My birthday continues…

Thank you so very much for all the sweet birthday wishes you showered on me Saturday! It was wonderful to wake up to so many blessings!

I had just been up a short time and was actually reading your comments when I got a call from Sara and her mom and dad and they serenaded me with “Happy Birthday” in Spanish…then in English. It was so cute!

I started answering some of your notes, when a little while later I was told to get ready as we were going to my favorite Chinese Restaurant for lunch. It was delicious as always and the owner even sent out little cheesecake bites for us. (That was my tiny birthday cake…and it’s a good thing it was the size of a mini Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, when you hear what I did later…) A few of the waitresses and waiters sang Happy Birthday to me in Chinese!

We came home so the guys could get their things together and get on the road to St. Louis for the Rams / Colts football game. At home I was given a few gifts from my family.

First up…have you ever had one of these Lindt White Coconut candy bars?


…I hadn’t either. I was very bad today…very very bad!!!


Rebecca signed me up for a class at the Jr. college she used to go to. The class is called “Blogging Made Easy” and it runs for 6 weeks, once a week. I hope I learn some things I don’t know about, which is a lot. I’m looking forward to it…


My hubby surprised me with something I have wanted for probably 6 or 7 years…it’s not personal or romantic or something to wear…he knows I look at them on EBay every so often, because I keep him updated… No, it’s not a new doll either… It’s a pressure cooker…


…a Kuhn Rikon pressure cooker… They are a Swiss made pressure cooker and I have been holding out for this very one all these years. My younger sister has one just like it and it’s such an incredible cooker. It speeds the cooking up and I am super excited to finally have my very own! He totally surprised me with getting it for me…I can’t believe he did it…

After the guys left, Rebecca and I went to town…first to Ross Dress for Less…where I found a new nightgown, 2 tops and a “step on the pedal” trash can for my bathroom…Reuben will NOT stay out of the trash…ICK! Unless he figures out how to use the pedal…this should solve the problem.

Next we went to Hobby Lobby where we were looking for a few specific things…an hour and a half later we emerged…with only 5 cards of jewelry making things…ugh. It was getting close to when the game was going to be televised…so we decided to call it quits and come home. Guess we didn’t find any trouble to get in afterall.

Now the game is on TV and I have been scrutinizing the crowd to see if I see the guys. Actually I haven’t seen one single shot of the crowd… Maybe they don’t do that until it’s the regular season. The Indianapolis Colts have now scored 24 points and the Rams have 14. Come on Rams…pick things up! (Update… the Rams lost… :o(((

I’m ready to put on my new nightgown and get comfy…

Turning 59 was pretty nice. Thank you for starting my day off with so many kind thoughts. As I said yesterday, I truly am blessed. I stayed up till midnight last night working on that black and white jumper for Maryellen. I promise to get it finished soon…

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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It’s my Birthday and I am truly blessed…

Turning 59 isn’t so bad… with a little help from friends and family! Yep, I’ve reached the dreaded last year of my 50’s and next year…it will be official… I’ll be a Senior Citizen…but hey, next year I’ll be able to get these discounts:

* 10% discount at Denny’s
* 10% discount at Burger King
* 10% discount at Wendy’s (for 55+ seniors… hey, I’ve been going there for 4 years and didn’t know this…)
* 15% discount at Kohl’s on Wednesday for 60+ year olds…
* 10% discount at Great Clips when I turn 60…in case I want a new look for my hair!
* 10% discount at Kroger on Tuesday’s I think… of course, it’s a madhouse on those days… ask me how I know…

…and MANY more….

I think JoAnn’s has a Senior Citizen disount too, on certain days, so maybe next year will be better than this birthday. Although it hasn’t been bad so far. I think I’ll enjoy this last year of being 59 very much!

Yesterday, two very dear friends took me out to lunch and I got a new Lilly Pulitzer cookbook. She was a famous American Socialite and Fashion Designer, known for her bright colored fashions, espeically her green and pink ones…The front of the book is so colorful…Here are a few pages from it…


…Chopped Farm Stand Salad…


…Puff Pastry Chicken Pot Pie…


…and Blueberry Lemon Bars…


Don’t those look yummy?

I received a few cards in the mail too… from friends and family…


and one from Linda…usually the first one to leave a comment here on my blog…



Thank you to Sharon, Penny and Bill, Miss Rita, Helen, Leann and Linda! I love you all!

My younger sister, Deb, signed me up to receive a year of Plan to Eat…a meal planning helper. You can find your recipes, copy them to a page, then it prints out a shopping list for you! She showed me how it worked once at her house and it was very neat! You can click the title and it will take you to their site. Thanks Deb…Love you!

Then today I received a big box from my big sis… Cindy! It was filled with fabric, dolly shoes, glasses, a tiny little black sequined headband, a little hair clip for me, several skeins of yarn for our Skinny Scarves that we sell in our Etsy shop, and a pair of shoes…






I LOVE randomly filled boxes!! Thanks so much Cindy…Love you bunches!

My momma visited me today and gave me some $$$! We all love that gift, don’t we? Love you, Momma!

So today we are going out for lunch somewhere and this afternoon my son and hubby are going to the Rams Football game in St. Louis. Kristoffer gave his dad tickets to the game for Father’s Day. That leaves Rebecca and me to fend for ourselves…no telling what kind of trouble, I mean FUN we might have!

I am so very blessed to have all of you in my life…

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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Josefina’s (sort of) new hair and more slips for American Girl Maryellen…

Well, did you all survive the debut of the new 1950’s American Girl doll, Maryellen? I hope those of you who made it to an American Girl Doll store had lots of fun looking at all her new things.

I had quite a busy day keeping up with the comments you all left me in regards to the Slip Giveaway…It wasn’t a record number but I think the second highest number of comments. Thank you very much! So without any more delay… we do have a winner…I wrote down all the names and the slip they wanted if they were chosen.


Then I mixed them all up and closed my eyes and picked out….


She wanted the green glitter slip…


Jan, hit the “Contact Me” button at the top and send me your address so I can get this slip out to you right away… You mentioned in your comments that your daughter bought a Maryellen doll yesterday… was it for herself or for YOU??? Congratulations Jan!

Remember I was about to wash Josefina’s hair the other day…well I did… If you recall, I received Josefina (HERE) and while she was very pretty, she had 2 braids down the side of her hair and it seemed a little unruly so I decided to wash and condition it. I was hoping to get the crimps out of it when I took the braids out.

This is how she looked when the braids were taken out… just a bit wild in the hair department!!!




…so into our grocery bag for safekeeping…


Let the suds begin…


…and lots of conditioner…


As I was working it through Josefina’s hair, I could tell, it wasn’t taking out the crimps. They were still there and I could feel them.


But her hair smelled good and I decided to see what it looked like when it dried…


While it was drying, I got online and looked at several videos on how to straighten your American Girl’s hair and there seems to be two different ways… one is to use a ceramic flat iron and smooth out the hair. It usually does a good job and makes it silky smooth and stick straight like Isabelle’s or Julie’s hair. There was another method without heat where you took little cloth scruncies and put them on the wet hair, like where it was crimped, and stack them next to each other, all the way up covering the braid. It is supposed to flatten out the crimps. I may try this.

When I got finished looking at all the ways to curl and style and straighten your dolls hair, I went back into my sewing room and took another look at Josefina. I think I have decided I don’t want her hair stick straight. I think I like it with just a little bit of wave to it. So we’ll see, but I thought I’d show you what Josefina looks like now with slightly wavy hair..but smelling oh so good!



Much more manageable hair…


More so than this…


I like it pulled away from her face a little bit…



The first Josefina’s had a different texture to their hair… a coarser feel to it. I think my Josefina has that kind of hair and I don’t want to mess it up…



I also wanted to tell you, I have the slips that were shown yesterday, put in my Etsy shop. You can see them HERE. I have some others too that I’ll be adding sometime today…

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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Surprise Giveaway: Tulle Slip for American Girl Maryellen…

If you know anything about American Girl dolls, you most likely know that TODAY is the big release day for the new 50’s doll, Maryellen. Yep, she makes her debut in the American Girl doll stores all across the country. If you missed my post on what she looks like, here is a quick picture…

Maryellen first picture of her

She’s probably been the most anticipated doll from American Girl for a really long time. So many people have been wanting a doll from the 1950’s and American Girl finally listened… Several ladies who comment on here, are going to her debut at stores near them… and let me just tell you all now… WE WANT DETAILS!!!

I have been working on a dress for Maryellen, but haven’t found the time to get it all the way completed, so for Maryellen’s debut, my contribution will be a Surprise Giveaway…I’ve made 4 tulle slips for her and if you’d like a chance at the giveaway, what you’ll have to do is leave a comment today as to which slip you would like to win if your name is drawn. If you want, you can also send me an email, through the Contact Me link at the top, letting me know which color slip you would like. The comments can be left at the bottom of this post. I will draw out a winner at midnight tonight (Illinois time…CENTRAL TIME) and let you know tomorrow who won…the rest of the slips will be put in our Etsy shop… (HERE)

[If you click on any picture it will enlarge.]

There is an ivory one,



a blue one,



a pink one,



and an apple green glitter one. (I do have to tell you the green one does have some little speckles of glitter coming off of it, if that matters to you.)



The slips are made from a pretty tulle in each color and have a stretch lace waistband that greatly reduces the bulk at the waist when wearing a dress. They can also be slid up or down to accommodate the length of your dolls dress.

Okay, so which slip is your favorite? Leave your comment below…

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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