“Sisters in Blue” and “Shrimp and Salmon on Pasta”

Happy Sunday to you all… I am making a surprise visit today and wondering if you are here too? I hope the sun is shining where you are.

This is just a quick reminder that my auction is ending on Ebay this evening. It’s the one where you get 2 dresses this time, not just ONE! Of course, it helps to have BOTH dolls, but maybe you might have one or the other on order and decide you need this for “future” purposes! *hint* I just wanted to show you 2 last pictures of the girls in their sweet Easter dresses…and remind you, Easter is only 3 weeks from today! :o)

If you click on any picture it will enlarge.

You can head straight to the Ebay auction by clicking on the top picture of the girls on the right side bar or you can click HERE.

Yesterday we were invited over to Sara’s and her family’s house for lunch. (They are our dear friends from Columbia, South America.) Edgar wanted to cook a birthday lunch for my hubby last week, but we had something every single day and couldn’t fit it in. So yesterday it was planned and we showed up to the most glorious meal you can imagine…. well, if you like shrimp and veggies… you’d think so.

We sat down at the table and as soon as we finished praying, I said, “Don’t anybody touch anything… I have to take a picture!” and I did… here’s what the table looked like:

Edgar is quite the cook and he made a shrimp and salmon and pasta dish that was very “Delicious!” or as we all said, “Delicioso” in Spanish! It was as colorful as it was good! This was a picture of my portion…

In Columbia, it is customary for your food to be served to you on a plate or bowl and not in a bowl where you take how much you want. I’m glad they only gave me a small bowl of it, because my hubby got the LARGE bowl and I could not have eaten it all! There was a pretty and colorful salad made by his wife, Alba and she also did the chopping for Edgar. :o) They have a friend staying with them, Fabian, and he ALSO helped…he also helped with the big thank you card I received a few weeks ago for the puppy cupcakes I made Sara. Good Bye Fabian…he’s leaving to finish his English studies at another university.

Oh, and that little thing on the saucer in front of our bowls was a plantain cooked with cheese and guava paste inside… I bet you’ve never had that, have you? It was sort of a sweet dish and we thought it was dessert, but it wasn’t…

When we were finished with lunch, the 4 of them were in the tiny kitchen and we could hear them doing “something” but we didn’t know what. They’d come back to the table and chat some more and then get back up and all go in the kitchen. In just a little bit we could smell something baking… My hubby guessed what they were doing… baking dessert! Yes, Sara wanted to make dessert and she chose brownies, but she was embarrassed because she thought they were overdone, but my hubby and I thought they were fine.. I think a brownie has to be burnt to a crisp to be bad enough not to eat! SARA…if you are reading this…THEY WERE FINE! REALLY!

After we had dessert, we had a contest..a puzzle contest. We drew out numbers to see who would be on teams… me and my hubby and Fabian were on one team and Sara and her mom and dad were on the other team. They had several 100 piece animal puzzles and we got to choose first… we picked the 2 kitties on the front puzzle and they picked a horse and a goat puzzle. Then we both started at the same time and worked frantically to see which team would finish first… Well, I’m proud to say MY TEAM WON! So we helped Sara and her mom and dad finish theirs. It’s quite a site to see 12 sets of fingers working on a 16″ x 11″ puzzle! :o)

Then we all went in the living room and watched a movie… before we knew it, we had been there 5 hours! My how time does fly when you are with those you love! We love you guys!

I hope your Saturday was as fun as ours was and I hope your today will be too!

See you in the morning,
Blessings, Jeanne

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Time to find out which doll is next…

I’m going to have to make sure and take my pictures of this dress set during the day and maybe even outside, or you will never see how the hat goes with it. My pictures are maybe a little bit better than the ones last night, but not much. The hat looks pretty icky in the pictures. I’ll get it right eventually.

Okay, so who thinks they guessed it right… One of you hinted… Joy did… It’s an Easter dress for 10″ Patsy Tonner. I can’t remember what her last dress was, so it was time. I only had a scrap of this fabric and wanted to use it up because it went so well with the little Easter basket. The basket is too heavy for her to carry, as it’s resin, but it looks cute just sitting beside her.

If you click on the pictures they will enlarge.

I still have to hem the dress, finish decorating it, sew on the snaps and buttons in back, make a slip, probably thigh highs too… so I have plenty left to surprise you with! Okay, ready to see some more pictures?

I hope this holds you over till Monday. I’ll probably post a reminder about my “Sisters in Blue” set on Sunday, as it ends Sunday evening.

See you soon,
Blessings, Jeanne

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A couple of clues for who’s getting the next Easter dress…

So here’s the thing… I was busy today… I updated my “My Dolls” page. It took me a long time as I hadn’t updated it since 2014! YIKES! I almost forgot how to do it. I deleted all the pictures of the dolls I’ve sold and only have the ones shown that are standing on my doll shelf. If you want to check out my dolls you can see them HERE. You can also click on the “My Girls” tab just under my header and it will take you there too.

I have some plans to update my Gallery too…but couldn’t today. I want to show all of the dresses I made by the year… sort of like the posts I did where I showed you everything in 2015 and 2016. It will take some time too, so don’t look for it tomorrow… I’ll let you know when I finish it.

Now, don’t look at my pictures today and say, “What was she thinking?”…it’s my lighting. I wouldn’t have gone to all the trouble of making one of these little hats if it didn’t match the fabric. It’s a pretty light colored lavender or maybe lilac… It’s 11:00 at night and I only turned on one light over my cutting table… big mistake… You’ll see more in a day or two and see what I mean.

So these are your hints… the fabric; you’ve seen this before on Eden.

Here is Eden modeling her dress made from this fabric.

This is your second clue… a sweet little handmade straw hat, decorated in the colors of the fabric… You’ve seen this color hat braid on a set for Lian…

This is Lian in her hat made from this braid…


(I took this picture again so you could see the color a little better.) The third clue is a sweet resin Easter basket that’s sure to please any little girl.

The last clue is the white Swiss batiste lace I plan to use on this dress. I’m 95% sure this is the one I’m using…

Well, I hope these clues will hold you over till tomorrow..and if you want to guess who’s next, be my guest!

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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Lining a purse…the hard way!

My sister, Cindy, bought me this lovely Clark’s purse last year for my birthday and while I LOVE it when it’s on my shoulder, I have this love hate relationship with it when I’m trying to find something in it. It’s one of those slouch purses, and it just sort of crumples in a heap when it’s sitting down. If you try to get into it without it sitting on something, your hand reaches in and the first thing it goes into is one of the side pockets… ugh!

My sister, Deb, and I were discussing one night what I could maybe do to make it a little stiffer or at least stand upright somehow. We thought of something wire; making a sort of frame for it. We thought about that plastic stuff that you can stitch together with yarn, and a few other goofy ideas.

Ever since that night, I have been looking for something stiff enough to make a lining out of and have struck out with everything I thought of. Till….one day I was in Walmart and found this stuff in the interfacing section. It was called Pellon Peltex 1 Ultra Firm One Sided Fusible Stabilizer. How’s that for a name? Anyway it was the stiffest thing I had seen so I bought a yard and a half for $8.00 and thought I’d give it a try. Even though it’s a fusible fabric, I only wanted it for its stiffness.

The first thing I did was turn my purse wrong side out and expose the lining.

I wanted the Peltex to be between the lining and the purse material. So I had to start by opening the lining at the bottom inside seam of the purse.

Once I had the seam opened all the way across, I pulled the lining up and out of the way.

Now I’ll spare you all the measurements I did, which took a while, and just show you what I ended up with…. a sort of shell of the inside of the purse… I stitched it together by hand with 6 strands of embroidery floss and I certainly wouldn’t get any Blue Ribbons from Charlotte as my 4-H judge! :o) It’s pretty crude but it was never going to seen by anyone, so I just stitched and trimmed and stitched and tucked…making a few adjustments along the way.

I then turned the purse right side out and it was time to see if this was a good idea or not! This had to be right or it wouldn’t fit. It was now time to try and get it inside my purse. It really was stiff and I had to actually bend it in half to get it though the opening of the purse. Once I got it in there, I had to pull and tug and get it in place, but it fit! YAY!

I pulled the lining out and lined up the bottom edges to stitch them shut.

…and this is what my purse looks like now… a standing purse, not a slouching purse… We’ll see how it works and if I like how it feels on my shoulder. It think it will soften up somewhat, but still hold its shape. I hope so…

Well, that’s what I sewed on today, how about you?

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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