A few more pics from my sewing room and Guess Who’s Next?

My hubby was in my sewing room talking to me about a few ideas he had for some things I still need. I think he knows what he’s talking about so I’m going to see what happens… [Never take light of what your “handyman” suggests!] I have just a few more pictures of things in my room and I’ll get on to some sewing… Oh, and I got my living room cleaned up…finally!

Someone asked about where my props were and I thought I’d show you where they ended up… in my blue stenciled cabinet… It’s nice and clean on the inside since I painted it white and things show up very well. It’s easy to see where things are.



The pretty little box on top of the cabinet holds my little girls patterns that I decided to keep and some ladies patterns of mine. I have tons of patterns to sell… in time I’ll get to them…


Something else I changed was how I store my flowers I use on hats… I used to have them in this kind of big cardboard compartmentalized box kind of thingy…
but now they are in a plastic container that has 8 sections… just enough for all my flowers… It has a handle and is very easy to move to the table when I’m working on a hat…



I also wanted to show a closeup picture of the piece I have on the wall behind my sewing machine. A few months ago when my hubby were out of town and at an antique shop, I found this section of the foot treadle on an old sewing machine. It’s cast iron and weighs a ton. I have 5 strong nails holding it up.. It’s actually NAILED to the wall. I didn’t want this baby falling on me EVER! You can see on the bottom where your heels would rest and then there is a kind of “foot looking” design, where your feet would rest and rock the cast iron piece back and forth making the machine go. I didn’t realize the left side to the rod was missing until we were on our way home… oh well, I liked it because it had what looks like a W in the middle of it… I’m probably thinking it belonged on a White sewing machine, but I liked it because it’s the letter my last name starts with!



When I’m standing in the living room, sometimes I think it looks like a covered wagon… anyone else see that?

I had to go to town today and pick up one thing I needed for something at Joann’s and when I walked in the door, I saw these very pretty decorative boxes… (on sale for 40% off I might add) and since the big one I have right now with my patterns in it is actually a Christmas one, I decided to buy a Fall one… well, not one, but 2…a big one and a smaller one. I transferred my patterns to it and think it looks very pretty against my newly painted wall.




OKAY…. BIG NEWS HERE… I HAVE DECIDED ON WHO WILL BE NEXT!!! It’s going to be Rebecca and she’ll be wearing a new Civil War dress! I think it was Laura who suggested it… and that’s what I had been thinking, so it kind of confirmed it to me.

I do need your opinion though.. I have 2 buttons that I could use for “brooches” and need to know what you think of them. The one on the left has a more pointed star or snowflake kind of look but it mimics the design in the fabric very well..the purple isn’t quite as bright as it appears in my pictures…
The other button is more greenish and picks up the colors very well too… so it’s pretty much just a matter of opinion… If you’d like to leave a comment about which one you like best, that would be wonderful…





So, here we go… my first dress in my new Sewing room. I can’t wait to get started…BUT… my sister from PA is coming in this evening and it will be a quick trip… just 3 days, so I won’t get much sewing done on it… but I wanted to let you know what WILL be coming soon!

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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  1. I thought some of the buttons in the new box of fabrics and trims would make good brooches, but of course I don’t know what size they are. You already have two possibilities and both are nice. At the moment, I’d vote for the snowflake but much depends on the finished dress. I’m hoping for a cap like the one for the red, white, and black dress, but again, the finished or nearly finished dress will help determine the headpiece. I do like this fabric a lot and think it will make a beautiful Civil War era dress.

    Those gold headed pins are actually very attractive with this fabric. Maybe you have some similar beads and can work them in — or buttons — surely someone with a button collection the size of yours has the perfect buttons to use somewhere on this outfit.

    I love the new boxes, they go together so well. The treadle does look like a covered wagon, not when I look at it closely but when I was zooming through the pictures to check the spelling of treadle and saw it quickly…. It’s a beautiful piece and balances the shears very nicely, don’t you think?

    If you and Cindy and George stand in the sewing room talking about what all of you think would be nice improvements, something very good is going to happen. For George to be thinking of improvements after all the work he’s already done and all the work you’ve already done is a wonderful thing. He should definitely be encouraged.

    Have a lovely time with your sister. We’ll look forward hearing about your adventures.

  2. The button on the left seems to have the right scale to compliment the design in the fabric. Maybe the one on the right is too busy.

    I thought the treadle was a butterfly! How clever to make it in the shape of footprints. And the “W” just corks it. Very unique wall piece. It does also look like a covered wagon. What fun your room is now. George is as creative as you are. Can’t wait to see his idea for the cutting table. Clear plastic hinged to the wall over the chest? Maybe?

  3. Hi Jeanne,

    I like the brooch to the left too. It seems to be one that might stand out more (in a good way) with the choice of fabric). I look forward to seeing Rebecca’s dress.

    And, your room is just turning out so beautifully. It will be fun to share it with your sister. Enjoy.


  4. the brooch on the left, the star shaped one…THAT is perfect in color matching and stands out.
    congratulations on getting your room done. Mine is still at a stall. Wanna come visit and give me a hand? I would love it. I could give you a nice bed (first thing we gotta clear off )..lol

  5. A prop room! That’s what I need. Love how you have them all neatly lined up in the cabinet.
    I think April and I might both need you to make a trip. We too have a bed somewhere under dollies. 🙂
    As to the brooches, the one on the right seems more vintage. Perhaps, it will look just right if it is on top of lace or some other fabric. I think Marilyn’s idea of some gold beads would be nice also.
    I’d noticed the iron piece with the W, but had no idea what it was. Mostly, one finds the old machine frame made into a table. Love that the treadle is wall art.

    • I was looking at the buttons again and thinking the same thing: A piece of lace under the one on the right. Then I scrolled down and saw your suggestion. Right on, Joy.

  6. AG’s email came. Melody is out and there are already a couple of reviews for clothes. Both say the fabric is not the quality they expected, stating that the flowered taffeta is “waxy” and the gold Christmas dress fabric is pretty, but not as nice as expected. The Christmas dress reviewer sounded really disappointed.
    Jeanne, when did polyester double knits appear? Late 60s? Melody is 1963-4, I think. What is your supply of inspirational patterns for the early 60s like?

  7. I didn’t realize that was a foot peddle on your wall. Yes, I do see the resemblance to a covered wagon. It certainly is interesting and perfect for a sewing studio.
    I love boxes too and always keep an eye out for them. Your fall ones are very pretty. And perfect for your patterns.
    A civil war dress! Yay! It’s lovely material and perfect for that era. I like both pins. The flower shape one is very light/bright in color and looks great on the material and the darker pin is equally nice on the material but gives the look of something more serious/mature looking? It’s the only description I can think of but that doesn’t mean I don’t like it. I’m sure the girls can help you decide since I like both pins.

  8. Good Morning Jeanne and Happy Thursday,
    I love all you’ve done with your sewing studio. It’s so nice to see you happy and excited with the results. I would kill to have half your studio for a craft room lol. I think the fabric you picked for Becky is lovely. About the “brooches” …Joy is right the one on the right is more vintage looking and I think my fav but the one that looks a little like a snowflake repeats the pattern in the fabric so I think it works better.
    Take care and have a wonderful visit with your sister.

  9. Melody Martin says:

    Both are gorgeous, but much as I love the round one on the right, it seems to disappear against the fabric. I think the ‘snowflake’ is a better choice. 🙂

  10. Humph!! I’ve posted twice and it won’t seem to stick, *wails* Watch
    this time it will. I have to make it shorter this time.
    You sewing room looks lovely. I really like you treadle foot pedal. It
    does look like a covered wagon from a distance.
    Have you seen the new AG releases? Maryellen’s 1950’s items are very
    cute. I don’t plan to get anything, but I do like 1950’s christmas
    decor. We have and use vintage 1940’s-50’s bubble lights, old-fashion
    string lights, lead icicles, and “sugar bells” ( the little plastic
    bells covered in mica with the mercury glass clappers. We also display
    the antique cardboard house ( like the Putz ones, just larger and of
    course Fliegenpilz ( the red and white German spun cotton mushrooms.
    I’m going to definitely have a big dolly Christmas scene this year.
    I’m glad you were planning a Civil War dress already, great minds like
    alike. I really prefer the brooch on the right. Being more muted, it
    seems more like an antique and period appropriate.
    I know you need to sew for a variety of dolls , but I was just
    thinking how streamlined I could make it for you: Addy Civil War,
    Felicity, Rebecca Civil War, a 1900’s or Regency dress, Felicity
    again, Saige Civil War and repeat LOL.
    I hope you have a lovely time with your sister. She will surely enjoy
    a tour of your new and improved sewing room.

  11. Shara Smith says:

    My choice is the lighter brooch on the left. Rebecca is going to look wonderful in her new dress!

  12. Linda Doyle says:

    Here we go again—the first comment got wiped out, so frustrating! Well, I am late because I had to take my grandson to preschool after giving him breakfast and dressing. Then had to sit in the carpool lane for a bit. Boy, am I glad I’m not a young mother now!!

    Now to business, I much prefer the button on the left, because it matches up so well with the fabric, yet it stands out, and is something I think a young girl would wear versus the one on the right. Both work though. and yes, some pretty lace underneath it would look wonderful! Rebecca is going to be a stunner in that dress! You certainly get excellent help from your readers!

    Like Susette, I thought the treadle wall hanging was a butterfly! It certainly fits in with a lot of today’s decorating. There are so many metal pieces out there now. Just look at Hobby Lobby! Your sewing room is looking SO good, Jeanne—warm and inviting! It will be so pleasant to sit in there and sew!

    I was wondering why you have that piece of fabric on the stenciled cabinet. Is it for protection or just temporary? A pretty lace scarf or large doily would also look good on that cabinet I think. The pretty stenciling looks like lace, so a lace scarf would just repeat that look.

    I know you are looking forward to Cindy’s visit, and I hope you both have fun——no, I KNOW you will!

    Tomorrow I’m going to the AG store and will let you know what I think of Melody, plus all the new things. By the way, I bought Melody’s “Fancy party Dress” from someone on PT and it might come today. I have heard that the fabric feels “waxy” too, and it seems I had something made of that a long time ago. It’s going to be for Ivy, and I think it is a cute dress, so we will see.

  13. Anne Johnson says:

    Ahhhh, a brilliant idea from April and Joy! You DO need to visit them, Jeanne! Linda has been wanting a visit, too. In fact, you need to come visit ALL of us! Okay, more like WE need YOU to come visit, but that’s a minor detail! You definitely need a road trip, Jeanne! You could bring your sisters along, too! It would be so much fun! It could be called “The Great Girlfriend Getaway,” and you three could travel across country stopping to visit each of your readers, offering some words of wisdom and bits of advice. In each city, your reader “host” will join you for outings to local craft stores, antique shops, and ice cream parlors, and you and your sisters can demonstrate some sewing technique, design tip, or recipe, whatever each “host” may need. Like Samantha Brown, you might even have your own TV show, “Journey’s with Jeanne.” It would be part “It’s Sew Easy,” part “Property Brothers,” and part “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives” all in one! It would have broad appeal beyond the Travel Channel, I’m telling you! I envision many sequels and spin-offs. And update your passport, Jeanne, because we can’t forget about your international readers with the special “Girlfriend Getaways Goes Globe-trotting!”……………….Okay, I’m a big dreamer! What can I say?………………..But, it WOULD be great fun! And, I WILL have a nice bed waiting for you if you ever come to Ohio!……………..A gathering at your house doesn’t sound quite as complicated, does it?! It would make a great novel. Hmmm, I can see it all now………… “A Tea Party in Carbondale.” I wonder if Debbie Macomber would be interested in writing it? There would be a lovely old farmhouse with a chicken coop out back, and a beautiful, lush lawn with a pretty gazebo…………..Oops, there I go dreaming again!

    Your new decorative storage boxes look nice stacked together on the dresser. The birds were a good choice, and they do look very pretty against your wall color. It’s great that you got them on sale, and with the set of two boxes, it looks like you may have some extra room for future patterns, too! ; 0 ) The cast iron foot treadle DOES look like a covered wagon, and a little bit like Cinderella’s coach, as well! Like Marilyn says, it balances out the shears nicely, and the entire grouping is perfect for a sewing room. The similarity to a “W” is absolutely “icing on the cake!”

    The brooches, yes, the brooches! Both buttons are lovely, and both have their merits. The one on the left does mimic the pointy petals of the flowers in the fabric, but the one on the right also mimics the shape of the circles with leaves in the fabric. The colors are both nice, too, but I think I must agree with Paula that the button on the left seems a bit more youthful than the other. Whichever one you choose, I know it will compliment the finished dress perfectly. It’s your vision, Jeanne, and as always, we will love the finished creation! Lucky Rebecca!

    It’s so nice that you are able to visit with your siblings so often, Jeanne. I wish you a wonderful weekend with your sister , and I’m curious as to what she will have to say about your room when she sees it in person. I’ll will look forward future tales of your adventures together! Have fun!

    P.S. Thank you to all your readers for indulging my dreams!

    P.P.S. I’m not kidding about the comfy bed!

  14. Kathie Welsh says:

    Wow…you got some fabulous email messages today!
    Yes a trip to see your followers would be a fun way to spend a winter but then making a living always seems to interfere😀 With travel
    You and your sister will make more changes I bet! Good time for a visit
    My sister is here for a month and I’m enjoying it cause she moves half the country away in September 😒 I can hardly think of it w/o tearing up
    We have always lived in the same area.

    The buttons are both beautiful and perfect but the one on the right disappears on the fabric unless maybe the dress will have a light or lace inset at the neckline.
    What a week you have had…and fun weekend ahea😍

  15. Oh my goodness ladies..
    I think the very thought of me making a new dress has brought out th he best of all your comments.
    I am torn between answering you all or cleaning my house…you know the rest of my house that has been neglected for the last 2 weeks or so…
    I have read all your wonderful comments twice but am going to have to pass on answering each of you…I am so sorry but I have to get my dishes done before cindy gets here…
    I will see which button got the most votes from the comments and emails sent to me and let you know. It might not be set in stone…once the dress is constructed I can try the buttons again…
    Thank you everyone! I just love it when everyone is so chatty!
    Blessings, Jeanne

  16. Shoo Jeanne, go do your dishes and whatever you need to do. We girls will wait for you any ole’ time!!
    I hope you enjoy your visit with Cindy. Like someone said, we know you’ll have fun. She will certainly enjoy seeing your sewing studio….see it’s not a sewing room but rather a sewing studio!!
    I hope Anne Johnson reads this…I really enjoyed her idea about Journey’s With Jeanne. Wouldn’t that be fun… all of us getting to meet you. We just love you dear!!

  17. I’ve been reading along from everyone enjoying freshly sliced peaches. So good!!
    Whatever is chosen for the special accent will be perfect.
    Now, I have a date that everything must disappear. Grands and daughter/husband, so dollies will have to find another place to hide while they are here. Much to do…

  18. Anne Johnson says:

    Hi Paula,

    I read your post, Paula, and I’m glad you liked my “Journey’s With Jeanne” dream! I’m only half kidding about it, though! This one might have been a little too far-fetched, but I think it would be great to have an “Open House” weekend at Jeanne’s next summer where blog followers could perhaps drop in during certain hours to meet her and other readers. Just like a family reunion, it would probably be hard to pick a date that would work for everyone, but I for one would try my best! And we can post photos and stories for those who can’t make it. In the meantime, maybe we could have a “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” kind of thing, where a scrapbook is mailed from reader to reader, each one adding some pix and stories about their lives. I’m not very computer savvy, but maybe it could be done online, in cyber-world? It would be like picking up where our blog entries left off, and it would be so much fun, don’t you think?

  19. Charlotte Trayer says:

    Love the new additions to your sewing room!

    As to the buttons, it kind of depends. If it is going to be directly on the printed fabric, then I would say the “snowflake” button; if it’s going to be on a solid color or a tone-on-tone mini print, I vote for the other one. Actually, I prefer the other one (the snowflake one is a little too “matchy-matchy” to my tastes), but it gets lost in the print.

    Just spent my first day at the fair–I judged two 4-H cooking contests. Both won blue ribbons! (And I ate very well today! LOL)

    • HI Charlotte,
      I think I’m going to have to wait until I get the dress partially constructed and then try again… it’s too hard to tell what might look best when I don’t have the collar made or the little scarf that will most likely go behind the brooch!

      Oh the perks of being a judge! I hope you are having fun!
      Blessings, Jeanne

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