here is the bottom of today’s post with the top of yesterday’s post underneath it.


If you ever find yourself on just a “single” blog post, all you have to do it hit the word BLOG in my header and it will take you to the most recent post with all the others below it.


When reading on my website, there are 4 posts to a page so if you scroll down and down and down, you’ll eventually come to the bottom of that page where you’ll find some little numbers… and if you click on them you can go backwards to the beginning of my blog…(if you like!)


If you want to leave a comment about today’s post (or any other posts), you’ll find that at the bottom of each post. If you are the first person to leave a comment, it will say, “Leave a comment” but if others have already left some, it will look like this:


Just click on the those numbers and leave your comments, then click “Post comment.”

At the right side bar, just below the “Subscribe” button, there are 4 little icons…where you can “connect with me.” Click those and get to my Pinterest page, my Etsy shop, my Flickr page and my Ebay listings.


If you’ve ever seen this list of all these words at the right, those are called “tags.” You can click on those and it will bring up all the posts where the word you picked is mentioned. (ie) If you click on Ten Ping, any post where I’ve mentioned her, will come up.


Now, back up to the header…if you want to “check me out” click on ABOUT ME…


If you want to see pictures of all my dolls in one outfit that they chose… click GALLERY:


If you want to see the dolls I have, click MY DOLLS…


My daughter, Rebecca, makes necklaces for the American Girl dolls so I gave her a little area called “BECCA’S CORNER.” Click on it to see a sample of her work, and then there is a link to our Etsy shop as well…(but don’t get your hopes up…I’ve been very negligent in getting our shop filled back up with necklaces, fingerless gloves, pantalettes and an occasional doll dress. I’m hoping to do better soon.)


If you need to get a hold of me to ask a question that you don’t necessarily want everyone to see in the “comments” section, use the “CONTACT ME” and send it to me.


Okay, as I look back over this I think it looks like too much information, but I hope it helps. If you have any questions or think of something I have left out, please let me know…

NOW…ABOUT THE GIVEAWAYS… Next Saturday, August 1st, will be my 1 year anniversary of writing this blog. I haven’t missed a day and it’s a pretty exciting thing for me to have accomplished that this past year. I wanted to do something fun for all of my subscribers who have been so kind and generous to me, so I’m going to have some giveaways all next week to thank you in just a little bitty way! Each day will feature something new that I’m giving away. (sorry, no cars or even dolls, but still some fun things!)

In the past, whenever I’ve had a giveaway, I’ve always just drawn a name from my subscribers list. This time I’m going to do it a little differently. It won’t just be a random drawing, but each day you will have a chance to win the item featured that day. I will showcase what will be given away each day and this time you’ll have to leave a comment . You’ll have a full day to leave your comment…so if you want what I’m featuring on Monday, leave your comment on Monday…

I generally get my posts on at 2:00 a.m. Central time, so you’ll have a full 24 hours to leave your comment. You can do it either on the website where the “leave a comment” is, or you can send me an email or do it through “Contact Me.” It doesn’t have to be some long comment…just something that lets me know you are interested in it.
I’ll post the winner of Monday’s giveaway on Tuesday’s post, Tuesday’s winner on Wednesday, etc.
If you have any questions, let me know…

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Linda Doyle says:

    Wow, Jeanne, it will take some time to digest all this! Since this is my babysitting day, I will have to come back to it later and REALLY read it! Thanks for explaining everything for someone like me, who knows just about next to nothing when it comes to navigating computer stuff, but I don’t want to appear dumber than I really am!

    I’ll be sure to comment next week!!!

    • Jeanne W says:

      Hi Linda,
      I know it was a lot to take in…maybe I should have done it in two parts…those who like to read it from their email page and those who do so straight from my website.

      Just a quick note…one of my doll customers in Colorado made 3 jars of the pickles and she said they were great! George told me last night to make some more for us! I’m out of onions or they would already be in the frig!
      Thanks again,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  2. Wow, a whole year without missing a post! Congrats, Jeanne! I’ve enjoyed each and every day reading your blog. I know it’s no small task putting something together each day. I wish I could post more often without it taking up half the day writing the post. I’ve been having a dry spell with words lately. Have you noticed? I hate it when that happens.

    Not that your blog needs anything else, but have you thought about adding a “Search” box? Of course I cannot remember what it was, but I was looking for one of your past posts and knew a word or two to look for, but couldn’t find it without going back through all of your posts. Luckily, it was shortly after you started your blog, so it didn’t take that long to do. Just a thought…

    Have a great day, Jeanne!

    • Jeanne W says:

      Hi Cindy,
      I had noticed you were missing in action….but I just thought it was your turn to be busy. I hope your creative juices start flowing again real soon!
      Yes, I want a search button! Plus a few other things. My site meter is all messed up on my website, not correct at all, but I have been writing down the hits each day and will update it when Sarah, my webmaster finds time. I have already switched to Site Stats and love it. So many things to improve on….so little time! Do you do all your website stuff yourself? Once I’m shown how to do it I can do it, but this Blog/web stuff is like a different language to me.
      Thank you Cindy,
      Blessings, Jeanne

      • I do do everything myself, Jeanne. I just muddle on through and hope for the best. 🙂 A lot of those stats that you talk about are things that I don’t really understand.

  3. Oh my goodness…this was WONDERFUL and helps me SOOOOO much!!! I had no idea all I had to do was click the blue title and it would bring me here where I could see everything clearly. So many times in the past, I’d open your blog and the pictures were so big I couldn’t see them and I’d end up giving up before I could even get to the bottom of it. This is fabulous!!! Thank you SO much!


    • Jeanne W says:

      Hi Bobi,
      Well I guess I should have done this post sooner! I am so glad you can join us on the actual website now!
      Thanks so much for all your encouraging comments in the past…please don’t stop!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  4. Hi Jeanne,
    There were some pointers I am glad to have. I don’t know a lot about blogs and there were a few pointers I am glad to be able to use. Thank you so much.
    You have a wonderful blog that I enjoy very much. You are very dedicated to it and that means a lot to your bloggers. Getting to know you has been a gift in itself.
    I am looking forward to the fun next week.
    Have another lovely summer day!

    • Jeanne W says:

      Hi Paula,
      I am the one who has been so blessed this year. Every single person who has left a comment or an email has been so kind and encouraging to me. I can’t believe it has been a year… Whatever shall I find to chat about next year? Yikes!
      Thank you Paula for your friendship to me,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  5. Jeannie B. in TX says:

    WOW, lots of information but oh, so helpful. I know very little about blogs other than reading them so this was certainly useful information. I know I will be using the search features because when you post an instructional blog I can now go back and tap into it. Of course, I will be going back and searching all pictures of Molly just to view all her cute dresses. She is my favorite as if you didn’t know that !!!
    Have a wonderful day !
    {how is your husband}?

    • Jeanne W says:

      Hi Jeannie,
      I am glad the post today was helpful to you…and yes…I know you will be searching for Molly posts. I need to go back and add some tags on a few posts…I didn’t do all of them when I first started.
      Thank you for all your sweet comments and encouraging words to me this year. They have been so nice to read.
      Blessings, Jeanne

  6. Thank you, Jeanne. All this information was very helpful. I thought I WAS a subscriber because I had commented and put my email in the Speak your Mind part and have read your blog for months. Thanks for clearing that up for me. I’ll really subscribe now!! Wow, Jeanne, a whole year without missing a post. I did go back and read all the posts I had missed before I found you and it was a lot of fun.
    I have enjoyed getting to know you and consider you a friend if only through the internet. I’m looking forward to the fun as well.
    I know I’ll be searching for pictures of Felicity because she is my favorite. I think you know that as well.
    How Is your husband?? I hope everything is well.

    • Jeanne W says:

      Thank you Laura,
      I’m glad you’ll be an official subscriber now! Congrats!
      Thanks for taking the time to read all my posts…I hope you enjoyed them all. You’ll be interested to know I have been “window shopping ” on EBay looking at Felicity’s. I just like the historical dolls best!

      My hubby got a good report from the doctor…and now he can start getting his Cystoscopy every 6 months instead of every 3! He is thrilled!!
      Thank you Laura,

  7. Gosh…a year already. I’m not sure how I found you…maybe it was Jeannie in Texas? You do a great job and I have yet to read a blog that wasn’t interesting! My sewing skills have made big steps just watching yours! Making a dress today for an old Saucy Walker and I’ll send you a pic…you definitely have had a impact on the fabric choices for her.
    Enjoy your ” First Birthday!”

    • Jeanne W says:

      HI Kathie,
      Yes…a year has gone by already… I can’t believe it!
      Thanks for all the comments you have left and how encouraging you have been to me! I truly appreciate all the little ways you’ve blessed me!
      I’m looking forward to the next year! I hope I can think of enough things to talk about!
      Thanks Kathie,
      Blessings, Jeanne

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