3 new Skinny Scarves in our Etsy shop…

I have been wanting to get the 3 Skinny Scarves that I made a while back, listed in our Etsy shop, but it seems they keep getting pushed on the back burner. When Cindy Rice talked about getting 12 inches of snow up in Northern Illinois, I was determined to get them listed before the end of the day. Since it’s cool, and turning colder, these novelty yarn scarves are the perfect accessory to wear and OH SO WARM! I wore a yarn scarf to the Thanksgiving Dinner last night… and was toasty in it!

Here’s BLUE: (if you think the yarn is too long for the tail, it can be trimmed off very easily to the length you like.)







PURPLE: (This scarf has no bling, but just ties around your neck in your favorite knot…)






REDS/GREENS: (this one is SO beautiful, but my pictures aren’t very good. It’s made from the prettiest greens and reds…Perfect for Christmas!)







The Skinny Scarves are made with usually 40-60 strands of yarns, novelty threads, fibers, etc. for a fun looking accent piece. Rebecca and I make them together and she does the “bling” on them…
They run $15.00 & $16.00 each with $2.00 shipping… I hope you’ll take a peek into our Etsy shop…click on the little square orange Etsy icon at the right side bar.

Oh, and for those of you who wondered what the corn casserole looked like… here’s mine…


See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Linda Doyle says:

    Very pretty, Jeanne! I know from experience that they are warm and toasty, since I bought one for my daughter and daughter-in-law last year! I tried both on, and will say they are very comfortable to wear, not annoying like some scarves are. Maybe now I can get myself one?

    • Hi Linda,
      Thank you so much for the sweet compliments on the Skinny Scarves. I have GOT to get more made as I have some really lovely yarns to use. What colors do you wear Linda? As long as I’m making some new ones, I might as well make some that you might like to look at…Thanks again,
      Have a wonderful, restful Sunday afternoon.
      Blessings, Jeanne

      • Linda Doyle says:

        Oh Jeanne, they are all so lovely, I can’t say I have a favorite, but do like the purple, and the blue. Oh, the red too, that I bought for my daughter last winter. You do such a great job to putting the right colors together!

        I hate to tell you this, but I love persimmons! If they are ripe, they are good, but I know, unripe is no good at all!

        • HI Linda,
          Thanks for letting me know your favorite colors… that gives me a starting point. Sometimes I look at all the yarns I have and wonder which color to make…

          I can honestly say even when I see the word persimmon it makes me cringe… My daddy really did a number on me, didn’t he?
          Thanks again, Blessings, Jeanne

  2. Marilyn Grotzky says:

    Thanks for the corn casserole recipe and for changing the day’s blog entry so I could have it. It’s now saved to my word processor and on my grocery list.
    I also loved seeing that green green pie. I’m just sure that with a cake decorating tip or two, you could make it into a perfectly lovely plaid pie.
    Many years ago when I lived in New Jersey, a friend and I were driving down a side road and saw a big tree that had shed its leaves to show a lot of small orange balls on the branches. I said, “What is that?” She stopped the car. ” A wild persimmon.” I’d never seen a persimmon at all, but we found a couple of containers and gathered up some of the soft, messy fruit and divided it, challenging each other to come up with something to make from it. The Laurel’s Kitchen people had just come out with their only calendar, and it included a steamed persimmon pudding (more like a tea bread than a pudding). The persimmons were maybe half the size of the ones in stores and full of seeds — not fun to work with at all, but we thought of women who had come before us finding this windfall, and she made persimmon bread and I made the pudding and we shared. I try to make it every year now that persimmons are easy to come by.
    I love the skinny scarves. I have your red one out to wear now that the season is here. I also envy your collection of tee shirts — they do set your colors off beautifully.

    • HI Marilyn,
      I just added a picture of my casserole to the bottom of yesterday’s post so you can see mine. It got just slightly browner than I normally let them get. I was carving my turkey and let it stay in the hot oven a few minutes extra…

      If I had been serving that pistachio pie here at home, I would have taken aerosol whipped cream and decorated at least the edges of it.

      I have a story about persimmons…. an “icky” story! It still makes me shudder…to this day!
      When I was a young girl, maybe 10 or 12, my dad was playing around with me and showed me the persimmons off of a tree near our property line. They were about the size of a medium cherry tomato. He said they were delicious and if you just popped them in your mouth it would be wonderful. I did and then chomped down on it, only to have it come spewing out of my mouth seconds later. I couldn’t get my mouth to stop puckering up…You see, he was playing a trick on me… they weren’t ripe at all and were the most awful, sour, bitter tasting things I have ever had in my mouth. He just laughed and laughed and to this day, I’ve never had another bite of a persimmon. It left such an awful memory for me, I can’t even stand the sound of the word. I don’t think I could make myself taste one if I had to. I’m sure they “might” be good, but this is one girl who won’t be trying them… sorry! Shame on my dad!!! :o(
      I just had a shudder down my spine as I wrote this…. nasty, nasty, nasty! :o/

      Thanks too, for the compliments on my Skinny Scarves… I do find them fun to wear in this cooler weather!
      Thanks Marilyn,
      Blessings, Jeanne

      • Marilyn Grotzky says:

        The experience must have been awful. I know the kind I use has to be nearly jelly-like to be usable. I’ve heard the hard ones are very, very sour and I guess it’s true. There are two kinds, one that is sweet when it’s still firm — it’s smaller. The large ones have to be very soft, and those are the ones I use.
        Thank you so much for the picture — that helps a lot. It does look like my mother’s corn casserole, but hers used only creamed corn, and I think cracker crumbs and maybe cream or evaporated milk, and probably an egg. It puffed and browned slightly. We used to buy a couple of the Jiffy mixes and I always thought they were good. I think their gingerbread was a family favorite.
        I’m starting to look through my Christmas books, which are wonderful. Lots of Southern Living. I made their Lane Cake once. Oh, my. When a cake is a classic, there’s a reason. I’ve always wanted to make a Lord Baltimore cake and a Lady Baltimore cake. Perhaps this is the year. Owen Wister (The Virginian) wrote a book in which he described a cake that sounded so good that people worked out recipes — the story came first. My aunt gave me a Amy Vanderbilt cookbook for HS graduation. It had recipes for both. I’d need an updated recipe, but I’ve probably got 15.
        And now — back to Eden?
        I do remember a couple of my 6th grade classmates wearing flats without socks with full skirts and Mary Ellen petticoats. That was in 1956. The dress might look ok with Maryellen shoes and no socks. I like the socks shown on the pattern, even though I don’t remember any worn that way. Tights would be nice, but not period. Could you show the dress 2 or 3 ways? You will find the best solution. You always do.

        • Hi again Marilyn,
          I think I’ll just leave the persimmons to you and Linda… You ladies can have all of them you want!
          There are probably hundreds of variations on the Corn Casserole recipe. I like this one because the cream corn gives it sort of that corn fritter taste to me… You get stuck on “your” recipe and you don’t want to change…
          I’ve never heard of a Lane Cake before. I’ll have to look that one up… It must be something!!!
          I was laying in bed last night thinking about what kind of socks to give Eden… as much as I’d like to give her a pretty pair of tights, I probably won’t. I’m still working on her total look…
          Blessings, Jeanne

  3. Teresa Blevins says:

    Did you make the corn casserole? Would love to see pic of how it looks when finished, thanks. T.

    • Hi Teresa,
      Yes, I did and I added a picture to this post at the very bottom…
      It was yummy. I’m making it again for Thanksgiving… it’s wonderfully easy to make!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  4. Do I ever feel silly. I would get as far as the Categories and didn’t notice the Search, if you can believe that. Thanks for answering my question.

    The scarves are lovely. Now about those flat shoes. If anyone out there is as old as I am, they will remember garter belts (oh, horrors), although there is a set of fancy undies for AG dolls that includes one of a sort. There were also seams up the back of the stockings in 1958 when I graduated from high school. One of those articles of clothing you would rather forget.

    • HI Susette,
      I was so excited when I added that “Search” box all by myself… it does help and you can find posts about whatever you’re looking for.

      Boy, have times changed since “garter belts” and bobby socks… I’m still trying to get her look right…
      Thank you Susette,
      Blessings, Jeanne

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