Ellowyne’s on Ebay again….

The dress for Ellowyne that didn’t sell a few weeks ago is up again on Ebay. When I took those pictures of her with my phone the first time, I should have known not to use them in my listing. I hadn’t figured out the lighting in my sewing room and then using my new phone for the pictures was a mistake. They were too harsh and too dark looking.

I retook pictures of Ellowyne in the same dress, but with different lighting and I used my camera this time… Much better. I think you’ll agree…









Well, I think you get the idea… and I hope you can see the difference. Ellowyne is MUCH too pretty to mess up on her pictures! Here are just a couple more…




If you’d like to see her listing on Ebay, click HERE…or click on the picture at the right side bar.

I got the final coat of paint on my cutting table…finally… and I just waxed it. I’m hoping, hoping, hoping my hubby can put it up for me Saturday… BUT it’s Kristoffer’s birthday, so it might get put on the back burner. Anyway, it’s close! :o)

Well, that was my Friday. It’s supposed to get cold here tonight… 37 degrees… I hope it’s warmer where you are!

See you on Monday,
Blessings, Jeanne

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Who wears it better… Willa, by Wellie Wishers or Nahji, by Hearts for Hearts?

I was thrilled to be able to get this sweet little dress set finished for Willa AND Nahji today. You had an idea of what the dress was going to look like from a couple posts back… well, here it is finished…


Here is Willa in her brown wool felt hat…


BUT THEN.. I went and added something else! Several of you guessed it was either an apron or a pinafore, and I guess it could be both. I don’t think I’d want to get it dirty in the kitchen, so maybe just a pinafore.


I started out wanting to make a rose colored pinafore. (It looks coral in my pics, but it has a pinkish cast to it.)I got the edges all stitched and a pocket in the middle, but when I tried to gather it up it didn’t work and I realized the pocket was too high and too big, so it went in the trash. I dug it out to show you! :o)


Nope…that will never do!

So I decided to use a fun brown and white check I had been given. The nice thing about checks…, they go with lots of prints. You don’t have to worry a whole lot about whether or not they go… they usually do if you can find the same color family! I just made her pinafore up as I went along and love how it looks over the dress.



Here are both girls in the slip…



Nahji’s waist is just a tiny bit smaller than Willa’s, so I mentioned in my Ebay listing, that I could take in the waist of the slip if someone wanted this for a Hearts for Hearts doll.




When I took the pinafore off Nahji so I could show you the first pinafore I had started, I laid the brown and white checked one on top of Willa. I had an idea… maybe the pinafore could be used as sort of a sundress. If you wore a little white T-shirt under it, it might work…


…Maybe NOT…


…unless you had a longer T-shirt or a white knit dress that covered her sweet little bum!

Well, all this talk and lots of pictures…so how about a link to the listing on Ebay. You can find it HERE or you can click on the picture at the top right side bar…

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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Oh, for the love of a new dolly….

This post isn’t about ME and a new doll…it’s about Deborah and her new doll! Deborah is the daughter of Bithar…my new friend from Haiti. Wednesday was Deborah’s birthday and she is now officially a big girl, turning 4 years old! I wasn’t sure if she had a dolly or not, but I saw one at Walmart and just HAD to get it for her. It had a squishy body and was just the right size for Deborah’s little hands. I showed it to you yesterday…and think it’s the sweetest little dolly!


Well, this afternoon I took my cupcakes and Deborah’s wrapped up doll over to their apartment. I wanted to see her reaction when she opened it up and saw the doll. I could hardly take pictures as I was so touched… I wanted to share this with you…since it DOES involve a doll! :o)


This next picture was the sweetest…when she got it opened enough to see that it was a doll, she put her hand up to her mouth and just squealed… it was in Creole so I asked Bithar what she was saying… she was saying it was a baby and she was happy! She just stared at it for the longest time!



We had a dickens of a time getting this poor baby out of the box… she was strapped in, tied down and taped up… it took 6 hands to get her free from the box!



Oh, but just look at this smile….


Her mom asked her what she was going to name the baby… and she hollered out… JEANNE! I understood that! :o)


Well, that certainly made MY day… I hope it put a smile on your face too!


I’m still working on another piece to go with Willa’s brown dress… it will be worth the wait… maybe tomorrow… :o)


See you then,
Blessings, Jeanne

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A Dolly Delay…for a Porch Posts Project….

Sorry if you were expecting to see Willa’s dress completed and listed on Ebay. It didn’t happen and it’s all my hubby’s fault. Well, not entirely… he only wanted to do one and I wanted to do all 3… you’ll see what I mean in a minute.

We have this 1892 house that we bought about 12 years ago and when I tell you it’s an ongoing project…that’s quite the understatement!! I think we could work 5 days a week for 10 years and still not be done with all that has to be finished. We do things when we can, and today was “can” time!

The project for today were “the posts” holding up our sunburst porch roof on the back side of our house. To put it bluntly, they were rotting…NO, they were rotten. The post on the end wasn’t even touching the concrete floor. Yikes!! It was past time to get this project completed.

[If you click on any picture it will enlarge.]




I picked up the bottom of the post and had my hubby cut it off about 8 inches up, so I could show you what it looked like on the inside. I think it was sort of just dangling on the end of the porch I think…Yikes again!!


We’ve had the new “decorative” treated posts for a few years… but never seemed to find the time to get this project done. I primed the posts to get us started.


In the end, it really didn’t take as long as I thought it would. That’s why we ended up doing all 3 posts and not just the one on the end, like my hubby wanted to do. We sort of got “in the groove” and just kept going. Now it’s all done and it looks wonderful… :o)


My hubby had to jack up the porch roof and used a 4×4 beam to hold it up and out of the way while we notched and fit the new post in place. It was a little creepy seeing the jack hoist up the porch roof so easily. It went pretty well and took us about 4 hours to complete. The posts have 2 coats of primer and tomorrow I’ll get some white exterior paint to finish painting them a final coat or two.



The old posts were just 4×4 square posts but these new ones were like a lathed post and had a little bit of “pretty-ness” to them. I like them very much and see them right outside my kitchen window so I’ll get to enjoy looking at them a lot! When I get them painted, and the inside roof of the porch cleaned off, I’ll take another picture to show you.


I found an old picture of the back side of our house, from 2008, so you can see what it looks like from a distance. These are the old posts, and the old windows. My hubby and I have put in all new windows since then.


When we finished with that, I made cupcakes to take to Bithar and Jean’s little girl, Deborah. She’s turning 4 on Wednesday. I also found the sweetest little baby doll and decided to get it for her. We had them over for lunch 2 Sunday’s ago and I spied Deborah looking into my sewing room at my dolly shelf! :o) It was precious!



Well, that’s been my day… not so much about dolls, but sometimes it’s not! Maybe tomorrow…

See you then,
Blessings, Jeanne

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