Discarded dolls given a new lease on life…

My hubby’s niece sent me a link to a video that I thought I might share. The article leading up to the video can be controversial if you let it, because it’s about whether or not we should let our children play with Barbie’s and Bratz dolls when they are so overly painted up and have such unrealistic bodies. I grew up with Barbie’s just like many of you and maybe I was just naive, but I never remember thinking, “Oh, if I could just look like Barbie” or “I wish I had long legs and a skinny waist like my Bratz doll” (which I never owned one of them). I just played with my dolls and made clothes for them…that was the fun I had with them. I never secretly longed to look like them.

When you click on the video, you’ll meet this woman from Tasmania (just south of Australia) who goes to thrift shops and buys discarded dolls that are broken and dirty and turns them into something some little girl might love to have. She has the sweetest spirit about her and you can just tell how much she loves the dolls she fixes up. The video, Tree Change Dolls, (HERE) is 7 minutes long and you can see the process she goes through wiping off the dolls makeup and painting them with a much softer look. Sometimes she molds shoes on their feet when their feet have been cut off or are missing. She’s very creative in how she changes them. Ultimately she was looking for a less glamorous doll for her daughter to play with and this new business of hers has really taken her and her husband by surprise. Even her mom is involved in knitting the new little outfits for them. Her husband just loves what she does for the dolls and you can tell he is her biggest fan! I really enjoyed the video and hope you will too. It’s very heartwarming.

Now, I’m someone who very much, LOVES a pretty doll…after all, I have Isabelle and Lian, whom I’d put up against just about any doll, so don’t think I’m a “plain Jane” kind of doll lover. I have over the last little while, discovered that the child like dolls are what pull at my heart strings and I do like them to be pretty. I had a doll customer tell me once, “Jeanne, buy the prettiest dolls you can afford, because pretty dolls sell doll clothes better!” She was right and I listened…and then I bought Lian!

The comments underneath the article are varied as any controversial subject is, so just read them if you like, enjoy the video if you’re able, and then go look at your dolls and give them a big smile! That’s what I’m going to do!

Oh…and we must not leave without a picture…. can anyone guess what this is?


I’ve been busy doing a little “fussy” cutting!

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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A comparison of the dolls I sew for…

The other day (when I had already ordered Ten Ping), I was trying to determine just how little 8″ was compared to some of the other dolls I presently owned. Sometimes you just need to see the size next to a doll you have in your possession in order to know more about her. I looked on line and saw all kinds of comparisons for her, but not next to the dolls I already owned.

I thought you might enjoy seeing a post on my dolls and their various sizes. It worked out great, because a few people have been curious and asked which dolls I sew for. I thought I’d show you instead of just telling you.

Sometimes deciding who to sew for takes longer than actually making the outfit… you think I’m kidding? Let me tell you, I’m not. The variety of sizes of dolls I sew for sometimes is a disadvantage. I see a few ladies who only sew for one or two different sized dolls and they can crank out the outfits. But when I think about it, I’m not sure I’d be happy with just a few different sized dolls…it would be easier, but I think I’d miss the variety. I have an assortment of fabrics in all different scales to go with the various sized dolls….and you should see my “shoe” drawer! My goodness, Imelda Marcos would be jealous of my doll shoes. (I’m jealous…)

*Disclaimer* There is some “dolly nudity” in this post. In “comparison posts” most people like to see the joints of the dolls so I left most of them naked…

Also, if you click on any picture, it will enlarge somewhat.

Okay, let’s get started. Now this isn’t a picture of ALL my dolls; just one of EACH size. Going from left to right, there is the American Girl doll. They are the biggest dolls I sew for at 18″ tall. I have these dolls in that size….Elizabeth, Rebecca, Kirsten, Saige, Molly, a #41 and a #27, and Julie.


Next to Elizabeth is my beloved Nyssa, by Kaye Wiggs. She is a resin and was very hard to find as the edition for her was closed when I discovered her, and only 87 dolls were made worldwide. I actually wrote a note to Kaye Wiggs and told her how much I would love to find one, and she sold me one from her personal collection!! She is 18″ tall as well and is quite heavy so she really needs a stand when you pose her, or have her sitting down. One of the first dresses I ever made for her went to a lady in Russia. It was a huge investment for this lady as she paid dearly for shipping and customs and it actually took just a few days short of 6 weeks to get there. Let me tell you I was sweating bullets until I knew for sure the dress had made it there safely.
I have Nyssa and also a sunkissed Hope, sold as a fundraiser by Kaye, to raise money for enslaved women in Nepal.

Beside Nyssa is Ellowyne, Wigged Out Too! I have 3 Ellowyne dolls and while I think they are absolutely stunning and so very fun to pose, I have a hard time making things for them. I think because she is considered a 19 year old “fashionista” I have a hard time coming up with outfits for her. I’m very comfortable sewing for “child-like” dolls, but more modern things tend to throw me off track a bit. I wish I could conquer this problem because with her shape and the way I used to sew for Barbies, I shouldn’t have any trouble with making and selling things for her. There are some GORGEOUS things on Ebay for her. I wish mine were some of them… *sigh*

So these are my 3 big dolls again…


Next to Ellowyne is my cherished Isabelle; a 13″ Little Darling, by Dianna Effner. I have 3 Little Darlings.. (so far… :o) ) They are incredibly addicting but the wait to get one painted is over a year and sometimes almost 2 years with a few of the artists who paint with Dianna. My Isabelle was a gift to me from one of my dear doll customers. It’s the nicest gift I think I have ever received… she’s my girl!
I have Lian, whom you all have seen on here and Janie too.


Elin is a sweet 10″ BJD (Ball jointed doll) by the Iplehouse company. She came with a blank face and I painted her myself. You can see that post HERE. She’s pretty special to me. I found her blue eyes from a seller in Germany and haven’t changed them since I put them in. She’s my little blue eyed cutie. Her wig can be changed and she is very poseable too.

Patsy is next and she’s another 10″ little girl doll, but with a much chunkier build than Elin. Robert Tonner is her creator. She’s got those big blue green eyes and is very popular because her best friend is Ann Estelle.

Last up is my newest little one…and I do mean little, 8″ Ten Ping, by Ruby Red Galleria. All last week I was posting about Ten Ping to the point that some of you were probably sick of seeing her face. Sorry about that… if you could see her in person or pose her on the palm of your hand, you’d understand why all the fuss.

As varied as all the sizes are, I took a shot of all their little toes…they are all quite unique…as are their fingers…




They all got tired so I said they could sit down…


So these are the size dolls I sew for; some big…some little bitty. Who do you have? I’d love to know…


See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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Well…the plan was to make a little pair of doll shoes…

I hadn’t been to town for a few days and my car was itching to go to Hobby Lobby and JoAnn’s. So we went. I actually left empty handed from JoAnn’s but found a few things at Hobby Lobby.


I picked up some tiny red and white polka dot buttons. They had them in black and white, red and white and orange and white. I would have loved them in pink and white.


In the craft department I picked up 3 pieces of sticky back felt. I thought I could make Ten Ping a new pair of shoes. I’m not sure what size she wears, but thought how hard could it be. Then I found some tiny black and white pre-tied bows that were on clearance…and being the bargain shopper that I am… they went in my basket.



As I wandered over in the “garden” stuff, I found this fun little bench that I thought Ten Ping might like. It’s a little smaller than the one I usually use for some of my dolls, and it was 40% off… in the basket it went too.


Okay, so here’s the results of what happened with the shoes… I watched several tutorials and knew how it was supposed to work, but it wasn’t happening with me. It could have been the pressure I was under to get dinner made instead of having shoes made for Ten Ping when my hubby got home… I’ll try another time. The sticky felt is wonderful for making the platform part of the shoes and building it up. I’ve just gotta figure out the top part.



Ten Ping loves her new bench and said I could take her picture on it. Still haven’t gotten a smile out of her yet, but I’m working on it. (Kathie!)


A few other things too…
Yesterday’s post was all written and finished and published for everyone to enjoy all those lavender dresses. Later yesterday morning my neighbor brought over a bouquet of lilacs for me. They were SO pretty I added them to my post about the lavender dresses. If you read my blog early in the morning you may have missed them, so I wanted to show them again. They smell heavenly too.



Yesterday, April 22nd, is the designated day that American Girl has given to Molly for her birthday. I had mentioned it last week and was going to do a post on it, but….duh…forgot!
One of my subscribers, however didn’t…and she sent me pictures of the birthday dress she made for her Molly doll. Since I forgot, Jeannie B. in Texas, gets the spotlight for remembering. Thanks Jeannie!

jeannie B's birthday dress for Molly full shot

jeannie B;s birthday dress for molly pic 2

jeannie B's birthday dress for Molly eyelet

And one more thing… Ruby Red Galleria has added the blog post I did about opening Ten Ping to their facebook page. You can see it HERE if you’d like to “like” it or leave a comment. It’s a super big thrill for me to have 2 posts added to their site!

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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“Lovely in Lavender” Ladies

Yesterday my hubby and I worked in our yard hauling branches and limbs to a big burn pile. Two weeks ago we had a huge tree cut down and the mess from all the chainsawing hadn’t been taken care of. It was crazy hard work…in fact, I wear a fitbit flex activity tracker on my wrist and I logged in 15,000 PLUS steps! That equals over 6 miles… I knew I was tired… (and that wasn’t all we did… he decided to spray that crud cutter sort of stuff on the vinyl siding of our house and garage to get rid of the winter dirt buildup, so we scrubbed and hosed it down too! Now it’s a lovely snow white!)

Anyway, we got the limbs and branches and sticks set to burn and lit it with gasoline and WHOOSH… it took off with flames about 20 feet high. As I was walking back and forth in the yard, I kept seeing these pretty little lavender flowers all over the place. I’m always thinking about what I can write about to keep you interested and coming back each day and these tiny flowers reminded me of all the lavender dresses I’ve made. Hence, today’s post was born!

I found some lavender “pretties” that I hope are new to some of you.

UPDATE: My neighbor just brought me a bouquet of lilacs from a huge bush they have in their yard. She had NO IDEA my blog post was on the color lavender… so I just had to add these few pictures… Aren’t they beautiful?



If you click on any picture it will enlarge somewhat.

This lavender dress on Felicity was the 5th dress I made back in 2006 when I first started selling my doll clothes.

lavender new 2

lavender new 15

Here’s another oldie from the archives of Samantha modeling an Easter dress that I missed showing you. My lighting is pretty poor on it.



This Regency dress on Josefina was when I was trying to get my pattern tweaked. It desperately needs a train…



Up next is Lian in a fun lavender capri set with lots of handwork using felt flowers. Doesn’t she look sweet?



Still working on that Regency dress…




Here’s one on Lanie, that I think I called a Regency dress…




My Four Season Winter Kish doll is in a pretty lavender print dress with a jacket covered with handwork in silk ribbon.




Janie, my little 13″ Dianna Effner Little Darling, is wearing a fun little lavender dress with felt flowers on the front.



… and last up is Nyssa showing off two different dresses with lavender flowers in the print.







So, I hope this brought a little Lavender Loveliness to your day today!
It’s bedtime for me!!!

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, jeanne

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