I could have the BIGGEST dolly tea party…

A few weeks ago my hubby put in a new kitchen sink for a couple from church. A few days later they brought over her famous Korean Bolgogi as a thank you. Her husband and my hubby took a trip out to see the chickens and she came inside. I had one of my doll dresses waiting to be sold on Ebay, so I asked her if she’s like to see what I did…she was thrilled at my sewing room and especially my dolls. She asked lots of questions and was interested in the little pieces of furniture I used as props.

Well, Sunday she was excited to see me at church and said she had something to give me. She said her daughter was growing up and not playing with her dolls so much anymore and she hoped I could use these tea sets. They are a nice American Girl size and that rose colored tea pot is adorable.

The other set is a Precious Moments set.
It has the cutest picture on the pitcher.

It got me to wondering just how many tea set pieces I owned…so I got them all out and set them on a table top. The sweet thing is…they have ALL been given or sent to me! Look at all these pieces…

I could have the biggest Tea Party and I think I counted 16 cups, so lots of dolls could attend!

There are varied sizes of tea sets from American Girl size all the way down to Ten Ping’s size.

Just thought I’d share a few pictutes with you… Tea anyone???

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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From Crinolines to Cars…

First of all… if you haven’t seen it yet, I did manage to get Rebecca’s Civil War dress finished and listed on Ebay Saturday evening. I ended up calling the set “Apple Butter Sweet,” which was suggested by Linda. From the moment I read that name, it started spinning things in my brain and I knew a little jar of apple butter would be involved. The story line evolved a little at a time until I finally liked how it all went together.
You can click on the picture at the right side bar to be taken to the Ebay listing, or you can click HERE.

Here it is…

I made her “apple butter” by using sienna acrylic paint and dropping a few squirts into these fun little glass jars I found at Hobby Lobby. They are very tiny and I don’t think they are too small for the American Girl dolls. They might be “considered” pints… :o) I rolled the paint around in the jar for a day and when it appeared to be sticking to the sides, I poured out the excess… and then glued the lid on tightly and added the blue ribbon!

The jars will work for a few different dolls… the 13″ Little Darlings and even tiny Ten Ping picked one up and said she’d like some apple butter too! :o)

I ended up making a boned crinoline out of some gauze fabric I had and it is very soft and lightweight… It works well at holding out Rebecca’s dress.

Sunday morning my hubby announced there was a Classic Car showing in Cape Girardeau, MO, and Rebecca decided she’d like to go if we went. (This makes 3 weeks in a row for us) We scrambled as quickly as we could after church to get on the road, but it started raining here. I mean REALLY pouring down buckets of rain. The radar on my phone said it was clear in Cape, so we called one of the antique shops to see what the weather was like there. They said it was 82 and hot! So we kept driving… hoping that the weather wouldn’t be bad at the car show. Well, the rain stopped on the way and just as we were crossing over the Mississippi River going into Cape, it started sprinkling… and when we found the car show it was still raining… SO… we dug out the umbrella’s and looked at the cars in the rain… But pretty soon it stopped and then it got hot again…

Anyway, there were many, many cars lined up the streets and down by the river walls. They went on for blocks and blocks… and the streets were even closed off for this event. Now, I don’t know anything about cars, except that I “like this one and don’t like that one…” but my hubby and Rebecca knew the years of the cars before they even saw the sticker in the windows. They had fun looking at engines and tires and the insides of the cars. I just went for the ride… :o) So, maybe you can show these to your hubby and see if he knows what kind they are… because I didn’t take notes when I was taking the pictures… You’ll be happy to know that I took 48 pictures and narrowed it down to 8! :o) This is a dolly/sewing blog, not a hot rod blog!

Here’s one of the streets blocked off…the cars went down as far as you could see… we didn’t go to the very end…

My hubby was explaining something to Rebecca in this picture… beats me what it was…I was just the photographer…

I know this is a Corvette!

Another teaching moment…

I don’t know how many trophies they gave out, but they had rows and rows and rows of them… Surely everyone got one!

Last week my hubby found their family tractor, and this time my hubby found his family’s old farm truck… this was the same year and make of the one they had… of course their’s wasn’t this spiffy!

Well that’s it for today… Crinolines to cars… hope you enjoyed it!

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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Three different dolls…

(Just a quick note… I DID get Rebecca’s Civil War dress set all finished, the pictures are taken and cropped, and I just have to get it listed on Ebay…I’ll do my best to get it on Saturday evening!)

I’ll be showing you three different dolls today. Two of the dolls are real… one just turned 4, and the other just turned one month old…

Let’s start with Gaterah… my Haitian friend’s new baby. I showed you a post on her when she was first born… (HERE)

I found out her name is pronounced Get Truh… only 2 syllables… with the accent on the first part… “Get” Truh…(almost like “truck” without the “ck” on it.) I had it wrong on that first day’s post. Anyway, she turned one month old on Thursday… I thought you might like to see an update of her…she is one living doll!

Bithar said she has just started smiling… I caught one!

Okay… MOM, WHO IS THIS LADY??? She’s scaring me!!! (photo session is over for her!)

The next doll I want to share with you is Esther… Gaterah’s big sister… only 4, but bigger than her! She had a birthday and I surprised her with a doll, like I did her sister, Deborah… My pictures aren’t the clearest… (there was lots of action in the room!)

She’s definitely got mom’s smile!

…her big sister, Deborah had to get in the pictures too…

The last doll was a poor little thing that Deborah brought out to me… She said Esther had marked on her with markers… and her hair was a total wreck.. I don’t know what it was supposed to have looked like… style wise…

I wondered if I could fix her, and asked them if I could bring the doll home to try to get the marks off. I was surprised myself at how sweet she turned out with a little scrubbing and a dolly wig brush… they had braided little tiny braids in her hair and I did my best to undo them… and put the hair in pig tails…

Here’s what she looks like now…

Much better, don’t you think? I’m going to have a little talk with Esther about not marking on her dolls anymore… :o)

Well, that’s my three doll stories… I hope you enjoyed them. They LOVE my corn casserole, so I doubled the recipe and made one for them… Bithar was so excited…no cooking!

See you Monday,
Blessings, Jeanne

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I love a sweet bonnet…

I didn’t have much sewing time, but I did find time to make the bonnet for Rebecca’s dress. I toyed with the idea of making her a brown straw bonnet and decorating it, but I didn’t have a hat mold. I thought maybe I could find a bowl or something round-ish to work as a mold, but nothing quite conformed to the shape of her head. She got tired of me trying every bowl in the house on her head, so I finally gave up. I just decided to use my old standby pattern and make her bonnet from a piece of the fabric.

(I see a few stray threads in my pictures so don’t look too closely. I’ll get them off…)

I added a strip of the white lace across the fabric and then decorated the sides with some flowers. Rebecca could hardly wait to try it on.

I fixed her hair in some curls at the back but they don’t show up as pretty in my pictures as they do in person.

I did make something else for her today…it’s a prop…I’m not quite finished with it and still am debating about whether or not to make a boned crinoline or just a pretty petticoat to make her dress stand out.

So bit by bit and day by day, this dress is coming along and is actually almost finished. I’m still debating on the name and might get my hubby’s input on that.

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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