Happy Thanksgiving in a Variety of Languages…

As I celebrate this Thanksgiving Day with my family and our friends from Columbia, South America, I would like to wish all of my subscribers and those of you who are just daily random readers of my blog, a Happy Thanksgiving in YOUR language…I am very blessed to have all these countries represented as having logged into my blog at least once and many of them are “regulars!” Thanks so much! If you’ve logged in before and I’ve missed listing you, and you would like your country “represented” please let me know…

We got a little extra Thanksgiving treat today…snow! It was just a dusting and only accumulated about 1/2″ inch altogether.


To my subscribers in the United States, including Alaska, , Australia, Bahamas, Canada and the United Kingdom who speak English:
~ Happy Thanksgiving!

To my subscribers from Brazil and Portugal who speak Portuguese:
~ Feliz dia de Acção de Graças

To my subscribers from Venezuela, Spain, Mexico and Costa Rica who speak Spanish:
~ feliz Día de Gracias

To my subscribers from Estonia who speak Estonian:
~ Head tänupüha

To my subscribers from Tokyo who speak Japanese:
~ ハッピー感謝祭 Happī kansha-sai

To my subscribers from Romania who speak Romanian:
~ fericit Ziua Recunostintei

To my subscribers from Hungary who speak Hungarian:
~ boldog Hálaadást

To my subscribers from Greece who speak Greek:
~ ευτυχής ημέρα των ευχαριστιών ef̱tychí̱s i̱méra to̱n ef̱charistió̱n

To my subscribers from Germany who speak German:
~ Herzliche Danksagung or Fröhliche Danksagung’ and the day itself is ‘Danksagung’

To my subscribers from Italy who speak Italian:
~ Buon Giorno del Ringraziamento is the closest translation I could find…

To my subscribers from France who speak French:
~ le Jour de Merci Donnant (Not an exact translation, but this is how they would convey Happy Thanksgiving.)

To my subscribers in Israel who speak Hebrew:
~ שלום וחג שמח

To my subscribers in Israel who speak Arabic:
~ سعيد عيد الشكر

To my subscribers in Canada who speak French:
~ Jour de l’Action de grâce (Again, not an exact translation, but this is how they would say it.)

To my subscribers in Tunisia who speak Arabic:
~ سعيد عيد الشكر

To my subscribers in the Netherlands who speak Dutch:
~ Vrolijke gedenkdagen

And to the viewer from the tiny little island of La Possession, Reunion, off the coast of Africa, who speaks French: (Believe it or not, my “webmaster, Sarah,” who created this website for me, had a sister who visited Reunion as an Exchange student!!)
~ Heureux d’action de grâces (and I’ll try it one last time, hoping that it’s the right translation…)

I hope your Thanksgiving Day is blessed with Family, Food, Fellowship and Fun!
Save a piece of pumpkin pie for me….

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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You guessed it ~ more Christmas Dresses….

I had hopes of sharing a wonderful recipe with you today in case you needed one more delicious side, but errands with my hubby took up too much of my time and now it’s “scramble” time trying to get something pulled together. I thought to myself…now what would my readers like to see more of… and I thought… Christmas dresses. I still have several more posts that I can fill with them, so I decided to go ahead and show a few more.
Now remember, these are from my archives, and my photography was pretty pathetic… so overlook the poses and the cropping on them and try to just look at the outfit.

First up is tiny little 7 1/2″ Riley, by Helen Kish…


…next we see Riley in an outfit I called “Christmas Cowgirl” which had some fun mix and match pieces.



Wren, my 14″ Chrysalis doll is modeling one of my favorite Christmas dresses. I loved the way she looked posed in the chair for some reason…



Here’s Katie Effanbee in her red corduroy Christmas dress from 2007…isn’t she sweet?



One of my readers remembered a dress I made for Julie that was copied from a 1970′s catalog. It was a black velvet windowpane dress with white lace sleeves. It was always one of my favorites too…. I guess I’m allowed to have as many favorites as I want…



…and last up is a Christmas dress I made for Kirsten. I found what I thought was a fun adult sized velvet embroidered beanie type hat at a yard sale one time and instantly thought it would make a great hat for a Christmas dress for Kirsten. The lady proceeded to tell me it was a hat she had gotten at The Vatican… EEP… should I cut it up? In the end I decided to and think it’s one of Kirsten’s prettiest Christmas dresses… hope you agree…If I remember correctly, this style dress was called a “Dalarna.”




Well, that’s it for today. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow! Thank you for all your kind emails and comments on yesterday’s post… (here)
I’ll be here with something simple tomorrow…so…

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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Having a Thankful Heart…

As each day was drawing nearer on the calendar, I began to think of what I might write about this Thanksgiving week. It seemed simple enough…it’s called Thanksgiving for a reason, so why not write about the blessings in my life and why I’m thankful for them. I began a list and it just kept growing and growing, so I tried to narrow it down a bit. These aren’t the only things I’m thankful for, but just for times sake, these are the “biggies” on my list.
I’ll do it backwards; I guess like David Letterman does his Top Ten list and work my way to number 1. There are just a couple of pictures so it wouldn’t be ALL words…

Number 10:
I’m very thankful for the talent the Lord gave me for sewing, which allows me to make and sell doll clothes. I’m also thankful for the dolls I have been able to buy to use as models so I can accurately sew outfits for your dolls. I’ve met so many new people since I started this blog and I am having a wonderful time sharing with you each day. I hope you are enjoying it too! Just imagine what it would have been like if I had been given a talent for playing the guitar…I might have missed meeting all of you. (I do play the guitar, but you’d probably wince…)

Number 9:
In order to keep my list only to 10 things, I combined these 3 things into one category. I’m very grateful for the 1892 fixer-upper house that we were able to buy a few years ago. It has lots of quirks and will never be perfect, but it is our home and we feel comfortable in it. We are still walking on plywood floors, but I’m hopeful that someday we may have flooring. Along with this, we have never gone without food and our refrigerator always has something in it. We have never known the feeling of being so hungry that you are scared. We also have a very dependable car that we bought a little over a year ago. It wasn’t new…in fact, it was a 1999, but it was what we could afford and the Lord blessed us with one that only had 66,000 miles on it and I got the color I wanted… RED!


Number 8:
I am very thankful to live in the United States! I have friends who live in all parts of the world and the freedoms that we are able to enjoy are like no other nation on earth. While I do see lots of things going on that I don’t agree with, I have a great love for my country.

Number 7:
We’ve always been a pretty healthy family and never even had to worry about things like asthma or allergies. Enter September 2013… my hubby was diagnosed with bladder cancer and I have to tell you, it was the scariest thing we had ever been faced with. He went through the chemo/BCG treatments and we were never so grateful to find out at the 3 month checkup, that it was all gone. Then at the 6 and 9 month checkups the same wonderful report. He has gone back to work and it seems like eons ago that this happened. My children are both healthy and I am very thankful for that. I’m still working on getting my last 30 pounds off…

Number 6:
I belong to a Bible believing church where the gospel is preached without reservation. I am thankful for the truths I have been taught and how they work in my life when I practice them. It is a blessing to have a pastor who practices what he preaches. I love my church body so much!

Number 5:
I am blessed with friends from all over the world and it’s such a joy to know I could go to most continents and have a place to stay if I wanted to. Our church is an outreach to the college students in our town and as they come and we make friends with them, new bonds are developed. I could easily go to Zambia, Tokyo, or Kenya and have a bed to sleep in. I have lots of local friends too… some very special friends that are there for me when I need them or just there to go to lunch if we want to. They are the kind of friends who will drop whatever they are doing to help you out if need be. They are concerned for us when something is happening in our lives.

Number 4:
I have always believed that the family I grew up in was a little different than other families I knew. I’m not sure I could ever put my finger on it, but we all seemed a little kinder and a little more in tune with each other than some families I was around. I have 2 sisters and a brother and they are the absolute best siblings on the planet. We are very close and talk to each other often!! We always have fun and get along so well with each other when we’re together. We laugh a lot and see the humor in most things. My mom is going to be 80 years old next month and she’s been a widow since my dad died in 1973. I was a junior in high school and she had 4 of us kids to raise on her own. I think she did a magnificent job! Thanks momma!

Number 3:
I have 2 children…Kristoffer and Rebecca, and both are so dear to me. It’s almost hard to put into words how special your kids are to you, but I love these two like nothing else. I pray for them daily that they would find someone to love them as I have found. They were home schooled and both have a good head between their shoulders. They are kind to those they meet, and a friend to those less fortunate than them.

Number 2:
I have been married to the most wonderful man for the last 33 years, 2 months and 19 days. I am very blessed to be one of the ones who ended up with the “fairy tale” marriage. He treats me like a queen and makes me feel like I’m the most important thing in his life. I was first drawn to him because of his kindness and thoughtfulness to other people and that same quality is still something he exhibits. He is the most unselfish person I’ve ever known…I truly couldn’t have asked for anyone more special than him. Of all the men in the world that I could have been blessed with, I am so grateful that the Lord saw fit to give him to me. I was laughing the day I married him and he still makes me laugh every single day!


Number 1:
I’m so thankful that I am a child who belongs to the Lord. He is my best friend and I don’t know what I would do without Him. He is always there for me when I need a friend and listens whenever I want to talk. I’ve been walking with Him for over 40 years and love Him with all my heart. I’m grateful to own a Bible which is my blueprint for how to live my life. I’m a work in progress but know what direction I’m heading…

Well, that’s my list of what I’m thankful for… do you have something you’d like to share that you are thankful for?

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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It’s “Cuddle Time” for some of my dolls…

I think you’ll like this post as it’s mostly just a picture show of some of my dolls cuddling their best doll or favorite animal. As you saw in my “Dolly Toy Box” post, here, I have LOTS and LOTS of little animals and other goodies for my girls to pick from when I make them an outfit. I always let them choose something and it’s fun for them AND me to see what tugs at their heart strings. I’ve got dolls who picked teddy bears, bunnies, puppies, monkeys, and one with a little dolly I made from air clay. I had SO many pictures to pick from so it was really hard to narrow it down to these, but I hope you’ll see some new and fresh ones and I hope there aren’t too many duplicates. Yesterdays post had a few cuddle pictures but I didn’t post them again, so if you missed them step back a post and take a peek. Okay, so let’s start the slide show!!!



















Okay, who wants to vote…which picture is the “cuddliest” to you?

See you tomorrow,
Blessings, Jeanne

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