A few comments that have made me smile since August 1st…

I’m writing this on New Year’s Eve and hope you all stay safe…
First off, let’s get some pictures on this post… how would you like to meet the new kids on the block? fireplace? In case you missed it, HERE are the nutcrackers that my hubby collects (or rather that WE collect for him!)

We’ve got “Mr. Fix-It”…appropriately named as my hubby does ANYTHING and EVERYTHING imaginable in the line of fixing things…lights, fans, sinks, toilets, hot water heaters, dryers, windows, doors, refrigerators, cars…and M-A-N-Y more….

Then I also found “Mr. Hunter” so I had to get him too… My hubby isn’t necessarily a hunter, but he does like camo…


Then Rebecca found him these next two… a tiny little 5″ Schnauzer nutcracker that’s really an ornament, but he’ll be joining the ranks of the others on the fireplace next year. The football player sort of resembled a Green Bay Packer and my hubby likes that team, so I told him we’d get the helmet painted in Green Bay colors…



My sister gave him this last one… He’s a real German Nutcracker and is really a fun style with his green wool felt hat! I think maybe the 5 new ones might hold us over for a year or two…


Okay, now onto my post…

Well, here it is…2015! Five months have passed since I started my blog and now it’s time to start writing posts for the new year. I have saved many of the email comments that are only seen by me and not posted under the blog post. I decided to pick out a few that encouraged me or even just made me smile. I didn’t pick these comments to brag on myself, but just to show snippets of how one person can encourage another in their sewing or their love for dolls. I could have picked a hundred or more comments, but didn’t want to post TOO many…
I cannot believe how you all have welcomed me into your homes and how that has made me feel. I have to admit my sewing machine has been silent since that last red plaid Christmas dress was made. I was planning to do at least a little sewing but between planning my moms birthday party and then visiting with my sisters and brother, it just didn’t happen. I think I needed that break but now I am ready to get back to sewing and some dolly/sewing posts! Are you ready for some?

Here are a few of those comments…some people’s comments are longer because they commented more and I just combined them together.

* I so look forward to your blog every day and have learned so many new tricks. Makes me strive to do better, Thank You so much for all you are teaching. ~ Lynne

* You have made several people very happy to be able to see your blogs each day. They have given us ideas, enjoyment and most of all friendship! I know that I look forward to reading your thoughts each day. ~ Sylvia

* Thank you for creating this blog. I read it everyday and love seeing all of the beautiful items you have created. I am just getting back into sewing and just started to collect dolls. I have definitely learned so much by reading your blog. ~ Karen

* I just want you to let you know what an inspiration you are. Aside from the wonder of your creations, I appreciate your willingness to share the difficulties of sewing and the search for perfection when you described ripping seams out and redoing things. It sure helps to know that it is part of the process and not a fault. It gave me the patience to persevere when I made mistakes.
I just have to let you know what an inspiration you are! I haven’t sewn in years, but my five-year-old granddaughter is getting an American Girl doll for Christmas. I happened to come across your wonderful, artistically inspired dresses in a search for patterns. They are truly little works of art. You inspired me to try my hand at a sari. I admire your participation in church and school activities and so much appreciate your taking the time to post every day. ~ Susette

* I can’t stand it!! I covet each and every dress you make! Thank you for the time you put into your blog. I am thoroughly enjoying it. I am speechless at the beautiful clothes you make for your girls! I am building up to the question, are you going to make some more of those Civil War dresses? Not only are they beautiful but my girls need them!
Even though words cannot describe the talent of creativity and beautiful clothing you do today, I have to say, your sewing as a child was as determined as I have ever seen. Each piece is adorable and so precious and it reflects a wonderful little girl trying so hard to make beautiful clothes for her Barbie. The creativity is very apparent.
You have the neatest ladies on your blog. I don’t know them either but they are wonderful women
By the way, once in a blue creative moon for me? I used “kleenex” as poncho-type coats or shawls and the best….cotton balls for hats….if you pushed the cotton ball down over Barbie’s head, it became a pillbox hat!!
I am not going to be able to resist any dresses you design from now on.
~ Paula

* I love your blog and all your photos!!!! What a joy your blog is…the little glimpses into your life and humanity…it’s encouraging to all of us. Love your blog, all your helpful hints, looking at all your pictures….a real joy!! ~ Bobi

* I really enjoy reading your daily blog. Now if you just lived close enough to come over for a cup of coffee! ~ Patricia

* By the way, I am loving your email each day. The email is well-written and feels like a friend is talking to me! Reading it each day has certainly inspired my sewing and not just for my dolls. ~ Maureen

* I am in love with everything you design and make. I am running out of “ohhhhhhs and ahhhhhhs”!. Each day is always a lovely surprise.
If I were to attach Velcro to the top of my head, do you think that some of these beauties would allow me to borrow some of their wigs?
Thank you for a sweeter Sunday. ~ Bobbie

* You brighten my morning every day, and remind me that there is joy and goodness and genuine talent out there still. ~ Jennifer

See you next year! (sorry, I couldn’t resist)
Blessings, Jeanne

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