A few days off, but still something for you…

Hi everyone,
Moving my mom to a new independent living place is harder than we thought… mentally, emotionally and physically. The physical work is probably easier to deal with than seeing the emotions my mom is going through. She still doesn’t want to go, and can’t understand what she “did” for us to make her move, but at times she talks about the other place. We’ve tried to tell her it’s nothing she did… but she doesn’t understand…I think it’s just going to be a matter of time.
We got a lot of her big stuff moved today and have worked like dogs. There is still plenty to do tomorrow and my sister, Deb, is going to spend the night with her Tuesday…We are hoping to get her used to the place gradually… but I know it will probably take weeks.

I am so tired, and I haven’t been home all day, so I have no New post, but I did look through my archived ones and picked out a few for you… Maybe you’ll stumble upon one you haven’t read… I’m going to have to take a few days off from writing my blog, so I can concentrate on the many things that still have to be done. I’ll try to leave an old post or two for you the next few days…. “just so you don’t forget me…”

Here are a few posts from 2015…

One last question from Linda… about my major…

Do your dolls talk to you?

I hope that will give you a smile to start your day…

Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Jeanne, Take all the time you need. It’s wonderful that you have parents around to help. I also understand your mothers fears of new things. Just be strong and it will get easier.

  2. This is a huge step for all of you. I think it’s hard when you are working so hard and getting no appreciation for it, but your mother would appreciate what you are doing if she could only understand the situation. My sister has just been through the same thing with her mother-in-law and it’s working out, though it took weeks and she still wants to go home to be sure everything there is ok. She did, after all, take care of that house for many years and still feels responsible for it.

    It’s so good that you are getting this done before Christmas and will have one giant task complete before you begin the new year.

    I loved seeing your little girls with their mountain of toys. I remember seeing it the first time, but it is fun to see things again. I hope Patsy found just the thing she wanted.

  3. Yes, Jeanne, take all the time you need to get your mother settled and comfortable in her new home. Moving is stressful for anyone, young or old, and doubly so when an older person doesn’t understand why she has to move. We can wait and pray for the best.

    I do remember asking that question about your schooling and how you started dressing dolls. It seems like yesterday! And the dolly toy box! Such sweet memories!

    Take care, and you can congratulate yourself on getting a huge task almost completed. Now you can start the beginning of the Christmas season, Advent, with hope in your heart.

  4. Charlotte A. says:

    We won’t ever forget you. Take the time you need. We will all still be around when you return.
    Have a good day.
    Take care.

  5. I know all of you are working hard in this move and praying your mom will adjust. It is emotionally difficult, I know. “Casting all your cares upon Him; for He careth for you.” 1 Peter 5:7. KJV.
    Take all the time you need, we aren’t going anywhere.

  6. Since you are self-employed, you are certainly entitled to grant yourself Family Leave. I enjoy the repeat blogs as I sometimes forget how much fun they are to look through. As others have said, take all the time you need as we’ll all still be here. Wishing you and your family the best.

  7. Dorothy in PA says:

    Dear Jeanne, No way could we forget you!!! You are kind of a dolly “glue” that holds us together. I come here because it is a safe place to share doll talk and life talk. Not everyone on the “outside” understands our love of dolls.
    I loved the dolly toy box post. I loved Lian and Isabelle playing with the toys.
    Take as much time as you need to be with your family. We will be waiting right here on the sofa until you get back.

  8. We’ll be here waiting for you! No rush. Know everything will work out. Good idea for your sis to spend the first night. My step sister did the same for her mother and it really helped her get into the routine. Will there be opportunities for your mom to meet other residents? Perhaps attend a class and make some Christmas decorations? I bet your mother is very creative too.
    Be thinking of you and family. Please do get a few minutes of rest though. We want you back and functioning soon. 🙂

  9. Yes, take your time, Jeanne. It’s difficult for someone to pare down a lifetime of things and move to a new place. Maybe you mom to have a china cabinet to display her most favorite things. that way she will still feel that some important items are still around. i’m sure you, your sisters and brother can decorate your mom’s new place for Christmas and that would make a “new” special memory. If the facility has activities, your mom can make some friends and that will certainly help the transition.
    Don’t worry about us, we’ll still be here. I follow one other blog run by another Christian lady that I have since homeschooling days. She is currently taking a break as well to deal with family issues. I check once a week to see if she’s back.
    It’s good that your sister will stay the first night. It will make the new place feel like a home. Maybe all of you could have a special dinner or dessert the first night as a housewarming.
    Love the Dolly Toy Box post. I remember that one and enjoyed seeing the huge collection again.

  10. Dear Jeanne – As others have said we will never forget you! This is a very difficult, heart wrenching time for all of you but of course you know you are doing the right thing for your mom. Take all the time you need – you have to take care of yourself too. Love looking back at your older posts, I remember the toy box.
    God Bless ~

  11. Charlotte Trayer says:

    I will echo what the others say, Jeanne; it’s time for you and the family now. You are all in my prayers. hugs….

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