My last post on the kitchen for a while…

HI everyone,I answered your comments yesterday, but all in one at the bottom…
Thanks so very, very much for sticking around while I wrote ONLY about the work being done in the church’s kitchen. I have had no time for sewing AT ALL, but decided it’s time to move on to doll stuff… sewing or dolls or anything OTHER than kitchen stuff! Some of you have really enjoyed it and I thank you for that. There won’t be any sewing stuff in THIS post, but hopefully on Monday, it will seem more like normal around here. I’m ready…and I’m sure you are too!

Today I thought I’d just finish up the week with the rest of what got done in the kitchen. I’ll show you later on when the countertops get in, and a new door is put up and the toe kicks are all in place, plus more, but I can’t keep writing about it each day… not unless I want to change my blogging focus to home improvement… I think I’ll stick with dolls and sewing!

Today we had some help with our “skilled” carpenter again, and a few others… you know, “many hands make a load light!”

Slowly but surely the kitchen cabinets were secured to the wall.

Keona cleaned the ickiest looking stove, that I thought had no hope, and turned it into this remarkable, beautiful white stove! (I think she’ll come to your house and clean yours too, if you ask her nicely, and supply a Dunkin Donuts White Chocolate Mocha coffee!) Thanks so much Keona!

When we left, I snapped one last picture. We reached our goals before our church’s 30th Anniversary weekend… the walls were painted, the floor was laid, and the cabinets were (mostly finished.) The range hood was put up today and my hubby got that all wired up. It really makes it look “kitcheny” in there now!

There is still plenty more to finish…countertops put in, toe kicks added to the bottom of the front of the cabinets, a new door to the basement put in, baseboard put in on a few walls, new curtains made, etc. It will be done eventually and when it is I’ll come back and show it to you again… ALL finished.

Thanks again for tagging along with me on this “kitchen adventure!” Now to enjoy the Anniversary weekend a little bit. What I could really use is a long 24 hour nap! :o)

See you Monday everyone,
Blessings, Jeanne

Hallelujah! The floor is finished!

Things are looking up! The floor in the church kitchen is now totally laid AND I answered all of your comments from the last post! I was determined to get both done today!

Cutting around all the door frames and laying those planks seemed to take forever today. I had much less to do today, but some of the pieces were a real challenge. But it looks very pretty in there…and clean…and bright! Here’s the floor from one shot…(I didn’t want to show too many pictures as I’m sure this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea!)

My hubby picked out this sconce for the wall all by himself and I think it’s so pretty and really makes that side of the kitchen much brighter! He got it at Lowe’s and said it was the cheapest one there!

It makes me excited to think that my kitchen will be next, but I can honestly say, I think I need to take a little break before starting mine…and rest assured, when I start mine, it won’t be a decorating post every day for a month…I’m going to spread it out and put some sewing in there too…after all, isn’t that what I’m supposed to be writing about?

We moved the cabinets into the kitchen to get ready to level and secure them tomorrow! I think they look so pretty in there…I AM DEFINITELY not a decorator, but I think the Lord picked out the colors that worked best for the whole kitchen… the floor goes with the cabinets, which go with the brick board, which matches the granite counter tops perfectly and the wall color ties it all together. It’s pretty much a miracle if you ask me!

…and here’s one more shot from the left side…

All the outlets and switches were finished up today and the thresholds were put across the 3 doorways. Lots of little things were done that will never been seen or noticed by anyone, but it’s all part of doing a job and doing it well. Plus it gave me lots of practice for my own kitchen.

Well, I better get to bed… the mornings seem to come earlier lately! :o)

Thanks everyone…
See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

A day of laying flooring ended with a party…

We had a slightly shorter day working on the church kitchen but I think I’m more tired today than the last two days when we worked 11 hours each day. Maybe I’m just getting old…ya think???

You all had such sweet comments today but I had no time to answer them…thank you for all the things you share…I love reading them…and wish I had time to answer them…sorry…

We started on the floor this morning…the Kilz we had painted on the floor was a nice touch…thank you, honey! It was his idea to paint it so we werent scooting around on that icky, nasty floor.

There were a couple of pretty bad areas that we could really see once it was painted white, so we decided to fill them in with some floor putty…

The walls were crooked right from the very first row, but once we got that row straightened out, things started moving along. The color of this flooring is called Foxwood, and my hubby was really liking the looks of it as we laid it. I told him, “Well… we could take up what we put down and put it in my sewing room, and change to this Foxwood!” There was silence! That’s probably a NO, don’t you think?

When we did the areas around the door facings, I used my “paper cutting template making skills”…

…and my hubby took the marks that I transferred to the planks and used his strong hands with some antique heavy duty cutters to cut this 1/4″ thick loose lay flooring.

Want to see the result… it’s a pretty tight fitting edge around this door facing…

While I was working on the floor, he was putting the outlets in the boxes and connecting them with power. He got the cam LED lights hooked up and they were fantastic! There has never been so much light in this kitchen!!! Yay!!

The red crate is covering the area where we put some floor putty. We didn’t want to step on that area until it had hardened.

Here it is looking the other way…

We did our living room, dining room and kitchen using this Loose Lay Vinyl Plank flooring…and if you’d like to read my post on it, you can see it HERE.

We got about 3/4 of the flooring laid, but had to stop to go to a birthday party for Edgar. Edgar cooked his own dinner… Columbian/Peruvian chicken and rice! It was great and we were starved!

Here is a picture of them with a puzzle of Columbia, South America, behind them. We had a wonderful visit with a few friends and caramel cake and ice cream.

…and now I need to go to bed because somehow I have to get out of bed in the morning to finish that floor. Right now that seems like a real impossibility! 😮

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

Oh, how I love white painted trim…

Thank you, everyone, for all your wonderful comments….I hate that I wasn’t able to answer everyone like I usually do, but my day was too long…again.

You all were so sweet with your comments and I hope you’ll hang around just a little bit longer… I just added 4 new subscribers and hope you will keep reading my posts…sewing will surely be coming soon!!! :o)

Not everyone feels the way I do, but I love painted wood trim and especially when it’s white. It could be because we’ve lived in several old houses and paint covered up a multitude of sins…but I think I just love it because it looks old fashioned and I’m pretty old fashioned in a lot of ways.

There’s no telling how many coats of paint were on the trim in this kitchen… probably more than anyone could count, but even with all the old paint drips, the globs of paint at the ends of the trim pieces, brush hairs embedded in the previous coats, and probably even some dirt painted over, it still looks wonderful with this new coat on top.

We got quite a bit done today…trash of all kinds was hauled out of the basement and taken to the dump…500 pounds (and $61) of junk!!!

The first outlet was connected to power and gave us some much needed light.

I painted all the walls a second time and touched up the cove mold trim at the top.

We added 2 decorative pieces of trim in 2 different places. It really finished off the top of the brick board.

Here’s one last look at that icky floor that will forever be transformed tomorrow!

The last thing we did before we left, was paint the floor with Kilz primer…just to make it cleaner because next up is THE FLOOR!!! My phone died before I could get a picture of how nice and clean the floor looked all white…

It’s the same Loose Lay flooring as what we put down, only in a different color….Foxwood.

Well, the weather cooperated and I got the pictures loaded…by midnight!
See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne