A bit of a tease and a Giveaway!

Not a lot to go on,
So just a little tease,
A bit of hem to show you
And one of Lian’s sleeves…



Oh how I wanted to show you what I have done on Lian’s dress, but I just HAVE to wait! It’s so adorable on her…I want to finish it before I show you the whole thing. I think you’re going to like it!

Last week was such a busy week for me and on Monday it was my 2nd year Anniversary for starting this blog. I gave away one of my Brownies in a jar…(and actually got the sweetest note from Kathie). She said they were too pretty to open up, so she just followed my recipe from my blog post and made them. She said she wanted to enjoy looking at the pretty jar in her kitchen for a while! Awwww….thanks Kathie.

If anyone missed my recipe and tutorial on how to make them, you can find it HERE.

So I mentioned last week that I’d have another giveaway, but I forgot, so you’re in luck…I’m having it today!
Leave a comment, either below in the comments, or send me an email through “Contact Me” and you’ll be registered for today’s giveaway.
In your comment I’d love for you to tell me who your favorite doll is.. and maybe why if you want to… :o)

There will be one winner chosen out of the entries at MIDNIGHT CENTRAL TIME tonight… and I’ll let you know who won in tomorrow’s post. I have a couple of things the winner can pick from today…

…either a blue lace half slip for your American Girl doll, or a choice of one of these 2 necklaces that Rebecca made; a white drop down pendant one or a cameo necklace.





If you see your name as the winner, you can let me know which of the 3 items you’d like to have.

Well, this certainly was short and sweet, but it’s bedtime now…so…

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne


  1. Short and sweet, but you’ve managed to do so much. The necklaces are charming, the slip is a winner. The brownies have arrived, you have a charming auction on Ebay, and Lian has a dress nearly done. You are definitely on a winning streak.

    Favorite doll? Maybe Jesse, my 20 year old AG GoT, who was the first doll I’d bought in years. She now has a wardrobe which is taking up far too much space, as well as several sisters with the same problem. Maybe Anneke, of The Glove Marriage of Anneke van de Lijn by Wendy Lawton, who is half mine but stays at the house of the other owner, who has no more space than I do. Maybe Lawton’s Merry Widow, which I don’t own and hope not to buy, but her clothes are exquisite. I do love that she exists.
    I am looking forward to seeing what other people answer.

  2. Karen Kinyon says:

    I love reading your blog every morning Jeanne before I go to work. It just makes my day. I also learn so much from you and can sew for my own LD when I get time.


  3. Linda Doyle says:

    Yes, I DO think that I am going to like Lian’s new school dress! She is certainly going to get an “A” for being the best dressed student!

    Like Marilyn says, you certainly are on a winning streak! You never cease to amaze me with all the things you manage to do, and do VERY well!

    OK, my favorite doll is AG Molly, because her times are the times I remember most in my childhood. Although Molly would be almost 10 years older than me, all of her accessories are the ones I also remember having and playing with, such as her bike, her jump rope, her homemade chocolate birthday cake, the games she has, pin the tail on the donkey, drop the clothespins in the bottle, etc. She even has her own paperdoll book, and I certainly was a paperdoll person! It just gives me a wonderful, warm memory of days gone by when I was a child and a carefree one at that!

  4. I can see that Lian outfit is going to be adorable. Cute poem and perfect for the tease, Jeanne. You are multi-talented dear!!
    My favorite doll would have to be an AMG JLY who looks like my daughter. Felicity and the AMG doll with the black hair and green eyes, (who wears a lot of your Civil War clothes) comes in 2nd and 3rd.
    I haven’t been in my doll room for weeks!! Wonder what the girls are all up too! LOL
    Jeanne, even though you are more of our wardrobe specialist, who is your favorite doll/model?
    Linda, I too love Molly’s accessories! They followed into the 50’s and some in the 60’s.

  5. Molly is my favorite because she represents the era of my birth year, 1941. I’m afraid I might be one of your oldest followers (someone prove me wrong). My granddaughter, Riya, had a good explanation for why she liked the Molly doll, “It’s her personality.” Of course my Molly went home with her when they came on vacation, and now I have a new one who is just as perky. The clothes and accessories are the ones I remember. I found a Pin the Tail on the Donkey game like Molly had for my grandson to use at his fourth birthday party for just a couple of dollars on eBay, the update being that Velcro is used instead of thumbtacks for the pinning.

    Another great dress in the making. Sewing, cooking, photography, poetry, community involvement, gardening, blogging, family! What don’t you do well? Congrats again on taking us along for two years now.

  6. Lian’s sneak peek is beautiful! I can’t wait to see your completed school dress for her. You sure can whip out a dress when you have plenty of time to do so.

    It’s hard for me to pick a favorite since I have all the historicals and love their fashions. But, Maryellen is my current favorite to sew for. She lives in the decade I was born, and I love all the full-skirted dresses, big bows that tie at the back, and lovely crinolines! She also has the strawberry blonde color of my hair when I was young.

    You have selected some lovely prizes for the winner. I have my eye on one of Rebecca’s necklaces!

  7. How, with so many dolls out there, can I choose one? I can’t. But if one were to stick out it would be Patsy. All Patsy dolls from their composition creation by EffanBee till today’s Tonner version. Just something about her. I am only missing a few of the collection now. Second favorite is my Sweetie Pie composition doll from the World War II era. the newer dolls are to create fashions for, but the older dolls are to cherish and cuddle.
    I truly love each day to open my mail and see your latest post. You have inspired me so many times to keep on.

  8. Hi Jeanne,

    I will look forward to seeing Lian’s dress. If you say we’ll like it, well, we’ll like it!

    My favorite doll is Ruthie. There’s just something about her looks, her dark hair (like I HAD) and her quiet demeanor that I find appealing.

    Trusting that your day has gone well.

    Take care.

  9. Hi Jeanne, I can’t wait to see Lian’s dress.

    My favourite doll is Kanani, and that is because of the way my hubby gave her to me. I had really wanted her, and he said when he went to order her, she was sold out. I was upset, but there was nothing I could do. Well, Christmas Day, we opened our gifts, and I was happy with what I got, no Kanani, but still happy. We always go over to my mom’s house for Christmas lunch, and we usually have a gift or two for each other stashed over there. Well, he had Kanani, her ukelele set, her bathing suit set and her party dress set, all over there waiting for me. He had ordered it all and the next day was when I had told him she was sold out. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Laureen Bakri says:

    What sweet gift choices! I am a grandmother of nine and the magnificent obsession all began four years ago. I went to the AG Store and so many choices; I chose McKenna and I love her.
    Next was an Ebay purchase, Felicity and her beautiful green eyes. Kit was a gift for my birthday. This past Christmas I purchased Mary Ellen. Decisions, decisions, I choose
    Mary Ellen because she represents my childhood. I love dressing my girls.

  11. It is so hard to pic but I guess I would want the pearl necklace.. Isn’t there a saying about never going wrong with pearls? I so enjoy your blog. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Shara Smith says:

    Live the tease with Lian’s dress:) csnt wait t see the completed outfit!
    She is my favorite of your dolls… Dhe reflects the mood if whatever she is modeling.
    If i win im favoring the necklace with the cameo.. For my newest AG, Caroline Abbott:)


  13. Looks like a sweet school dress is unfolding. Can’t wait to see it in completion.
    As to dollies, there are childhood and now. My favorites are my childhood Ginny dolls. My mom and grandmothers sewed many outfits for me. They were quite well dressed. And I still have them all. Now, with difficulty choosing, I think my Tonner 10ers are in first place. Ann Estelle and friends. It is easy to find toys/props for them, and they are a good size to photograph doing things. They do require keeping an eye on, so they don’t get in trouble. Also right up there are 8″ Ruby Red Galleria Ten Ping/Jar Lu and coming soon I hope, my first Little Darling. I can see already that the shoe budget will be strained. So many little feet all different sizes.
    Lovely prizes. We should have a drawing for you to win. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Ingrid B says:

    Good Morning Jeanne,
    I love the sneak peek! I can imagine what Lian’s dress looks like from the sweet detail you gave the hem to the lovely way you trimmed out the bodice. So pretty! I’m in agreement with Susette. Question…is there anything you don’t do well?
    The give away question was so much fun. I enjoyed reading what everyone wrote. Like Linda I also loved my paper dolls. I had lots of Barbies but my mother enjoyed dressing them and after they were dressed I wasn’t allowed to play with them LOL! My favorite doll? Oh boy it’s difficult picking just one! Trixie is my favorite Tonner, I love her skin tone, she’s so pretty in so many colors. My favorite AG is Felicity. I like the era and the long dresses that were worn then. I recently won a brand new Effner LD painted by Patricia Green on ebay!!! She is my only LD so definitely my favorite at the moment. She has green eyes, a light sprinkling of freckles across her cheeks and nose and wavy blonde hair but she looks equally sweet as a red head.
    Jeanne thanks again for this fun post. Have a lovely Monday!

  15. Anne Johnson says:

    Your pithy posts and sneak peeks are quite the tease, Jeanne. I love what I see so far, and I’m sure Lian’s dress is just too cute for words. You really know how to keep us in suspense!

    My past favorite doll was my first baby doll, Linda Lee. Although she is not with me anymore, she helped teach me to be nurturing, like my own mom. She was the genesis of my love of dolls and the heart of my collection.

    My present favorite doll is Patsy. She is fun to dress, which explains why her wardrobe has become a serious storage problem! Displaying her puts a smile on my face and reminds me of the simple joys of girlhood. She is the very soul of my doll collecting.

    My future favorite doll will certainly be my forthcoming Little Darling. It seems I have dreamed forever of making her mine. Her pure sweetness takes me back to the unforgettable pleasures of motherhood. She will be the passion of my collection moving forward.

    YOUR favorite doll of mine, Jeanne, has to be Felicity, because I am fascinated with the amazing, detailed clothing you create for her. I can admire her costumes and yet be VERY thankful that I never had to wear them! She satisfies my historical interest in costuming.

    As a final note, I concur with all that your readers have said about you and your many talents, Jeanne. Martha Stewart has nothing on you! You are an inspiration, and it has been a pleasure to follow your blog. Wishing you continued blessings in the journey ahead!

  16. Melody Martin says:

    Sweet little Ten Ping is definitely one of my favorite dolls. ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Hi Jeanne,
    Well, Lian will certainly be one “smart” student in terms of outfit anyway, although I am sure she is a bright little girl as well. Can’t wait to see the final reveal.
    You already know that my favorite is my PC 1991 West German Felicity. When my daughter received hers as a child, I fell in love with those peridot green eyes and that coppery red hair with the sweet pincurls. I love the exquisite wardrobe PC made for her and a trip to Williamsburg was a wonderful vacation. I would have to say that my PC German Samantha is a close second, because if my daughter hadn’t downsized and given her to me, along with various dolls clothing and accessories, I would have NEVER felt I could have a new doll, or dolls as the case is, as an adult. Caroline with her seafoam green eyes and flaxen curls and Marie-Grace with her oceanic eyes, sweet face, and caramel brown tendrils tie for third. They really are very unique when seen in person andI can’t wait to actually have time to begin a Civil War wardrobe for them, hopefully come autumn.
    I, too, enjoy following your latest creative endeavors.

  18. Rita Bright says:

    Rita B
    My favorite AGs right now are #33 (red curly hair basic) and Mary Ellen. I still have Samantha, my first from the 1980’s, then came Kirsten, Felicity, Molly, then Kit. They are all so cute. I love looking at your dolls and fashions and I really “need” to get my sewing machine out to sew for my girls. You inspire me!! Thanks

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