I’m totally content with my Sewing Studio but a girl can still look….

I didn’t do much remodeling in my new Sewing Studio…(YES, I’m going to call it a Sewing Studio because it’s ALL GROWN UP NOW…) in fact, the only remodeling in there were the walls being fixed with pieces of paneling over the 2 holes in the walls where windows used to be, and the new trim that my hubby put up along the ceiling… Other than that, it was mostly “cosmetic” stuff that got changed around… a new ironing board cover, a new mini blind for a window, 3 new pieces of furniture, and a few decorative boxes. I purged and got rid of tubs and containers and storage units and now I have it just about where I want it….although it didn’t take long for me and Cindy to get on the subject of my room… She had been saving pictures of things she had seen on her ipad and tonight we had a little “picture looking session.” There are lots of pretty sewing rooms and studios out there and I thought I’d share a few of the pretty ones with you…

Talk about a pretty sewing area…

Sewing Studio Inspiration

I LOVE the door that’s used for the cutting table in this next blog….

I Always Pick the Thimble

This next link has 23 Sewing Studios “you’ll be jealous of…” or so they say…

23 Sewing Studios

Well, I don’t want to wear you out… so I’ll just do those few links…

Cindy asked me lots of questions about what I had to work with for decorating… any vintage dresses my size, any old globes, any collections of old patterns, any old books, any toy sewing machines, any, any, any??? Most of my answers were “No…” but we’re still going to do something in there… I’ll keep you posted.

Oh, and thanks for all the chatter on the post yesterday… I haven’t even tallied up the votes to see which button was the winner for Rebecca’s new Civil War dress to come… but there’s time for that…as it’s not even cut out yet…

I’m heading to bed so I’m fresh for “creating with Cindy” tomorrow.

Have a great Friday… I’m planning to…

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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A few more pics from my sewing room and Guess Who’s Next?

My hubby was in my sewing room talking to me about a few ideas he had for some things I still need. I think he knows what he’s talking about so I’m going to see what happens… [Never take light of what your “handyman” suggests!] I have just a few more pictures of things in my room and I’ll get on to some sewing… Oh, and I got my living room cleaned up…finally!

Someone asked about where my props were and I thought I’d show you where they ended up… in my blue stenciled cabinet… It’s nice and clean on the inside since I painted it white and things show up very well. It’s easy to see where things are.



The pretty little box on top of the cabinet holds my little girls patterns that I decided to keep and some ladies patterns of mine. I have tons of patterns to sell… in time I’ll get to them…


Something else I changed was how I store my flowers I use on hats… I used to have them in this kind of big cardboard compartmentalized box kind of thingy…
but now they are in a plastic container that has 8 sections… just enough for all my flowers… It has a handle and is very easy to move to the table when I’m working on a hat…



I also wanted to show a closeup picture of the piece I have on the wall behind my sewing machine. A few months ago when my hubby were out of town and at an antique shop, I found this section of the foot treadle on an old sewing machine. It’s cast iron and weighs a ton. I have 5 strong nails holding it up.. It’s actually NAILED to the wall. I didn’t want this baby falling on me EVER! You can see on the bottom where your heels would rest and then there is a kind of “foot looking” design, where your feet would rest and rock the cast iron piece back and forth making the machine go. I didn’t realize the left side to the rod was missing until we were on our way home… oh well, I liked it because it had what looks like a W in the middle of it… I’m probably thinking it belonged on a White sewing machine, but I liked it because it’s the letter my last name starts with!



When I’m standing in the living room, sometimes I think it looks like a covered wagon… anyone else see that?

I had to go to town today and pick up one thing I needed for something at Joann’s and when I walked in the door, I saw these very pretty decorative boxes… (on sale for 40% off I might add) and since the big one I have right now with my patterns in it is actually a Christmas one, I decided to buy a Fall one… well, not one, but 2…a big one and a smaller one. I transferred my patterns to it and think it looks very pretty against my newly painted wall.




OKAY…. BIG NEWS HERE… I HAVE DECIDED ON WHO WILL BE NEXT!!! It’s going to be Rebecca and she’ll be wearing a new Civil War dress! I think it was Laura who suggested it… and that’s what I had been thinking, so it kind of confirmed it to me.

I do need your opinion though.. I have 2 buttons that I could use for “brooches” and need to know what you think of them. The one on the left has a more pointed star or snowflake kind of look but it mimics the design in the fabric very well..the purple isn’t quite as bright as it appears in my pictures…
The other button is more greenish and picks up the colors very well too… so it’s pretty much just a matter of opinion… If you’d like to leave a comment about which one you like best, that would be wonderful…





So, here we go… my first dress in my new Sewing room. I can’t wait to get started…BUT… my sister from PA is coming in this evening and it will be a quick trip… just 3 days, so I won’t get much sewing done on it… but I wanted to let you know what WILL be coming soon!

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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Up Close and Personal in my Sewing Room….

Thanks so much for all your happy wishes to me on my “new and improved” Sewing room. For once it actually feels like a Sewing Studio…not just a room. I am loving all the open space in there and how bright and clutter free it seems. If you missed yesterday’s post where I finally did the full reveal on the room, you can see it HERE.

I told you yesterday, I’d show you a few of my drawers and how I have things arranged. I like having different colorful boxes and canisters to put things in. They do just as nice a job as the clear Rubbermaid containers.

So, let’s take a bit of a tour around my room and look in a few drawers…

When you pull out the three small drawers in the long oak dresser, you’ll find my Little Darling’s shoes, Elin and Patsy’s shoes, Ten Pings, Nyssa’s and Ellowyn’s shoes and boots. I also put my “hair” fixing things in the left hand drawer. They are only about 3″ deep and perfect for these tiny things.

[If you click on any picture it will enlarge.]


Here’s a close up of the shoes…I love seeing them all lined up in rows…



This next drawer is my favorite one in the whole room. It is filled with all my many American Girl doll shoes and I just love how they look row after row after row. This drawer is 4″ deep and just perfect for shoes…


Below the AG shoes are doll wigs. They are actually in little clear compartment trays and so they stay put and don’t get mixed up “with their neighbor…”


In the top left hand drawer I put some of the beads and things I use for my own personal embellishing on my doll dress. Seed pearls, tiny glass beads used in a hat flower decoration, and sometimes I used the beads for embellishing my silk ribbon embroidery…It’s just easier for me to have a few things like this on hand instead of bothering Rebecca for hers…


My hat making supplies are in a drawer below and includes the mold for the Little Darlings…plus all the little paper roses…


In the middle drawer of the white dresser, I have most of my accessories for my girls outfits… a little bit of everything is in this drawer…and it’s really nice to see them all in one glance…


My “shipping station” got moved to a drawer and it’s nice to have it all at your fingertips in one place…


The second and third drawers are connected together and form one big, deep drawer. I have my fabric scraps from my doll dresses I’ve made, in here and will sell them when the drawer is full…It’s full now, so I’ll get that listed pretty soon…


The sweet white hutch is 57″ tall and is perfect for storing my laces in. They are still in bags in some cases, but eventually they will be sorted out and put in lots that are alike…I like opening this door and seeing all my laces at one glance…



My second favorite drawer in my room is my “trims” drawer. I had the trims in those acrylic display units and while I liked them in there, I much prefer to see them in a drawer like this. It’s very easy to see ALL that you have… :o)


Below the trims are some wider wired ribbons that I used fairly often…


…and below them is my drawer of vintage baby rick rack, my petite piping and other piping…


This drawer is holding some baskets and some tiny doll sized veggies.


Guess what’s inside this pretty flap box? If you guessed doll patterns you would be right…



Rebecca thought it would be a good idea to keep these plastic units to put my tulle netting for doll slips, my stretch laces for the fingerless gloves and a few other things in…they fit perfectly on the shelf side by side…



On the bottom shelf of my “fabric” bookshelf, I used a decorative box to place my acrylic paints and fabric paints in…I like the way the box looks…



Aren’t these sewing “canisters” fun for putting things in? …like silk ribbon embroidery…



I hope you enjoyed a peek into some of my dresser drawers. I still have a few that need to be organized and I’m sure some of them will totally change as the weeks go by…I hope I’m inspiring you to do some “cleaning house” of your own… (why should “I” have all the fun???)

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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Yes, finally the day has come where I’m going to share some pictures of my new and improved Sewing Room with you… it won’t be a teaser post…It’s an actual one with pictures and everything! There are still things to be done… the light hasn’t gotten moved yet and so the cord is still “looping” down, the shipping boxes didn’t get moved upstairs yet, the tiles are still chipped and needing to be replaced, I haven’t gotten a topper for my new “cutting” table (the white dresser) yet, I still have to get some outlets moved, and I need to find places for a few more things… I have 2 tubs of Christmas things that are hidden over by my blue stenciled cabinet. So I have plenty to do, but I wanted to show you what it looks like so far and then I HAVE to get busy with some sewing! Do I hear an AMEN???

First let me show you what it looked like before… now granted… these pictures were taken mostly when Rebecca was helping me weed out things, but you can see how many tubs, and containers and little cabinets and file cabinets and bookshelves and pull out drawer containers I had… and it was always just too busy and junky to suit me. It was just too hodge podge for me…I wanted something classier and more professional looking. I never dreamed I had this much stuff and this is really “putting it out there” but if you see these pictures first, you’ll appreciate the “after” pictures in a minute… So here goes, in no particular order and a few of the “okay” phases my room has been in…

[If you click on the pictures they will enlarge.]



















Now, I’d like to say how grateful I am to those bidders who bought my last few doll dresses and blessed me with enough money to buy the 2 new dressers and the white hutch. I wanted DRAWERS most of all instead of containers and I got drawers… 26 of them… and I’m very happy! I still don’t know where everything is yet… in fact a few minutes ago I was looking for my rubber bands to wind up a cord before I took a picture and I had to look in 4 drawers before I found them. I’m sure I’ll get used to where things are very soon, when I start sewing again… which will be very soon too! YAY!

Anyway, without further ado…here is my new and improved Sewing room. I have so much more floor space since I moved my big brown cabinet back in the corner and got rid of my big fold out cutting table…(well, actually, I’m going to sell it on Craigslist soon.) My room actually kind of has an echo-y sound when I’m in there now… AND I LOVE IT! I hope you like it…

First I wanted to show you a quick sketch I did of the layout of my sewing room. It’s not just a typical square room. It has bookshelves built in the wall in the middle of the room where the stairs go down into the basement on the back side. There is a door that I never use behind the dolly shelf. I always thought I had to keep it cleared, but finally decided “why?” so I decided to put something in front of it. The wall on the back side of the room, where the big brown cabinet is, is slanted, so it’s kind of hard to fit anything back there… Well, I think you’ll understand….


I lined up all my “drawers” in a row and even though some are painted white and some are oak, I don’t care… I love having a drawer for everything…


I like my drawers so much I had to show them twice..


I think it’s all pretty easy to see, so I’ll stop talking….











It’s nice and bright and pretty and clean and I’m very grateful to my hubby who helped me A LOT; Kristoffer, who drove me 2 hours to get the white dresser and hutch; Rebecca, who helped me weed out more stuff than you can imagine, my sister Cindy, who helped me decorate “long distance” by phone, my sister Deb, who prayed for me, because she thought I was too busy, and all of you, who bid on my things and encourage me every day to sew for your dolls. I love what I do and now I’ll LOVE WHERE I do it!

Tomorrow, I’m planning to show you the insides of some of my dresser drawers, if you’d like to see them?

Hallelujah… I did it!

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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