A comparison of the dolls I sew for…

The other day (when I had already ordered Ten Ping), I was trying to determine just how little 8″ was compared to some of the other dolls I presently owned. Sometimes you just need to see the size next to a doll you have in your possession in order to know more about her. I looked on line and saw all kinds of comparisons for her, but not next to the dolls I already owned.

I thought you might enjoy seeing a post on my dolls and their various sizes. It worked out great, because a few people have been curious and asked which dolls I sew for. I thought I’d show you instead of just telling you.

Sometimes deciding who to sew for takes longer than actually making the outfit… you think I’m kidding? Let me tell you, I’m not. The variety of sizes of dolls I sew for sometimes is a disadvantage. I see a few ladies who only sew for one or two different sized dolls and they can crank out the outfits. But when I think about it, I’m not sure I’d be happy with just a few different sized dolls…it would be easier, but I think I’d miss the variety. I have an assortment of fabrics in all different scales to go with the various sized dolls….and you should see my “shoe” drawer! My goodness, Imelda Marcos would be jealous of my doll shoes. (I’m jealous…)

*Disclaimer* There is some “dolly nudity” in this post. In “comparison posts” most people like to see the joints of the dolls so I left most of them naked…

Also, if you click on any picture, it will enlarge somewhat.

Okay, let’s get started. Now this isn’t a picture of ALL my dolls; just one of EACH size. Going from left to right, there is the American Girl doll. They are the biggest dolls I sew for at 18″ tall. I have these dolls in that size….Elizabeth, Rebecca, Kirsten, Saige, Molly, a #41 and a #27, and Julie.


Next to Elizabeth is my beloved Nyssa, by Kaye Wiggs. She is a resin and was very hard to find as the edition for her was closed when I discovered her, and only 87 dolls were made worldwide. I actually wrote a note to Kaye Wiggs and told her how much I would love to find one, and she sold me one from her personal collection!! She is 18″ tall as well and is quite heavy so she really needs a stand when you pose her, or have her sitting down. One of the first dresses I ever made for her went to a lady in Russia. It was a huge investment for this lady as she paid dearly for shipping and customs and it actually took just a few days short of 6 weeks to get there. Let me tell you I was sweating bullets until I knew for sure the dress had made it there safely.
I have Nyssa and also a sunkissed Hope, sold as a fundraiser by Kaye, to raise money for enslaved women in Nepal.

Beside Nyssa is Ellowyne, Wigged Out Too! I have 3 Ellowyne dolls and while I think they are absolutely stunning and so very fun to pose, I have a hard time making things for them. I think because she is considered a 19 year old “fashionista” I have a hard time coming up with outfits for her. I’m very comfortable sewing for “child-like” dolls, but more modern things tend to throw me off track a bit. I wish I could conquer this problem because with her shape and the way I used to sew for Barbies, I shouldn’t have any trouble with making and selling things for her. There are some GORGEOUS things on Ebay for her. I wish mine were some of them… *sigh*

So these are my 3 big dolls again…


Next to Ellowyne is my cherished Isabelle; a 13″ Little Darling, by Dianna Effner. I have 3 Little Darlings.. (so far… :o) ) They are incredibly addicting but the wait to get one painted is over a year and sometimes almost 2 years with a few of the artists who paint with Dianna. My Isabelle was a gift to me from one of my dear doll customers. It’s the nicest gift I think I have ever received… she’s my girl!
I have Lian, whom you all have seen on here and Janie too.


Elin is a sweet 10″ BJD (Ball jointed doll) by the Iplehouse company. She came with a blank face and I painted her myself. You can see that post HERE. She’s pretty special to me. I found her blue eyes from a seller in Germany and haven’t changed them since I put them in. She’s my little blue eyed cutie. Her wig can be changed and she is very poseable too.

Patsy is next and she’s another 10″ little girl doll, but with a much chunkier build than Elin. Robert Tonner is her creator. She’s got those big blue green eyes and is very popular because her best friend is Ann Estelle.

Last up is my newest little one…and I do mean little, 8″ Ten Ping, by Ruby Red Galleria. All last week I was posting about Ten Ping to the point that some of you were probably sick of seeing her face. Sorry about that… if you could see her in person or pose her on the palm of your hand, you’d understand why all the fuss.

As varied as all the sizes are, I took a shot of all their little toes…they are all quite unique…as are their fingers…




They all got tired so I said they could sit down…


So these are the size dolls I sew for; some big…some little bitty. Who do you have? I’d love to know…


See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne


  1. Linda Doyle says:

    Very interesting, Jeanne! I don’t sew for my dolls, as you know, but do make aprons, slips, and change a few little things on a dress, or even repairs, but I really don’t sew for them. I have about 8 Madame Alexander Story Book dolls, a Danbury Mint Shirley Temple doll, and a 12 inch (I think) Betsy McCall doll, but they never get anything changed! My 8 American Girl dolls have all the goodies, and get changed regularly.

    • Good morning Linda,
      You have nice variety of dolls too…and Molly is your favorite, right? Those poor little dolls who never get anything new…. :o(
      Blessings, Jeanne

      • Linda Doyle says:

        Oh Jeanne, don’t feel sorry for the dolls that never get anything new! They are very much loved and are in a cabinet all dressed up1 I got them because they had such darling outfits, and they are never undressed! However, I forgot about my Ginny doll and a kewpie doll too. My childhood dolls never made it to my adulthood, as I had 3 younger sisters that played with them too. You know how that goes!

        Yes, I guess Molly is my favorite because she and I share the 40’s!

  2. I feel the same as you. I want variety, but the current stuff is almost frustrating because I don’t follow fashion trends, although my almost 13 year old daughter does. LOL

    I have almost the same range in dolls. I would love to get my hands on a Kaye Wiggs dolls, but haven’t managed yet, but I will. I don’t have Iplehouse dolls, but I do own Fairyland dolls. I have a Littlefee which is the same size as BID and a Realpuki which is smaller than the Kelly Barbie dolls. Very tiny. I also have a “22 American Model by Tonner and a lot of 16” Tonner dolls, as well as Fashion Royalty by Integrity and Silkstone Barbies.

    • Hi Christine,
      You have some nice dolls too. I think the Littlefee’s are so adorable. I almost got one once, but changed my mind at the last minute. I’ve seen those tiny little Realpuki’s…they are super little.
      I guess I need to consult your daughter to see what I should make for my Ellowyne dolls… 😮
      Thanks for sharing,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  3. Hello Jeanne, I just loved the fact that your dolls got tired and sat down! They are all so sweet each in their own way. I have three 18″ dolls – AGs Molly & Emily and my childhood doll of unknown origin. And yes, I’m sure mine also come out to play when I’m not around ….. I love your blog, keep up the good work.

    • Jeanne W says:

      Thanks Louise,
      I’m guessing you must be a child of the 40’s? Your Molly and Emily are giveaways!
      All our dolls probably come out to play when we’re gone, just like in Toy Story…
      It’s fun to think about if that really did happen…hmmm…
      Thanks for your kind words Louise,
      blessings, Jeanne

  4. Well, you know that I have Pleasant Company dolls, A PC West German Felicity, a PC German Samantha and a first release AG Nellie. My daughter has a PC German Felicity and PC German Kirsten, a first release AG Kit and Nellie and an AG Julie. There really is a difference between the PC and AG girls if you have both. Even My 1991 first release Felicity is noticeably different from my daughter’s 1993 one even though they were both made in Germany. Even the wigs are different. Of course, I like their collections and accessories and have many of those, not just the dolls. We couldn’t have afforded these even if they had existed when I was a child so I am so glad to enjoy them now. When my daughter sold some dolls and accessories for college I told her I had always wanted a Samantha and her collection for myself. She gave me Samantha and all her things and I then felt I could by my own Felicity etc. samantha was mint because she hadn’t cared for her looks and had only displayed her. She was a relative’s gift. One doll is all it takes!! 🙂 I have a Kathe Kruse 23′ “Heidi” doll my great aunt brought back from Germany in the 1970’s when she visited our relatives there. I was never allowed to play with her so she is still perfect I am glad now. I also have a German doll that is my mom’s from childhood (1940’s) that we have tried and tried to find information on the creator ( Elfriede Herse) without much luck.
    I also have the 2 Madame Alexander baby dolls and the wardrobe my grandmother sewed for one of them from my childhood. They were my only dolls growing up hense my love of PC dolls now.

    • Wow Laura,
      You have some treasures there with all your “vintage” Pleasant company dolls. I can tell a big difference in the two companies too. I much prefer the older ones, as they have a softer look to them as well as a softer touch to their skin.
      It’s fun to be able to enjoy the dolls now as an adult, isn’t it?
      Thanks for sharing what dolls you have.
      Blessings, Jeanne

  5. Loved seeing your different doll sizes. Your blogs are always so interesting!
    My husband built a doll room for me in our basement. I needed a room! My doll cabinet has some dolls in it and old books and AMG books and Breyer horses. I have a small amount of stuffed animals, bunches of Barbies, a few 16″ Tonner glamor girls, a Shirley Temple, Miss Revlon and a small Betsy McCall. However, in one closet, my 13 AGs stand. I have a card table set up in the doll room so I can work on the dolls, and change their clothes.
    I love to hear about everyone’s choice of dolls. Some people don’t get it (the love of dolls) so it’s nice to read your blog and read what all your readers have to say!!

    • HI Paula,
      You have what we ALL secretly want… a doll room devoted just to our dolls! What a wonderful thing your hubby built for you. I bet it’s wonderful to go into and just dream away… *sigh*
      Thanks for sharing Paula,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  6. I have two Tonner Patsy dolls, two Tonner Ann Estelle dolls and now have Ruby Red Galeria Jar-Lu. Also, a vintage Chatty Cathy doll. I am thinking about another RRG 8 in. doll in the future. *Smile*

    • HI Regina,
      Oh dear… you have Ruby Red Galleria dolly fever I fear! I hear the only cure is to get another doll… you’ll be well…SOON! Loved your comments!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  7. Hi Jeanne, I agree that it is easier to keep making things for the same doll and even more difficult to move on to the older dolls. You should check out Anthropologie and Modcloth for grown up style inspiration. I would love to see those kinds of style made for Ellowyne.

    Sorry, that I have been absent commenting. I worked on your questions the other day and keep rereading to make sure that it all sounds okay.

    Have a great weekend!

    • Jeanne W says:

      HI Cindy,
      Yes, I have a few of those “older” dolls who seldom see an outfit… I have a list with them all on it and try to follow it when making the “next” dress, but I always seem to deviate from it and then I feel bad for those poor overlooked dolls.
      I’ll have to check out Anthropologie and Modcloth… hadn’t thought of that.

      Oh good… questions and answers… I love it! Take your time… and definitely don’t stress!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  8. What an awesome display! I too love Robt Tonner Dolls, Helen Kish dolls and of course Little Darlings. When I was looking at your lineup it almost looked like a row of dolls with a real little girl in the middle. The Little darling has the loveliest proportioned, sculpted body and her joints are hardly visible…but it is fun to pose the BJD ones too.
    I guess that’s why we have to have a variety!
    Thank you for the comparison study…was wonderful. Wish I could sew today but I need to plant some roses!

    • Jeanne W says:

      Hi Kathie,
      It is kind of fun to see them all lined up in a row, isn’t it? I hadn’t ever done that before, that I recall. Yes, Isabelle, in all her life likeness is right there in the middle of all the big eyed, anime dolls and she does catch your eye! She has such a wonderful child like look to her and my sister keeps telling me, “if you ever want to get rid of her…..” *sorry, dear sis*

      I”m getting ready to cut out the flower girl dresses…
      Have fun planting your roses…
      Blessings, Jeanne

  9. Jeannie B. in TX says:

    I love that you lined up some of your dolls for a sizing. It really helps to gain the perspective of the concept of each artist’s work.
    I thought about counting my dolls….. I thought about it. It’s a bit much even for doll lovers. I don’t have collections but have certain individual dolls that hit my fancy and I fell in love with them. I have 5 AG’s, 4 Little Darlings, 1 Patsy, 2 Betsy McCall, Piper Kish, 2 Bitty Baby’s, Ballet Barbie & Angel Barbie, 3 small MA, 4 bride dolls of old, 2 MA Scarlett O’Hara – Gone With The Wind, tiny Scarlett, Miss Ginny as a bride and Ginny as a teen, 2 Storybook dolls, Dianna Effner – Heather {I think}, a very vintage Revlon that you perm her hair, a Susan Wakeen toddler and my first baby doll with no movable parts and lastly a Judy doll – a 16″ baby doll, a MA ballerina, a Miss Ginny sub-teen girl and a grocery store bride that is 24″. Two large vintage tin litho doll houses. Those are the main dolls that I display, sew for or play with. Others are stored. All of these dolls have been acquired over many years.
    It’s not a contest as to how many it is how much you love them !!

    • Jeanne W says:

      HI Jeannie,
      Well said… “it’s not how many you have, it’s how much you love them!” I like that!
      You forgot one, but maybe it’s because she’s not there yet… Ten Ping!
      What a large collection you have and a huge variety of different sizes and styles.
      I know you have fun with them. Do you have a doll room for them?
      Thanks for sharing Jeannie,
      Blessings, Jeanne

      • Jeannie B. in TX says:

        Oh, I did forget Ten Ping. She is not here yet but I really should have counted her.
        I have a large locked curio cabinet where I keep my most precious dolls. I have decorated our guest room as the doll room and that is where the grand children play with all the dolly stuff. Then in my sewing room I keep the dolls I sew for. These dolls are “hands off” to the grand children.

        • HI Jeannie,
          When is your Ten Ping supposed to arrive? Smart move keeping the kiddo’s out of the sewing room! Smart grandma!
          Blessings, Jeanne

  10. Judi Owen says:

    Hi Jeanne,
    I have a few dolls, Ag’s, Patsy’s, LD’s but no 8 inch. She is on my have to have list.
    I went to the Elin website, and think she will be my next doll. In fact I found three the same size. Since I don’t really sell my clothes yet. I think they would be a nice edition.
    But I love to sew for the 18″ the most…

    • Jeanne W says:

      HI Judi,
      You have a nice collection too and it sounds like a new Iplehouse will be coming to live with you soon, yes? You’ll enjoy her size. Patsy and Elin can wear most of the same patterns.
      The AG dolls are definitely the easiest to sew for…bigger pieces makes for easier sewing! No doubt about it. Thanks for sharing with us who you have!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  11. After a few years not paying attention to dolls, I was surprised by what I saw. New resin doll artists with dolls with pouty or mean looking faces. I didn’t understand the appeal. I can imagine living with a few now.

    I have 1 vintage Somso hospital training baby mannequin, 3 Sasha’s, 1 Kish Olivia, 1 Littlefee, 1 Ten Ping and 2 Little Darlings and plans to add a few more. Doll collectors really reacted to their sweet faces. No pouts that I can find, although I’m not fond of the smiley one either. I love to read about new dolls. The size comparison photos are great to see. Thanks for taking the time to show your models.

    Have you read that Michaels has erasers that are ice cream cones and Popsicles?. Husband checked in with a set of each card. He found them near the front of the store. Yesterday he bought the buttons from Jo Ann’s. No pink.

    • Jeanne W says:

      HI Jan,
      I know what you mean, if you leave the doll world for just a little while, new dolls take over the market. It’s amazing what’s out there now. Some I don’t care for and some I’d give anything to own. There’s something for everyone’s tastes.
      Could I ask you what size shoes you have for your Ten Ping? I’m not exactly sure what size to get her. Her foot looks about the size of Riley but I think it’s a bit larger. Just wanted to pick up a couple pairs of basic shoes till I master making some.

      We have a toy store in our mall that carries those little erasers in all kinds of shapes. I almost went there yesterday to see what they might have for Ten Ping. I sold all my tiny little props when I sold my Riley… rats! I could use them now…
      Thanks for sharing your dolls with us Jan,
      Blessings to you, Jeanne

  12. No idea on the size of shoes Ten Ping wears. If I can get down a box in a closet tomorrow, I think I still have a pair I bought for Strawberino. The dolls are the same and I’ll measure the size. Good luck on shoemaking. I’ve made a few for larger dolls and it is a fiddly task. Cutting the soles was the worst for me. Kish Olivia has a shoe made of one piece of felt.. The back and toe turn up and over. I’ll give them a look tomorrow too.

    • Jeanne W says:

      Thanks Jan,
      I found some little shoes that are 30 -32mm long and they might work… just not a huge variety of styles.. I’ll look for a measurement on the Strawberina dolls…
      blessings, Jeanne

  13. Charlotte Trayer says:

    Wow, lots of people have chimed in today! So, I will, too!

    I do sew for my dolls, which range from the 5″ Hitty by Robert Raikes to the 23″ My Twinn. I have 5 AGs (3 I know are PC, plus one that may be PC or transitional, can’t remember for sure) and one is AG)–Molly, Kirsten, Felicity, the first Asian Girl of Today (AbbyRose Lian) and one of the newest “like me” AGs, with hazel eyes and center-parted wavy hair in two ponytails (April Eleanore). I have quite a few vinyls by Julie Good-Kruger before she joined Boyd’s Bears–all are 16″ except for one 22″ one. I have several Betsy McCall dolls by Tonner–two 12″ and two 8″–plus an old 8″ one who is missing part of one leg but has a hard-to-find formal on. I also have 5 Little Darlings, two Faith and Friends, and one Mon Cherie. There are several Lee Middleton babies, and a couple from Lloyd Middleton’s company, as well as some all-vinyl sexed babies in various races (boy and girl twins, a couple of Asian girls, etc.). I have 5 or 6 of the newer Mary Hoyer dolls, a couple of repro Patsy dolls (the older ones), a standing Sasha girl and a Sasha baby, and so many more! Plus my 14″ Ideal Princess Mary from my growing-up years, and a vinyl/cloth baby from the same era. Also just a few Barbies (including my 1960 ponytail Barbie and everything I ever bought or made for her), also quite a few Petra, Gem (only 2 of them) and Maxi dolls (similar sizes to Barbie). I have Robert Raikes’s 5″ Hitty and 7″ R.R. American Kit Co. “Hope” (3 of them). And Cabbage Patch Kids. LOTS of CPKs! I have about 20 or so of the Originals (hand needle-sculpted faces, hand-painted eyes, very special) as well as quite a few of the “toy” ones (vinyl faces). In addition, a friend of mine gave me all her and her sisters’ dolls, which they didn’t want any more, and another lady I met entrusted a box of older dolls to me several years ago. I really didn’t know her all that well, but her family wasn’t interested, and she found out I loved dolls, so….

    Of these I have sewn for most of them except the babies and the older dolls, I think! The American Girl is such a great size to sew for, but I also enjoy sewing for the smaller dolls. One of my biggest challenges was trying to make underwear (pantaloons) for Hitty, who doesn’t have much of a waist, and whose wooden body is a little slippery, so things don’t stay up well!! LOL

    None of you will tell my husband how many dolls I have, will you?! LOL I don’t dare count, because I’m sure we would both be astonished at the number! Actually, I have been trying to thin my collection. Last year, for instance, I donated quite a few Barbies, still in boxes, to a local thrift store that provides back-to-school clothes and supplies to needy children in the town where they are located, and I’ve already taken a few of the newer boxed CPKs there this year. So, I continue to whittle away…..


    • I remember you posted once in the LD group that your husband wasn’t interested in you doll hobby. Mine is very interested and supportive. He’s even spotted dolls at shows for me. When I first started collecting and had an almost floor to ceiling display case in the den, he told me if I ever bought a Terri Lee, please not display her. I did once have one with a beautiful wardrobe and he did have to see her. She was a very nice Terri Lee. I consult with Don when I want a new doll and he is the photographer. I am very fortunate. I try to keep the number of dolls below ten. The girls are not very interested in the dolls except Somso baby Amy. My oldest has promised her a home. In each doll box I place a photo of the doll, price and other information as they may be mine today but I am just a guardian.

      • Charlotte Trayer says:

        I have to agree, Terri Lee isn’t the “prettiest” of dolls, but some of the older ones do have a certain charm. I don’t have one, though, and never have–and really don’t feel an inclination to have one, either.

        Wow, you have a great deal of self-control!! I’m sure Ron (my husband) wishes I did!! LOL But when I was little, we didn’t have a lot, so I had very few dolls. Also, I have no daughters and no nieces, so perhaps that’s why I love my dolls so much. I’m glad to say my granddaughter (7-1/2) loves dolls at this point! But, she’s in Oklahoma and I’m in Seattle….

        What a great idea to put a photo of each doll in his/her box, if there is one! I need to do that. I should also go thru all my Cabbage Patch Originals, and make sure each certificate (and, now, photo) is with each ‘Kid. I’ve had most of them for 15-20 years, and, much as you think you will always remember, sometimes you Do forget, or it takes an extra effort to remind yourself which is which!! LOL At least some of those have individual numbers on their tags, and names on their outfits (if I’ve kept their original outfits on them, or at least with them! LOL

  14. A Pleasant Co. Samantha, an18′ Magic Attic, a Betsy McCall, and an Ann Estelle, Technically, the Samantha, and other 18″-er, belong to my oldest, and middle daughters. I REALLY want a Wellie Wisher, and am surprised you don’t have one (yet).

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