3 more new things to show you….and the number 10,000

I had a really busy day with a birthday celebration tonight for a dear friend and didn’t have much time to put together a post. I did however receive a few goodies in the mail and thought “I’m sure EVERYONE would love to see them…” so guess what? That’s what my post will be about.

My dear sister sent me a few more pairs of shoes from the Dollie and Me outlet store in PA. These are so adorable and think you’ll like them too.
The first pair is a sweet pair of navy and white striped summer sandals. They are made really well and fit my American Girl’s doll foot perfectly. There is a strap with velcro that snugs it up to your dolls ankle. I think these will be so adorable with a summer dress, perhaps even a white eyelet one. Then let the shoes be the accent item in the set!



The second pair is a black, dressy patent leather type shoe that has 3 little rosettes across the foot. They have a higher strap that goes across the ankle and snugs up pretty well. I had a hard time getting them on with a thin pair of tights, so they’ll most likely have to be worn without socks. I’ll just be sure and pick a doll with “tan” legs, so they’ll look better! :o)



I have been searching for this wig for my Nyssa, (a ball jointed doll, BJD, by Kaye Wiggs) for a really long time. I don’t even know what the name of the wig is but it’s a synthetic mohair, two tone with a white and coppery color mixed together. The longer tails are the copper part and the crown has mostly the white with a little bit of the copper color intertwined. I think it is just stunning on Nyssa and can’t wait to find the perfect outfit to make to showcase her new wig. Do you like it?




…and lastly…what’s up with the number 10,000? Anyone know? It has to do with my blog? Anyone know now?
It’s the number of “hits” or visits that I’ve gotten on my blog since I started back on August 1st. You can see the number on the right side bar of my webpage. It’s quite a milestone I think and it looks SO much better than something in the 9000’s! I couldn’t have done it without you all! My 10,000th hit was from someone near Rosebush, Michigan. I can only see where the hits come from, or close to them, but not always your actual place or address. Some of the hits are exactly in the town…like I see Omaha, Nebraska and I know exactly who that is! Or my sister checks in and it says Dover, PA, when in fact she lives in Gettysburg. Sometimes it’s just a close proximity of where the signal is picked up from. There is a way, with your IP number for me to know exactly who was my 10,000th visitor. So does anyone want to fess up? My 10,000th hit came about 10:00 Saturday evening, someone near Rosebush Michigan…I can only see the last part of your email address, so I know it ends in “charter.com” and you looked at 3 pages.. Anyway, whoever you are, THANK YOU so much! Now I’m on to my next 10,000!

I hope you have a wonderful Sunday and I’ll see you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. Kathie Welsh says:

    Congratulations on you 10.000th hit.
    You just have to be so pleased, that seems like such an enormous number!! You do a great job!

    • Thank you Kathie,
      Well, it’s only a number….but the number of LOTS OF LADIES OUT THERE! And I am SO pleased! Thanks for being just ONE of them!
      Blessings, Jeanne

  2. That many hits is quite an accomplishment! I wish I could have been number 10,000, but it wasn’t me as I live in Texas. Isn’t it fun to get goodies in the mail? I don’t know anything about Kaye Wiggs dolls but the wig is really cute, and of course we all love shoes and more shoes!

    • Thanks Carolyn,
      I’m thrilled with 10,000 hits and looking forward to 20,000!
      Nyssa would probably look good in any wig, but I think she looks especially sweet in this one. It’s been a long search for it and I finally found one!
      Blessings, Jeanne

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