4 Teasers from Willa…

I had a pretty busy day and although I got things done on Willa’s new brown dress, there wasn’t enough time to finish it completely and take pictures. I would like to take her outside and see if the natural lighting helps because I’m certainly having a difficult time capturing just how sweet her coloring is inside.

I only have 4 teaser pictures for you but I hope you’ll be able to piece what you saw from the dress in yesterday’s post (HERE) and add these new clues to come up with a pretty good idea of what it’s going to look like. It’s very little girlish and very cute! Willa is just adorable! (Just between you and me, I had to go to Kohl’s today for something and I found myself looking at the Wellie Wishers again today! ~~ Silly woman!)





I don’t want to just have those 4 measly pictures, so how about something from Ingrid. She sent me a few pictures of a baby shower she had for daughter. She made the diaper cake and said the shower had an “elephant” theme. It looks so pretty and said they had a great time…



Today was my daughter, Rebecca’s 26th birthday! It can’t be possible that she’s that old… she was just born a few years ago! :o)

This is one of my favorite pictures of her… the Christmas she got her first (and only) American Girl doll. She was nine.


This picture was a few years back on Mother’s Day. She is with her cousin Molly and I just love this picture. Happy Birthday Becca! I love you!


Well that’s all I can come up with today,

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Linda Doyle says:

    I’m getting a good idea now of what you are doing to finish the dress, Jeanne, and it looks just adorable! I love the pink rick rack and felt flowers that perk it up! And a pretty soft pink slip too! I can just imagine that this will be a completely darling outfit!

    Oh my, Ingrid, what a wonderful cake and set up you had for your daughter! I take it that you are getting a grandson, from all the blue decorations? Congratulations! Little boys are fun!
    And Happy birthday to Rebecca, that beautiful daughter of yours! She has grown up to be a gorgeous young woman, inside and out!

    • HI Linda,
      I think I’ve given enough clues that there won’t be any big surprises with this set. I thought the pink flowers and the bright green leaves brightened it up a little bit more too. It does look awfully sweet on Willa…and I’m loving her hair down and in ringlets!
      Yes, my baby is all grown up now… it’s hard to take… she is a beautiful young lady and I’m so blessed to call her my daughter!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  2. What lovely photos-Willa’s dress teasers, Ingrid’s lovely creations, Rebecca remembrances…your life is rich…thanks for sharing it with us.


  3. Rebecca looks like she was the model for the Willa Wellie Wisher. What a beautiful young woman she is. Her jacket has the same colors as the dress you are finishing for Willa. Did you make it? Happy birthday, Rebecca.

    The Nahji doll came in the mail but a stone was missing from one of the earrings. I could never have found a replacement, so the seller sent a return mailing slip. I gave up and ordered one of the new ones that start shipping on Nov 20th. It really is a charming doll. The doll’s hair is really as you described, soft and shiny, like real Indian hair. It was kind of messy and responded beautifully to brushing with the AG brush. The little balls on the end of the bristles help separate the strands without damaging them with the sharp ends of other style bristles or getting caught at the scalp. Thanks again to all your readers for the tips about the beautiful doll being available.

    • HI Susette,
      Aww… I’ll have to tell Rebecca all the nice things you all have said about her. No, I didn’t make Rebecca’s shirt. It was just some thin, cottony shirt but I think it was her favorite and I always loved it on her. I’m not sure if she still has it.
      I’m so sorry about your Nahji doll but it won’t be long and you’ll have a brand new one in no time! I’m glad things worked out with the seller and you were able to return her. I still find myself looking at them on Ebay… I don’t know why, but I still am! I guess I’m smitten with their looks! They are awfully sweet dolls and to think I never noticed them before. I need to walk down the toy aisle more often I guess, or on a regular basis! I wonder if the Hearts for Hearts will be the big seller for this Christmas. I’ve read a few blogs and there seems to be a big following for the dolls.
      Thanks for all your sweet thoughts, Susette,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  4. Shara Smith says:

    Such s sweet photo of thr cousins. Happy birthday, Becca!πŸŽˆπŸ‘ΈπŸŽ‚πŸŽ

    Jeanne, your Willa is so cute! I couldnt stand it any longer.. had to order one! She wad my favorite too and when I saw her with her hair down, i was sold!!
    My great granddaughter will turn 3 soon so ill save Willa for her until next year.. meanwhile I can play with her and start a wardrobe:)

    • HI Shara,
      Oh goody…another caved and got a Wellie Wishers doll. I’m adoring these sweet little dolls and pushing them for my friends who have small daughters. I think they are the perfect size for young hands. I hope you enjoy Willa’s stay at your house until she has to leave… What if you get attached to her too much to let her go? You can just buy your granddaughter another one… that’s pretty simple…
      Thanks Shara,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  5. Jeanne, Willa’s brown print dress is going to be adorable. I love that print and the touch of pink is perfect.
    Ingrid, the cake is so cute and the decorations are really neat. The baby has to be a boy because of the blue. I wish your daughter well and much happiness as a mother.

    Rebecca’s pictures are just precious. She is a lovely young woman. Where do the years go, you know? One minute you’re cuddling with them on your lap, the next minute, they’re grown ups!

    Since we are near the end of the year and Lea will only be available for a short time, is there anyone who can describe her hair color? I’ve never seen her but in pictures her hair looks brown and in other pictures is looks golden or kind of a caramel color. I’d appreciate a description of the hair color from anyone who has seen her. Thanks.

    • HI Paula,
      Thank you so much for all your kind thoughts you’ve shared with me today. I’m glad you like Willa’s dress in the brown colors. I like it on her too!
      I agree with you about Ingrid’s diaper cake. It was a really adorable one!
      The years do go by fast and when I was taking a trip down memory lane writing in her card, I started crying.
      I saw Lea’s hair question and am glad Linda answered you, as I didn’t pay that much attention to her when I saw her in Kohl’s. (I was too enamored with the
      Wellie Wishers, I guess.
      Thanks Paula,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  6. Linda Doyle says:

    Paula, I just saw your question about what color Lea’s hair is. I just bought one for my granddaughter at Kohl’s, and can tell you that it is a very pretty golden caramel color, like you mentioned, and very shiny, which gives it a glow. It almost has a reddish tint to it, but she is not a redhead. Hard to describe, but definitely, her hair is not brown. Hope this helps.

  7. Great pink/green/brown combo. Think Willa’s dress will be adorable.
    Ingrid is just too talented making that cake.
    Love the then and now pics of Rebecca. Such a delightful girl.
    Jeanne, “Stay Out of Kohl’s!” Ha Ha

    • HI Joy,
      You are SO right… I’ve got to stay away from Kohl’s… it’s just too tempting in there for me!
      Thank you for the compliments on my dolly dress and my living doll!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  8. Really late to comment and not much time.
    Willa’s dress is adorable I can picture the final result and it is going to be super cute.
    Ingrid, what a marvelous baby shower you have created. I like those diaper cake ideas, they always turn out so sweet and yours in no exception.
    Happy Birthday to Rebecca. Your daughter is only one year younger than mine. How cute that her AG looked a lot like her. I hope she had a lovely day.
    Brought the new kitty home and am setting up a safe place for him until he is social enough to be integrated with the others. He has a sweet personally like my other three rescues, doesn’t bite or scratch, is just frightened and unsure. He’ll come around just fine, I can already tell.

    • HI Laura,
      I’m late at commenting on your comments too! I am liking Willa’s dress very much… she looks pretty cute in the brown colors and the green and pink give it just the right pop of color!
      I thought Ingrid’s diaper cake was too cute not to share. I’m glad everyone enjoyed seeing it!
      Rebecca’s doll had the “reddest” hair they made at the time… now they have a coppery red like her always was… but back when she was 9, all they had was kind of auburn color and so we picked it along with her brown eyes to match. I think she did have a nice day but we are going on with her brother on Sunday. His birthday is this Saturday..he’ll be 29! Oh my, that makes me feel old!

      I hope your new kitty gets to feeling loved and safe in no time… He sounds like he has a good home to have come to! Does he have a name yet, or are you trying to decide on one?
      Thanks Laura,
      Blessings, Jeanne

  9. Hi Jeanne,
    I am very late commenting but Happy Birthday to your Rebecca. Your baby girl is so very pretty. I hope she had a nice day and enjoys celebrating Sunday with her brother. It’s amazing how time flies. I was just thinking about that the other day. My baby is having a baby and it does feel like it was just a few years ago that God blessed us with our sweet baby girl. I love that pretty pink slip you made for Willa, it looks adorable with the dress. I love the green piping it’s the perfect touch. Have a wonderful Wednesday and Thank you everyone for your kind words. I’m excited beyond words to become a Nana again. πŸ™‚

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